The New Canadians

They are not so polite:

Four men have been charged with conspiracy and attempted murder in a brazen assault caught on video where a victim was pistol-whipped and shot multiple times during a robbery in the city’s Driftwood area last summer.

It wasn't during the robbery. It was after the robbery. The thugs had walked away with their loot and then came back to murder the victim. It's astonishing that he's alive.

The evil is identified:

Suspects identified as Ahmed Siyad, 27, Olad Olad, 20, Mohamud Duale, 28 and Ahmed Dirie, 26, all from Toronto, were each charged with offences including conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, robbery with a firearm, discharge firearm and possession of a loaded firearm.

They're definitely doing the "jobs" that Canadians just won't do.

No party for fake news

President Trump has canceled the White House holiday party for the media, making the decades-old tradition a victim of his increasingly contentious relationship with major news organizations.

Journalists who attended the events, which featured a catered buffet of lamb chops, crab claws and elaborate desserts, got to roam the decorated mansion with a spouse or other family member, a friend or a colleague, adding to the invitation's allure.

No sense in dining with the enemy.

Savagery in Australia

Up to 20 African-Australian youths are wanted over a “brutal” unprovoked attack which left two men unconscious and a third injured on the trouble-plagued St Kilda foreshore.

Port Phillip CIU Detective Senior Constable Nathan Sheppard said the attack was “brutal” and “senseless.”

He said the initial attack was carried out by up to 10 youths, who appear to have picked their targets at random about 11.45pm on December 1.

When a White guy says something uncomfortable to colored people, it's because he's a racist, bigot, Nazi. When a group of savage black thugs brutally attack three White men, it's just so "random".

Det Sen Con Sheppard said the public should not avoid the area despite the surge in attacks by violent African youths.

He said police have stepped up patrols to keep the public safe.

What an absolutely nefarious son of a bitch! You have video evidence and yet you haven't made a single fucking arrest and this is supposed to make Australians feel safe!?

International Man of Enrichment

The 29-year-old who shot and killed at least two people and injured 13 others at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, northeastern France last night, was well known to police and security services in no less than three countries.

Cherif Chekatt, who shouted 'Allahu Akbar' - meaning 'God is Great' in Arabic - as he opened fire on the crowds, is known to be part of Islamist networks in Strasbourg and has a lengthy criminal record which includes 27 convictions as well as lengthy prison sentences in Germany, France and Switzerland.

The French secret service had been warned that he had become radicalised in prison, and placed him on a designated 'threat to the state' watchlist in 2015 - but this had not been communicated to German authorities who jailed him for burglary in 2016.

He was likely planning something big but a police raid triggered a premature Jihad episode.

Yesterday morning, police searched his flat in connection with a different crime, and found an arsenal of weapons including a grenade, but Chekatt was not at home at the time of the raid, and would later go on to kill and maim more than a dozen people.

France is in serious need of common sense grenade control.

A manhunt is now underway for Chekatt, who managed to flee the scene in a hijacked taxi after being shot in the arm during an exchange of fire with French soldiers in the city centre.

He's a good Muslim boy. He could've been an airplane pilot!

The suspect's criminal record includes 25 court convictions, including many for armed robbery, and he had frequently been locked up.

Demand is hot for marijuana

Shortages of cannabis in Alberta, Canada:

"I kind of thought there were going to be shortages," he said. "I figured certain strains would sell out faster and it would be harder to get those in. I didn't realize there were going to be shortages of every single strain with every single LP [licensed producer]."

Canopy Growth is the only licensed producer that consistently seems to have product available, he said. 

Trevor Bamsey owns two Rocky Mountain Collective cannabis stores in Hinton. He, too, said Canopy has the biggest selection and the most consistency with its products.

That's surprising because one would think that Aurora Cannabis, the largest marijuana cultivator in Alberta, would have the most consistent supply. Anyway, the sales numbers in February 2019 will give us a bigger picture. The real winners and losers can be judged in February of 2020 as we'll have sales data for an entire year.

Truth is hate speech

I can't help but smile at the guy. He looks tipsy while speaking about his love for White people. Of course, the triggered coloreds from inferior civilizations can't handle it. So, now, they're using the power of the mob to destroy his life.

The four granite pillars of Western Civilization:

  1. Athenian philosophy and democracy.
  2. Roman law.
  3. Christianity.
  4. White people -- more specifically the Anglo-Saxons.

These people or the progeny of the peoples who left their shitholes to enter White countries should, at a basic level, understand that what Whites have built is objectively better than the countries of the coloreds. Otherwise, why did they or their ancestors leave? But, of course, we don't live in a rational or moral world.

Yup. The cowards at Columbia University are "investigating" the incident.

Comedy in the current year

A student club at the University of London is requiring that all comedians sign a "behavioral agreement" as a condition of performing at a January comedy night.

One can understand if the student club asked the comedians to not use cuss words in their act but that's not what melts the snowflakes:

"By signing this contract, you are agreeing to our no tolerance policy with regards to racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia or anti-religion or anti-atheism."

"All topics must be presented in a way that is respectful and kind. It does not mean that these topics can not be discussed. But, it must be done in a respectful and non-abusive way," the agreement added.

The contract is a joke.

Tawk is cheap, action matters

It's always amusing when a woman volunteers information about what she wants and then proceeds to behave in a strangely contradictory manner. For example, I overheard a girl who was discussing her exercise goals and told the audience that, in the previous year, she paid a $500 annual fee for a gym membership. Number of times she entered the gym: zero.

"Nothing wrong with slaves"

Number 3 illustrates the wickedness of Islam. Numbers 1 and 4 showcase the stupidity of this Muslim.

He clarifies that Muhammad sexually assaulted the poor, brutalized woman after marrying her. (Slaughtering her father and brother before was just a cultural thing.) Yet, given his own satanic logic, it would have been perfectly acceptable for Muhammad to not marry her and simply use her as a sex slave. In other words, pointing out the chivalrous "wait till marriage" bit was utterly pointless and inane.

Whites are the new kulaks

The country’s National Assembly approved a proposal to change the constitution to make the so-called reforms legal in a vote of 183 to 77.

This paves the way for land to be taken from farmers without giving any kind of compensation.

Just think of it as a 100% property tax on eeevil White people.

According to local reports, Economic Freedom Fighters MP Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi argued land grabs must go ahead as she declared: “Your time is up, white people”.

How progressive.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has previously defended his radical plans, saying they are necessary for equality.

The slogan of shitholes: Theft is necessary for equality!

Don't offend the faggots

Better yet, stop using twitter:

The anti-gay slur? Queer. That's so gay.

Unfortunately, the Offensive Black Man did the worst thing in response:

Memo to Murray: Saying nigger is still cool but if you go after the homos or the Jews, then it's GAME OVER!

The hills are dead

No Nazi symbols for you!

The hills are alive … with the sound of political correctness.

Nazi props were temporarily declared verboten in LaGuardia High School’s production of the Third Reich-set classic “The Sound of Music” prior to the show’s Thursday night opening.

The principal at the elite “Fame” school, Lisa Mars, ordered Nazi flags and symbols removed from the stage set of the beloved tale of the Von Trapp family, who fled the Nazis from their native Austria as Adolf Hitler took power, students told the Daily News.

That's definitely an "elite" level of stupid.

Anyway, here's a scene from the movie with, er, slight modifications.

Those bigoted Koreans!

The sickness of Islam in South Korea:

Incheon District Court on Thursday sentenced a Syrian to three years in jail for violating the anti-terrorism law. The defendant was found guilty of inciting people to join the Islamic State group.

The 33-year-old Syrian, who worked at a junkyard in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, entered Korea 10 years ago and applied for asylum. Although the asylum bid was rejected, the Syrian was granted a humanitarian stay permit and traveled between Korea and Syria.

A Syrian applies for asylum in a foreign land and then ... travels back to Syria!? The Koreans should have immediately canceled his permit right there and then. In fact, why haven't they already deported the fake refugee?

According to the court, the Syrian uploaded videos and posts of IS on social media accounts, as well as a Telegram link that directly connects people to a secret chat room with IS members. The Facebook account of the Syrian had once been disabled due to its terrorism-related content.

The cortex is occasional

Politicians love socialism because it grants them near-total power over people:

She's practically salivating.

Hyper volatile

Closing share price of Aphria on Friday: $10.51

Closing share price of Aphria today: $7.55

Oh, by the way, the share price went up 51% today!

Aphria needs to respond to the severe allegations. Otherwise, they're going to have serious trouble attracting capital and talent. The cannabis space is taboo as it is; this only makes it worse.

Marijuana producer Aphria Inc. says its board of directors has appointed a special committee of independent directors to review the company's acquisition of Latam Holdings Inc., which has been criticized by short sellers.

The company says it remains confident in the deal, but is undertaking the comprehensive review in the face of what it called "inaccurate and misleading accusations" by the short sellers.

Quintessential Capital Management and Hindenburg Research have alleged that the cannabis grower's acquisition of assets in Colombia, Argentina and Jamaica totalling $280 million US from Scythian Biosciences were "largely worthless."

A new record

The third match might not end in a win for Shah but the series will be remembered for his 14 wickets in the second Test and for this incredible record:

On the fourth morning of the final Test in Abu Dhabi against New Zealand, Yasir Shah did not merely break an 82-year-old record, he smashed it.

By dismissing William Somerville roughly half an hour into the morning, he picked up his 200th Test wicket in just his 33rd Test. That breaks the record for the fastest to 200 Test wickets, so long held by another legspinner, Clarrie Grimmett who reached the mark in his 36th Test.

Yasir Shah is averaging six wickets a Test. That's absolutely phenomenal.

Doesn't fit the Narrative


Incoming enrichment

ISIS supporters have put Toronto on notice:

An ISIS-supporting media group depicted a hoodie-clad, knife-wielding jihadist approaching a Christmas-decorated Toronto shopping and entertainment district in a new threat. [...]

"O cross pigs we'll color your Christmas with your blood," states a message in the corner of the image, which was distributed online. "So drink its toast and your children's presents will be your corpse pieces if Allah wants."

The next wave of history

At this point, due to the mass movement of peoples, civil war for control of the territory of the United States is not only not impossible, it is all but inevitable. There are three choices: subjugation, secession, and civil war. In the most likely scenario, we will see elements of all three, beginning with subjugation of the genuine Christian American nation, followed by secession, then what passes for civil war.

And the reason it will happen is because far too many people like Sarah Hoyt were permitted to not only become legal citizens, but were given a voice in government. Now the Fake Americans are more or less ruling over the people they invaded, and many people who came here because they wanted to live in an American society ruled by Americans don't like the inevitable consequences of their own collective actions.

It's sad and cruel. There are White people in America whose ancestors built a great country; they fought in the World Wars; their families made great sacrifices. Now, their young progeny is mocked on television, ungrateful and malevolent coloreds advocate their removal from "safe spaces", and they are openly and explicitly discriminated against in colleges, universities, and in the job market. I truly feel sorry for these Whites who were born in the US after 9/11. They will grow up to witness the destruction of their powerful nation and then see the world plunge into a series of terrible wars that will set new benchmarks in lethality.

This is what will be bequeathed to the true Americans.

Creeping sharia

Bizarre behavior from Twitter:

The new Twitter police:

The evil that is mehndi

Mehndi is basically tattoo ink that is not permanent. Apparently, it's a serious issue at a school in Pakistan.

Harassment in schools is not new. Videos and pictures of administration members harassing and torturing students have often circulated on social media and in the latest of such incidents, it has emerged that a six-year-old girl in Karachi is being punished daily in school for having mehndi (henna) on her hands.

The monsters teachers will simply make up a reason to torture a student.

“Punishment: No participation in assembly, she keeps standing the other side while the other students sit; mental harassment by scolding her before joining the class; no breaks; daily notice verbally and on-diary both.”

Nobody does child abuse better than Muslim teachers.

That moderate Indonesia

When Indonesian politician Grace Natalie pledged her party would not support discriminatory local laws based on “the Bible or sharia”, she probably did not expect to be investigated by police.

Just last year, a Christian politician was jailed for a couple of years for the horrible crime of blasphemy in Indonesia! Seriously, Natalie, you're living in the largest Islamic country on Earth. If you haven't seen and understood the savage nature of Islam already, then you're pretty dumb.

Eggi Sudjana, a politician from the National Mandate Party, which supports Widodo’s opponent Prabowo Subianto – had reported her comments, which also included a call for an end to the forced closure of places of worship.

Sudjana claimed Natalie’s position on sharia went against the Koran and was potentially blasphemous.

If that's the benchmark for blasphemy, then non-Muslims in Indonesia are in deep shit.


Drink beer? BLASPHEMER!

Against slavery? BLASPHEMER!

Against pedophilia? BLASPHEMER!

Short attack!

Aphria: A Shell Game with a Cannabis Business on the Side

Aphria is the third largest seller of cannabis in terms of revenue in Canada. It is one of only two companies to have a recreational supply deal with every province in Canada. This is a serious business. The report, if true, is utterly shocking. The Latin American acquisitions are basically fraudulent. It's -29% in just under two hours -- the largest one-day drop in its entire trading history. The share price has crashed through the 52-week low. It's down by 70% from its all-time high in January.

Also, the report is dragging down the entire cannabis sector.

So much cringe

This is like reading an account of an easily avoided car crash. I actually tend to believe that the nerdling Tyson didn't genuinely hit on these women, but he quite clearly wanted to do so, and worse, behaved in a manner that let them know the door was open if they wanted to initiate anything with him. All the talk about "friendship" and "restrained but genuine affection" and "special handshakes" is just dishonest Gamma speak for "I wanted to pursue her but was afraid to do so."

Never forget that women get far more creeped out by the guys who want to hit on them, but are afraid to, than by the men who openly pursue them. They react very negatively to male incongruity, and as a black man and media celebrity, Tyson's behavior would have struck them as bizarrely incongruous.

Now, Tyson will pay for not having a pair of balls.

The savages start young

No mention of race or religion:

A toddler has been left with scars all over her body after she was bitten 15 times by children at a soft play centre.

The toddler suffered four bites to her face, two to her fingers, three to her back, several to her head, one to her ear, one to her shoulder, one to her wrist and one to her leg.


Her mum Becky has since claimed a little boy, who is said to be around three-years-old, was found with ‘a big smile on his face, with blood all around his mouth’ after the incident.

The 33-year-old mum told The Mirror: ‘She looks like she’s been savaged by a dog, not a child.’

Somali Muslims were the culprits according to the comments there.

US war with who!?

Vox Day:

Apparently the long-term plan of the Learned Elders of Wye to abandon ship and make the jump to China before the USA implodes isn't going so well. This is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard any public figure say, and I can still remember Rep. Hank Johnson's concerns about the island of Guam tipping over.

For a group that prides itself on its brains and Nobel prizes, the Jews are staggeringly dumb when it comes to self-preservation.

The magical mosaic of multiculturalism

Sweden is learning the hard way:

Swedish nurses who work in the emergency room of a hospital in Kalmar are taking self-defence classes due to a rise in violent incidents from patients.

The self-defence classes are not funded by the hospital or local government but are paid for by the nurses themselves and will teach them techniques such as being able to escape the grip of someone attempting to choke them.

This is what happens when you import savages.

“As well as getting death threats from patients and their enemies, staff also have to deal with the relatives and friends of gunshot victims threatening workers with knives, and even threatening to hunt down our children and family members,” one health professional said.

Obviously, Sweden needs common sense knife control.

Preparing for the third Test

Craig McMillan, the New Zealand batting coach, has urged his batsmen to come up with "precise and clear" plans against Yasir Shah ahead of the third Test against Pakistan, which begins on December 3 in Abu Dhabi. Yasir's match figures of 14 for 184 in Dubai were instrumental in Pakistan levelling the series after they lost a pulsating first Test by four runs.

The first innings for the Kiwi batting will be vital. The Paki scoring rate was incredibly slow in the second Test but the first innings Kiwi collapse was so swift that it allowed the opposition plenty of the time to go for a brutal win.

"From a batting point of view you just have to be so precise and clear with your batting plan, especially against Yasir Shah who was outstanding," McMillan said. "He's going to test you early on, he's going to test that defence, so your defence has to be so tight, has to be so spot on, because if you make a mistake it's pretty vital over here.