Died suddenly

Think of how bad it could have been if he didn't get vaccinated!

Disney destroyed its empire

There’s nothing heroic about the final box office performance of “The Marvels.” The superhero sequel is officially the lowest-grossing installment in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After four weeks on the big screen, the comic book tentpole is running out of steam with $80 million in North America and $197 million globally.

Infinity War was the best MCU movie and then Endgame made billions. Other than the nostalgic Spiderman film, there's nothing else that holds a candle to those previous Avengers movies. It has been four years of diminished, woke, unoriginal crap. The most amusing part about these atrocious movies is the vicious and entertaining reviews.

Irish Lives Matter

Another traitorous political class shows its true colors:

Burn Loot Murder Black Lives Matter = Bold, brave, progressive, bend the knee.

Irish Lives Matter = Hateful, racist, right-wing, go to jail!

Wakanda Forever!

The next generation of doctors and engineers:

Shocking new footage shows the moment a mass brawl broke out at a North Carolina high school, leaving one student dead and another in hospital. One child, in a gray hoodie with a black jacket, backs another student in a red hoodie into a corner and then punches him repeatedly.

The pair run into the school gymnasium, followed by dozens of whooping and cheering students filming on their phones.

Obey or else

Muslims with their Qurans don't have to worry. This will only apply to those horrible White people in Ireland who don't approve of the destruction of their nation by the open borders invasion of migrant hordes.

Customer psychology

Very interesting:

Cineplex, the biggest movie theater chain in Ontario, started adding an "online booking fee" for buying tickets on their website. It was basically a price increase of 15%. Also, tax used to be included in the price. Now, it's added at the end. So, customers get a total 30% price shock. A movie ticket that was $20, is now $26.

No cure for stupid

I didn't think that Israel would be so explicit. They want to kick out two million people who are "animals" and like the "Nazis" because they voted for Hamas. Instead of telling Israel to fuck off, the vile and traitorous political class of the West is taking orders and opening the gates.

They've been trying for many years

Yup. Not just Trump but his supporters as well. It's simple math.

Trump = Hitler
Trump supporters = Nazis

And we all know that it was SUPER AWESOME to kill Hitler and the Nazis. So, it logically follows that ...

No shekels for you!

The Israelis soon realized that that position is not going to fly thanks to the diverse populations of the West who loath Jews. So, their "moderate" position is to simply kick out the millions of Palestinians from Gaza. Of course, anyone who publicly criticizes this agenda is quickly labelled a VERY BAD PERSON and fired.

Israel says no to DIE-versity

What happened to "DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH"? What's even funnier is that Muslim countries also refuse to take in Palestinians! Surely, Prime Minister Zoolander of Canada will open the doors to, at least, a million of these awesome, peaceful, tolerant, dynamite dynamic people of Gaza.

The Invasion of the West

Vox Day:

What those with no grasp of history fail to understand is that mass immigration is worse for a nation than a military invasion. Considerably worse. Because, as we have already witnessed from Afghanistan to Iraq, soldiers go home when the military occupation is over.

Immigrants don’t.

The excerpt is about Britain. It's the same here. Canada's population grew by over 1 million in 2022 -- a stunning 3% spike. That's the highest percentage growth rate in the developed world.

The only difference is that the Liberals are in charge in Canada. So, the largely dumb Canadians are getting what they voted for. Prime Minister Zoolander has vowed to bring in over 500,000 new immigrants annually. He definitely overachieved last year.

4 in 40!

The Australian bowlers and fielders were absolutely superb in the final

4 Boundaries hit by India after the completion of the first powerplay. These are the fewest boundaries hit by any team between the 11th and 50th overs in a men's ODI since 2011. Those four boundaries came from KL Rahul (26.2), Suryakumar Yadav (38.6), Mohammed Shami (41.5) and Mohammed Siraj (49.2).

Four boundaries in 40 overs. I bet the crowd must have been shocked with that batting. As one commenter said: it's as quiet as a library! There simply wasn't enough pressure on Australia. Marnus played some shockingly bizarre and needless reverse sweeps in the semi-final and got out LBW but he was in pure cement mode today. Just block every good delivery and take zero risks. Perfectly sensible.

Oh, this is amusing:

Adam Zampa!?

That says a lot about Australia's batting strength. Today, the legendary Adam Zampa bats at number ten. Also, he needs to share the secret about his youthful looks.