An Islamic tradition

Police in Pakistan's capital are investigating banners that were put up on behalf of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), a U.N.- and U.S.-designated terror group, that urged residents in Islamabad to donate money for Muslims in Myanmar and Syria.

Most Muslims won't personally engage in Jihad or terrorism but many don't mind donating a little money to the effort.

"It is a tradition in Pakistan, and such banners and signs appear mysteriously overnight, [posted] by unknown people on behalf of militant groups," Hasan Askari Rizvi, a security analyst from Pakistan, told VOA. "They should be held accountable for violating the law."

Making such "charities" illegal has little, if any, impact because:

Militant groups in Pakistan reportedly collect donations under the guise of religion and welfare for the poor, and instead use the money to fund terrorism.

Muslims are commanded to donate 2.5% of their savings to "charity" every year. These Jihadist groups often show photos of malnourished and oppressed Muslim children to get a few bucks from gullible Muslims. That money goes towards murdering infidels.

I remember such donation boxes in stores in Saudi Arabia in the mid to late 90s. That cash went towards their poor "Muslim brothers" in Afghanistan. All those Arabs who gave money basically bankrolled 9/11.

The Cult of Death and Carnage

Today, it's not just the world before Islam but the world outside of Islam as well.

In Arabic, it's called Jahiliya (Age of Ignorance). Low-IQ Muslims use that term and call non-devout Muslims or infidels jahil (ignorant) for their differing views.

Hidden brain

Evil men exist in all cultures but to think of poor, Pakistani immigrants as angels who were influenced by the evil British culture to rape White girls is just asinine.

Here's a stomach churning documentary about Pakistani men who rape boys in Pakistan. The Brits left in 1947 but apparently their nefarious influence still remains.

No place for Muslims

Bare Naked Islam:

A former Walt Disney World Muslim employee, Abderrahmane Sebti, has filed a lawsuit against the theme park, seeking $75,000 for a claim that Disney discriminated against him based on his “nationality” (but he really means because of his religion – Islam – and the excessive demands for special accommodations it makes on employers)

One of the allegations is that he was "prevented from praying". Muslims are commanded to pray five times a day. How can any business anywhere hire such people?

Halaal Social Justice

Muslim Girl: Here’s Why We Should Care More About Equity, Not Equality.

The Muslim Girl site has turned into a bizarre, abominable, paradoxical mixture of Islam and Social Justice. They're part of the anti-White brigade. It's quite amusing.

Let’s imagine we want to fix a problem. In the problem you have found that some people have no shoes. How would solving this dilemma look using equality verses equity?


Equality 101: To be fair, let’s give everyone a pair of shoes. And to make it equal, we will give everyone,, regardless of whether they need it or not,the same style and size shoes, because that is equality. While you help those who happen to wear that shoe size, there are far more who still need shoes. In addition, resources have now been wasted producing a product that many cannot use.

This girl is definitely an intellectual titan.

Yes, you did work hard for everything you have, but those who have less have worked just as hard with much less success. The fact is that not everyone has equal opportunity. Opportunities and resources are actively and systemically taken away from certain people. Many people work hard. In a fair society, success would be theirs – but in a systemically racist and sexist society, they are just surviving, if that.

I totally agree. Every time I watch American football and basketball I'm shocked by the lack of Whites, Asians, Indians, and Pakis. Sure, those Blacks worked hard to make millions of dollars but, damn it!, where's the equity?

I don’t mean to make equality sound like a dirty word, only to express its limitations. We just have to remember that pursuing equality does not ways lead to what is fair – maybe even furthering injustice.

Now we get the sentence that captures the essence:

Treating everyone the same, when literally no one is the same is a recipe for disaster.

You see, governments and businesses should treat women, Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims favorably compared to Whites in the name of equity and justice. Equal treatment would be a "disaster". Such is life in the current year.

In the pursuit of justice, equality falls short and perpetuates the same cycle of privilege of those who have what they need verses those who do not have.


Those moderate Muslims

Why are Islamic experts completely unfamiliar with the totally feminist nature of Islam?

Turkey’s directorate of religious affairs has declared that Islamic law allows girls to marry at age 9, prompting outrage on social media and calls for a parliamentary inquiry from the country’s main opposition party. The Diyanet, a government body that employs all of the country’s imams, provides Quranic training for children, and drafts weekly sermons that are delivered at the country’s 85,000 mosques, had issued a statement on its website claiming that Islamic law dictates that adolescence begins for girls at age 9 — and that girls who had reached the age of adolescence had the right to marry.

A Muslim man of any age can marry a girl as young as nine-years-old. How did these Muslim scholars arrive at that particular number? If only there were an example from Islamic history to back up this wickedness ...

Cracks in France

As France prepares to mark the third anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the defacement of commemorative graffiti in rue Nicolas Appert is a sign that the "Je suis Charlie" spirit has diminished since the January 11, 2015 demonstrations where millions of people took to the streets across the country to support freedom of expression.

Here's the prime example:

Ermindo Brunacci, a massage therapist who has his practice in the same street as Le Poulailler, doesn’t try to conceal his feelings about the satirical paper.

"I'm not fond of Charlie Hebdo, neither its form nor its function (...) They are targeting the Muslims and, if we talk about freedom, I feel they are criticising the Muslims' freedom to believe,” Brunacci told FRANCE 24.

Strange that Brunacci doesn't mention Christians or Jews who're routinely and viciously lampooned by Charlie Hebdo. It's almost like only Muslims tend to go full psycho when they're mocked.

German police tweets in Arabic!

It's becoming more and more likely that Europe is going to retaliate by slaughtering millions of Muslims in the next few decades. Problems that could have been solved relatively peacefully today will fester into a full blown war. The present political class and its ignorant supporters will be chiefly responsible for the mountains of bodies.

Fake Muslim is fake

The God Emperor rhetorically shivs Rocket Man:

Kim the retarded chihuahua barks up a storm and Trump the Magnificent Rottweiler growls in return to put the yappy Kim in his place. This simple event is twisted by the slimy and dishonest Fake Muslim who virtue signals by demanding that Twitter should ban Trump!

(Laughs.) That's the reading comprehension of an "educated" Muslim. Trump didn't mock starving North Koreans. He mocked their dictator. Trump didn't threaten nuclear war. He merely reminded the thug that the US nukes are bigger, better, and badder. Therefore, Jong Un shouldn't even think of starting a fight.

The Fake Muslim should keep a lid on his fake outrage and pay attention to how politicians have dealt with Rocket Man. Bill Clinton in 1993:

"I know of no one who seriously believes that the United States and [South Korea] would be defeated in a war of aggression by North Korea if they were to attack," he said. "And I made it as clear as I could that if they were to do that, they would pay a price so great that the nation would probably not survive as it is known today."

Barack Hussein Obama in 2016:

"We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals," he said in an interview with CBS News.

But, you see, evil nukes are the problem. Apparently, upgrading North Korea to the Stone Age by carpet bombing her with non-nuclear weapons would be acceptable.

The Leftist dhimmis

The timid and cowardly twits at Twitter have banned Fawstin:

Bosch Fawstin is one of the most well-known former Muslim artists, famous (or in certain circles, infamous) for his cartoons about Islam in general, and specifically for daring to draw Mohammad.

Fawstin tells Jihad Watch that Twitter has not given him an explanation for his suspension except for a vague statement that he violated their rules for "hateful conduct."

Stephen Green:

Bosch would have been treated better if he had threatened to cut somebody’s head off instead of drawing a cartoon — because wrongthink by the wrong people is worse than violence or threats of violence from the right people.

Such is life in the current year.

Muslim roulette

It's terrible when your property says goodbye:

A 15-year-old Afghan refugee was in police custody on suspicion of manslaughter in Ludwigshafen on Thursday after allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in the southwestern German town of Kandel, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Authorities said the girl, also 15 years old, was stabbed following an apparently chance meeting with the boy at a drugstore on Wednesday. She died of her injuries after being attacked with a kitchen knife with a 20-centimeter blade.

Three questions. What did the parents say when they learned about this, er, relationship? Why would anyone want to start a relationship with a Muslim? How do you even have a relationship with an Afghan refugee? He doesn't even speak the language.

We get this predictable part at the end:

At the Thursday press conference, deputy chief of police Eberhard Weber said the girl's parents had filed a criminal complaint about the boy on December 15, after he threatened their daughter for breaking up with him.

The shameless Ahmadi is shameless

The Fake Muslim is consistently slimy.

The virtue signalling is not surprising:

The Big Trashcanistan

You don't fight Nazis by giving money to Hitler:

The West has to understand that Pakistan and the greater Muslim world is their enemy. Not comprehending this ugly reality will only lead to more bloodshed down the road.

Cultural enrichment in France

A story from France captures the absurdity of feminism and multiculturalism:

Horrifying video footage has emerged of a female police officer and her boss being beaten in a Paris suburb.

The incident took place in the early hours of Monday following an emergency call in Champigny-sur-Marne, an area to the south-east of the city.

The unnamed police officer was filmed by gang members as she was kicked around by the attackers. The footage was then uploaded onto the internet by the group.

Obviously, France needs more strong, fierce, independent females to join the police force. Why should men get all the beatings privilege?

Uncovered Meat

Many years ago, my mom was talking about her new sister-in-law. She stated, with a subtle sneer, that my young aunt was very modern because she didn't wear any sort of a burqa or purdah. I realized much later that my mom was basically calling her a slut.

By the way, that aunt lived in the West. So, she was mostly free from the hungry and predatory eyes of lewd Muslim men.

Can you feel the peace?

A prominent human rights activist in the Maldives has said that she has received several death threats over an alleged anti-Islamic Twitter post, that has also prompted a criminal investigation.

The context:

The furore over Ismail’s post began on December 20, when she responded to a speech by President Abdulla Yameen, in which he had vowed to crack down on what he said were domestic and international efforts to propagate faiths other than Islam in the Maldives.

To which Shahindha Ismail tweeted:

“Religions other than Islam exist in this world because Allah allowed for it. No other religion would exist otherwise, is it not?” Ismail said on Twitter.

That's it. That's the entirety of her vicious anti-Islamic text.

Her post prompted threats, with one Twitter user, referring to Ismail, saying: “I’m one of hundreds who will cut people like that to pieces.” That post has since been deleted.

Several comments on Facebook reviewed by Al Jazeera also called for attacks on Ismail and said she should “be thrown out of the country”.

The end result?

A police spokesman said Ismail was being investigated under the Religious Unity Act, which criminalises actions that may lead to religious strife in the Maldives. It carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

“Police have announced an investigation against me while ignoring the open threats against me on social media,” said Ismail.

Of course.

They refuse to see

That's why Muslims don't allow free speech in Islamic societies. They impose brutal blasphemy laws to maintain the Grand Delusion.

The Israeli oppression continues

Arabs in Israel Have Higher Life Expectancy Than in any Arab or Muslim Country.

Arabs like to live under sharia. They also like to slaughter each other. Sheikh vs. Saud. Sunni vs. Shia. Instead, Arabs in Israel suffer in a brutal democratic society in which tribal and sectarian violence is banned. Arabs are forced to live longer in such atrocious, uncivilized conditions. This is cultural genocide!

More Muslim madness

She equates the totalitarian Mullahs (who've been in power for over 37 years) with the democratically elected US president who was held the seat for under one year. Just goes to show how seriously she cares about the real oppression of her brothers and sisters in Iran. This Fake American girl I swear. 

Silly Amin

Oh Ibrahim! Islam is definitely the religion of peace. After all the Han, Hindus, Japanese, Christians, Sikhs and other assorted infidels have been converted or slaughtered, then there will be peace.

The modern trashcanistan

What has become of the UK?

Albanian criminals who pretended to be Kosovan refugees have been allowed to stay in the UK after a Supreme Court judgement revealed a “loophole in the law”.


The Supreme Court judges last week ruled that because the men had not stolen anyone’s identity but instead made up a fictional character, “neither appellant pretended to be someone he was not”.

It's almost like these judges were bribed to be this stupid.

What infuriates some people

That's rich coming from a Fake Muslim who thinks that his pedophile, Jew-murdering Prophet is the gold standard of morality for all times.

Halaal harassment

When I was in Pakistan in the early 90s, I was asked a few times to accompany my older, female cousin for brief grocery shopping trips. The poor girl needed "help" in carrying all the stuff. I was the gallant muscle. That was confusing because the food would usually fit in two bags. She could've easily lifted them.

I was a fool. Now, I know better.

The poor coasts

Vox Day:

It's amusing how people suddenly start talking very differently about the tax-paying abilities of immigrants when they realize that the state's tax revenue is actually going to depend on them.

What's funny is that many rich people are leaving because of the high tax rates. This simple fact is beyond the comprehension of politicians: don't have high taxes; otherwise, the rich move their money or move themselves.

Across the ocean, it's surprising that the EU politicians aren't more worried about this. How will illiterate, low-IQ, infidel-hating, cousin-marrying Muslims prop up the welfare states of Europe? If anything they'll only accelerate the decline.

Rampant Islamophobia!

Don't forget the 250,000 Pakistanis that have been deported by Saudi Arabia since 2012.

Of course because White people are the worst.

Anna Muzychuk says NO to Mordor

Muzychuk would rather lose her Chess titles than be a slave for a few days.

The barbarians must have paid a lot of oil money to entice the immoral cowards to set their Chess Championship in the middle of Mordor. This is a country that recently allowed women the right to drive a car but only if they have the written permission of their male masters guardians.

That progressive Sweden

The 13-year-old girl came to the Mönsterås municipality in January 2016 together with her family and her 20-year-old cousin, to whom she claimed to be married. However, when informed that it was illegal for children to marry in Sweden, she changed her mind and disavowed her marriage. The municipality then allowed the couple to live together, whereupon the girl got pregnant, the Fria Tider news outlet reported.

Smart Sweden:

According to Sweden's Justice Ombudsman (JO), the social council in the Mönsterås municipality has violated its responsibility and should have better monitored the girl's situation. However, the JO pointed out that the municipality had a difficult task to pursue, as the 13-year-old refused to move to an accommodation for "single girls."

Sweden's National Board of Health demanded clearer regulation on child marriages that will be distributed next year to the country's municipalities as they have major problems dealing with the issue.

If a local, 20-years-old, White, Christian man had marries, raped, and impregnated a 13-years-old girl, then the government of Sweden would have no qualms about enforcing their laws. But when a Muslim guy does the same deed, then a municipality demands "clearer regulation" on child marriages.

How can your country survive when you have two sets of laws? "Progressive" rules for White infidels but soft sharia for the savages of Islam.