That Godfather feeling

The likely possibilities:

A) The new Saudi king is consolidating power. He's throwing contenders in jail if not outright killing them.

B) Trump and his associates had a nice chat with the king: throw the terror-friendly royals behind bars or end up on the Trump Shit List. (Most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Ban Saudis!)

C) Both A) and B).

Fake Muslim on Sutherland

Qasim Rashid is reliably deceitful whenever he's providing reasons for why he's pissing on America. He packs two lies in this tweet.

1. Definition of terrorist courtesy of Cambridge Dictionary:

someone who uses violent action, or threats of violent action, for political purposes

2. Prior to 9/11, the most lethal terrorist attack in the US was committed by Timothy McVeigh -- an evil White man!

But, of course, Qasim Rashid wants you to think that racisss America only condemns non-White murderers as terrorists. This is how he treats his host country. No wonder so many Muslim nations ban this swine and his ilk.

Haifa Wehbe is a bad girl

A Lebanese pop star has been reprimanded by Egyptian authorities after wearing a pair of shorts on stage.

Haifa Wehbe, 41, says she was 'called for interrogation' after donning the olive green mini-shorts during a performance at the American University of Cairo last weekend.

The pop star claims a female journalist watching her performance was so upset she complained to the country's tourism police.

Don't you just love that detail. None of the guys said a word. A female journalist complained about this super slutty outfit:

Haifa Wehbe shorts

Of course, this isn't the first time:

In 2014 she faced a storm of criticism after wearing a sheer black gown to perform on Arab Star Academy, a pan-Arab TV music talent contest.

Large parts of the gown covering her thighs and buttocks turned translucent under the TV lights prompting a slew of complaints - largely from female viewers in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Muslim hags in garbage bags don't like the scorching competition.

Haifa Wehbe is a bad girl

Advanced Islam

When marrying your cousin is not exciting enough:

Egyptian Salafist cleric Mazen Al-Sersawi has stirred controversy, after a video in which he suggested that Islam allows men to marry their illegitimate daughters went viral.

In the video, Al-Azhar lecturer cites prominent Muslim jurist Imam Al-Shafi'i as saying that illegitimate daughters are not officially attributed to their fathers and can thus be married to them.

Rapefugees welcome

Muslims doing the work that native Brits won't do:

A sex grooming gang who used code names such as "Star" and "Shark Tooth" targeted vulnerable teenage girls, holding them in thrall with a constant supply of drink and drugs.

The four men, all asylum seekers who originally entered the UK illegally, abused and trafficked the youngsters who were as young as 13.

The girls were pretty old:

The girls, who were aged between 13-16 at the time, were plied with drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, speed and cannabis.

The barbarians are vexed

Police and security had to intervene to help the Danish immigration and integration minister escape a potential assault by a crowd of rejected asylum-seekers, indignant over her decision to focus attention on only one family in the deportation facility.

On what was supposed to be a photo op on Friday for Danish Minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing Inger Støjberg at the Sjælsmark deportation center on the island of North Zealand, things went awry as a group of failed asylum applicants encircled her, Danish broadcaster DR reported.


[...] the minister’s security detail and police began to push through the crowd as they escorted her to the car. The crowd became more enraged and attempted to prevent her from leaving by blocking the car. In a video of the incident posted by DR, a woman can be seen jumping under the wheels of the moving vehicle, which does not stop. Police said the woman was only slightly hurt and her injuries are believed to not be serious.

Last part:

Denmark took in around 21,000 refugees at the height of the European refugee crisis in 2015. The following year, it only accepted 6,072 people and cut social benefits for refugees in half. As a result of the policy change, 532 asylum-seekers voluntarily left the country last year.

It's almost like they're not refugees but economic parasites.

Religion of Peaceful Killings

One can learn so much from Muslims:

Speaking of peaceful killings:

Smug barbarians

Is it not strange that Muslims are not told to emulate the West? Somehow, that would be deemed as "racism" and "oppression".

Japan and South Korea copied the West and it turned out pretty well for them. Muslims, by definition, won't even contemplate such a thing. Why? Because their religion teaches them that the infidels are evil and filthy creatures who ought to be converted through the use of violence. This is why the infidel ideas of democracy, liberty, and human rights are considered blasphemous in many Islamic countries.

Bullshit statistics

Such statistical comparisons are staggeringly asinine.

Nassim Taleb has written and talked a lot about this:

Imagine a horrifying scenario. A guy in Boston sees a bright light and hears a loud noise. A few minutes later, he reads the news that a million people have died in New York City.

What thought would cross his mind?

A) A million New Yorkers died because they choked on food.

B) A million New Yorkers died because they got slammed by a hurricane.

C) A million New Yorkers died because they were hit by a bullet.

D) A million New Yorkers died because they got wrecked in a car accident.

E) A million New Yorkers died because they got a heart attack.

F) A million New Yorkers died because their cancers took them out.

G) Those fucking Muslims detonated a nuke in America!

That is the danger of Muslims and their terrorism.

Halaal predator

A UK police officer has been found guilty of 17 charges after investigators discovered horrifying images and messages on his cell phone. Mohammad Arshad, 35, used his career as a policeman to lure, groom, and sexually assault numerous vulnerable children in his personal rape ring.

White Supremacist!

Wearing an Islamic skull-cap as he awaited sentencing, Arshad was found guilty of molesting and raping 12 girls under the age of 16, the youngest being only 13, according to the Luton on Sunday. The thirteenth victim, a girl aged 16, was the oldest of the children, all of whom are legally too young to consent in sexual activity with an adult.Of course, all of Arshad’s known victims were abused during his stint as a Luton officer, which he used to coerce minors into despicable acts from October 2012 to December 2014.

This is how Mohammad tried to defend himself:

Arshad defended himself before the jury, claiming that he has no interest in underage girls, but that he couldn’t remember how many minors he’s had sex with.

Of course. One wonders about the true number of corrupt Muslim cops in the UK. They might not all be rapists but they can certainly keep many crimes of other Muslims away from police records: domestic abuse, theft, harassment, violent threats, and worse, terrorist plots.

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslims?

We've got this awful experiment taking place in Europe. Most of the EU has taken in millions of Muslims. However, many Eastern Europeans nations are adamantly against the invasion. The peoples of Western Europe are witnessing the cultural enrichment of the "new Europeans": high illiteracy rates, cousin marriages, serious anger issues, low IQs, spikes in rapes, higher crime rates, and diverse terrorist attacks.

Western Europeans are learning about the wicked nature of Islam the hard way. Their Eastern cousins should be thanking God for their gritty and sensible political class.

Fake Muslim tweets

The Saudis behead witches, the Iranians hang homosexuals, and the Pakistanis murder "blasphemers" -- just to name a few modern Islamic nirvanas. According to Qasim Rashid, those hundreds of millions of Muslims are simply unaware of the peaceful nature of Islam.

Moderates are patient

Of course. Just look at the Muslim in Australia who said that apostates ought to be killed but only in a state which enforces Islamic law. In other words, when Muslims have the numbers to implement sharia, then it'll be totally cool to murder ex-Muslims.

"High on drugs"

Then, we find out that Saipov is very happy with what he's done. He also asked for an ISIS flag to be put in his hospital room. A totally random choice.

Perfect evil

Worse, even questioning the Quran or any of the actions of PedoMo can be considered blasphemy -- instant death by mob.

Truck of Tolerance in NYC

Details emerge about the Uzbek in America:

The Uzbek immigrant accused of using a truck to mow people down along a bike path, killing eight, “did this in the name of ISIS (Daesh),” police said Wednesday.

How could the police know this for sure?

John Miller, deputy police commissioner for intelligence, said Saipov left behind notes at the scene, handwritten in Arabic with symbols and words, that essentially said Daesh, also known as ISIS or ISIL, “would endure forever.”

“It appears that Mr. Saipov had been planning this for a number of weeks. He did this in the name of ISIS (Daesh),” Miller said, citing the notes.

Diversity visa?

The slight, bearded Saipov is from heavily Muslim Uzbekistan and came to the U.S. legally in 2010, police said.

He was merely sharing his culture with the lovely people of NYC.

Laced lassi lunacy

A wife planned one murder and that escalated quickly.

A wife has been arrested after allegedly killing 15 of her in-laws in a botched bid to poison the man she had been ordered to marry in Pakistan.

How did she manage that?

Two months into the unhappy marriage, the 21-year-old bride, who was allegedly in love with another man, hatched a plot to kill her 25-year-old husband by poisoning his glass of milk.

But Amjad did not consume the drink and Aasia's mother-in-law unwittingly used the tainted liquid to make Lassi - a popular traditional yogurt-based drink in the Indian Subcontinent.

Motive + Low IQ = 15 unintended dead.

Do you know what this mean? We need some serious lassi control!

Rotten fruits

So many Muslims on twitter were praising Bangladesh for taking in thousands of innocent, angelic refugees from Burma.

A Bangladeshi man has been killed in an attack by Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar.

The victim has been identified as 28-year-old Abdul Jabbar, who passed away around 3pm on Saturday while undergoing treatment, said Ramu Police Station OC Md Liakat Ali.

Police have detained two Rohingya refugees, 22-year-old Ziabul Haque and his aunt 25-year-old Bhaola Khatun, over the attack.

Culturally enriched!

The political elite don't care

I remember filling out applications for refugee status and citizenship in Canada many years ago. I had to provide tons of information:

  • addresses over the previous decade
  • support documents for persecution
  • blog data
  • FBI background check
  • multiple interviews
  • a full hearing in Toronto, etc.

But what was the point of all that when now the Canadian government is allowing confirmed ISIS members and other terrorists into the country?

Around 180 individuals, referred to as “extremist travellers” by the Canadian government, who have connections to Canada have travelled to various countries to fight for Islamic State and other radical Islamic terrorist groups. The Canadian government officials call the returning jihadists “extremist travellers” and are now worried that many of them may be a serious security risk to the safety of Canadians, broadcaster Global News reports.

One of these ISIS members even answered questions from the media:

One Islamic State returnee spoke to Canadian media about his experiences as part of the terror group’s “Sharia Police”. The unnamed Pakistani-Canadian brushed off his time with the terror group saying: “We all do things that we regret … All that’s behind me.”

Yeah, just like having an extra slice of pumpkin pie.

Former Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government had passed a motion to strip terrorists of their Canadian citizenship. The motion was later overturned by current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau which also restored the citizenship of an Islamist who plotted to bomb Toronto.


ISIS vs. Prince George

ISIS has threatened to kill Prince George on a social media platform labelled by cyber-security experts as a “breeding ground” for terrorists.

What will it say about the security of an average person if the UK can't even protect the future king?

It comes as people living and working near the future king's school have also raised concerns about security at Thomas’s Battersea after a woman filmed herself walking through the corridors unchallenged.

Britain has been taking in ISIS "returnees" for many months. Only one sick savage is necessary for taking out a high-value target like Prince George. These Muslims are insane; to them death means an eternal life of fucking virgins.

Muslim father shares his culture

Gatineau police have charged a man for allegedly beating his teenage daughter over the course of more than a year because she refused to wear a hijab.

The 35-year-old father is facing one count each of assault, assault with a weapon and uttering death threats, police said in a news release Thursday.

But but but I thought that the hijab was a matter of choice! Why would an adherent of "the most feminist religion" force her daughter to wear a garbage bag that?

The fruits of diversity

Muslims have been increasing their sex slaves in the UK:

Campaigners have called for “urgent action” after government figures showed a 64 per cent rise in sexual grooming offences against children in just one year. Data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed there were 1,771 grooming offences recorded across England and Wales in the year up to June, rising from 1,080 in the previous year.

The British police is too busy going after unfriendly posters on the Internet.

Slight dislike to getting maimed and murdered

Better late than never:

Three quarters of Australians believe the country doesn't need any more people and nearly half support a partial ban on Muslim immigrants.

An Australian Population Research Institute survey of more than 2000 people also found 54 per cent want a reduction in the annual migrant intake.

Stop the immigration and then start deporting them back to their hell holes. That's the least violent method of dealing with Muslims.

The petty and inferior Muslims

So, the government of the United Arab Emirates was okay with inviting this Israeli but then they wouldn't play his national anthem when he won!?

Makes sense. I mean the Muslims can't beat the Israelis in battle or in a Judo competition but they sure can not play the relevant anthem. Tremble before the mighty Muslims, you lowly Jews. Tremble!