That moderate Malaysia

Islamic countries that claim to be free are anything but:

Apostasy is not a constitutional right, a Muslim lawyer claimed today as he argued that freedom of religion does not include the liberty to leave a faith.

"Freedom." You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Writing in his column on Malay-language daily Sinar Harian, Muslims Lawyers Association president Datuk Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar said that Article 11 of the Federal Constitution merely accorded Malaysians the right to practise their own faith, but not to switch religions.

“Saying that apostasy is a right for Muslims is straying from the real purpose of the religion,” Zainul said.

This brave Muslim lawyer should be thanked for bringing clarity to this issue.

Article 11 of the Federal Constitution provides the freedom for every individual to profess and practice his or her own religion, subject to restrictions on non-Muslims from propagating their faith to Muslims.

Of course.

Any "reason" will do

Uzbek national Rakhmat Akilov, 39, told police investigators that he had “achieved what he set out to do” and freely admitted his guilt, according to a local newspaper report.


According to one report Akilov was so keen to tell officers he had links to ISIS he made the claim as he was being wrestled to the ground Märsta on Friday evening.

He reportedly said: “I bombarded Sweden because you bomb my country.”

If the Swedes had refrained from attacking Uzbekistan, then this tragedy could have been avoided!

The fruits of die-versity

This is what happens when you open the gates for barbarians:

A Belgian psychologist and mother-of-one who worked with asylum seekers facing deportation has been named as the latest victim of Friday’s jihadi atrocity in Stockholm.

Maïlys Dereymaeker, 31, was waiting for friends from work on the corner of Drottninggatan and Olof Palmes gata when the terrorist struck. She was the first victim to be hit by the speeding lorry and died instantly at the scene.

It took forensic experts two days to identify her mangled body from DNA samples.

If only the supporters of diversity and multiculturalism got the full consequences of their ignorance and stupidity.

What angers Muslims

Finally, a few Muslims are angry about the evil of ... urinating while standing:

A fiery Islamist preacher in Sydney has denounced Muslim men who use public urinals in a sermon about death.

Fundamentalist Abdulghani Albaf said people who refused to follow Allah would be punished in the grave for indiscretions, like spreading 'evil rumours' and exposing themselves at a public urinal.

A different diabolical behaviour was the target last year:

ASWJ's fundamentalist founder Sheikh Feiz Muhammad last year delivered a sermon saying it was a 'major sin' for Muslims to attend non-Muslim events. 'Is it part of the sharia? Are we allowed to entertain ourselves with celebrations that are built on non-Muslim concepts?,' he said.

He makes an excellent argument for a Muslim ban. If Muslims are religiously obligated to not assimilate, then the West ought to shut the door on them.

Concentration camps of peace

Muslims are following in the footsteps of Hitler:

Chechyna has opened the first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler, where campaigners say gay men are being tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death.

It comes after it was claimed 100 gay men had been detained and three killed in Chechnya last week.

A report by Novoya Gazeta said authorities had set up several camps where homosexuals are killed or forced to promise to leave the republic.

That's just their culture. Who are we to say that it's evil filth. Besides, to criticize the Chechens would be racist and there's nothing worse than that!

Child marriages in moderate Malaysia

Malaysia couldn't outlaw child marriages.

The Malaysian parliament approved a bill on sexual offences against children without outlawing child marriage.

Opposition MP Teo Nie Ching had proposed banning child marriage, but her amendment failed to win support in parliament in the Muslim majority country.

Here's what one Muslim politician had to say:

"They reach puberty at the age of nine or 12. And at that time, their body is already akin to them being 18 years old. So physically and spiritually, it is not a barrier for the girl to marry," he said.

Nine or 12? Isn't he shrewd.

Refusing to acknowledge evil

Andrew Neil is an utterly clueless moron:

More retarded questions:

  • What did the Americans do to deserve 9/11?
  • What did the Russian children do to deserve the Beslan Massacre?
  • What did the British do to deserve the London bombings on 7/7/2005?
  • What did the French do to deserve the truck attack in Nice last year?

A few asinine questions for WWII:

  • What did the British do to deserve the Blitz?
  • What did the Jews do to deserve the Holocaust?
  • What did the Chinese do to deserve the Nanking Massacre?
  • What did the Poles do to deserve being crushed by Germans and Russians?

The Notorious A.H.A.

Muslim Girl:

Persons of Interest, a media organization dedicated to conversations about social justice, published a powerful video featuring a diverse group of Australian Muslim women sending a clear and potent message to Ayaan Hirsi Ali: You do not speak for us.

So brave.

The 2-minute video rejects Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s blatant Islamophobia and vehemently claims that she does not represent Muslim women. The video describes her hateful rhetoric as “language used to justify wars, invasion and genocide” and “encourages fear, persecution and violence.”

Do they provide even a single example of such language which encourages "violence". Nope. But we can be sure that they are telling the truth because they're Muslims.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an ex-Muslim and notorious Islamophobe, who has repeatedly profited from bashing and attacking Islam.

Oddly enough, those mythical profits are never communicated. Islam -- the Cult of Death -- calls for her to be murdered. Is that part of her "profit"? Theo Van Gogh, her friend, was attacked and killed in broad daylight in Denmark in 2004. Perhaps, that's also a portion of her "profit"? Ayaan eventually left Denmark in 2007 because the government refused to provide her security which had cost them millions of dollars. "Profit"?

Ignore the Islamic hatred towards a slave who got away. Deny the truth. Just remember: The no-good, very bad, super evil, the Notorious Ayaan Hirsi Ali!

Assault truck kills in Sweden

Another truck of tolerance goes on a rampage in a European city:

A truck crashed into an upscale department store in central Stockholm on Friday, killing at least two people, according to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who said all indications are pointing to a terror attack.

One person was arrested, according to Lofven, but no further details were immediately available.

The solution is obvious: We need to ban automobiles. If it saves even one life ...

The most peaceful religion is also the most feminist

The dishonest, deceitful, dishonourable, dissembling Imam Syed Soharwardy spoke in front of an audience in Toronto:

Women leadership in Islam has been from the start. In the holy Quran the relationship between husband and wife is described so beautifully that I don’t think you’d find such a description in any scripture… The is no gender-based superiority in Islam.

He continues:

If I would say that Islam is the most feminist religion it’s not untrue. Yes, there are people, there are people of clergy also, they misinterpret, they definitely have different mindset, but they are very, very small minority.

It's funny how that "very, very small minority" is in charge of entire countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, etc. One simply has to read the recent news to see the truth.

1. Jihad Watch: PA TV instructs viewers to obey Qur’an’s rules for wife-beating. Hey, hey, hey! It's not your ordinary wife-beating. It's a feminist wife-beating.

2. Birmingham Mail: Birmingham Islamic school forced to pull job advert for 'male only' teacher after equalities row.

3. The Express Tribune: Rape victims can lead 'good' life if they marry attackers: Malaysian lawmaker. They're most likely feminist rapists.

4. Christian Today: Deaf girl severely beaten by her Muslim family for embracing Jesus; Christians urged to pray for her safety. If only she could hear about the most feminist religion ...

The ultimate sacrifice

Victims of the bombing atrocity in St Petersburg were identified today as the Russian authorities put the death toll at 14 with 51 wounded - four of them in a critical condition.

Well-known doll-maker Irina Medyantseva, 50, was among those killed in the bloodbath after an explosion ripped apart a carriage on the underground railway.

She threw herself over her daughter Yelena, 29, and in doing so saved her life, according to reports today. Yelena underwent surgery last night and is now in intensive care.

Read more about the victims.

Useful infidel is useful!

Signal that virtue, Archbishop!

The Archbishop of Malta’s quick and open approval of Islam being taught to Muslim students even in state and Church schools – which attracted criticism from many quarters – even stunned the Islamic spiritual leader that recommended it in the first place.

Imam Mohammed El Sadi was mighty impressed:

“I was surprised by his noble approval of Muslim students’ right to learn Islam at state schools and I was stunned by his courageous openness to the recommendation of offering Islamic education for Muslim students at church schools,” he said.

Yeah, he's a stunningly noble imbecile. Christians need a better class of leaders.

Segregation in Sweden

Garbage bags on girls are not enough; they need to be separated:

A Muslim elementary school in Sweden, which separated boys and girls on a bus and during sports lessons, sparked controversy on Tuesday with the prime minister condemning it as "despicable".

As part of a documentary, Swedish broadcaster TV4 filmed secret footage of the privately-run Al-Azhar Primary School in a Stockholm suburb where boys are seen entering a bus from the front and girls from the back.


"I think this is despicable. This doesn't belong in Sweden," Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told reporters in Stockholm.

It doesn't? Then, why did you invite in hundreds of thousands of people who practice this shit? More importantly, what are you going to do about it?

Nothing to do with Islam

At least 10 people have been killed and 37 injured after a suspected IED detonated inside a St. Petersburg Metro car.

Footage of the panicked aftermath of the bombing, which occurred between Sennaya and Technology Institute stations, shows shocked commuters searching through the twisted metal wreckage of a Metro carriage.

ISIS has been threatening Russia and China in the recent past. The Chinese must be on high alert and beefing up their surveillance after this attack.

Jumping into the gutter

Two year ago, Pakistan dropped English as one of its official languages. Now, the How To Make War On The Infidel Manual will become compulsory in all schools:

The government has decided to declare Quran education compulsory in all public and private schools and a law in this regard would be enacted very soon by the parliament, said State Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Mohammad Baligh-ur-Rehman.

The best part:

He said that the government had taken extraordinary steps for promotion of education which would lead Pakistan towards a prosperous future.

Economists all over the world should be ashamed! They should have known that the secret to prosperity is to shove Qurans down the throats of kids

Those naive Kiwis!

Some people just refuse to see the peaceful nature of Islam:

Nationwide study finds news exposure linked to greater anger towards Muslims, regardless of political ideology New Zealanders – whether liberal or conservative – show both increased anger and reduced warmth towards Muslims if they are more avid news consumers, a new scientific study has found.


[...] we find that the association of prejudice towards Muslims with more media exposure holds across the political spectrum, and is specific to Muslims,” says Dr Shaver. “This indicates that it is widespread representations of Muslims in the news that is contributing to lower Muslim acceptance, rather than any partisan media bias. The media, regardless of politics, tend to publish violent stories because violence sells.”

You see, it's the "widespread representation of Muslims" that is causing people to view the ummah with increasing distaste. If only the media could do a better PR job for Islam, then all will be well.

Cheap African Slaves

No big deal if you lose one:

A cruel woman has been detained by police in Kuwait for filming her Ethiopian maid falling from the seventh floor in an apparent suicide attempt without trying to rescue her.

The Kuwaiti woman filmed her maid land on a metal awning and survive, then posted the incident on social media, Al-Seyassah newspaper reported.

It's funny when an uppity bitch falls.


Won't you feel sorry for Muslims in America?

Muslims in America are in grave danger:

The leader of a designated terrorist group named as a co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding plot claimed in a speech at Wake Forest University that Muslims and other religious minorities in America face bigotry that could lead to a holocaust similar to the one that killed 6 million Jews.

This is why it's important for infidel Americans to help the Muslims escape. Furthermore, if you truly care about Muslims, then you'll support a total 100% Muslim ban in the US. It would be the compassionate thing to do.

Muslims can reside in the safe spaces of their 50+ Islamic-majority countries -- far away from the evil clutches of TrumpHitler and his deplorable minions.

Muslim murders Masih

A Muslim in Pakistan was angry at a lowly Christian for refusing his order.

An attorney for the family, Kashif Naimet, said Chaddar threatened Masih after he refused to sweep his outhouse on Sunday, Masih's day off.

Naimet said: 'Ostensibly angered by the Christian's refusal to submit to his demand, Chaddar allegedly told Noman to be ready to face "dire consequences", as he will not take no for an answer from a petty sanitary worker. Chaddar reportedly threatened Noman that he would "Cut off his legs and riddle his body with bullets" for defying his order.'

The Christian man, Noman Munir Masih, was gunned down in broad daylight.

War in our time

Sex Denialism and Race Denialism are the two Foundational Lies which together provide the sustaining mythology for the false religion of Equalism, a cult of modernity that has captured almost the entirety of the Left but also has accumulated followers from the Right. Equalism’s guiding principle is the Commandment that there shall be no God but the God of Interchangeable Sexes and Interchangeable Races, and that Noticing any Differences between the Sexes and Races is Heresy. Man is Woman, Black is White, Beauty is Ugliness, Truth is Lies. Amen.

They must concoct ludicrous entities like Patriarchy and White Privilege to explain the real life differences between the sexes and races and then they go about smashing society to fit their false religion. In the wicked chaos, the gates are opened for the soldiers of Allah because Islam Means Peace.

The fools want utopia. They'll have war.

Galloping sharia in Australia

After a Muslim woman was successful in passing an "Islamophobia motion" in the Canadian parliament, a Muslim woman in Australia is pushing for a more severe law.

An Australian MP has called for tougher speech laws so that it is illegal to offend Muslims because of their religion.

So, does this mean that Muslims in Australia will be punished for their genocidal rhetoric against Jews and Christians? Of course not. The authorities will simply ignore them.

As Heat Street has previously reported, the Australian government is mounting a push to rewrite the legislation so that words must “harass or intimidate” before they become a matter for the courts.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the legislation in question – Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act – has “lost its credibility” and needs to change.

However, Aly proposes doing the opposite – keeping the lower standard for the law, and adding “religion” to the current list of “race, colour or national or ethnic origin”.

The real purpose here is to go after right wing Nazis white infidels who wish to protect and preserve their civilization. Australia, and the rest of the Western world, needs to stop and then reverse Muslim invasion immigration. Otherwise, there won't be much left of the West a few years down the road.

Filthy pig

Canadian Dark Element

CBC: Calgary mosque tainted by 'dark element' of radicalization to close doors this week.

A Calgary mosque that became a focus in terrorism investigations after several men who prayed there left to fight abroad is closing its doors Friday — a move that leaves its imam and community with a sense of relief.

Nearly three years ago, CBC News revealed the identities of Salman Ashrafi, Damian Clairmont and others who left Canada to fight with jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq. All had attended prayers at the 8th and 8th mosque in downtown Calgary — whose name originates in its location at 835 8th Ave. SW. Many were killed abroad.

Next to Magic Dirt, we now have Dark Element Dirt.

Clairmont, Ashrafi, Tamim Chowdhury, Ahmad Waseem and brothers Gregory and Collin Gordon — who converted to Islam and became known to members of Calgary's Muslim community as Abdul Malik and Khalid — left Canada months apart. They were all killed fighting under the banner of ISIS.

What motivated them shall forever remain a mystery. Sad!

Can you feel the peace?

Who is Ayaz, though? He is a religious scholar and ex-Muslim. He pursued religious training after standard, mainstream education. He was admitted to an Islamic studies school. He began to doubt the authenticity of the claims of his faith at the time.

I suspect that not being an easy thing to undergo or endure, especially being part of an orthodox religious family. Even with the doubts, he accomplished accreditation in the Islamic studies. He was not only a religious scholar in general, but an Islamic scholar in particular.

Ayaz Nizami studied Islam in great detail for many years and realized that it's a giant pile of horse shit. Now, he's in a Pakistani jail and Muslims are tweeting about him:

That's just from the past few hours. A lot of it is in the Urdu language like that last one. It says "saza-ay maut" which means death penalty.

Into the Abyss

As if we needed more evidence of the cancer that is feminism:

This weekend the Feminist Initiative (FI) held its annual congress in Västerås. Hopes are high of getting into parliament next year, where the party would, among other things, push for absolutely free immigration. During the congress, Victoria Kawesa from Uganda was elected to Sweden's first black party leader. Now she questions why foreign criminals are deported from Sweden, when "white Swedes" are not.

I, like, just can't even ...

Sweet Jesus

Muslim tries to logic

"That's a fact"? Nope. That's an incompetent attempt at diverting attention away from the evil core of Islam. The Islamic punishment for a Muslim apostate is death. 

Pray tell, what's the punishment for those who covert to Islam? An example: A. R. Rahman. He was born a Hindu; converted to Islam. He is the most celebrated music composer in Indian history. He even has a couple of Oscars.

Can you think of an ex-Muslim who lives freely and who gets public recognition for his talents in any Muslim country?

Nice try, Hend Amry. Islam is a cult of death and the Christian West is infinitely superior to it.

That's a fact.

Feminism = Cancer

Math is hard for most women but not for this one:

Author Fay Weldon has risked infuriating fellow feminists by claiming their cause left two-thirds of British women worse off.

In an interview in The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine today, Weldon, 85, says the feminist revolution had adverse implications by ‘halving the male wage, so it no longer supported a family.’

That meant some women had to get jobs, even if they would rather have been at home with their children. ‘Women had to work to support the family. So for two in three women, it really was a problem.’

Vox Day has been writing about this issue for many years.

Here's my brief take:

  1. More women enter the workforce. SUPPLY of labor increases. Eventually, wages decrease.
  2. Hypergamy! Women are attracted to taller, older, stronger, richer men. These working women ignore men who don't earn more than them.
  3. Marriage rate goes down. Fewer babies. DEMAND for labor decreases. More downward pressure on wages.
  4. The welfare state needs more slaves workers. Who the hell is going to pay for your pension and health care?
  5. Gates are opened for barbarians. Muslim immigration.
  6. The white, Christian peoples of Western Civilization face the abyss.
  7. World War M.

Women ruin everything.