An explosive tournament awaits

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and others severed ties with Qatar on Monday, accusing it of supporting terrorism and opening up the worst rift in years among some of the most powerful states in the Arab world.

As soon as I read that, this thought popped up: Hey, isn't Qatar the same tyrannical country that bribed its way to hosting the Football World Cup in 2022? Yes. Yes, it is:

FIFA said in an emailed statement it was “in regular contact with the Qatar 2022 Local Organising Committee and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy handling matters relating to the 2022 FIFA World Cup”.


“There are still five years to go before the World Cup starts. During this time priority should be given to political solutions rather than threats of boycott.

But one thing is clear. The football community worldwide should agree that ... major tournaments should not be played in countries that actively support terror.”

Oops. Looks like Qatar wasted a lot of money. FIFA probably has Pakistan on its backup list for 2022.

A few sensible politicians

The only way to protect Poland from terrorist attacks is by not allowing Islamic migrants into the country, Polish European Parliament deputy Ryszard Czarnecki has said.

It's a brutal social experiment in real time. Most of Europe accepts Muslim. Poland doesn't. Guess where people have been getting slaughtered?

“Other countries have led to a situation in which those trained on Islamic State territory in Syria, Iraq – young people with French, Belgian, Dutch, British, German citizenship – return to Europe … and somehow [the authorities] were incapable of monitoring them,” Czarnecki said.

“We, Poland, are learning from the mistakes of others … and we will not open our doors to Islamic migrants,” he added.

Unfortunately, common sense is not very common.

The charming life in modern London

Bare Naked Islam on the infantile mindset of the police in the UK:

During the midst of Saturday’s latest Islamic terrorist attack in London, the city’s Metropolitan police department tweeted an infographic giving the public a three-step plan to respond to the attack. “Run. Hide. Tell,” read the three points on the infographic.

How times have changed:

The fascist bitch speaks

Theresa May is the same woman that banned Robert Spencer from entering the UK while importing millions of Muslims. The problem isn't knifes, cars or the "safe spaces" on the Internet. The problem is politicians like May who have flooded Europe with the blood thirsty soldiers of Islam. Carnage and death are the predictable results.

Trump vs. Khan

Good on Trump for not uttering platitudes:

"No reason to be alarmed," Khan said, describing a more visible presence as "one of things the police and all of us need to do to make sure we are as safe as we possibly can be."

Trump wasn't satisfied and responded Sunday with a trio of tweets:

"We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don't get smart it will only get worse."

"At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is 'no reason to be alarmed!"'

Trump ended with: "Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That's because they used knives and a truck!"

Of course, we need knife and truck control. If it saves even one life ...

The fruits of multiculturalism and die-versity

Islam, by its nature, has been at war with non-Muslims for 1400 years:

Terrorism struck at the heart of London, police said Sunday, after a vehicle veered off the road and mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge and witnesses told of men with large knives stabbing passersby at nearby Borough Market.

The violence turned a summery Saturday night in an area packed with bars and restaurants into a scene of panic and chaos, with officers running through crowded streets screaming for people to flee and lifeboats drafted to help clear the area.

The London Ambulance Service said at least 20 injured people had been taken to six hospitals, and British media said several people had been killed. The Metropolitan Police force declared the attacks “terrorist incidents.”

Peoples of the West have to wake up and see that their political leaders have invited in an old enemy. These men and women who opened the gates for barbarians are protected by armed escorts. It's the average, defenseless, person who suffers the lethal consequences.

When the collective West realizes that their own treacherous politicians don't care about the lives of their native citizens, then the tide will turn.

Respect their feelings or go to jail

In this case, "respect" means to avoid eating or drinking in public during the day:

[...] last week Palestinian Authority prosecutor Alaa Tamimi announced that anyone breaking the fast could face a month in prison.

Just how long do we have to wait before a Muslim in the Western world assaults and kills a non-Muslim for this horrible "disrespect"?

Palestinian police arrested a man in the northern West Bank town of Tubas for breaking the fast and another three men in Hebron for eating in a public place. A police statement said its officers had detained the three for “paying no respect to the feelings of those fasting.”

Note that this asinine rule applies to all people. The police don't care if you're a Christian. 

Fighting the designs of darkness

A local government in Balochistan, Pakistan is tackling one of the greatest threats of the modern age: "beards with designs".

A government official in Balochistan's Kharan district has banned residents from styling their beards in different designs.

Why!? What possible justification-

Styling beards "is contrary to Islamic instructions and has been opposed by local and international scholars", said the notice.

Sounds legit.

The modern Chamberlain?

The Palestinian terror group Hamas was called “serious, hard-working and not corrupt” by UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during a radio interview in which he also urged a suspension of the EU’s trade agreement with Israel.

It gets better:

The revelation comes just 24-hours after the man seeking to become the UK’s next prime minister stirred condemnation and disbelief from members of his own party after it was revealed he attended a graveside wreath-laying ceremony honoring a Palestinian terrorist involved in the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre.

All that terrorist misguided fellow needed was a hug!

Seriously, Hamas even acknowledged the useful infidel:

For its part, Hamas revealed to Breitbart Jerusalem in 2016 it “welcomed” Mr. Corbyn’s reported refusal to condemn the radical Islamist organization.

Taher A-Nunu, a spokesman and senior Hamas official, further said Hamas views Mr. Corbyn’s willingness to engage with his Gaza-based group as a “painful hit that the Zionist enemy received.”

It's not a good sign when you're getting complimented by a group that openly calls for another Holocaust.

Nothing to do with Islam

Four men were booked in Rajanpur on Saturday for their involvement in a Panchayat (unofficial village court) declaring a teenage girl, who was allegedly raped by a relative, a ‘Kari’.

The 19-year-old girl was ordered to be either killed or sold off on charges of adultery levelled against her, the area’s police said.

The parents of this girl can be blamed for one thing: stupidity. What made them think that they would get even a semblance of justice from the panchayat?

Uncovered meat is triggering

Elsadek, who is the head of the ‘Middle East for Rights and Freedoms’ and in the past has expressed his admiration for Hitler, explains that if a man pulls up the dress of a modestly dressed woman, he is sexually harassing her. But if the man pulls up the dress of a woman who is not dressed modestly, it is the woman who is sexually harassing the man because “she incited him to perpetrate a crime.”

Bare Naked Islam has got the video in which Elsadek uses, er, dolls to explain the intricacies of sexual harassment.

The Crazy Years

A new trend amongst asylum seekers in Germany is to confess to murder, whether guilty or not, to avoid deportation to their native countries where they may face the death penalty.

What a magnificent incentive structure. When your entire religion is based on evil, then being dishonest is a formality:

More and more asylum seekers are also converting from Islam to Christianity, which some have slammed as another scheme to avoid deportation as their home countries may kill them for leaving Islam (apostasy).

Muslim migrants from Syria living in Lebanon told British media they had converted before coming to Europe because they thought it would aid them in the asylum process.

This is why the West has to ban all Muslims. 

Mosque be gone!

Some good news from Sweden:

The An’Nur mosque in Winterthur that has long been suspected of having links to radical Islamic movements will finally cease to exist because the rental contract for the premises will not be renewed.

Again, it's that mythical, peaceful Islam:

The mosque was raided in November 2016, after its Imam was accused of having called on worshippers to murder other Muslims who refused to take part in communal prayers. The umbrella association of Islamic organisations in Zurich (VIOZ) had suspended the mosque after the incident. However, the place of worship made the news again in February after some of its members attacked two people inside the mosque for sharing information on the same Imam’s speech with journalists.

A huge family of lone wolves

It's odd that so many Muslims are ignoring the utterly peaceful and totally tolerant message of Islam:

A cousin of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi posted antisemitic tweets appearing to celebrate the holocaust, it has emerged.

Abderahman Forjani, 21, who was arrested along with his 24-year-old brother Abdalla as part of the investigation into the bombing, posted: 'If only Hitler was still alive - these Jews would be burned in gas chambers.'

He also posted that Manchester is his 'number 1 enemy' and a 's***hole', as well as declaring that he wanted Britain to go bankrupt, according to The Times.

His account has since been deleted.

Cockroaches don't like the light.

Feminist Muslim women in action

It's common knowledge and perfectly acceptable for teachers to beat students in the Islamic world. Sometimes, they go, er, over the edge:

Allah Bakhsh Malik, Secretary Education (Schools) of Punjab province, told Dawn news on Sunday that the two senior teachers -- Rehana Kausar and Bushra Tufail -- first inflicted corporal punishment on the 14-year-old girl, Fajjar Noor, and then took her to the third floor of the school building from where they pushed her down.

Both Kausar and Tufail have been booked for attempt to murder.

That's how Muslims treat each other. Much worse is in store for the hated infidels.

Her parents have expressed shock as to how teachers could turn so inhuman.

See, as long as the teachers don't try to murder the daughter but only beat her thoroughly, then it's all right. 

War is coming

A computer scientist in Germany has been fined over 3,000 euros after he complained in 2015 that criminal asylum seekers were being let go by police after robbing supermarkets.

The Narrative is against history and human nature. The thugs of the German government have their ways of making the citizens obey:

A couple in the German town of Vierkirchen were also sentenced for “hate speech” after they formed an anti-asylum seeker group on Facebook.

Peter M., one of the defendants, said after the conviction: “One can not even express a critical opinion of refugees without getting labelled as a Nazi. I wanted to create a discussion forum where you can speak your mind about refugees.”

The moron of Manchester

Andy Burnham, a former Labour frontbencher who was elected mayor this month, insisted the attack, claimed by Islamic State, had nothing to do with Islam.

“The message that I would want to get over – and this is how the vast majority of people feel – this man was a terrorist, not a Muslim,” he said, speaking to LBC Radio.

“He does not represent the Muslim community. We’ve got to keep that distinction in mind all the time. This was an unspeakable act. The worst thing that can happen is that people use this to blame an entire community, the Muslim community.

Muslims have a 1400-year history of death and carnage. Now, they've brought the war direct to the West. They've murdered scores of innocents. Yet, we still have elected cretins who care more about the feelings of odious Muslims than the lives of innocent children.

Spin faster

Muslim Girl:

Minutes after news of the explosion in Manchester last night went live, “Manchester” began trending almost immediately with messages of solidarity, people trying to locate their loved ones, prayers and, sadly, speculations about the attack and its relation to “Muslims.”

Why would people speculate about "Muslims" in relation to mass murder and a suicide bombing? It's a total mystery.

So while bigots spewed their ignorance on Twitter last night, as per usual, many realized that if religion is going to be brought into the discussion, the focus should be shifted onto something much more accurate than calling all Muslims terrorists.

(Laughs.) This is what Muslim Girl is reduced to: arguing against the straw man that ALL Muslims are terrorists.

World War M approaches

This is a fatal ignorance of history. Peoples of the West stubbornly desire peace and abhor violence. So much so that they'll make terrible decisions to avoid conflict today to only guarantee a more lethal war in the future. British appeasement of the Nazis throughout the 1930s is a sad example.

The West hasn't even started to engage in war against Muslims. Worse, the West hasn't even identified the proper enemy. The accelerating rate of atrocities from the Religion of Peace will result in:

  1. The rise of nationalist political parties.
  2. The Expulsion of Muslims from the West.
  3. A total Muslim immigration ban in the West.

If after that Muslims still manage to assault the West, then the war will begin. Eventually, many Muslim countries will be remembered like Carthage.

Mission: Islam -- Taqiyya Protocol

Linda "The Halaal Pig" Sarsour:

In 2011, the prominent anti-Israel activist and Sharia Law promoter infamously tweeted (archive) that conservative journalist Brigitte Gabriel and secular women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserved to be physically punished for their views.

“I wish I could take their vaginas away,” wrote Sarsour in a now-deleted tweet. “They don’t deserve to be women.”

A smart soul called her on it in a public forum:

“This question is really important because I believe that women’s rights are human rights,” said the unnamed questioner.

“So I really want to know under what circumstances is it acceptable to say that ‘I wish I could take their vaginas away. They don’t deserve to be women,’” he asked. “Just to give that context that was one of your tweets off your Twitter.”

The ugly woman responds:

Following a lengthy pause, [...]


[...] Sarsour’s offered a response: “So, let’s give some context here. Because you… we have… This is an event organized by an Asian American, right? Let’s just get some context to what is going on here.”

“Celebrating a community, right?” Sarsour continued. “Talking about communities of color who are being directly impacted at this moment and I have a young white man in the back who is not directly impacted by any of the issues that I mentioned.”

Ignore the question. Demonize the individual.


“A copy and paste that he got from a right-wing blog,” she continued. “He doesn’t even know if it came from my Twitter account because he has a screenshot of it. He never actually went to my Twitter to see if it’s actually there. Right? That never happened.”

Well, it happened. The tweet in question was preserved in an archive multiple times—you can see it right here (and in  the screenshot above).

Taqiyya INSUFFICIENT. Better luck next time, pig.

Salman Abedi -- a pukka Muslim

CTV News:

Salman Abedi was born in Britain in died in Monday's attack at Manchester Arena. Two of his brothers have been arrested along with their father.

He didn't merely "in died". He killed himself.

British police say officers investigating the Manchester Arena concert blast have arrested a fifth suspect, and are assessing a package the suspect was carrying.

Guess that religion!

Manchester's police chief has told reporters that it is clear "this is a network we are investigating" as he gave an update on the probe into the bomb attack at a pop concert in the city.

Wait! I thought he was a lone wolf who had nothing to do with Islam! Anyway, what might be the nature of this mysterious network?

A former Libyan security official says the father of the alleged Manchester arena bomber was allegedly a member of a former al Qaeda-backed group in Libya.

Former Libyan security official Abdel-Basit Haroun said Wednesday he personally knew Ramadan Abedi, the father of Salman Abedi, and that the elder Abedi was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting group in the 1990s. The group had links to al Qaeda.

What a lovely family. Let's invite more of them into the West.

Shut up, infidels!

Muslim Girl:

Today Ivanka Trump participated in a roundtable about women’s economic issues during her father’s overseas trip to Saudi Arabia. The billionaire businesswoman and former fashion model sat among a few accomplished women of Saudi Arabia to address female empowerment in a nation that is known to be one of the world’s most repressive societies toward women.

No mention of Islam, sharia or Muslims! It's like that repressive society just materialized out of thin air. How revealing. But let's further ignore that repression and attack the daughter of the POTUS.

The ability of a woman whose financial stability is largely contingent on her last name and is made possible by the labor of others to participate in a roundtable discussion among local Saudi women speaking of female empowerment, rights and economic stability is a testament to her unchecked privilege. To let these nuances go unaddressed during her appearances is hypocritical.

The very next day, we get this story at Muslim Girl:

In news about white-people-getting-angry-because-they-won’t-google-Arabic-words news, white supremacists are organizing an anti-Muslim march on June 10. Carbonated News reports the Islamophobic marches are planned for several major cities across the country, including Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, and New York.

When the daughter of a rich man talks about female empowerment at the heart of Islam, she's a privileged bitch. When ordinary Americans march against that system which oppresses women, they are white supremacists.

It doesn't matter who you are. Just shut up and don't utter a word against Islam. Otherwise, these brave Muslim women will ... say mean things about you.

Multiple dead at Manchester explosion

CBC News:

Police say at least 19 people have been killed and another 50 injured after an explosion at the Manchester Arena in northern England, where U.S. pop star Ariana Grande was wrapping up a performance.

Let's not jump to conclusions.

It sounds like cultural enrichment:

British Prime Minister Theresa May says the government is working to learn the full details of the blast that killed 19 people at an Ariana Grande concert Monday night.

May says the government is trying to establish "the full details of what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack."

ISIS suicide bomber. 22 dead. Mostly children.

And it's a muslim

Diversity is strength

Shocking moment a girl, 14 'marries a Muslim man 20 years older than her in the back room of a mosque - after he paid her family for her with a gold necklace'.

That's in Melbourne, Australia. In the last three years:

A total of 23 children wed in illegal ceremonies were under the age of 16, including four under the age of ten.

'It is deeply disturbing to think little girls pre-puberty are being considered for marriage and for people to be organising that marriage,' FACS Minister Pru Goward told the network.

These Muslims are simply following in the footsteps of the shining, famous, feminist prophet of Islam who once married a six-years-old girl. 

The opposite of truth

Race hustler Linda Sarsour really scrapes the bottom of the gutter when she claims that paedophillic warlord Mohammed was actually a human rights activist, the first victim of Islamophobia, and a feminist. Words fail me.

According to Linda Sarsour, Muhammad was also a racial justice activist, an environmentalist, an animal rights activist etc. The video is unintentionally hilarious:

In addition, the so-called prophet Muhammad was:

  • a huge fan of Harambe.
  • a Climate Change believer.
  • in favor of a $25 minimum wage.
  • a supporter of free health care including birth control.
  • pleasantly surprised with New Coke. Death to Classic Coke!

The "reasonable" variety of Muslims

An elite police unit detained the men early Friday in a raid on a community center at Keraniganj, south of the nation's capital, Dhaka.

"We've arrested 27 people for homosexuality. They are homosexuals. They held a get-together there," an official with the unit told the AFP news agency.


Police said the 27 may not face charges of homosexuality, which is punishable with life in prison, because they were taken into custody before engaging in sexual activity.

Punishment for homosexuals by ISIS: death.

Punishment for homosexuals by Bangladeshis: life in prison

See, they're such moderates.

That famously feminist Islam

News from the Land of the Pure:

“I am a poor laborer,” Hashim said. “I was about to lose my daughters for no fault of mine. It was my brother’s case, and the jirga asked me to pay [the] fine because he was having an affair with a married woman.”

The sentence ordered by the council was one of the hundreds of incidents known as vani that are estimated to occur annually in central Pakistan. Also known as swara and sangchatti, the 400-year-old custom involves fathers offering girls as young as 1 for arranged marriages to repay debts and settle tribal feuds and vendettas.

So, if I have an affair, then my town's "court" will force my brother to marry off his pre-teen daughter!? This decision doesn't make sense even in a twisted justice sort of way since a) it doesn't punish the culprit and, b) there is no deterrence. 

Won't you feel sorry for the real victims

Muslim Girl:

In June 2016, 49 people were killed at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida by Omar Mateen. This club was considered a haven for the LGBTQ community, especially for LGBTQ people of color. The shooting proved the lethalness of anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

Sure, that Muslim murdered 49 homosexuals because of "anti-LGBTQ sentiment". I wonder where that "sentiment" comes from? Hmm, it's a total mystery:

Now, for some industrial-strength chutzpah:

I was fortunate enough to be able to interview the author of At The Store With My Daughter, Rohina Malik. I asked her what inspired her to write this play. When Malik was asked to respond to the Orlando shooting, she decided “to focus on those who get blamed for Omar Mateen’s actions.”

Islam has the death penalty for homosexuality. A Muslim, properly following his demonic religion, murders 49 of them. And then a Muslim woman comes forward to write about the poor victims: Muslims!

I've known about Islam and Muslims for decades. Yet, I'm still stunned by their irrationality, immorality and utter malevolence.