Appeasing the Muslims

How progressive of Google:

Google has pulled one of the world's largest gay dating apps from the Indonesian version of its online store in response to government demands, Jakarta said on Wednesday (Jan 31), amid a crackdown on the LGBT community.

Officials had called for the tech giant to remove 73 LGBT-related applications, including dating services, from its Play Store and urged people to shun apps that broke with cultural norms in the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation.

Genius mom


Apparently Twitter employees look at all your Twitter direct messages and at least one of these guys is saving all those pictures of your girlfriends to show to your wives later when they file to divorce you. My mom always told me when I was a little boy, "Kyle, never take pics of your junk and DM it on Twitter. Those guys are will extort you one day." Of course, this happening back in 1972 really makes me think of just how much a visionary my mom was.

The God Emperor shall not be mocked!

Rizvi gets thrashed for this absurd tweet.

Social Justice Cancer

Let's count the vaginas, Negroes, other colored people, ... yeah, that's what gaming is about.

Also, I feel so unrepresented when I watch American football, European soccer or Aussie cricket. Where the Paki ex-Muslims at?

The Canadian Weed Chronicles

I was thinking of selling and then buying the dip this morning but decided to HODL! Soon, of course, TD croaked again:

Traders using at least two major online discount brokerage platforms are complaining of sporadic outages and expressing frustration that the latest glitch has tied their hands amidst a broad plunge in marijuana stocks.

Clients of TD Bank's WebBroker and Royal Bank's RBC Direct Investing platforms have again taken to social media to gripe about problems, after facing similar issues in recent days.

A TD spokesman says "unprecedented" trading volume continues to drive some intermittent delays for its online and mobile WebBroker clients, and the bank rolled out a broad update on Tuesday night to increase the platform's capacity.

Apparently that increase wasn't enough. Canada is six months away from the legalization of recreational marijuana. If the online platforms of the two largest banks are already melting down, then what will happen as the hype and volume increases when we approach July?

The big, upcoming news stories are the MOUs from the three big provinces. Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia will sign supply deals with the major firms (Canopy, Aurora, and Aphria). Those events will cause a huge spike in volume.

Are you ready RBC? Are you ready TD?

Time is money

CBC has picked up the story:

The Royal Bank of Canada says it is working to resolve an ongoing issue that has seen its customers unable to access online banking and self-directed investing brokerage accounts on Wednesday.

"Some clients are experiencing delays when attempting to log on to our Online Banking and RBC Direct Investing platforms due to heavy trading volumes," RBC spokesperson A.J. Goodman told CBC News in response to an emailed inquiry.

RBC makes nearly $1 billion in profit every month.

Facebook zucks

A cartoon about hating and murdering White people or Jews (because they're so damn PRIVILEGED) is totally cool in the current year.

The truth is problematic


Twitter suicide

Just like numerous civilizations, many businesses are also very good at destroying themselves:

Twitter’s announcement yesterday that it would begin removing verification badges from some accounts had an immediate impact, as the company stripped the blue checkmark from a handful of accounts associated with the far right. But the announcement, which arrived via five tweets and an update to a Twitter support page, left much unanswered. The most common question was why Twitter would remove a user’s badge instead of simply suspending or banning the account. And the answer, the company says, has to do with offline behavior.

Ed Driscoll:

Note however that curiously, while white supremacist Richard Spencer was de-certified, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Dan Rather, and Louis Farrakhan all still have their blue checkmarks.

Of course, offline behavior of the right people will be scrutinized.

The monster arrives in 2020

When it comes to making a beast of an automobile nothing touches the acceleration of an all-out electric car.

That would make it the fastest street-legal car on Earth.

I've read that the range should be around 900 km!?! The starting price will be US$200,000. Why!? With those astonishing specs, Musk ought to have the base price at $500,000. He'll still sell out all of them. That Tesla roadster will be king when it's beating every Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. It should be priced higher.

Increasingly tiring

The utter stupidity of SJWs:

OMG, Farrah Khan! Did you just assume the gender of the 32 photographers!?!

This is NOT OKAY, you cis scum!

Yes, Nikon did search for "women" photographers. They found millions of them. Then, they sent out rejection letters to every single one because that's how the patriarchy rolls!

Women ruin everything

The greatest security hack in history, thanks to a little grrrl power:

When Congress hauls in Equifax CEO Richard Smith to grill him, it can start by asking why he put someone with degrees in music in charge of the company’s data security.

Like, duh. It's 2017. Her qualification is between her legs.

Equifax “Chief Security Officer” Susan Mauldin has a bachelor’s degree and a master of fine arts degree in music composition from the University of Georgia. Her LinkedIn professional profile lists no education related to technology or security.

This is the person who was in charge of keeping your personal and financial data safe — and whose apparent failings have put 143 million of us at risk from identity theft and fraud. It was revealed this week that the massive data breach came due to a software vulnerability that was known about, and should have been patched, months earlier.

There simply aren't enough talented and interested women in the computer sciences. So, merit is sacrificed at the altar of [more vaginas!] diversity and some mediocre pussy is put in a position of power. Sooner or later, shit hits the fan and the entire business steps closer to oblivion.

Torba vs. Gab

I recommended Gab to many of you on the basis of it being an alternative to Twitter. With the benefit of hindsight, it is now apparent that doing so was a mistake. I had no idea that Gab would somehow manage to create a less professional, less viable, and even less useful alternative to Twitter.

What is really damning in the whole story is that Gab is not following its own rules. The big winner is Twitter.

Supreme incompetence

This reads like something out of a comedy show:

The credit report provider Equifax has been accused of a fresh data security breach, this time affecting its Argentine operations.

Cyber-crime blogger Brian Krebs said that an online employee tool used in the country could be accessed by typing "admin" as both a login and password.

He added that this gave access to records that included thousands of customers' national identity numbers.

Core Overload

Many games don't know what to make of the massive core count from AMD's Threadripper processors. AMD fortunately thought of that and added "game" and "creator" modes to Ryzen Master, which disables half of the cores as to not confuse games, but doing so forces a reboot of your PC.

Intel has been releasing multi-core processors since at least 2007 and yet modern games have problems with higher cores!? The software guys have a lot of catching up to do. Right now, we're at 16-18 cores with high-end consumer desktops. By 2019, I wouldn't be surprised to see 32-cores for the bleeding edge configurations.

SJW Narrative proceeds

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

It's been over a week since the so-called "Google "manifesto" went viral around the world and employee James Damore was fired by the big tech company for "perpetuating gender stereotypes."

In the internal memo, Damore writes that women "prefer jobs in social and artistic areas" and "more men may like coding because it requires systemizing." He asserts these biological differences between the sexes may explain why women are not equally represented in the tech industry.

If you are shaking your head, you are not alone.

The best part:

"There are many, many, many men in our field that hold these exact same views," asserts Brianna Wu, a software engineer and video game designer who heads a team of women. In her experience, she confirms Damore's argument is "simply just not true."

Well, Literally Wu does have a lot of experience with things that are "simply just not true."

She tells The Current's host Megan Williams that she received hundreds of extremely specific and credible death threats during that time and suggests GamerGate created a space for "anyone that's not a straight, white man ... to not feel welcome."

How predictable of the Canadian government to subsidize this bullshit.

The slow death of Goliath

The beginning of the end for Google:

Alphabet Inc.’s Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo blasting the web company’s diversity policies, creating a firestorm across Silicon Valley.

James Damore, the Google engineer who wrote the note, confirmed his dismissal in an email, saying that he had been fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.” A Google representative didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Google has unambiguously confirmed that they value The Narrative more than reality. They'll lose a lot of competent and non-insane talent which will lead to their eventual decline. Such is the curse of SJWs.

Vox Day:

It was inevitable, because SJWs always double down, but the irony of Pichai Sundararajan, a high-caste Tamil Brahmin, firing an employee for expressing his belief in biological inequality, is practically off the charts.

The New Untouchables: Those who see reality and utter the truth.

Glenn Reynolds:

Old Google: We hire the smartest people we can get! New Google: We hire the smartest people we can get to parrot SJW twaddle!

And note that one guy, by triggering internal SJW craziness, has done more PR harm to Google than has been done since its inception. It’s like an autoimmune disease.

Feminism is cancer. Social Justice is AIDS.

SJWs Always Lie

The Left has to deny biological reality. The modern West has the richest and most opulent class of people in human history. Women have never been more free. Almost all their environmental constraints have been vanquished. Yet, they are still colossally unequal.

Why? Because women choose to be. Because they value comfort. Once they've acquired a sufficient amount of it, they don't put in extra work hours. This is why you don't see a female version of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. Women don't possess the obsessive drive to work 80-hour-weeks to build an empire. An exceptionally smart woman who could make hundreds of millions of dollars a year is okay with a few hundreds of thousands. Instead of understanding these choices, the Left cries about phantom oppression.


By The Heads of Medusa! The Supreme Dark Lord does inspire fear.

The Nikon D850

I wrote this a couple of days ago regarding the upcoming Nikon D850:

If it is as good as that, then the price is going to be pretty high. With that level of performance, I don't see it being under $3,999.

Thom Hogan wrote this yesterday:

What Nikon seems to be doing is making it more all-around by fleshing out little things like more resolution, faster operation, etc. But don't expect the price to stay at the D810's level. I'll be very surprised if the D850 is less than US$3999.

My reaction:


Nikon released their D800 in 2012 at a stunning price of $2,999. Now, they'll likely release the next-generation model for $3,999. They underpriced it five years ago and now it'll be beyond many consumers who're looking for an upgrade.

For Canadians, the new beast will be at least $5,000 + tax! For those in Ontario, it'll be about $5,700 total. Hmm, what's the going rate for one kidney ...

A monster for the 100th year

A rumored spec for the upcoming D850 is that it will do 10 fps. How!?

The raw files from a Nikon D800 are usually around 38MB each. Assuming similar size, a raw file from the D850 will be 50MB. So, this camera will be able to push 500MB/s? I would be quite shocked if it did.

If it is as good as that, then the price is going to be pretty high. With that level of performance, I don't see it being under $3,999. Damn.

Flying is hard

Two pilots have been suspended from duty after their aircraft, carrying 99 passengers, nearly ran out of fuel because they forgot to retract the landing gear after take-off.


An unidentified source told the Times of India that the “brand new Airbus A320”, one of the most fuel efficient aircraft in existence, had struggled to climb after take-off, prompting the pilots to settle on an altitude of 24,000 feet as opposed to a usual cruising height of 35,000 feet.

Wait, isn't there a switch with indicating lights for the landing gear? What kind of pilot doesn't bother to check that?

The source, who made a point of saying that both pilots were women, said it flew like this at 230 knots - as opposed to around 500 knots - for about an hour-and-a-half, while the extended landing gear dragged heavily on the aircraft.

Two women? Perhaps, it was that time of the month ...

100 years and D850

Nikon celebrates its 100 years today. They took this occasion to announce that they are working on the successor to their super-high resolution D810.

The Nikon D850 is coming. It'll probably be released in time for Christmas. Unfortunately two big questions remain officially unanswered: megapixels and price?

The rumors suggest 46MP at $3,500. It has been five years since Nikon upped the pixel count. I'm hoping for a bigger jump from their current 36MP beast.

EPYC value

Intel likes its fat margins. If they can't compete with performance, then they'll use FUD.

The slide at the 10 minute mark is stunning. Intel compared their $2,200 CPU to an artificially underclocked $420 AMD CPU to showcase the superiority of their product!

This would be like comparing a $100,000 car to a $18,000 Honda with slashed tires and then crowing about how your expensive car is so much better because it's faster when going from point A to point B.

If you're interested in buying a new PC or building a new one, then an AMD processor will provide the most bang for the buck. This means that most people should not be buying an Intel system today. Of course, that's why Intel is so scared.

Team Blue is very blue

In a presentation slide, Intel alleges that AMD’s EPYC server processors are actually repurposed desktop products comprising parts that have merely been “glued together.” They claim that this design results in “inconsistent performance” and additionally accuse AMD of having a poor track record and being an inconsistent supplier.

Intel's butthurt because they can't charge premium prices like they've done for a decade. This is going to be painful especially when ThreadRipper comes out next month.

100 years of glass

The Nikon D810 replacement is rumored to be announced on July 25 - on the exact day of Nikon's 100th anniversary.

Hmm. I've also read that there will be a surprise with respect to the sensor. Right now, 46 megapixels is expected at a price point higher than $3,500. Could it be higher than 46MP? Could it be mirrorless!? Or, perhaps, there could be another camera with such specs? We'll find out soon enough.

The end of women?

Masayuki Ozaki bounced back when the spark went out of his marriage — by starting a new romance with a rubber sex doll he swears is the love of his life.

Just wait till technology makes dolls which are capable of producing babies. #TheFutureIsMale

Senji Nakajima, 62, who enjoys tenderly bathing his rubber girlfriend Saori, has framed photos of her on his wall and even takes her skiing and surfing.

The following was predictable:

He said: “My son accepts it, my daughter can’t.”

Yup. Her gender is losing power and becoming obsolete. Of course, she can't accept it. Most women oppose prostitution for the same reasons.