The Danger Zone

What's more dangerous: rugby, or a walk in the woods? At Pennsylvania State University, the administrators apparently think it's the latter.

The student "Outing Club," which has gone backpacking, kayaking, and hiking in state parks over the course of its 98-year-existence, will no longer be allowed to host outdoor events after administrators conducted a risk assessment, according to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The lame excuse:

A key issue for administrators was that the Outing Club frequently visit locations with poor cell phone coverage. This wasn't an issue during the Coolidge administration, but now that cell phones exist, students are apparently expected to remain glued to them at all times.

It's shocking how literally billions of people in the world survive without a cell phone.

Racisss America

A former emergency operator in Texas was convicted of hanging up on thousands of 911 calls and was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months of probation, prosecutors said.

She dindu nuffin!

Crenshanda Williams, 44, was found guilty in Houston on Wednesday of systematically hanging up on people trying to report emergencies, the office of Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said in a statement.

The state of US weed

Canopy Growth Corp. owns the largest legal marijuana greenhouse in Canada today. Its area is 1.7 million sq. ft. The second largest is also owned by them. Its area is 1.3 million sq. ft. Both are in British Columbia.

Aurora Cannabis will soon build the third largest -- 1.2 million sq. ft. -- in Alberta.

It will take some time for the US to catch up: I Went on a Tour of America's Biggest Legal Weed Factory.

The site features a sterile tissue culture lab where plants are sliced up and multiplied, a purple-lit cloning room where weed grows in test tubes out of agar jelly, a $4,000 Futurola grinder capable of shredding three pounds of flower in two seconds, and a 26,000-square-foot Dutch-designed warehouse that will soon be home to 25,000 plants. Manufacturing manager Jeff Spinder says the factory will be capable of producing 10,000 pounds of marijuana every year.

[Emphasis mine.]

That's roughly 4550 kilograms or 0.175 kilograms per sq. ft. That's a staggeringly optimistic prediction of yields. Let's say that in Canada, the producers manage only 0.1 kg per sq. ft. Then, for 2019, the largest Canadian company will likely be harvesting 66 times the amount of the largest US company.

Trump can have a huge winning issue if he decides to make marijuana legal.

Crooked Comey

A total lack of perspective

The New Yorker:

New York has taken to Chick-fil-A. One of the Manhattan locations estimates that it sells a sandwich every six seconds, and the company has announced plans to open as many as a dozen more storefronts in the city. And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism.

Replace "Chick-fil-A" with some halaal brand and substitute "Christian" with Islam and then see how many people cry about mythical racism and phobias. At least, there's a solid argument to be made for the brutality of halaal slaughter but the writer is going bonkers over this:

It’s impossible to overstate the role of the Cows—in official communiqués, they always take a capital “C”—that are displayed in framed portraits throughout the Fulton Street location. If the restaurant is a megachurch, the Cows are its ultimate evangelists. Since their introduction in the mid-nineties—when they began advising Atlanta motorists to “eat mor chikin”—they’ve remained one of the most popular, and most morbid, advertising campaigns in fast-food history, crucial to Chick-fil-A’s corporate culture.

This Clown is outraged over a memorable advertisement with Cows.


A dead nation

Scripps College will be hosting a pool party Friday that only non-white people will be allowed to attend.

How enlightened and progressive of them.

Students on campus have expressed differing opinions about the party. One Scripps student who identifies as POC told the Independent on the condition of anonymity that the pool party is necessary to build community between POC and is indeed inclusive.

Of course. A party that doesn't allow White people is not only inclusive but super-diverse.

“First of all, this is a POC party. No one is saying, ‘it needs to be all Latinx or all black students etc.’ The point of this event is to promote inclusivity and congeniality between ethnic minorities. Most POCs at any of the Claremont Colleges (which are historically Predominantly White Institutions) interact and enjoy interacting with people of all races (obviously including white people), but sometimes it’s nice to have a time to be with people who identify in the same or similar way that you do," the student remarked.

The multi-culti coalition of the Left holds the following two views:

  1. An event for only colored people = TOTALLY COOL!
  2. An event for only White people = RACISSS! NAZI!

Eventually, sufficient numbers of Whites will wake up and decide that they want their own, reasonable White country -- a safe space from all the retarded, two-faced coloreds.

The God Emperor approves

Trump won't take on 29 states which have legalized medical marijuana.

President Trump is going green — and Attorney General Sessions is likely seeing red.

Trump announced Wednesday that he will back congressional efforts to protect states' rights to legal marijuana, according to a Republican senator.

Trump is a businessman and a shrewd politician. By supporting marijuana legalization, he'll be removing uncertainty from a multi-billion dollar industry. Jobs, incomes, and tax revenues will go up. Plus, the super-conservative states that don't want marijuana are free to follow their paths.

Also, it's not like the Democrats are going to oppose Trump on this issue. He'll likely be taking credit for The Weed Boom in his second term.

How to create misery

There is a bias in climate policy shared by analysts, politicians, and pundits across the political spectrum so common it is rarely remarked upon. To put it bluntly: Nobody, at least nobody in power, wants to restrict the supply of fossil fuels.

Policies that choke off fossil fuels at their origin — shutting down mines and wells; banning new ones; opting against new pipelines, refineries, and export terminals — have been embraced by climate activists, picking up steam with the Keystone pipeline protests and the recent direct action of the Valve Turners.

Millions of workers will lose their jobs and consumers will pay significantly higher prices for energy. But hey, the "climate activists" will feel good about themselves.

Bad Muslim girls

According to Muslims, the whole point of a hijab is modesty. The girls and women should not draw any attention in public. Yet, here we have another Muslim girl who did the exact opposite.

A 13-year-old girl has been charged by police after she falsely reported that a man assaulted her, removed her hijab, and called her a "terrorist" during an incident last Friday in Woodbridge.

The behavior is practically pathological. The lives of these Muslim girls are just too comfortable, average, and boring. They want drama. They want attention. They want a villain. They want to be a victim. Who better to blame than a faceless, dirty, rotten infidel.

Won't you feel sorry for the Muslims?

Two anti-Trump organizations filed a lawsuit Monday arguing that a government report earlier this year linking immigrants to most of the country’s terrorism cases since 2001 is so misleading that it violates federal law.

This is supposed to be the shocking part:

The January report concluded that 73 percent of the 549 people convicted of international terrorism between 2001 and 2016 were foreign born.

Activists were infuriated by the report at the time, and now two groups — Muslim Advocates and Democracy Forward — have sued, saying the investigation “misleadingly inflates the threat they pose to the United States,” and “inaccurately” focuses on Muslims.

If it makes the Muslims mad, then it's usually a good policy.

Can't handle that White heat!

“Please support students of color @TheNewSchool @EugeneLang for a poc-only space on campus,” one student tweeted on March 27, along with pictures of posters reading, “Claiming Our Space,” and “Support Students of Color Demanding a POC-Only Space.”

“Students of color at The New School deserve a space. And not just a space that exists once a week or whenever our overtly white administration decides they want more diversity favors. We deserve a permanent space,” another student, going by “trashgawdd,” tweeted, urging readers to sign an attached petition.

Who knew the coloreds were so fragile?

That crazy Persian!


Bullet in the head

Police said Holmes was in the vehicle early Sunday with Cassandra Damper, 25, and another man when the woman began pointing the gun at the camera.

This didn't end well.

Holmes is seen in the footage attempting to stop the woman from waving the gun around.

“It ain’t got no clip, bud,” another person reportedly responded.

But seconds later, the gun fired and struck the 26-year-old man, according to KHOU.

Obviously, we need to ban assault handguns.

Won't you cry for the coloreds?

The White House released a photo Friday of its spring 2018 interns — and the internet quickly noted a lack of people of colour.

One reaction on Twitter: “I missed the fall intern photo, but last summer and this spring, the White House had a combined 206 interns. Among them: 3 black men. 0 black women. Out of 206.”

OMG, not a single Black vagina!

On the other hand, it is possible that people of colour weren’t eager to sign up to work in U.S. President Donald Trump’s White House. Some of the president’s lowest approval marks come from people of colour and millennials, according to Gallup.

Yeah, maybe, just maybe, colored people are not interested in working for the God Emperor.

The oppression of clear backpacks

Poor girl.


First Amendment FTW!

Iowa man vs. the government:

An Iowa man threatened by city officials with legal action for saying on a website that his hometown smelled like “rancid dog food” won a free-speech lawsuit Thursday when a federal judge prohibited the city from further threats and awarded him damages.

It's amazing how the local government thugs provided this incredible press coverage to a man who said "bad stuff" about the town. They managed to do the exact opposite of what they intended.

You just don't know

They use muskets in the "spirit of 1776"!

Aim to be Anti-fragile

Vox Day:

Ingraham's cringing self-implosion demonstrates why it is so terminally short-sighted for conservatives to insist on continually maximizing their short-term interests in exposure over their long-term interests in a solid non-converged infrastructure. This is why I wouldn't accept a television show on Fox News or CNN even if one was offered to me on a silver platter, as while such a show would be of significant benefit in the short term, it would vastly increase my fragility, whereas continuing to build up Infogalactic, Voxiversity, and other platforms will likely prove more beneficial to me and many others in the long run.

The overwhelming majority of organizations crumble under pressure. They will throw you under a bus in a flash to appear "proper" and "respectable". That will surely happen to you if you're candid because we live in an age in which the truth about gender, race, culture, and Islam is improper and scandalous.

Forget having a TV show, it's spectacularly stupid to even show up for an interview with these corrupt vultures. That will remain an issue for most people who, unfortunately, focus on short-term benefits.

The Broken State of California

The MSM doesn't want to report on this because it would make the Democrats look bad.

Not the Bill of Needs

A US Senator asks a few questions:

"You can't use it for hunting." Oh, really?

The Second Amendment is the most important one in the Bill of Rights. Without it, Americans can't defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Of course, this gets in the way of power-hungry Leftist cretins like Feinstein.

The stupidest thing today

The proper response:

The US of A

Strange that literally millions of colored people want to immigrate to the US.