Brutal stupidity

People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons: to memorialize loved ones, to achieve a certain aesthetic.

Then, we dial the crazy all the way to 11.

“If you want a brutal-looking tattoo, there is only one way to get it: brutally,” Cammy Stewart, one of three Brutal Black Project tattooists, tells Vice. “If you want to look brutal, you have to go through the process.”

The tattoo collective’s signature look is extreme, dark and invariably on your face. The process, which is done free of charge for those who can take it, is accented by screams of pain, splashes of tattoo ink and blood all over the place.


Social Justice Convergence

Vox Day:

A longtime DC Comics fan explains why he recently canceled his subscription.


This comment by WynnLloyd shows how social programming can't shape reality:

I buy toys fairly frequently, and have noticed how the female action figures just don't move. Same with the "Rebelle" nerd guns aimed at little girls. Meanwhile all the "Frozen"'merchandise in the girl section, which is severely overpriced is out of stock almost instantly.

The girl ghostbusters figures were there for months and months without a single one being moved. They went all the way down to $3 and still didn't move. I looked in the bargain bin the other day and it was all female figures and black figures.

Reminds me of an article which talked about a couple who deliberately gave their son a bunch of dolls and provided toy cars to their daughter. End result? The daughter was soon covering the cars in a blanket in a bed and the son was using the heads of the dolls for a make believe CATAPULT!

The joys of socialism

North Korea in all its glory:

A former soldier says life as a woman in the world's fourth-largest army was so tough that most soon stopped menstruating. And rape, she says, was a fact of life for many of those she served with.

The showers there are not boring like in the West:

"As a woman, one of the toughest things is that we can't shower properly," says Lee So Yeon. "Because there is no hot water. They connect a hose to the mountain stream and have water directly from the hose.

We would get frogs and snakes through the hose."


Though Lee So Yeon joined the army voluntarily, in 2015 it was announced that all women in North Korea must do seven years' military service from the age of 18.


Anyway, stupidity has no cure:

Ravenous Leviathan

In the socialist province of Ontario, the top marginal income tax rate is 54%. Add in sales tax and property tax and soon those evil fat cat engineers and doctors are paying close to two thirds of their income to government. How else can the state pay for all the rapefugees?

Leftist logic

Leftists: America is a deeply racist country that oppresses Blacks, other POC, and Muslims.

Also Leftists: America shouldn't build the Wall or ban Muslims. Millions of POC and Muslims should come to the US to enjoy being oppressed by Whites.

Mediocrity and Envy

Vox Day:

White men are more productive on average. This isn't news to anyone who actually works in the labor force or is familiar with national productivity statistics. The good news is that at least it isn't racist. White women are less productive too.

No wonder the less productive women and colored people vote for the WE'LL GIVE YOU FREE SHIT AND WHITES ARE THE WORST! political party. If you don't have the balls or the brains to succeed, then might as well bring down the White man!

An Ahmadi feels the peace

Tambi Dude provided this twitter link to a long thread:

Why is Kashif N Chaudhry so shocked? Majorities of Muslims around the globe don't think that Ahmadis are legitimate Muslims. Does Chaudhry think that somehow their mindset will change after they've stepped foot on American soil? The same Islam that has conquered and brutalized nations for over a millennium is now increasing its strength in Europe and America. Ex-Muslims and Ahmadis are going to be on top of their hit lists.

It gets worse:

Ahmadis are worse than Jews! The Jews are like the gold standard of evil in Islamic societies. It must really hurt to be called worse than them.

The government is not your friend

How the state treats the average person:

A couple of cities in the California desert have found a novel and remarkably cruel way to make money—force citizens to pay for the privilege of being prosecuted by the attorneys contracting with these cities.

One example of the government viciousness:

In Coachella, a man was fined $900 for expanding his living room without getting a permit. He paid his fine. Then more than a year later he got a bill in the mail from Silver & Wright for $26,000. They told him that he had to pay the cost of prosecuting him, and if he didn't, they could put a lien on his house and the city could sell it against his will. When he appealed the bill they charged him even more for the cost of defending against the appeal. The bill went from $26,000 to $31,000.

All this in a country where the media is free to expose this injustice and still these goons go ahead with their open theft.

It's astonishing to me that tens of millions of people in America want the same sorts of people in government to a) disarm the populace, and b) be in charge of health care for all. How can any sane individual trust these thugs for their total safety and health?

Twitter suicide

Just like numerous civilizations, many businesses are also very good at destroying themselves:

Twitter’s announcement yesterday that it would begin removing verification badges from some accounts had an immediate impact, as the company stripped the blue checkmark from a handful of accounts associated with the far right. But the announcement, which arrived via five tweets and an update to a Twitter support page, left much unanswered. The most common question was why Twitter would remove a user’s badge instead of simply suspending or banning the account. And the answer, the company says, has to do with offline behavior.

Ed Driscoll:

Note however that curiously, while white supremacist Richard Spencer was de-certified, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Dan Rather, and Louis Farrakhan all still have their blue checkmarks.

Of course, offline behavior of the right people will be scrutinized.

The dilution of rape

Brian the Bastard is unfamiliar with the concept of consent in the current year. You see, female consent is reversible. Fun sex can turn to regret sex can morph to rape! The biggest sin you can commit is to not believe the regret sex clown rape "survivor".

The "fake news" media

A New York Times reporter attempts to defend the former vice president by spewing bullshit.

The guy who compiled the footage of creepy Joe Biden replies:

The cockroach runs away:

Social-Islamic Justice

Apparently, women are angelic beings who never lie.

These two Muslim women must be ISIS terrorists who're plotting something wicked. Proof? As we've been reliably told, the "burden of proof lies with the alleged perp". If they can't prove that they're not ISIS members, then we should deport them immediately.

Report the deplorables

Robert Spencer:

For all the sturm and drang that Stanford’s fascist community has raised about my scheduled appearance there Tuesday, it is still a university-sanctioned event. Yet the staff of FroSoCo, or FSC, the Freshman Sophomore College, a dormitory at Stanford, has sent out an email urging students to report other students to the university, apparently for disciplinary action, for the crime of posting posters advertising my event.

The trains for the gulags are ready.

An excerpt of the message from the dorm staff at Stanford:

Recently, we’ve seen various messages of intolerance within the public spaces of the dorm–posters advertising a talk by a self-proclaimed Islamophobe, messages on the whiteboards that attack immigrants. As a staff, we do not support these views and believe they are antithetical to our north star of creating a dorm community where we treat others with love and seek to understand difference. Islamophobia, xenophobia, fear and hatred of “others” are real and damaging forces at work in American society–but they are not something to be proud of, and are not something that belongs in FroSoCo.

The unintentionally funny part:

Whatever is going on in the outside world we want everyone to know that FroSoCo remains a home for all of its residents, no matter where you come from or what you believe, and that you are safe and welcome and valued here.

[Emphasis mine.]

No matter what you believe? You can believe in the most intolerant and deadly religion of the day but don't you even attempt to say anything against it because that is hateful.

Some beliefs, you see, are more equal than others.

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Stanford Muslim girl?

Stanford student Minha Khan has a bright future ahead of her in the Islamic victimhood propaganda industry. Her piece here wringing her hands and claiming victim status over my scheduled appearance at Stanford next week is a masterpiece of self-dramatization, featuring outlandish claims that would have moved me to laughter were it not, hang it all, for the pathos of this poor girl’s plight.

Robert Spencer, you monster! How dare you use truth, facts, quotes, and data to hurt the feeeeeeeelings of this girl!? This is NOT OKAY!

The sensible gun control side

How can you not laugh!

Twitchy has a grand roundup of tweets mocking this insanity. A few samples follow.

The AR-Inception:

The AR-16:

The most lethal weapon in human history:

Fake Muslim is deceitful

The Fake Muslim responds:

See what he did? He wrote about the real persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan today by comparing it to the imaginary institutional racism in the US -- a country which currently offers him and his fake ilk a residence free from state tyranny.

Qasim Rashid is a malevolent swine.

Wicked and dumb

What's truly absurd is that the numbers are not favorable for Muslims!

92 dead. 8 by Muslims. 84 by non-Muslims.

So, a Muslim is responsible for 8.7% of all deaths in those three incidents. But Muslims are only 1% of the population in the US! This means that Muslims were approximately NINE TIMES as deadly when compared to non-Muslims in America.

This is why it's absolutely suicidal for any society to import Muslims. They murder people at staggeringly higher rates than non-Muslims.

That Godfather feeling

The likely possibilities:

A) The new Saudi king is consolidating power. He's throwing contenders in jail if not outright killing them.

B) Trump and his associates had a nice chat with the king: throw the terror-friendly royals behind bars or end up on the Trump Shit List. (Most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Ban Saudis!)

C) Both A) and B).

Two heroes in Texas

The Left is having a hard time trying to make this fit their Narrative:

Two quick-thinking locals have been hailed as heroes for stopping the man responsible for the worst ever mass shooting in Texas which left 26 dead.

Stephen Willeford, 55, confronted gunman Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, when he was leaving First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, wounding him, before he and Johnnie Langendorff, 27, chased him in a car after he fled.

During the 95mph car chase, Kelley lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road, before shooting himself in the head.

The poor poor Narrative:

“Current law, as it exists right now, should have prevented him from being able to get a gun,” Abbott told “CBS This Morning.”

“I can tell you that before he made this purchase, he tried to get a gun permit in the state of Texas and was denied that permit.”

Fake Muslim on Sutherland

Qasim Rashid is reliably deceitful whenever he's providing reasons for why he's pissing on America. He packs two lies in this tweet.

1. Definition of terrorist courtesy of Cambridge Dictionary:

someone who uses violent action, or threats of violent action, for political purposes

2. Prior to 9/11, the most lethal terrorist attack in the US was committed by Timothy McVeigh -- an evil White man!

But, of course, Qasim Rashid wants you to think that racisss America only condemns non-White murderers as terrorists. This is how he treats his host country. No wonder so many Muslim nations ban this swine and his ilk.