More votes for the Left

It's sad to see a great country collapse in such painful slow motion:

Non-U.S. citizens living in the country legally may one day be allowed to vote in Boston elections.

The City Council is holding a hearing Tuesday on the idea at the request of Council President Andrea Campbell. The council is considering ways to make city elections more inclusive, including allowing immigrants with legal status in the country the right to vote in municipal races.

Vox Day:

Just wait until the Left takes the Boston initiative national... which is an ironic turn of phrase if I've ever heard one.

This won't end well.

Like communism, feminism, libertarianism and socialism, civic nationalism is an ideology that carries within itself the seeds of its own inevitable demise.

The "living" wage in action

Financial Post: Minimum wage hikes mean San Francisco restaurants can’t afford waiters, so they’ve put diners to work.

The small menu is so appealing and the place itself so charming that you almost forget, as a diner, that you have to do much of the work of dining out yourself. You scout your own table. You fetch and fill your own water glass. And if you’d like another glass of wine, you go back to the counter.

Soon, the restaurants will make you cook your own food. Hey, not everyone can afford the luxury of an Instant Pot at home!

On July 1, the minimum wage in San Francisco will hit US$15 an hour, following incremental raises from US$10.74 in 2014. The city also requires employers with at least 20 workers to pay health care costs beyond the mandates of the Affordable Care Act, in addition to paid sick leave and parental leave.

Thanks Obama!

If customers won’t buy $20 burgers, or $25 dosas, and the staff in the kitchen can’t be cut, that something is service. “And that is what we did — we got rid of our servers,” Mitra said.

Higher minimum wage = more unemployed people. Also, San Francisco has the worst real estate market in North America. Many upscale restaurants can't get waiters for an average American wage.

A few blocks from the original Souvla, at celebrated modern French restaurant Jardinière, chef Traci Des Jardins said her labour costs, including taxes and health care, now eat up 43 per cent of her budget.

When she opened Jardinière in 1997, they were 27 per cent.

Won't you feel sorry for the Muslims?

A significant number of Americans don't like Muslims:

Muslims are viewed as insufficiently American and, as a result, one in five would deny them the right to vote, according to a new survey that shows the reach of President Trump’s outspoken effort to limit some travelers from mostly Muslim nations.

Muslims want to impose sharia. They don't give a fig about the US Constitution. They are, by definition, traitors.

This isn't limited to the United States. Any infidel culture -- European, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc. -- should expel foreign Muslims and ban the practices of the evil religion. Let the Muslims live in their own filthy fifty countries.

The tyrannical heart

In addition to a minimum wage, this Leftist also supports a maximum wealth level:

Fuck off, Peter Daou. Your totalitarian impulse to control how much other people make doesn't make you a saint. Go out, make money, and help others with your own effort. Also, taking money with force from others doesn't mean that you are compassionate and generous. What you are is a rotten, stinking thief!

Also, isn't it funny that he limits wealth at a billion dollars when poor, starving kids around the world can't even make $1 a day. Shouldn't that wealth cap be at one million or, even better, at $50,000? Of course, that would make it difficult to pit the average idiot against the evil mega-rich.


The God-Emperor can't be stopped:

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in favor of President Donald Trump in Trump v. Hawaii, the controversial case regarding Trump's September order to restrict travel to the U.S. for citizens of several majority Muslim countries.

In the 5-4 opinion penned by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court found that Trump's immigration restriction fell "squarely" within the president's authority. The court rejected claims that the ban was motivated by religious hostility.

"The [order] is expressly premised on legitimate purposes: preventing entry of nationals who cannot be adequately vetted and inducing other nations to improve their practices," Roberts wrote. "The text says nothing about religion."

Yup. Trump talked about a "Muslim ban" during the primaries but as president he implemented a very narrow restriction for a few countries. The dumb opponents continued to call that a "Muslim ban" when 90% of the Muslims around the globe lived outside those select countries.

The loathsome Boomers

Just two years ago, the median American born in the 1980s — the cradle of millennials — had family wealth that was 34 per cent below what earlier generations held at the same age, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reported last month. And all the data show it’s probably going to get worse.

As affluent baby boomers thank years of soaring markets for their paid-off mortgages and plump portfolios, millennials and the next cohort, Generation Z, are weighed down by student debt and stagnant wages. They can only contribute the bare minimum to their retirement plans and struggle to find affordable homes within commuting distance of their jobs.

The last fifty years have given the Millennials in America the following:

  • Lower wages thanks to more women entering the workforce and immigration.
  • The Great Ponzi Scheme aka Social Security reaching its end.
  • Sky high tuition fees for useless degrees.
  • Overall higher taxes.
  • Debt.

But on top of all that, the Millennials and Generation Zyklon will have to deal with The Great War. What will that look like? The breakup of the once United States. The purge of Muslims and other morons from Europe. China flexing its muscles as the new superpower by taking resource-rich areas in Africa.

What can Millennials do?

  • Read history. You can learn a lot about the future by observing the past.
  • Scorching savings rate. Stop buying shit.
  • Ammo is your friend. Learn to shoot.
  • Stick with family and friends.
  • Get a dog. Or two.

That sweet gun control

A New Jersey arts and music festival turned deadly early Sunday morning when a barrage of bullets flew into a large crowd, sending attendees stampeding and leaving 22 people injured and one suspect dead, authorities said.

Strange that this can't be blamed on the NRA and the demonic AR-15.

Witnesses told officials they heard people arguing inside the historic Roebling Wire Works venue. The fight soon spilled out into the street as attendees ran for cover.

Police said multiple people, including Tahaij Wells, 32, and Amir Armstrong, 23, then opened fire at each other. At least 1,000 people were in the area at the time.

Two Black Muslims? Shocking!

The Non-oppressed Brownies

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has apologised after outrage over a plotline on her US TV series Quantico.

This is what happens when the enlightened Leftists have a No Muslim As Terrorist policy:

The episode, The Blood of Romeo, aired on 1 June and showed the main character, Alex Parrish, stopping an attempted terror attack.

Though ostensibly planned by Pakistanis ahead of a summit about Kashmir, the disputed territory in the Himalayas claimed by India and Pakistan, Ms Chopra's character discovers it is in fact Hindu nationalists trying to frame the Pakistanis.

Just like how those harami Hindus framed the angelic Pakis by keeping Osama bin Laden within Pakistani territory for a few years.

Totally haram!

How much do you want to bet that these women are progressive, multicultural, pro-Muslim, and subscribe to open borders and Diversity Is Strength! dogma?

A NEW York Uber driver kicked a lesbian couple out of his car for kissing in the back seat — because he found the act “disrespectful,” according to video showing the aftermath of the incident.

Respect his culture, you dykes!

“I said … don’t do it,” the driver, identified by the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission as Ahmad El Boutari, tells the women who then ask the motorist if kissing is “illegal” in an Uber.


“We were in shock. Definitely very shaken and upset. We always thought we lived in this untouchable New York City bubble where LGBTQ is so accepted,” Ms Pichl said.

The Muslim Uber driver merely threw these lesbians out of his car. Just wait a few more years and he'll be throwing them off a rooftop.

Another fish cries

michaeloh59 left a comment at Vox Day:

At my gym we spar every Friday. One of the participants is a young lady @24, rather stocky of build and not a weakling. She is a parole officer and she trains in kickboxing and sometimes jiu jitsu against the eventuality that she should be attacked while conducting home visits with her sex offender clients. A month or so ago she was sparring with a skinny 16 y.o. kid who was taking it too easy on her. The guys told the kid that he had to go harder if she was to learn anything. So he kinda shrugged his shoulders and said "Ok". A few minutes later she had a bloody nose and was crying.

You must have a heart of stone to not laugh at that.

Note that the damage was done by a skinny teenager. An average guy has roughly double the upper body strength of a woman. What's truly astonishing is how that strength can be very quickly doubled by spending some time in a gym.

Women are delusional if they think that they can fight a man.

Nazi Amazon

Reason #854,279 to not hire Muslims:

Dozens of Muslim workers protested outside of an Amazon warehouse center south of Minneapolis on Monday, voicing their concerns over workplace conditions during Ramadan, Islam’s holy month.

The reasoning is quite precious:

According to WCCO-TV, the workers at the Eagan facility claim their rigorous workload is “unfair” and “dangerous.” That’s because during Ramadan, which ends mid-June, Muslims are required to fast during daylight hours, meaning they are unable to eat or drink.

So, in addition to the five ridiculous prayers every day, these starving clowns don't want to do their jobs for thirty days.