There is no equality

Just as diversity is anti-White, equality is anti-male:

I've mentioned before that when I coached a boy's soccer team, we once played in a tournament against all-girls team that was blatantly favored by the referee, so much so that my players were being called for their fouls and even had a goal disallowed for a nonexistent foul AFTER the goal was scored. And this was after I'd taken out all my starters since we were up 3-0.

And then the Supreme Dark Lord showed no mercy.

So, I taught the opposing coach, the referee, and my boys a lesson by putting all of the starters back in and telling them to score at will. I don't remember what the final score was, but it was in the teens and the girls never even came close to scoring.


Won't you feel sorry for Muslims?

Muslim Girl:

New York City is an extremely resilient city. Shortly after 7:00 a.m. on Monday morning, a pipe bomb explosion took place in the New York City subway. The bomb only partially exploding, but injured five and sent panic throughout the city.

Looks like partially English.

In the aftermath of the attack, many Muslims are faced with questions that never get easier to ask. What this ISIS related?

What your problem is?

Terrorists don’t belong here, or anywhere, but Muslims belong just as much as anyone else.

Nope. It goes both ways. Numerous Muslim countries do not allow Israelis -- Jooos! -- to enter their territory. The city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia bans all non-Muslims from entry.

Holy Shit

Likewise, Western countries, China, Japan, South Korea, etc. can ban Muslims from entering their territory.

Back to the dishonest whining:

While it should not have to be our job to constantly defend ourselves as “good people” and “true Americans,” it has seemingly become our responsibility to the dispel ignorance that not many others are willing to undertake.

There is nothing good or American about Muslims who view a thieving, genocidal, slave-owning, pedophile as the most perfect man in human existence. There are over 50 Muslim-majority countries. Go there and enjoy your Islamic nirvana. Muslims don't belong in the West.

The Dumb Hulk

What's funny is that many "colored people" would likely beat him to death for blasphemy. Allah ain't no Black Woman, you green bitch!

Math is hard for the Fake Muslim

Nice try, Qasim Rashid.

After 9/11, out of 200 million white Americans, we had 62 lethal terror attacks. That's 0.31 attacks from every 1 million white Americans. Out of 3 million Muslims in America, we had 23 deadly terror attacks. That's 7.7 attacks from every 1 million Muslims in America.

This means that a Muslim in the US is 25 times more likely to commit a lethal terror attack than a white American.

Note that the above numbers ignore two vital details: 9/11 and the combined death toll.

Furthermore, in the USA:

  • Non-Muslims: 99%
  • Muslims: 1%

In terrorist attacks on US soil from 2000-2017, Americans murdered by:

  • Non-Muslims: 1.7% (54)
  • Muslims: 98.3% (3088)

So, 54 people were murdered in terror attacks by culprits who came from the 320 million infidel population of the US. That's 0.17 murdered in a terrorist attack from every 1 million infidels in America. 3,088 people were murdered in terror attacks by Muslims who come from the total 3 million halaal population of the US. That's 1,029 murdered in a terrorist attack from every 1 million Muslims in America.

When it comes to terrorism in America in the current century:

A) In simple terms, Muslims have murdered 57 times more people than non-Muslims.

B) In proportional terms, a Muslim is 6,100 times more lethal than a non-Muslim.

One has to ignore the numbers, deny reality, and pervert the truth to say that Whites or non-Muslims are the real threat in America.

Note: the numbers above do not account for any terrorist attacks in the US after July 2017.

The real outrage

What is the SBA?

Sergeants Benevolent Association [is] comprised of approx 13,000 active and retired sergeants of the NYPD.

These people haven't forgotten 9/11.

And then we get this gem:

Bashing Islam is NOT okay!

America in the current year:

A Missouri high school that suspended a student for making critical comments about Islamic extremism says he’s not allowed to appeal the finding of wrongdoing.

Senior Alex Lonsdale, a member of Liberty High’s nationally ranked debate club, says he was just trying to have a friendly debate.

The little Muslim bitch got his ass handed to him in a mini-debate. So, what does he do? He tells lies to the school admin:

Pervaiz allegedly “claimed that I said all Muslims are terrorists; all kill…” he told The Fix, trailing off. “I don’t know how you could even get any of that from this.”

Of course. The following showcases the state of public education:

Lonsdale said he has been ostracized by some students at school: Several now believe he is a racist.

A student who witnessed the debate – and gave a statement supporting Pervaiz to school officials – also had cross words with Lonsdale.

This brave, enlightened, super-virtuous, defender of downtrodden, colored Muslims everywhere gave Lonsdale a forceful hand written letter.

Useful infidel bitch

Alex Lonsdale had the audacity to make a Muslim feel bad by utilizing logic, reason, and truth. That's like the most evil, racisss thing ever.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Seriously, public education is child abuse.

Just your friendly neighborhood terrorist

That's strange. When one woman was killed by a White guy in Charlottesville earlier this year, not one person came forward to defend the 200 million White people of the US. Instead, they were all painted with the same Nazi brush.

We live in a surreal age in which the lethal followers of an evil cult of death are routinely shielded from criticism and ridicule while a simple phrase "It's okay to be White" results in numerous meltdowns.

One letter away from Allah!

CBC News:

A pipe bomb strapped to a man went off in the New York City subway near Times Square on Monday, injuring him and three other people at the height of the morning rush hour, law enforcement officials said.

"Let's be clear, this was an attempted terrorist attack," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Probably, one of those horrible, White, right-wing, Nazis, er, wait:

James O'Neill, NYPD commissioner, identified the suspect as Akayed Ullah, 27.

Who is this guy?

A MAN said to be ‘inspired by ISIS’ is being held in police custody following an attempted terror attack in New York’s busiest bus terminal.

Ullah is a Bangladeshi national who is thought to have lived in the US for seven years. The 27-year-old who lives in Brooklyn, allegedly told officials he made the explosive device at the electrical company where he works, the New York Post reported.

Race and intelligence

Highly educated, high-IQ, and extremely motivated members of many races come to America and make significantly more money than the average White person. The free market doesn't care about your race. It rewards the utilization of intelligence.

A majority of Blacks aren't going to confront this harsh reality. It's convenient, easy, and lazy to keep on blaming the KKK, Nazi, evil America for their continued failures.

That famous White Privilege

America is a White supremacist country with a deeply racist justice system which ALWAYS punishes poor, innocent Black people for made-up crimes. This is totally outra--er, wait:

An atrocity in the US

A Florida man who broke into a mosque and left a slab of raw bacon now faces 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges, the state attorney's office said.

Michael Wolfe, 37, of Titusville, Fla., will serve 15 years in state prison, followed by 15 years probation for the January 2016 crime at the Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in Titusville. Prosecutors said the agreement was reached after discussions with the Islamic Society of Central Florida and Titusville police.

What a disgrace. That's the state of "justice" in the West today. Breaking into a mosque and wasting good bacon gets one 15 years in jail in the US. While in Canada aka The Crazy North, the government is trying to re-integrate monsters who went to Syria and fought for ISIS. So, basically, vandalizing a filthy mosque is worse than beheading men and raping sex slaves.

We'll know the West is serious about fighting and winning when those who burn down mosques are treated as heroes.

Another take:

The Fake Muslim laments

Qasim Rashid:

Ahmadi Muslims do not care if religious leaders accept us as Muslims or not. Ahmadis already have validation from the Prophet Muhammad, who defined a Muslim as someone who recites the Kalima, (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger), which Ahmadis proudly recite. Indeed, to assume Ahmadis are merely upset about being “declared non-Muslim” obfuscates from the core issues at hand – namely, the threat of violence and support for private and public discrimination against Ahmadis created by clerics who accuse us of being non-Muslim.

What is it about Islam that it creates such violence against non-Muslims? Why are Muslims so hostile to 75% of humanity? Two questions the Fake Muslim conveniently ignores.

In Pakistan, for example, Ahmadi Muslims cannot vote, say Salaam, call the Adhaan, go to a mosque, go to Hajj, congregate in public, run for office, or even read the Qur’an. Instead, however, these clerics are silent about this persecution.

So, the logic of these clerics is simple: Ahmadis are infidels. Therefore, the persecution against them is totally legit. The fact that Ahmadis claim to be Muslims is irrelevant.

Let's see how Qasim Rashid does the same thing:

Qasim Rashid and his ilk brand Richard Spencer and his followers as Nazis. Therefore, the persecution against Spencer and, by extension, his followers is totally legit. The fact that Spencer has denied being a neo-Nazi is irrelevant.

It's astonishing that Qasim Rashid who is crying like a little bitch about the horrors of government discrimination against his people has absolutely no qualms about using the hammer of the state to ban people he calls Nazis.

What follows is a supreme lack of self awareness:

In Pakistan, for example, all literature, educational videos, and websites by Ahmadi Muslims—all of which abhor violence and terrorism—are criminalized and those caught in possession of these materials are subject to arrest. This is true in numerous Muslim majority countries including Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and in some parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. The fact these illustrious scholars and clerics, on the one hand, declare the absolute accuracy of their claims about Ahmadi Muslims, all the while violently banning anyone from reading books written by Ahmadi Muslim scholars, especially the books of the Messiah and Mahdi Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, underscores what is true and what is false.

Wow. Qasim Rashid is utterly unburdened by principles.

It'll be quite amusing in the future when Muslims are banned from the West for being ... Nazi Terrorists. As we all know, it would be foolish to let these monsters promote their terrorism in the West.

Rocket Man saga

Vox Day:

I sincerely hope he isn't making the massive mistake of giving the neocons their war against Iran, but I don't see any real signs of it from Russia or China or Iran itself.

All the pieces are being moved into position for war with North Korea. China has been very, very quiet lately, which makes me suspect that my theory of the Grand Alliance of Russia, China, and the USA is in effect.

The only question is how will Kim Jong-un be taken out? It would make the most sense for China to put its rabid dog to sleep and then place someone sane in his position.

Fake Muslim fails at history

It's illuminating how the Fake Muslim ignores the systematic and institutional racism and sexism against White men in colleges, universities, and labor markets. It's not just the US. The same virus has infected Canada, the UK and Australia. It's not even hidden. The BBC openly wants to hire non-Whites. Canadian institutions offer priority to "visible minorities" -- anyone who is not White. Thousands of educated and qualified White people are denied a place in a university and at a job because of the color of their skin.

Of course, this discrimination is not limited to Whites. Asians are severely penalized to make way for other Coloreds in universities.

Opposing this injustice is somehow being "insecure" and "normalizing White supremacy". It's truly amazing how much BS White people take from assholes like Qasim Rashid. If Rashid was in a Muslim country, then he'd already be six feet under.

No one cares

The Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-DFW) and Tremain Artaza PLLC today filed an employment discrimination complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission’s Civil Rights Division on behalf of a young Muslim woman who alleges that Dillard’s refused her employment due to her hijab.

The woman applied to work as a salesperson at the Dillard’s department store in Garland, Texas, and wore her hijab to her interview with a department manager. The woman’s employment discrimination complaint asserts that the department manager offered the woman the sales position but told the woman that she would not be permitted to wear her hijab while working on the sales floor.

A creepy face poking out of a garbage bag is not an ideal look for any business.

These Muslims appeal to the laws which they themselves deny. Women are simply banned from 90% of the jobs in Saudi Arabia. It's strange that over a billion Muslims around the world have no qualms with this reality at the heart of Islam.

Worse than Nazis

It's surreal to read the tweets of Qasim Rashid aka the Fake Muslim. He's virtue signalling by being anti-Nazi and by implying that Nazis ought to be jailed. Yet, by the same logic, Muslims and the Quran should be banned by the West since Jew-hatred is built into the DNA of Islam.

PedoMo, the prophet of Islam, waged war against the Jews. He decided to massacre the men and boys of a Jewish tribe after they had surrendered. Their women? They were taken as sex slaves.

Today, many Muslim countries have banned Jews and Israeli passport holders from entering their territory. (It's funny when these same people cry about a "Muslim ban" in the US.) Muslims have been waging wars against the Jews and other assorted infidels for fourteen hundred years. What this imam in California said is totally normal in Islam.

Back to Qasim Rashid: this clown is unintentionally laying the groundwork for the total expulsion of Muslims from the West. Those who can't be deported should be jailed because "promoting death to the Jews" can't be part of free speech or a religion.

Mr. Asian Man, tear down this plexiglass!

“Nuisance establishments like stop-and-gos harm neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia in several ways,” Bass told Philly Mag. “First, they contribute to increased crime. On any given day, you can find people in front of these businesses selling ‘loosies,’ or loose cigarettes, and engaging in other nuisance behaviors like loitering, public drunkenness, possible drug sales, and even public urination.”

But the bill proposed reads, in part: "No establishment shall erect or maintain a physical barrier."

"Right now, the plexiglass has to come down," Bass said.

How horrible that Blacks can't conveniently rob these Asian stores!

Deli owner Rich Kim opposes the bill, arguing that such a physical barrier saved his mother-in-law's life when she was attacked by a knife-wielding attacker. "If the glass comes down, the crime rate will rise and there will be lots of dead bodies," Kim said.

Kim thinks the bill unfairly targets Korean store owners. "I do think it's a bad bill that will endanger Korean Americans," he said.

Art Brogden writes in the comments at Instapundit:

The councilwoman pushing this bill. Cindy Bass. is to put it bluntly..."evil". I watched a local TV interview she gave, her exquisitely plucked eyebrows and perfectly coiffed hair mask a murderous racism toward the Korean/Asian store owners. She is black, and calmly states that they are parasites who offend the dignity of her black constituents with their plexiglass armor. She believes their stores, which are all family owned and usually sell beer, cigarettes, deli subs, and small sundries; are sucking the life out of black "communities" by vacuuming out the money without providing locals with jobs. Yet nowhere at anytime does she acknowledge the horrific violent crime rates that have driven out ALL other businesses, or that the locals would rather rob the stores than work in them.She also has a long history of animus with the head of the Korean/Asian business community and has used the issue of Asian owned businesses as an electoral foil before. She knows exactly what will happen if the law passes. People she hates/despises will die. Period.

The never-ending story of humanity: it's easier and oh-so-cathartic to tear down the successful than to build yourself up.

This is one of the reasons why bringing millions of Muslims in the West will start a lethal war. A lot of nominal, financially unsuccessful Muslims in the West won't personally commit violence but they won't utter a word or lift a finger to stop it either. Collectively, they can't match the infidels. So, they'll simply take comfort in the death and carnage that will engulf the non-Muslim world.

Low IQ + Envy + Islam = An Everest of Infidel Skulls.


It's actually quite amazing how the Left has kept beating the same dead RUSSIAN horse for over a year. Looking forward to another seven years of Trump.

The cockroach jihad continues

Just a vanilla White girl on those horrible Jews:

Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour accused members of the “Jewish media” for her bad reputation, in an event entitled “Anti-Semitism and the Struggle for Justice” Tuesday night at New York City’s The New School.

“If what you’re reading all day long, morning and night, in the Jewish media is that Linda Sarsour and Minister Farrakhan are the existential threats to the Jewish community, something really bad is gonna happen and we gonna miss the mark on it,” Sarsour remarked in an event intended to be “a discussion on how to combat” bigotry against Jews.

The event organizers got Linda Sarsour to combat bigotry against Jews!

Looks like Andrew Anglin was too busy.

Leave White people alone!

I have never understood this: Arabs and Asians view Africans in a deeply negative way and here's how White people are partly guilty? What?

Arabs have been trading black slaves for centuries. Even to this day, Blacks are often called abeed which is the Arabic word for slave. How does this anti-Blackness come from "colonialism"?

Britain and the US abolished slavery over 150 years ago. If you watch Hollywood movies, then you would think that Blacks are hip, cool, badass motherfuckers. So, how does "global media" play a role in this anti-Blackness?

Fake Muslim attempts math

Funny how the people who scream loudest "Black Lives Matter" are suddenly silent when in reality the police poses a far greater lethal threat to Whites than Blacks in America.

Can't imagine why they're suddenly silent.

Also, Qasim Rashid aka Fake Muslim is using a Newsweek story from last year! Yes, please, do ignore that inconvenient slaughter by a Muslim at the Florida nightclub. It's funny how the Fake Muslim uses terrorism statistics from between September 12, 2001 and February 2016.

Can't imagine why he's such a mendacious cunt.

Alt★Hero in 2018

Vox Day:

[...] the comics industry can be considered something of a bellwether industry, at least when it comes to the culture war. Even before the university campuses descended into social justice lunacy, the two industry giants, Marvel and DC Comics, hired executives who promptly turned their companies into left-wing propaganda factories.

The extent of the convergence cannot be exaggerated; it is literally worse than you can likely imagine. From a transsexual Thor to a gay Hispanic Spider-man, from tedious lecturing and hectoring to homosexual marrying, from heroes and villains celebrating girl power, the culture warriors in comics have insulted their fans, rejected their roots, besmirched their heroes, and befouled and fattened the formerly beautiful.

The following showcases one of the main qualities of Vox Day.

That’s why I am working with comics legend Chuck Dixon and other experienced artists to create new heroes, to create new stories, and to win back the West by reminding us of who we are… and who we are not.

While most on the Right merely cry and moan about the cultural domination of the demonic Left, Vox Day uses his time, mind, and energy to fight and create alternatives to the rotten institutions. What's truly pathetic about the Right establishments is that they don't even bother to offer a few words of support or publicity to his efforts. They'd rather be considered proper but really they're just pussies.

Civil War II: Whites vs. Coloreds

This is how you get more Alt-Right:

Texas State University’s student newspaper published an op-ed Tuesday telling “white people” that “your DNA is an abomination.”

“When I think of all the white people I’ve ever encountered—whether they’ve been professors, peers, lovers, friends, police officers, et cetera—there is perhaps only a dozen I would consider ‘decent,’” student columnist Rudy Martinez begins the op-ed, which The University Star has not posted on its website.


[...] Martinez offers one final message for white people.

“Remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist,” he concludes. “You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

Substitute "Black" for "White" and Martinez would be called a White Supremacist, a KKK member, and then nobody would hire him. Substitute "Jewish" for "White" and Martinez would be called a racist, a Nazi, and then get punched in the face repeatedly. Substitute "Muslim" for "White" and Martinez would be called a racist, an Islamophobe, and someone would probably go Allah Akbar on his ass.

Martinez only has seething hatred and venom for White people. This is the progressive, enlightened view in the current year. You see, Whites are judged by a very strict standard. The dumb and perpetually-oppressed coloreds are exempt from such harsh criteria. Ergo, only Whites can be deemed to be indecent, defective, and worthy of genocide.


No love for the socialist

Sexist and White! Bernie gets thrown under the bus.

His wife packs quite a punch in one tweet.

Progressive lies

Any tax cut will allow higher-income folks to keep more of their dollars. This is spun as "taking from the poor and giving to the rich". It's a disgusting appeal to envy.

The fact that the rich will continue to pay more both proportionally and absolutely is simply ignored by the Left.

Suspected retard goes full retard

Twitchy: ‘Tool-troll’ Tariq Nasheed beclowns himself by calling Twitchy ‘racist,’ gets REKT by Michelle Malkin.

At this point, it would be less time consuming for Tariq Nasheed to point out who and what is not racist.

Case in point: