Rezeda Ganiullina vs. Islam


A raunchy pop music video featuring a belly dancer performing in front of a Russian mosque has caused outrage.

What mosque

Er, what mosque?

Police are now investigating the video and it is feared performer Rezeda Ganiullina could be the next Pussy Riot and locked up behind bars.

Seriously, Russia? Just tell her to not make videos in front of the mosque in the future. She'll find some other place. She's quite flexible.


For all you academically minded infidels, the link to the video: Rezeda Ganiullina.

Crossing the modern Rubicon

Muslim Girl:

On Thursday, Marc Jacobs concluded New York Fashion Week with his Spring 2017 show. However, the woke side of the Internet is offended because of one particular reason.

All the models (the majority of whom are white) wore fake dreadlocks. The line was crossed when the lead stylist could not point out a Black person.


Another problem is that the people who steal these customs do not understand the meaning of what they are wearing or doing, but are only doing it because it “looks cute.”

[Emphasis mine.]

Just in case, it wasn't clear:

For example, if tribal prints give off a trendy feel for the upcoming season, hire Native American models. Afros will top off a look? Hire black models with natural hair! Does Southeast Asian attire blow you away? Easy! Hire Southeast Asian models! It does not get simpler than representation.

Asinine. People, of all sorts of colors, have been modelling Western style clothing in Europe and the US for decades. How many SJWs stood up and said, "Hey, don't use colored people for your clothing. Whites only, please."

How many? Zero. Apparently that "theft" was perfectly okay.

More on the BS concept of cultural appropriation.


Daily Mail:

Islam can co-exist with secularism, President Francois Hollande said Thursday, warning in a speech seen as preparing the ground for a re-election bid that the anti-terror fight should not undermine French values.

This guy is a comedian.

Asking whether Islam could co-exist with secularism, like Christianity and Judaism, he insisted: 'My answer is yes, certainly.'

This will certainly come as a shock to Saudi Arabia -- the center of Islam -- where churches cannot be built and Jews are banned. Oh, and if you don't like Islam and decide to leave? Death is your punishment. Islam is what it is; not what this French doofus wants it to be.

The temperature is rising. Let's see if the frogs decide to exit these waters.

Oh Canada

The Globe and Mail via Jihad Watch:

When music class begins this week at Toronto’s Donwood Park elementary school, Mohammad Nouman Dasu will send a family member to collect his three young children. They will go home for an hour rather than sing and play instruments – a mandatory part of the Ontario curriculum he believes violates his Muslim faith.

What doesn't?

“We here believe that music is haram [forbidden]. We can neither listen to it, nor can we play a role in it,” said the mosque’s imam, Kasim Ingar.

Don't tell that to A. R. Rahman -- one of the greatest living music composers who obviously is a very very bad Muslim.

“We do not compromise with anyone on the clear-cut orders and principles conveyed by the Prophet,” said Mr. Ingar, who also leads the Scarborough Muslim Association.

Yup. Infidels don't get it. If it's haram to listen to or to create music, then eventually it ought to be banned everywhere. The laws of Allah supersede the laws of man.

SJWs vs. Sausage Party

The SJW are pissed off at Seth Rogen:

Salma Hayek voicing a Mexican taco, a Native American bottle of Firewater (which quips he had settled in the grocery store first before getting shoved in the backroom), and some Nazi German sauerkraut dedicated to ”exterminating the juice” compound.


I watched the trailer of this movie in a theater few months ago. It got many laughs. In the end, that's what matters.

That Krazy Kapoor!

Amar Akbar Anthony, Zamaane Ko Dekhana Hai, and Agneepath are just a few of the movies that I remember starred Rishi Kapoor. I grew up watching his stuff. He has always been an entertaining actor. He has starred in almost 150 movies.

Now, I find out that he's a sly bastard:

I like him.

Epic Fail for the Females

Hollywood Reporter:

Immediately upon the opening of Ghostbusters in mid-July, top Sony executives boldly declared a sequel to Paul Feig's all-female reboot of Ivan Reitman's 1984 classic was a given. "While nothing has been officially announced yet, there's no doubt in my mind it will happen," said Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution at Sony.

The power of the vagina compels you!

Sony hardly is alone in suffering from audience rejection of sequels this summer. But film chief Tom Rothman and his team, along with partner Village Roadshow, had high hopes for launching a live-action Ghostbusters "universe." Now they are preparing for steep losses (think $70 million-plus) and an uncertain future for the franchise.

Good job, SJWs. This is what happens when you make a mediocre movie and then rhetorically piss on people who dislike your boring product.

Ocean's 8 Vaginas

The earlier Ocean's movies had a severe I. V. Problem. Hollywood is finally solving this major issue:

In an increasing amount of empirical evidence that Hollywood has a political agenda and presumably no longer cares about profits, it seems they're going to ignore the flop known as "Affirmative Action Ghostbusters" and force another feminist lecture down your throat - Feminist Ocean's 11.

Vagina powers activate!

They're plagiarizing a movie that plagiarized another one. And in more ways than one. They are simply taking a movie from the 60's, that was a remake in the 90's, and copy-cating the (oh so clever move) of replacing the entire male cast with women. Dang those creative crafty Hollywood types! How do they do it???

They're geniuses.

Where's the fainting couch!

The first full-fledged female superhero movie is coming out next year. Some SJWs are unhappy. The actress who plays Wonder Woman is an Israeli Jew Zionist. Not to mention, she was an enlisted soldier in the IDF for two years. Oh, the poor, Muslim Arabs. 

OPPRESSOR = Bad, evil, villain, bad.

OPPRESSED = Good, sweet, nice, good.

According to the SJW equations, Gal Gadot is an evil, Jewish, supervillain. I like her.

Fictional terror postponed

Movies can't keep up with real life horror.

The action thriller Bastille Day, starring Idris Elba, has been pulled from French cinemas following the Nice truck attack.


The film’s original planned release in the UK and Germany was postponed earlier this year, from February and March respectively, in light of the November attacks in Paris, which killed 130 people. It was eventually released in the UK in April and in Germany last month.

That's the present state of Europe where a movie about terrorism keeps getting pushed back because Muslims are spoiling the plot by bringing real death and carnage.

Islam: the crazy religion

Straight from the Quran:

A Muslim scholar has suggested that the hugely popular Pokemon go is prohibited by Islam.

Abbas Shuman, who is deputy head of the Al-Azhar Islamic institution, said the game was a ‘harmful mania’ which was similar to drinking alcohol.

Most religions: certain actions are immoral. Everything else is okay.

Islam: certain actions are allowed. Everything else is prohibited.

Qandeel Baloch banned forever

Qandeel Baloch

That's Qandeel Baloch.

She was in a mostly-Punjabi-language music video which was released in early July:

Two things about the video:

  1. It's atrocious.
  2. How is she not dead!

You see, Qandeel Baloch is from Pakistan. I was surprised that nobody had murdered the attention whore. Maybe, things in Pakistan are improving. Perhaps, people are becoming more libera--

Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has been killed by her brother in an apparent 'honour killing' in the province of Punjab, police say.

Some things never change.

Funny Feig


“It’s a classic property and people guard it,” Feig said on the red carpet. “To make a new version and honor that feeling that people had for the original, I felt I had to just get the four funniest people I could. And that’s what I did.”

Hahahahaha. Ahem...hahahahahaha.

Of course. The four funniest people just by pure coincidence possess vaginas.

What a bonus

I'm a member of a reward points system for movies called Scene in Canada.


  1. Become a member.
  2. Pay for theatre movies and collect points.
  3. After a certain number of points have been collected, one can redeem them towards a free movie.

Well, today, I got an email from Scene. It says that if I buy advance tickets for Ghostbusters, then I'll get bonus scene points. Note, that I usually get such an email when there's a big chance that the upcoming movie will be a bomb.

Made my day.

The Impossible

Dalrock writes a fantastic post:

They think that by making him vacuum, dust, change diapers, or whatever, they will transfer the consuming feeling of resentment from themselves to their husbands**. But the source of the misery is in the woman’s own rejection of being a woman, in her own heart, not in anything inherent to the work itself. This is why it only makes wives more miserable when their husbands cheerfully do these very easy tasks. They wanted to make him suffer, to feel the shame (in their minds) of being a woman, but maddeningly he feels no such thing.

You can test all of this by offering suggestions to the next woman who complains to you that her husband doesn’t do enough housework.

That test almost always works regardless of what the women are whining about.

Feminism is a dead end

Alpha Game:

[...] suppose that Cersei was cut from the Brienne mode. Let's make just one simple change in favor of the modern equalitarian perspective. Instead of being a conniving bitch working within the confines of a traditional female role, she's grown up to be a Strong, Independent Warrior Woman every bit as skilled with the sword as her twin and every bit as uninterested in propagating the species in the customary manner.

Read the interesting and logical consequences.

Fear, anger, hate ...

Ed Driscoll wrote about the Star Wars prequels. It seems that Episode 7 is on the horizon. This can only lead to, er, suffering.

Vox Popoli

Not that George Lucas hasn't methodically gone about ruining his creation for decades, beginning with The Return of the Jedi and those damned Ewoks, but the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney pretty much guarantees that the franchise will never, ever, return to its erstwhile glory.

What terrible news for the younglings of today.

Don't be an intelligent fool

Vox Popoli:

[...] the goal should not be to try to make the retards normal or the normals brilliant, (such efforts are futile), but rather, to endeavor to teach each group of individuals wisdom and strong moral character to the best of their capacity to understand and apply it. Even one conscientious and confident normal individual of good character can do wonders for correcting the ills caused by a gaggle of highly intelligent, evil-minded fools.

This reminded me of what Galadriel said in The Fellowship of the Ring: "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."

Like Tolkien

Vox Popoli:

Umberto Eco once said that he wrote The Name of the Rose because he wanted to murder a monk. I decided to do him one better and begin by killing the Holy Father.

Holy Schnikes! Though, I'm hoping the protagonist won't get into a crazy maze of books or bones. I've read Summa Elvetica and felt that it was too short. I saw glimpses of some fascinating characters in a cool world and then ... it's over!

A Throne of Bones will be on my reading list for 2013. 


One of the greatest movies ever made, and one of my favorites, will be released on the big screen for only one day. Watch it if you have the chance.

No other movie director comes close to making the epics that were crafted by David Lean. It's incredible what he did: not having the benefit of computer special effects, he shot at real locations. His movies took years to make and one could see the hard work that went into making them.

Link via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.

A token woman

The Hollywood Reporter:

Co-producer Philippa Boyens addressed some changes made for the movie adaptation, especially the addition of a new character or two, something that could be seen as heresy by the literary community or Tolkien fans. Boyens said the story felt weighed down by males, so they created a female elf, being played by Evangeline Lilly and seen briefly in the footage.

Vox Popoli has the proper response:

What. The. Fuck? Tolkien's novels are a masterpiece. A classic. They define a genre. So Philippa Fucking Boyens decides she can improve upon them by adding a female character to do what, discuss tampons and boy bands? Does Tokenlass spend her screen time regaling the dwarves with tedious gossip about elves that none of them have ever met? Does she have sex with Borin before making a hypergamous upgrade to Thorin [...]

I wonder if Hollywood wanted to make Lawrence of Arabia today, then would a woman be included in the movie to, you know, bring that ridiculous "feminine energy"?