Wonder Man

A Brooklyn movie theater recently scheduled a special screening of Wonder Woman open only to women. Cinema/dining chain Alamo Drafthouse said on their website, “Apologies, gentlemen, but we’re embracing our girl power and saying ‘No Guys Allowed’ for several special shows at the Alamo Downtown Brooklyn. And when we say ‘Women (and people who identify as women) only,’ we mean it.”

Movie fan (and my Conservatarians podcast partner-in-crime) Stephen Miller decided he wanted to see a new superhero flick, so he bought a ticket online. Upon sharing this rather mundane act, the Internet exploded, as is its wont.

What's funny about this is that the Left had created the very rules which they now violate. This isn't simply a difference of opinion; it's the law:


After years of progressives demanding that businesses bake cakes and open bathrooms, it’s cathartic to see them reverse their position when it offends their consciences. Miller is offering them a minor, even friendly, clinic on the brave new world they have created.

I don't care if a theatre or any other business wants to have an event for only vaginas, men, whites, blacks, the blind, the deaf, etc. However, that's not the America we have today. Individuals and, by extension, their businesses are not free if they can't discriminate.

The smug and ignorant elite II

Rebecca Theodore asked about the lack of "Asians" in Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. The world laughed. Then, she doubled down! She has made her twitter account private. Here's one gem:

No reason for this almost all-White cast. British Desi actors and actresses do exist.

Sweet Jesus. One can fix ignorance but there ain't no cure for stupid.

One can almost see the future in which such SJWs whine about the all-White casting for Germans in a movie set ... during WWII.

The smug and ignorant elite

The people working for The Gray Lady are not very good at using the little grey cells.


And she's a film critic! Multiple movies have been made out of that Christie's novel and she's never heard of it. All this vapid woman had to do was use Google for a few seconds. Apparently that requires, er, Herculean effort.

A future New York Times question: Why is The Dark Knight a white man?????

Disney's modern art

John C. Wright on the murder of an animated classic:

A friend gave me a free ticket to see the live-action remake of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. I am glad I spent not one penny.

It was an abomination from stem to stern.

It was terrible. Save your money. Buy whiskey. Get drunk instead. You will have more fun vomiting into a porcelain toilet than watching this.

Ouch. And that's just the beginning.

50 shades of sharia

The Most Feminist ReligionTM:

It [a video by the vaginas of Hizb Ut-Tahrir] features two Muslim women explaining that according to their understanding of Islam, men can discipline their wives by “hitting” them with a small stick or twisted scarf so as not to cause pain.

“It’s very evident that this is symbolic in nature,” one of the women said.

It's not uncommon for Muslim men to beat their wives. Usually the close relatives know about it. They might not approve but they also don't condemn the atrocious behaviour. It's not like anybody else is going to find out -- a plus for the garbage bag attire!

Muslim tries to logic

"That's a fact"? Nope. That's an incompetent attempt at diverting attention away from the evil core of Islam. The Islamic punishment for a Muslim apostate is death. 

Pray tell, what's the punishment for those who covert to Islam? An example: A. R. Rahman. He was born a Hindu; converted to Islam. He is the most celebrated music composer in Indian history. He even has a couple of Oscars.

Can you think of an ex-Muslim who lives freely and who gets public recognition for his talents in any Muslim country?

Nice try, Hend Amry. Islam is a cult of death and the Christian West is infinitely superior to it.

That's a fact.

Nothing is sacred

Ridley Scott on making a sequel to the Gladiator:

“I know how to bring him back,” the director said at SXSW (via EW). “I was having this talk with the studio — ‘but he’s dead.’ But there is a way of bringing him back.

Uh oh. Nick Cave comes up with a, er, story:

“[Maximus] goes down to purgatory and is sent down by the gods, who are dying in heaven because there’s this one god, there’s this Christ character, down on Earth who is gaining popularity and so the many gods are dying so they send Gladiator back to kill Christ and his followers,” Cave said in 2013.


“[It would be revealed] that the main guy was his son so he has to kill his son and he was tricked by the gods. He becomes this eternal warrior and it ends with this 20 minute war scene which follows all the wars in history, right up to Vietnam and all that sort of stuff and it was wild,” he added.

Throw in the kitchen sink: Gladiator vs. Xenomorphs: Dawn of the End Times.

Next summer, you will be entertained!

Twerking with the Devil

A Muslim girl captured on camera twerking in Britain has apologized for “disrespecting” Islam and hijab following the backlash from the Muslim community.

Lots of love from Muslims:

One person commented saying, “F*****g s**t someone give me her address I will kill her”. Another man seconded: “Stupid b****h needs to be killed”.

Muslims on You Tube:

Conservative Islamic YouTuber Ali Dawah, who called the girl’s dance “really bad” and “inappropriate”, has interviewed the girl in which she apologized for disrespecting the religion after his repeated reminders that the community is judging her actions.

The best part:

Later in the video, Dawah continued, saying the interview “changed his perspective”, although short of exonerating the girl, and then proceeded to claim that the music was to blame for the girl’s actions. His co-host, who goes by the name Musa, said that “this is why music is haram [forbidden in Islam]”.

In the video at 13:13: "It's the work of Shaytan." That's right, infidels. Music is the work of Satan!

Islam is crazier than you think.

Diseased minds

It built its reputation on princesses finding their prince, living happily ever after in storylines which set the benchmark for romance for generations of children.

Now, Disney is to move firmly into a new era as it introduces its first “exclusively gay moment”, disclosing the new version of Beauty and the Beast will star a manservant exploring his sexuality.

It doesn't end there.

The live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is already on course to be the most thoroughly modern film of its kind, with star Emma Watson discussing how she made the role of Belle more feminist.

From Beauty and the Beast to The Bitch and the Faggot. Progressive!

Matt Cain, editor-in-chief of Attitude magazine, said: [...] “By representing same-sex attraction in this short but explicitly gay scene, the studio is sending out a message that this is normal and natural [...]

Normal? You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means. Homosexuality is abnormal regardless of the number of gay moments in Disney movies.

Oops, can't congratulate an infidel

Some people are just not pure:

Controversy arose in Pakistan after Mahershala Ali — who won the best supporting actor Oscar on Sunday for his portrayal of a drug dealer in coming-of-age drama “Moonlight” — was given the title of the first ‘Muslim’ film star to pick up a golden statuette.

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi was forced to delete a congratulatory tweet when people on Twitter began pointing out that Mahershala Ali was an Ahmadi.

Why would the Pakistani rep. to the UN delete such a tweet? Because, Ahmadis are not considered to be Muslims. The Pakistani government explicitly discriminates against them.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Andleeb Zaidi is a 20-year-old student at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Hyderabad, India, who has been modelling since 2015. In a first-person account she wrote for The NEWS Minute, Zaidi says that while her extended family’s reaction to her photoshoots are extreme, it helps to give her confidence.

“One December night in 2015, [my father] called me to say that my mother was terribly upset because of what our relatives had said about me,” she writes. “That they had taken printouts of a bikini photoshoot I had for FBB Femina Miss India 2016, waved them in my parents’ face and said, ‘Look at what your daughter is doing!'”

What a slut!

Andleeb Zaidi

Not bad. For an Indian.

While she says that her family has calmed down somewhat over time, she is criticized online through her social media channels and accused of going against Indian culture and setting a bad example for other girls.

Speaking of that, the latest comment on this story:

Jafar Alyaseri · Edmonton, Alberta

She is a disgrace to islam... islam is about modesty... not showing your body for praises from people....if she choses to show her body then dont claim to be a muslim....

Spiderman: Die-versity Protocol

Vox Day:

You can just imagine how many ways things would go wrong with a pretty Halfrican girl who is an NBA groupie, a whip-smart Hispanic girl who always has to be right and argues about everything when she's not busy getting beat up by her gangster boyfriend, the gay Indian H1B who doesn't actually know how to use the computer technology in which he is supposedly an expert, and the fat Asian who keeps losing track of time in the middle of his Hearthstone matches and regularly collapses after 36-hour gaming binges.

This is so sickening, offensive and disgusting!

Where are the pakis?

Heads in sand


Participating in a roundtable discussion for the New York Times, Safran revealed that one of the major rules for Quantico is that it never feature a Muslin terrorist, an edict to which it has so far held fast. He explained, "For me, it was important to not ever put a Muslim terrorist on our show. There hasn’t been one."

A Jewish terrorist from Israel? Now, that's believable!

Sagging significance

Alpha Game:

It's always amusing to see women who came to fame as a result of their looks decrying the importance of looks to female careers. We've grown accustomed to female eye candy on the news lamenting the fact that they're not taken seriously as journalists and news anchors once their looks fade, but the new trend of fading actresses jumping on the feminist activist bus is even more hypocritical.

What's really puzzling is when these top actresses make themselves ugly: tattoos, short hair, humongous weight gain, etc. Forget, main roles, they sabotage their chances of getting supporting spots in shows and movies.

Is it so difficult to emulate Angela Lansbury who had over 40 different roles in TV shows and movies after she turned 50? Of course, she didn't mutilate herself with tattoos, chop off her hair or turn into a whale.

Vexed cockroaches

CAIR no like truth:

America’s largest Muslim advocacy organization urged President-elect Donald Trump to cut ties with a national security adviser the group described as an "anti-Islam conspiracy theorist."

“Discredited conspiracy theorists like Frank Gaffney should not come within 100 miles of any administration that seeks to maintain credibility on the world stage or uphold longstanding American values of religious diversity and inclusion,” Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said in a statement Wednesday.

Anyone who pisses off CAIR is fine with me. Personally, Robert Spencer would have been an excellent choice.

Harpies from Hell

Against Diana:

Recently the United Nations ‘appointed’ Wonder Woman as an Honorary Ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls, which makes perfect sense if you understand Wonder Woman’s history and her storyline.

Many crazy, ugly bitches feminists are upset.

The petition feminists are asking others to sign says, “A large-breasted white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in shimmery, thigh-baring bodysuit with an American flag motif” is not an appropriate Ambassador for gender equality.

It's funny. My exact, same thought was written out in the next sentence:

So if Wonder Woman was ugly, had small boobs and wasn’t white would that be acceptable?

SJWs can't be appeased. They must be opposed.

Rezeda Ganiullina vs. Islam


A raunchy pop music video featuring a belly dancer performing in front of a Russian mosque has caused outrage.

What mosque

Er, what mosque?

Police are now investigating the video and it is feared performer Rezeda Ganiullina could be the next Pussy Riot and locked up behind bars.

Seriously, Russia? Just tell her to not make videos in front of the mosque in the future. She'll find some other place. She's quite flexible.


For all you academically minded infidels, the link to the video: Rezeda Ganiullina.

Crossing the modern Rubicon

Muslim Girl:

On Thursday, Marc Jacobs concluded New York Fashion Week with his Spring 2017 show. However, the woke side of the Internet is offended because of one particular reason.

All the models (the majority of whom are white) wore fake dreadlocks. The line was crossed when the lead stylist could not point out a Black person.


Another problem is that the people who steal these customs do not understand the meaning of what they are wearing or doing, but are only doing it because it “looks cute.”

[Emphasis mine.]

Just in case, it wasn't clear:

For example, if tribal prints give off a trendy feel for the upcoming season, hire Native American models. Afros will top off a look? Hire black models with natural hair! Does Southeast Asian attire blow you away? Easy! Hire Southeast Asian models! It does not get simpler than representation.

Asinine. People, of all sorts of colors, have been modelling Western style clothing in Europe and the US for decades. How many SJWs stood up and said, "Hey, don't use colored people for your clothing. Whites only, please."

How many? Zero. Apparently that "theft" was perfectly okay.

More on the BS concept of cultural appropriation.


Daily Mail:

Islam can co-exist with secularism, President Francois Hollande said Thursday, warning in a speech seen as preparing the ground for a re-election bid that the anti-terror fight should not undermine French values.

This guy is a comedian.

Asking whether Islam could co-exist with secularism, like Christianity and Judaism, he insisted: 'My answer is yes, certainly.'

This will certainly come as a shock to Saudi Arabia -- the center of Islam -- where churches cannot be built and Jews are banned. Oh, and if you don't like Islam and decide to leave? Death is your punishment. Islam is what it is; not what this French doofus wants it to be.

The temperature is rising. Let's see if the frogs decide to exit these waters.

Oh Canada

The Globe and Mail via Jihad Watch:

When music class begins this week at Toronto’s Donwood Park elementary school, Mohammad Nouman Dasu will send a family member to collect his three young children. They will go home for an hour rather than sing and play instruments – a mandatory part of the Ontario curriculum he believes violates his Muslim faith.

What doesn't?

“We here believe that music is haram [forbidden]. We can neither listen to it, nor can we play a role in it,” said the mosque’s imam, Kasim Ingar.

Don't tell that to A. R. Rahman -- one of the greatest living music composers who obviously is a very very bad Muslim.

“We do not compromise with anyone on the clear-cut orders and principles conveyed by the Prophet,” said Mr. Ingar, who also leads the Scarborough Muslim Association.

Yup. Infidels don't get it. If it's haram to listen to or to create music, then eventually it ought to be banned everywhere. The laws of Allah supersede the laws of man.

SJWs vs. Sausage Party

The SJW are pissed off at Seth Rogen:

Salma Hayek voicing a Mexican taco, a Native American bottle of Firewater (which quips he had settled in the grocery store first before getting shoved in the backroom), and some Nazi German sauerkraut dedicated to ”exterminating the juice” compound.


I watched the trailer of this movie in a theater few months ago. It got many laughs. In the end, that's what matters.

That Krazy Kapoor!

Amar Akbar Anthony, Zamaane Ko Dekhana Hai, and Agneepath are just a few of the movies that I remember starred Rishi Kapoor. I grew up watching his stuff. He has always been an entertaining actor. He has starred in almost 150 movies.

Now, I find out that he's a sly bastard:

I like him.

Epic Fail for the Females

Hollywood Reporter:

Immediately upon the opening of Ghostbusters in mid-July, top Sony executives boldly declared a sequel to Paul Feig's all-female reboot of Ivan Reitman's 1984 classic was a given. "While nothing has been officially announced yet, there's no doubt in my mind it will happen," said Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution at Sony.

The power of the vagina compels you!

Sony hardly is alone in suffering from audience rejection of sequels this summer. But film chief Tom Rothman and his team, along with partner Village Roadshow, had high hopes for launching a live-action Ghostbusters "universe." Now they are preparing for steep losses (think $70 million-plus) and an uncertain future for the franchise.

Good job, SJWs. This is what happens when you make a mediocre movie and then rhetorically piss on people who dislike your boring product.

Ocean's 8 Vaginas

The earlier Ocean's movies had a severe I. V. Problem. Hollywood is finally solving this major issue:

In an increasing amount of empirical evidence that Hollywood has a political agenda and presumably no longer cares about profits, it seems they're going to ignore the flop known as "Affirmative Action Ghostbusters" and force another feminist lecture down your throat - Feminist Ocean's 11.

Vagina powers activate!

They're plagiarizing a movie that plagiarized another one. And in more ways than one. They are simply taking a movie from the 60's, that was a remake in the 90's, and copy-cating the (oh so clever move) of replacing the entire male cast with women. Dang those creative crafty Hollywood types! How do they do it???

They're geniuses.

Where's the fainting couch!

The first full-fledged female superhero movie is coming out next year. Some SJWs are unhappy. The actress who plays Wonder Woman is an Israeli Jew Zionist. Not to mention, she was an enlisted soldier in the IDF for two years. Oh, the poor, Muslim Arabs. 

OPPRESSOR = Bad, evil, villain, bad.

OPPRESSED = Good, sweet, nice, good.

According to the SJW equations, Gal Gadot is an evil, Jewish, supervillain. I like her.