"Historical Event"

Race doesn't exist; it's an artificial construct. By the way, only Blacks can say certain words:

Rapper Kendrick Lamar called out a white fan on Sunday for not skipping the N-word in one of his songs after inviting her on stage to rap with him.

Is nigger the one and only N-word? Or has nigga joined it? Also, are the Chinese allowed to say nigga?

“He got mad because someone sang the lyrics to the song he wrote? After he pulled her on stage? Sounds… stupid,” said another user on Twitter.

No skin in the game

The virtue-signalling bimbo is naked:

Over the weekend the outspoken singer, who a couple years ago came under fire after apologising to Calais migrants on Britain's behalf and vowing to take in a displaced child, was asked how many refugees she's housed since.

Her reply: "None. To be honest I don't think social services would let me take in any refugees with my reputation. If I had a really big house I would but all my bedrooms are occupied with children."

This multi-millionaire wants to import hordes of diversity into her nation but she isn't willing to house even one -- ONE! -- 31-years-old child in her home.


What your problem is?

It's amusing to watch the fake outrage over Apu. The entire show is littered with stereotypical characters -- most of whom are white. And yet White people are not moaning and bitching about this horrible oppression. What's sad is that after almost three decades the limp guy who voices Apu grovelled, apologized, and now wants to step aside for the sake of diversity and inclusion.

The proper response would have been to dial Apu up to 11.

That extra intelligence

Jimmy Kimmel can't help it. He has to go Left:

Funnyman Jimmy Kimmel may be the king of late night laughs but the talk show host's recent car crash was no laughing matter.

On Thursday, Kimmel crashed his BMW into another car near the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. The talk show host reportedly made a wrong left turn onto the Sunset Strip despite the "right turn only" sign.

Praise for racial purity

"All the News That's Fit to Print."

SJWs always lie

It was quite surprising to read about the Black Panther being the first blah blah blah. The first Blade movie was entertaining and then it got a freakin' trilogy! How does that not count!? It's not like it's obscure.

Horrible Hollywood

It's almost like all that Hollywood furious feminism is just palaver.

Fake Muslim shills for Social Justice

It's always rich when a "Muslim" in the West acts all feminist:

"Step back and create spaces for women to speak." How profoundly sexist. As though women are too weak and feeble to stand up for their own space in a free society.

Also, in the septic tank cleaning industry, less than 1 percent of all workers are female. Obviously, men need to rectify this shitty gender gap by stepping back and creating spaces for women.

Aziz "The Badtameez" Ansari

"He isn't physically intimidating." I laughed. That likely only increased the uneasiness. Women are not turned on by the toothpick physique.


But women are fragile, delicate flowers who send out "cues" to signal their discomfort. Aziz, the famous mind reader, should have deciphered it all.

Very Bad Jew!

There was a time when there were tribes of Jews in Mecca. They were annihilated by the tolerant Muslims. That staggeringly tiny sliver of land called Israel is all that the Jews have. It's theirs. The made-up group called Palestinians -- who're just Arabs -- have no claim to that land. If their Muslims "brothers" really cared about them, then they would have accepted the Palestinian Arabs in 1948. Instead, the cynical Arab leaders promoted the "Palestinian refugees" as victims of those nefarious Jews. The Arabs don't want peace. They want to destroy the Jews. They want to destroy Israel.

The Muslims are the villains.

Good on Jerry Seinfeld for going to Israel and supporting the IDF.

Social Justice Wars craters


Star Wars: The Last Jedi has added another eye-popping record to its trophy case: it has just experienced the biggest Friday-to-Friday box office plunge that I’ve ever seen recorded for a big-budget wide release film.

The much-derided sequel was abandoned by Chinese moviegoers, who dropped just $553,000 into the movie’s coffers on Friday, 94 percent less than the tepid $9.4 million opening day it slogged through last Friday.

For reference, really bad movies drop by roughly 65%.

Spiderman is totally haram!

That's an actual question which gets a reply by an imam in Saudi Arabia:

The reply to that reply:

Agents of havoc

Vox Day on SJWs:

They don't "miss opportunities." They don't "fail to understand." They don't "just not get it." They genuinely live to shit on you, your values, your morals, your faith, your culture, and your children. They are purely destructive and there is no place in any civilized society for them.

And they know it, which is why they derive pleasure from tearing civilization down.

The next shiv was brutal:

They are the rejected Muslim suitors throwing acid in the faces of the girls who rejected them.


SJWs ruined Star Wars

I haven't watched The Last Jedi nor do I want to. However, the reviews of the movie are quite entertaining. SJWs aren't adept in building up their new diversity characters but they're very good at disrespecting and destroying the old, White ones. Of course, significant numbers of fans see through this poisonous BS and they don't like it.

Mark Hamill has explicitly stated that he fundamentally disagreed with the decisions of his character in the movie. Of all people, one would think that the movie makers would have listened to him. But, nope. Now, the average person can see and understand how the Skywalkers were demeaned and insulted. Also, note that the reviewer trashes everyone in the movie except Hamill.

Interesting speculation:

Berry berry bad Bollywood

Tambi Dude emailed me the following article.

Sibtain Naqvi: The history of Indian cinema reveals an industry that used to be more inclusive of Muslims.

The writing is quite impressive as Naqvi goes through decades of Bollywood movies which promoted religious tolerance. Amar Akbar Anthony gets an obligatory mention. However, the whole thing ends on a jarring note when one movie and the reaction to it, somehow, makes Indians into intolerant creatures today.

The Three Khans -- Amir, Shahrukh, and Salman -- have been enjoying success in this supposedly horrible industry for almost three decades. As I listen to tanha tanha from Rangeela, I'm reminded that the greatest, most celebrated music composer in India is a Hindu convert to Islam. Even Hollywood gave the Mozart of Madras two Oscars.

What's even more puzzling is this: Why is a guy from Pakistan berating India for not being secular enough!? How does Pakistani cinema treat apostates? Can an A. R. Rahman survive, let alone thrive, in Pakistan?

If anything, the historical mindset of Indian movies is very naive. They promote peace, love, unity, and harmony with Muslims -- the same people who looked at the mass of Hindus in the 1930s and said, FUCK YOU! WE WANT OUR OWN COUNTRY! Perhaps, it's Muslims who need to work on that whole "inclusive" thing ...

Alt★Hero in 2018

Vox Day:

[...] the comics industry can be considered something of a bellwether industry, at least when it comes to the culture war. Even before the university campuses descended into social justice lunacy, the two industry giants, Marvel and DC Comics, hired executives who promptly turned their companies into left-wing propaganda factories.

The extent of the convergence cannot be exaggerated; it is literally worse than you can likely imagine. From a transsexual Thor to a gay Hispanic Spider-man, from tedious lecturing and hectoring to homosexual marrying, from heroes and villains celebrating girl power, the culture warriors in comics have insulted their fans, rejected their roots, besmirched their heroes, and befouled and fattened the formerly beautiful.

The following showcases one of the main qualities of Vox Day.

That’s why I am working with comics legend Chuck Dixon and other experienced artists to create new heroes, to create new stories, and to win back the West by reminding us of who we are… and who we are not.

While most on the Right merely cry and moan about the cultural domination of the demonic Left, Vox Day uses his time, mind, and energy to fight and create alternatives to the rotten institutions. What's truly pathetic about the Right establishments is that they don't even bother to offer a few words of support or publicity to his efforts. They'd rather be considered proper but really they're just pussies.