Those evil Jews!

In a Tuesday op-ed for French daily Le Monde, Tunisian-born Muslim Said Ben Said said that his invitation to participate in Tunis’ 28th Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia had been revoked because of a future project working with Israeli film director Nadav Lapid as well as his role as a judge at the Jerusalem Film Festival earlier this year.

Ben Said said that while he doesn’t blame the organizers of the festival since they were “probably right to spare both themselves (and me) a media lynching,” there is a hatred of Israel in the Arab world which people claim is the result of the plight of the Palestinians but in truth is far more complex than that.

Jew-hatred is built into the fabric of Islam. One of the best ways to accrue street-cred in Islamic societies is to bash Jews and Israel. Of course, one of the worst things you can do in a Muslim country is to say something positive about Jews.

Muslims are instructed from an early age to loath the Yahood. Ben Said, a Muslim movie maker, tells the ugly truth:

He recalled growing up in Tunisia and being taught passages from the Koran describing Jews as “treacherous, falsifiers, immoral, evil, etc., and, most importantly, these verses were the words of God.”

“Every Arab child grows up with these images,” he observed. “In an Arab Gulf monarchy, for example, today’s textbooks state that Jews are descended from monkeys because a verse from the Koran (II-65) threatens that Sabbath transgressors will be turned into monkeys.”


“How many times have I heard people say in Tunisia that harvests are bad because the Mossad poisons the soil, or that the Mossad staged the 9/11 attack to help Americans get their hands on Iraqi oil?” he wrote.

Ben Said concluded, “the evil is there, lurking deep inside us.”

The Jews aren't angels but to blame them for a bad harvest in Tunisia showcases how Muslims "rationalize" the failure of their religion, culture, and methods with psychotic conspiracies and lies.

It's shocking for people in the West to realize that this is normal behavior in Muslim countries. We aren't talking about 5, 10 or 15%. Majorities of Muslims across the globe hate Jews. So much so that they have banned Jews (Israelis) from even entering their borders.

Of course, these same wicked hypocrites cry like little bitches when Trump wants to implement his so-called Muslim ban.

The Age of Absurdity

Racism in the current year:

A music festival in Halifax, Canada has apologized for “overt racism” following a volunteer staffer’s refusal to move to the back because she is Caucasian.

According to the National Post, performer Lido Pimienta, who won the 2017 Polaris Prize, frequently asks all white members of her audience to move to the back and give up their seats to non-white audience members. They must do so regardless of whether they pay more for their seating.

The Halifax Pop Explosion music festival is apologizing for the actions of a photographer who refused to acquiesce to Pimienta’s request during her October 19 show. Her refusal to do so was considered an “interruption” and deemed an act of “overt racism,” according to the festival’s board of directors, who are now promising to make changes to the event.

In 2017, a White woman is called racist for not moving to the back of a hall because of her skin color! Rosa Parks wept.

Georgie Dudka writes a surreal post at Facebook:

On Thursday, October 19 at the Marquee Club, a white HPX volunteer along with several other white people in the audience reacted to Lido Pimienta inviting “brown girls to the front” of the venue with overt racism. This volunteer was removed by Lido herself. They have since received notification from the festival that they are no longer welcome to volunteer with us.

We will not accept this behaviour and neither should you. Be responsible for your friends - talk to them and support them as they move towards unpacking their racism. People of Colour deserve safe spaces and it is your responsibility to help. It is also ours.

These White people, these Canadians, are called "aggressive" and "racist" for not wanting to give up their paid prime seats for "brown girls".

That's how you get more of the Alt-Right.

Making Comics Great Again

The campaign was for $25,000. The current total stands at $244,490.

Thanks to all 2,188 of you who backed the Alt★Hero launch. This is merely the beginning. The final number will actually be modestly higher, as Freestartr support goes through its emails and we also have two "incoming" backers that were previously arranged, but I would say that reaching 978 percent of the original goal is, as Mike Cernovich observed, "astounding demand." We will do our best to exceed your expectations as you have exceeded ours.

I contributed a tiny amount. I'll do better in the future.


Less than a day left to back the Alt★Hero FreeStartr campaign.

If you want to see comics devoid of the SJW cancer, then this is your chance to help make that into reality. Many people write and talk about how comics have been going downhill for decades but too few offer an alternative.

A new alternative comic series intended to challenge and eventually replace the SJW-converged comics of DC and Marvel.

Let's make it hit the big $200,000 mark.

Just got this email:

The massively successful crowdfunding campaign for the new Alt★Hero comic series ends today. Written by Vox Day and Chuck Dixon, the comic series is the most successful new comic book ever crowdfunded, as it has been backed by 1,708 supporters to the tune of nearly $200,000. That support is producing twelve 48-page full color volumes available in both digital and print editions in a variety of formats as well as three novels, a superhero role-playing game, and the complete cartographic development of the fictional city of Avalon.

This is your last chance to take part in an extraordinary offensive in the cultural war and obtain special edition hardcovers that will not be released to the general public. We're still not tired of defeating the SJWs, and if you're not already a part of the winning, we invite you to join us.

I think it ends at 7 p.m. EST tonight. But why risk it? Be a part of history.

Weak, fragile creatures

One response:

Wait, what? Look at the scores of women who are coming forward now to accuse Harvey Weinstein for his conduct. Many of these women were on the receiving end of this dirty creep on multiple occasions. For years, these STRONG, POWERFUL WOMYNS didn't use their money, fame, and lawyers to nail this guy.

And yet, Tarantino who merely heard stories should have called Weinstein out!?

If you continue to pal around with a sexual abuser, then don't expect men to speak out on your dumb, slattern behalf. If you call yourself a feminist, then be STRONG and IN-DUH-PENDENT and handle your own damn problems.

The Problematic Era

Of course. Andrea L. Pino and her ilk will decide if you're part of "the problem" based on what jokes make you laugh. Some things are so horrible, so traumatic, so evil that one is not allowed to find humor in them.

Perhaps, a list of such things can be made. Here's a start:

  • Pinching a woman
  • Groping a woman
  • Raping a woman
  • Biting a woman
  • Slapping a woman
  • Punching a woman
  • Kicking a woman
  • Harpooning a woman ("She looked like a whale" is not a legit excuse)
  • etc.

Ladies: take your time

This morning when this editor first logged into Twitter she thought to herself, “Wow, it’s so nice and quiet. Where are all the shrieking SJWs and feminists complaining about men not sitting with their legs together and fart rape?” Then she noticed a tag trending, a glorious, amazing, wonderful tag that meant the entire day would be peaceful, quiet and pleasant.


Apparently women are going silent in order to protest women’s voices being … silenced.

All these women are going to shut up for one whole day! God does exist!

The Accomplices

A hypothetical case:

1. A news story details the murder of a young woman. She was beaten to death by her boyfriend, a man in his late 30s.

2. During the trial, a dozen women come forward to the media to describe how the man had also hit them on numerous occasions. His vicious anger had resulted in bruised eyes, shattered noses, cracked ribs, and a broken jaw. The stories reveal utter cruelty and madness.

3. The man is found guilty. Life in prison.

Questions: Shouldn't these women be worthy of contempt for not going to the police with their bruised and battered bodies in the past? Do they not deserve scorn for letting a demented predator roam free to attack fresh new prey?


Conservative Christian Twitter user “Prepper Frog” took to Twitter this morning in a must-read blistering attack on Hollywood feminists for staying silent for so long about the monsters in their industry.

After her horrible ordeal is over, she says:

After it was finished I received many letters from women more than a dozen of which thanked me, because he had done something similar to them. While I briefly felt proud that I had brought this pervert to justice, I couldn’t help but be resentful. If ONE of those women had come forward when he’d assaulted them, I would never have had to go through the hell that I did.

All these actresses with their millions of dollars have access to the best lawyers on the planet. What do they do? They stand and whine about Trump, and male privilege, and the patriarchy and HOW WOMEN ARE SO STRONG AND THEY SHALL OVERCOME.

Clap! Total slay! You go grrrl! 10-minute standing ovation!

Then, we all find out that they are just weak little bitches who didn't want to rock the boat.

Two Harveys

This comment from a post at Blazing Cat Fur is gold:

Islam, the Harvey Weinstein of 'religions'. Everyone pretends not to know what it is doing and what degeneracy it is capable of.

Wow. That is deeply disrespectful to Harvey Weinstein.

Islam has a dual nature. It was passive and quiet in the beginning but then turned violent and savage. Therefore, the Quran seems schizophrenic -- claiming peace as a virtue but then calling for unending war against infidels. Islam is like Harvey. Harvey Dent.

Rape joke NOT okay!

Express train to the Gulag. Passenger: Aquaman.

L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y   S-H-A-K-I-N-G. Fictional rape is just the worst. First, Ben Affleck and now Jason Momoa. Suggestions on renaming their upcoming movie follow.

Justice League: Unite the Rapists!

Justice League: WE'RE SO SORRY!

Justice League: Grab 'em by the pussy!

Justice League: Weinstein did nothing wrong!

Jessica Chastain on Harvey Weinstein

So brave. Thank you for this.

Such actresses are showing tremendous valor and grit by tweeting their verbal thrashing of a creep like Weinstein but only after his reputation evaporated and he ceased to be useful to them.

What a bunch of shallow, superficial, vile pussiesCourage.

The rotten core of Dubai

I remember watching a video in which Max Landis was gushing about Dubai. He was so enamored with the place that he wanted his stories to be set in it. He had seen the glamour but not paid attention to the inner details. For example, in Dubai homosexuality is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Know your place, peasant man

My heart bleeds.

The best reply:

Brie Larson doesn't need to worry too much. Ten years down the road, nobody will be asking for her phone number. She'll be fully liberated!

Can you feel the diversity?

Their political allegiance shouldn't be relevant to their comedy. However, they treated Obama with kid gloves (you know because they're not racist) and now they're all viciously and incoherently going after Trump (he's the new Hitler who should disarm the populace!?). They're alienating 30 out of the 50 states.

It should, again, be entertaining to see their reactions in 2020 when Trump wins.

Boys are dumb and stupid

J. K. Rowling had the sense to create a flawed female character. The GRRRL power mentality of Hollywood decided to turn a male figure into a buffoon to make her look perfect. Rowling is partly to blame, for she didn't object to this sorry character diminishment which cheapened the story. Now, the whole thing has become a sad case study:

Alt★Hero rises

Vox Day:

Four hours. Four freaking hours! That's how long it took to fully fund Alt★Hero by 242 backers, which is now officially green-lighted. Someone told me that it would be fully funded on the first day and I did not believe them, although the five thousand angry tweets by Comics SJWs in response to one image of Rebel did make me wonder.

Wow. That's an average of over $100 per supporter!

Marvel's new Thor!

So diverse: Devout Muslim father who served time for raping a schoolgirl savagely beat his 17-year-old daughter and her secret boyfriend with a hammer after he caught them having sex in her bedroom.

Businessman Soruth Ali, 42, was woken up at 5am by noises coming from the bedroom of his second eldest's room and walked in to find her and lover James Martin in bed together.

Oops. Seriously, James Martin, you had to do it with a Muslim girl in her house with her dad present!? You're lucky the father didn't have a scimitar.

The Fashion Fascists

Muslim Girl gets even more retarded:

Fashion week is also a time where the lines between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation are blurred. Marc Jacobs’ SS18 show crossed that line. His models were accessorized with African-inspired head wraps and featured garments that strongly resembled traditional East African clothing. The problem is that these pieces have history and meaning, but none of that was acknowledged.

This is NOT OKAY!

It’s a power imbalance, where a culture that belongs to a group of people is demonized until it’s presented on a white body. And then it’s loved and seen as an art form.

Only darkies are allowed to present their own clothes. Stay home, whitey!

It’s hard to say what the intent of shows like this is, but a UN sanction protecting Indigenous culture could open many designers up to lawsuits in the near future.

Perhaps, Idris Elba can start by not wearing such White supremacist clothing:

Idris elba

The man is a disgraceful cultural-appropriating bigot!

The lure of power

Looking into the dark abyss:

I knew immediately when he first appeared on screen peering out of a sewer while drooling, giggling, and biting off a child's arm, that Pennywise could get it.

And by it, I mean my vagina.

Cameras recorded the visits of Hitler in various towns and cities in Germany. Women flocked all around. Hitler was a rock star. The gals adored him. Had he been slicing up Jews and eating them Lecter-style on his trips, the ladies would have become more wet.

Freedom gone

You didn't think it would stop with statues, did you?

'Gone With The Wind' has been pulled from a Memphis theater after patrons complained the 1939 Civil War classic is racially insensitive. The Orpheum Theatre Group made the decision after patrons took issue with the screening of the movie starring Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara on August 11.

It would have been quite something to watch that movie on the big screen. Those who don't like it could have simply stayed home. But nope. The film should not be viewed at all by anyone.

Soon, Fight Club and The Matrix will be on the hit list of SJWs.

Dawn of Justice

Vox Day:

[...] Allum Bokhari's take on l'affaire Whedon is without doubt the best one.

So, Joss Whedon used feminism to bang an endless succession of chicks and make some pretty non-feminist movies without anyone noticing. To be honest, my respect for the man has skyrocketed.

The upcoming Joss Whedon co-directed Justice League has one woman and five men. Guess who will strike the final blow and disable / kill the big baddie at the end of the movie? It would make the most sense for Superman to do it but grrrl power!

True feminists like Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Joss Whedon can get away with a lot as long as they regurgitate feminist palaver and passionately support abortion.

Okay with illegal behaviour

This logic will apply to Muslims in the West soon: Hey, I won't condemn (oh so satisfying) punchers of CAIR spokespeople / other muzzies ...