Alt-Right is right

This misunderstanding is also present when the topic is Muslims. If only Muslims were not poor, if only they had education, if only they had a comfortable life ... then we wouldn't have ALLAH AKBAR terrorist attacks. Strangely, none of the 9/11 terrorists were poor or illiterate. Hell, just take a look at Osama bin Laden. He could have had a billionaire lifestyle but he was seduced by the power of being a caliph.

Colored Privilege

Linda Sarsour talks about how being non-White, or declaring yourself as one, helps with being a shameless parasite government handouts and then at the end mentions White Privilege.

See no evil

A British imam voiced support for Islamic State and told children at his mosque that martyrdom was the "supreme success" and better than anything they would achieve at school or college, a court heard.

Kamran Hussain, 40, allegedly made a series of radical sermons over four months last year encouraging terrorism and supporting IS in Syria.

An undercover officer recorded the sermons to bust the imam. Still, the usual British stupidity can be seen here:

In all, the undercover officer known as Qasim attended 17 sermons, 10 of which had "strayed beyond the mainstream moderate Islamic thought", Mrs Whitehouse said.

So, this imam with an audience of dozens of Muslims spews intolerant rhetoric and preaches violence in the majority of his sermons and somehow this is not normal? Why is it that none of those innocent "moderate" Muslims came forward to castigate this horrible imam?

Fake Muslim, inane logic

Let's apply the fake Muslim logic to the US again:

Men = 49.2% of population but 98.14% of death row inmates.

Women = 50.8% of population but 1.86% of death row inmates.

How is this horrific sexist bias "legal" in the US!?

Belgian mayor murdered


The murder of a Belgian city mayor whose throat was cut in a cemetery on Monday has shocked the country, and the country’s prime minister expressed “horror” at the death of the retired national lawmaker.


Local news service SudInfo, citing unnamed sources, said a suspect had handed himself in to police and that the motive was unclear.

Hmm. Is this another case of cultural enrichment?

Philippe Courard, president of the parliament for Belgium’s French-speaking south, tweeted: “Terrifying. What kind of world are we living in?”

What kind of a bullet proof bubble was he living in?

Canadian priorities

When seconds count, the ambulance is 28 minutes away.

Terry died of a heart attack inside her central Hamilton apartment on July 10, waiting for paramedics to save her.

No one in her family knew it then, but Terry had called for help while the city was in the midst of a "code zero" event. That's when there is only one — or even zero — ambulances across the service's entire fleet available for a call.


Now, the Terry family wants accountability, and is trying to figure out why it took almost half an hour for an ambulance to reach the 71-year-old mother and grandmother as she lay dying on her apartment floor.

Canada has different priorities today: we have to pay taxes to bring in tens of thousands of refugees! The overwhelming majority are Muslims. This means that many are inbred, illiterate, and unemployable. Millions of dollars of jizya tax money goes to them.

[Channeling the mayor or London:] A few dead 71-year-old grandmothers is a small price to pay for a future war die-versity.

The rotten fruits of die-versity

In Germany:

Self-pitying Hussein Khavari was linked to the murder of Maria Ladenburger through his DNA but remained silent after his arrest last year.

On Monday that changed as he wept In the Freiburg District Court and recalled how he smoked hashish the night he ambushed 19-year-old Maria, raped her and drowned her in the knee-deep water of a nearby river.

Hussein Khavari had culturally enriched another European nation before:

It was learned after his arrest that he had been arrested and sentenced to 10 years for attempted murder in Corfu in 2013 before coming to Germany seeking refuge in 2015. It remains unclear why Greece let him out of jail so quickly.

Can you feel the peace?

In the article, Chabulika stated that homosexuality is not only against the Islamic teachings and religion but also an abomination and therefore emphasized that those practiving it be executed.

He further emphasized that as the Muslim Community, they will never change their stand on the matter that homosexuals need to be handed death penalty as a way of making sure that the issue is curbed.

It sounds like an Islamic sitcom from hell: Curb Your Homosexuality. Join us next week to see Abdul fly!

Know Your Enemy

After sixteen years, the collective West still hasn't acknowledged its foe.

Many of you have asked why I created a website called Bare Naked Islam. I was working in Manhattan, close to the World Trade Center when the planes hit the Twin Towers. I watched in sheer horror as the towers crumbled to earth, knowing that a friend of mine was in the North Tower. He never made it out. God bless the souls of all who died that day, especially the first responders.

The most crucial and illuminating of all videos from 9/11:

I wrote this last year:

My father worked in Saudi Aramco. I talked to him about the mood at his office right after 9/11. He told me that the Arabs were celebrating like they had won the Football World Cup. Every one was jubilant with one exception. There was one Arab who was not satisfied. My dad went up to him and inquired about his grief. He was looking at the photos and the videos of the collapsing Twin Towers. He said that the towers fell straight down. He was despondent because he hoped that they had fallen on their side. He wished that there had been more death and carnage.

Islam has been at war with non-Muslims for almost fourteen hundred years. The "extremists" slaughter the infidels. The "moderates" cheer and provide moral support.

Dissemble to infidels

Muslim profile refuses to distance from stoning by gay men.

Google translation mangles the grammar but the meaning is crystal clear:

In some countries it is legal to stena [stone] homosexuals. Is there anything you support? "Asks Sylvi Listhaug.

"Everyone must comply with the laws of the countries in which they live," says Fahad Qureshi.

The TV interviewers asks this simple question repeatedly but Fahad Qureshi dodges it. Why? Well, let's see what he said earlier:

In a speech from 2013, published online, Fahad Qureshi says stoning is the punishment that Islam advocates and that "all Muslims" agree. There is no "extreme" opinion within Islam, he believes, but it is the normal position of Muslims.

For gays, with Muslims gaining numbers in the West, lack of Christian-baked wedding cakes is going to be the least of their problems.

The problem with Pakistan?

It's full of Pakistanis:

It's true. A country that created the Taliban, sheltered Osama bin Laden, and in which Christians get murdered by classmates in school is already in total disaster territory. Of course, it will get worse. One can count on inbreeding Muslims to do just that.

Do remember: nothing is the fault of Muslims.

Israel!? It's Jooos, woman. The Jooos. Get your facts right! Jooos!

If in UK, replace Jooos with Zionists.

Offering child sacrifices

Finnish police superintendent on Twitter demands terrorists be allowed to attend school with children.

How can one even parody something like this? English translation follows:

Jari Taponen: On the contrary, people need to be motivated to stay in school on the bench-whether it’s a child or adult

Hannele: I mean, what! As a police officer you support terrorists being in our children’s schools? 😱 😵😵😵

Jari Taponen: Even a terrorist can benefit from good learning! It might widen views and expand tolerance!

Hannele: You don’t think it’ll pose a security risk to children?😱

Most governments of the West have opened their gates for barbarians. They are not interested in the safety of the average citizen. The police has now admitted the same.

No music for you!

Don't you know! Music is totally haram:

Seminary organisers in the town of Landi Kotal in the Federally Administered Tribal Area on Friday allegedly announced a ban on musical gatherings in the area, sources in the political administration told DawnNews.

That's the Taliban spirit! Anyway, what will these pukka Muslims do to those who are in violation of their rules?

The organisers warned that the houses of those either holding musical gatherings or in possession of musical instruments would be burnt, the sources claimed.

The phoney war

Parisians these days are used to the sight of security railings erected in front of concert halls and concrete bollards placed on pavements and outside schools to prevent ramming attacks by cars or trucks.

Armed soldiers, typically patrolling in groups of three, also now seem to be part of the city's landscape. France has mobillised 7,000 troops to strengthen security in a mission called Operation Sentinelle.

Those soldiers won't be of much use when Muslims deploy chemical weapons.

The metro, or subway, is one place where people seem to take special caution. Posters and loudspeaker announcements repeatedly urge passengers to be vigilant and report suspicious items. Stations are frequently closed temporarily while bomb squads examine a forgotten package or bag -- in 2016, there were 2,600 such callouts, double the figure of 2014.

It's going to get much worse.

Ahmed Alaya, 28, interviewed as he sat on a bench outside a mosque in eastern Paris, said he had had "problems with racism" on a few occasions.

"People have associated Islam with terrorism," he said sadly.

Imagine my shock.

The Nazis, literally

Nazi Germany assaulted the following countries in WWII: Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Britain, Soviet Russia, etc.

You'll notice that Nazis were largely slaughtering White people.

One of the great ironies of the Alt-Reich is that they claim to be National Socialists, some "ironically", some not so much, while also claiming that "saving the white race" is their primary goal. However, this is akin to ants claiming that dressing up as anteaters and eating other ants is the way to save the ant species.

The Nazis were Leftists who murdered millions of White people

Pakis gone wild

One Pakistani girl in England writes about the rampant discrimination against minorities in Pakistan. One of her tweets:

She makes a valid point.

She gets this surreal response from another Pakistani woman:

From 1947 to 1971, we had West Pakistan and East Pakistan. What happened?

Condensed answer: The East wanted its own nation. The Pakistanis from the Western side raped approximately 400,000 women and murdered up to 3 million in the East. The East left and became independent. It became Bangladesh. The raping, genocidal side is now simply called Pakistan.

A White guy did his research and pointed out this obvious history:

To this simple, effective, elegant thrashing, the gutter vomited back:

Chutiya = cunt.

Gora = White.

No wonder so many countries around the globe are deporting Pakistanis. It's comical because it's mostly non-gora, Islamic countries who are doing this.

Disgusting "Germans"

The following tweet is via Pastorius at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

This is the normal, mainstream "thinking" of Muslims. They view infidels as dirty -- both physically and spiritually. Is it really surprising that they wouldn't have non-Muslims as friends? The mass importation of Muslims into any non-Muslim society is simply guaranteeing a future war.

Success is for White people

The behavior of crabs:

The parents of an academically stellar African-American student are suing a South Carolina school district alleging school officials did not prevent continued verbal and physical abuse of their daughter from … other black students.

Students at Richland School District One’s Hand Middle School “called (the girl) racial slurs like ‘Oreo,’ ‘white girl,’ ‘wannabe white girl’ … and generally maligned her for ‘acting white,’” the lawsuit says, according to The State.

That Black girl should know her place:

“During those years, she also was “repeatedly pushed, shoved and tripped in hallways and other locations around Hand Middle School … (and) suffered several notable physical assaults,” the lawsuit continues.

This is a double whammy for Blacks in America. The average Black IQ is lower than the average for Whites, Asians, and Jews. What's worse is that Blacks openly mock and drag down the hard working, smart Blacks who are trying to make the best of it. What's amusing is that these Blacks equate being White with being smart, diligent, and successful! And then they turn around and blame White, racisss! America for their increasingly predictable failures.

Who needs the KKK when such Blacks are willing to shoot their own down.

Get in line or else

The French Government, led by Emmanuel Macron, adopted a law on the 5th of August 2017 punishing non-public “provocations, insults & slander” against those who are (or not) part of a certain group based on their supposed race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. This unprecedented measure relies on tips that inform and extract private conversations and exchanges. If found guilty, the accused can face prison, heavy fines, or “re-education”.

If this law were to be fully enforced, then French prisons would be filling up with Muslims. Of course, it's not meant for them:

There is no definition given in the text of what is “racist”, “transphobic” or “intolerant”—it will be decided by your accuser and the jury, but something tells me that heterosexual right-wing white men, being at the bottom of the “victimhood pyramid,” will be the great majority of those targeted. “Everyone I don’t like is Hitler” comes to life in the form of a decree that punishes dissenting citizens, without investigating if what they declare is the truth or not.

The Soviets would be proud:

The law is enforced through outside tips and informers that can only come from the ones close to you. I would not be surprised if the state introduces a monetary reward system or bounties for the tips and information given to the government about “problematic elements”.

Venom for Whites


Let's see what Munroe Bergdorf actually said about Whites:

“Your entire existence is drenched in racism. From micro-aggressions to terrorism, you built the blueprint for this shit. Come see me when you realise racism isn’t learned, it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege. Once white people begin to admit their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth … then we can talk.”

If that wasn't explicit enough in its craziness:

Honestly I don't have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people.

Whites have to understand that calling "ALL white people" the most "violent and oppressive force on Earth" is utterly acceptable conversation today. If you're offended by this, then it's clear that you're a white supremacist [and soon to be a KKK-member, a fascist, and a NAZI!]

Bergdorf, Rashid and people like them are shown to be frauds by their very behavior. They champion colored people and Islam while immigrating to places with an overwhelming majority of Whites and infidels. Then, they use their freedom to spit and vomit on Whites and Western Civilization. If they truly believed what they say, then they wouldn't be in the US today.

Nice try, Qasim Rashid. No wonder most of the Islamic world bans you and your ungrateful, malicious Ahmadi ilk from entering their borders. Soon, the West will also close its doors to spiteful masses like you and Bergdorf.

The barbarian deceiver speaks

The Donut Slayer who started Muslim Girl was on Australian TV:

A hijab-wearing editor of a Muslim website has controversially compared honour killings in Islamic countries with domestic violence in Australia.

Here's what she said:

'When you look at countries like Australia and like the United States, the top killer of women is domestic violence but we choose to speak about it like it's a social issue and of course, often really disregard it,' she said.

'But then when it happens in other countries, it's an honour killing: it's disgusting, it's backward, it's inhumane.'

CDC: Leading Causes of Death in Females [in the US], 2014. I can't seem to find domestic abuse as "the top killer" of women in those statistics. Is math too hard for the Muslim Girl?


In Muslim nations, like Pakistan, women are killed by their parents or their brothers for dating a man her family disapproves of.

In 2012, Afghan migrants to Canada Mohammad Shafia, his wife Tooba and their son Hamed were convicted of murdering three sisters and a woman in 2009. The murdered teenagers Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, Geeti, 13, were Shafia's daughters from his second marriage while the murdered woman Rona Amir, 52, was his first wife in a polygamous relationship.

See, when a Muslim family plans, plots, and executes teenage girls, then that's just like domestic abuse by infidels.

For many years, such honor killers were not being punished in a country like Pakistan. See, in that society, if you murder someone and the family of the victim forgives you, then you get zero consequences! So, if a father with the help of male family members kills her uppity and contrarian daughter, then the mother is asked for a "pardon" which she usually provides. The legal system explicitly allowed such murderers to go free!

This definitely is disgusting, backward, and inhumane.