The dishonest media

Jihad Watch: Haaretz claims that Somali Muslims in Europe turn to jihad because Europeans are racist.

Robert Spencer:

In Somalia, al-Shabaab and other jihad groups are quite active. Are Somalis marginalized and stigmatized there also, in Somalia itself? Or might it not actually always be Western non-Muslims’ fault that Muslims turn to jihad? This Haaretz article is a particularly egregious example of how the establishment media always blames non-Muslims for violence by Muslims, and with apparently unconscious ethnocentrism and paternalism, assumes that if non-Muslims would change their behavior toward Muslims, drop the “Islamophobia” and shower them with cash, the jihad will end.

What's astonishing is that Muslims have been waging war against non-Muslims for literally over one thousand years. Muslims have enslaved Africans, slaughtered Persians, murdered Indians, etc. Yet, with all this documented history of blood, death, and carnage from colored Muslims, somehow, White Europeans get the blame.

Love the God Emperor

I admit it. This made me laugh:

Are you not entertained!? Is this not why you are here!?

Not another racist Muslim!

A Muslim journalist has slammed Australia as racist for wanting to rescue white South African farmers who he says 'aren't being persecuted'.

Tabish Talib, a senior producer and presenter with the Qatar-government owned Al Jazeera network, fronted a five-minute editorial video condemning Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Despite South Africa's parliament voting last month to seize the land of white farmers without compensation, the New York-based journalist claimed they weren't being targeted.

Of course. Whites (and Jews) are always the oppressors. They can't possibly be portrayed as victims. Especially, in this case, where Blacks are the tyrants.

Also, when did reality impact the worldview of Muslims?

Anyway, infidel governments all across the globe can start seizing the land and property of Muslims. As we've been reliably told by Tabish Talib that that action doesn't come under the heading of "persecution".

Not All Golden Retrievers!

Katie Hopkins is a gem. She mocks multiple targets in a simple tweet:

Molding Generation Z

This American dad is angry at a public school principal. He doesn't understand that these schools are propaganda machines. The "education" his son gets in class isn't very different than what he got on that ridiculous walkout.

This is one way to fight back:

An epidemic of "violence"

Hospitals across America are filled with such Tweet-damaged women.

It's so not fair!

White Devils are kind to Asians

This is how you get more Trump:

White Americans are so incredibly less racist towards Asians that Asians end up with higher SAT scores, higher grades, and a higher average income than Whites!

Of course, for Asians, IQ, culture, and effort have absolutely nothing to do with success in life ... it all boils down to how many crumbs the mean, greedy, oppressive Whites choose to drop for the forever-crushed colored peasants of the world.

Guns, guns, and more guns

In the world’s most murderous country, gun control is starting to lose its appeal.

Desperate Brazilians are wondering whether they’d be better off armed, given that around 60,000 of their compatriots are killed each year.

How can this be? We're reliably told by the enlightened Left that GUNS KILL PEOPLE! Yet, the most lethal nation on Earth doesn't even allow its citizens to carry guns.

One of the candidates leading the field for October’s 2018 presidential election -- hardline conservative Jair Bolsonaro -- has promised to allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves, a popular pledge in the nation with by far the most homicides of the entire world.

Gun control simply disarms the innocent, law abiding citizen.

“Everyday, everywhere you look, the criminal is armed with a high-powered weapon as the citizen tries to hide,” Rogerio Peninha Mendonca, the lawmaker behind the proposal, said in an interview. “What we want is for the citizen to be more capable of defending himself.”

Bingo! Brazilians have learned this the hard way.

Sacrificing humanity

For some 70 years, “The Lottery” has rightly been included in many literary anthologies for its shocking portrayal of the power of groupthink and the human inclination to accept evil.

For more than 30 years beginning in 1970, English professor Kay Haugaard used the story to spur corresponding discussions in her literature class at Pasadena City College.

Then, she got to meet Gen X.

Then in the 1990s, something started to change dramatically in how her students responded to the sobering tale.


“‘Are you asking me if I believe in human sacrifice?’ Beth responded thoughtfully, as though seriously considering all aspects of the question. ‘Well, yes,’ I managed to say. ‘Do you think that the author approved or disapproved of this ritual?’

“I was stunned: This was the [young] woman who wrote so passionately of saving the whales, of concern for the rain forests, of her rescue and tender care of a stray dog. ‘I really don’t know,’ said Beth; ‘If it was a religion of long standing, [who are we to judge]?’”

The end result of the evils of being not judgmental:

Not one of these students would say human sacrifice is wrong?

No wonder the West opens its gates for savages while simultaneously punishing those who dare to judge the imported evil.

The banks are not your friends

Canada's financial consumer watchdog says there are "insufficient" controls in place at the country's biggest banks to prevent sales of financial products that are misrepresented or unsuitable for consumers, and the banks' sales-focused culture elevates the risk that employees may flout consumer protection rules.

Banksters have to earn a living.

TD Bank, the focus of the initial CBC, has conducted its own internal review and concluded it did not have a widespread problem with aggressive sales tactics.

(Laughs.) Of course, it didn't.

Anecdote: I know a girl who went to TD to get a credit card few years ago. There was just one problem. The income requirement for it was $60,000. She worked minimum wage. Her income was barely close to $20,000 a year. That didn't stop the TD rep from filling out the application and, surprise!, she got a new credit card.

Agents of chaos

"It promotes victimhood, distrust, and division." Of course. Did you think that the objective was anything else?

Woke feminist

The hamster is dead but the wheel keeps on spinning:

Obviously, she hasn't received the proper thrashing from her lovely husband.

Faulty outrage

Darkies have feelings too:

Social media users in Pakistan have reacted with outrage after a popular morning TV show darkened fair-skinned models' faces and asked contestants to "transform" them into beautiful brides.

The funniest part:

Many social media users have been directly targeting the Instagram account of the show's host, actress Sunam Jung. "Wow, still no apology?" one social media user wrote. "I'm baffled at how you can get away with this," they continued.

Pakistan is a Jihad factory which churns out low-IQ products of first-cousin marriages. "Blackface" is the least of its problems.

The New Axis

Yup. The evil of Islam has been largely unchanged for over 1,400 years. It's the political class of the modern West that has become treacherous. The pressing problem isn't the barbarians; it's the smug cunts who've opened the gates.

At least the British police is not racist

Evil and its enablers:

Grooming gang victims have described how police failed to act as paedophile Shahzad ‘Keith’ Khan raked in money selling their bodies to scores of abusers at a property dubbed ‘The Rape House’.

The Pakistani migrant, who died in 2015 aged 61, had targeted girls in the town since 1981, picking up at least one of his victims from under the noses of the authorities outside a police station on a regular basis, the Mirror reports.

This whole raping white girls thing was a Khan family enterprise:

His son Shahmeel was imprisoned briefly for an armed robbery and raping a schoolgirl studying for her A-levels, and his nephew Mohammed Ali Sultan also received a short term for abusing two girls — one aged just 13 — in 2012, and another in 2015 for two rapes and one attempted rape. (Criminals in Britain spend much of their supposed prison sentences on license rather than in custody.)

Some Muslims just can't wait till sharia is imposed in the UK. They want their sex slaves now.

The Lindsay Shepherd Affair

Jordan Peterson talks to David Haskell and William McNally who're both professors at Wilfred Laurier University. They mentioned that many professors are simply unaware of the Leftist chaos and carnage in academia. McNally showcased himself as the perfect example when he thought that Jordan Peterson was "deranged" for his dire warnings. The whole Lindsay Shepherd Affair proved to him how Peterson was right.

If you're interested in the most illuminating part, then that's between 1:17:36 and 1:23:34. 

Don't be Russia stupid

Vox Day:

The main thing is to understand that the bogus RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA theme being pushed by the Clinton campaign is exactly the same as the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA theme being pushed by Twitter and Facebook, and it is the same as the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA theme being pushed by the British Prime Minister.

While imported savages rape thousands of White girls across the UK.

It's extremely important to make sure that the US and British people do not permit their governments to get away with the same damn thing with Russia. Remember, there is stupid, really stupid, and war with Russia stupid.

Still, I don't see what they think they'll gain by having a war with Russia.

No love for the Yahood

Why have so many imams forgotten the tolerant, peaceful nature of Islam? Sad!

Halaal projection

What!? I've been blogging for free for so many years. WHERE ARE MY SHEKELS!?

Yasmine nails this deceiver:

Merkel's utopia

The slow-motion suicide of Germany continues:

Most of the incidents occurred at or around a bumper car ride that was set up for the town fair. In one incident at around 6:30 pm, a 22-year-old migrant molested a young girl on the upper body and legs, Der Westen reports.

The migrant, who was visibly intoxicated, also tried stealing one girl’s mobile phone and was told to leave the fair by security. It came to light later on that the man had molested two other young girls earlier that evening.

There is never just one.

Only an hour after the incident, the young man and his nine friends started to harass German teen males around the bumper car ride ending up in a physical fight. The fight was eventually stopped after police arrived and intervened.

Play by the enemy's rules

Muslim Girl:

Tahnee Gonzales and Elizabeth Dauenhauer were arrested on Thursday and charged with third degree burglary after stealing items from a mosque and streaming the entirety of it on Facebook. Officials at the Islamic Community Center filed a report when they saw the video. According to CNN, this will be considered as a hate crime during sentencing. “Based on the details of the crime, an enhancement of hate crime will be considered for sentencing,” Tempe Police spokeswoman Lily Duran told CNN.

The utter lack of self-awareness is astonishing:

Hate crimes against Muslims have risen since 2015, at this point it is at an all-time high since 2001 after the September 11 terrorist attacks. So the hatred spewed in these videos, while saddening, is not surprising. The most disheartening part about this is that young children are being taught to be hateful, and intolerant.

Unlike Muslim kids who're taught to be angelic and tolerant! America and other Western nations should reciprocate the attitudes of these kind Muslims. The rules towards non-Muslim places of worship in Saudi Arabia are well known. The West should have the same policies towards mosques.

Molon Labe, Kaine

This moron could have been vice president!

Spacebunny has the last word:

Nothing to do with Islam

I wonder just how many of her friends or family members tried to talk some sense into her?

A rejected Afghani asylum seeker in Germany has been arrested for murdering his girlfriend because she refused to convert to Islam.

Ahmad G., 18, was appealing the decision to deport him when prosecutors say he snapped in a row over 18-year-old Mireille B.'s refusal to wear a headscarf.

A friend of the family says:

'Once when I met with her he called her every two minutes on her phone demanding to know what was happening.'

Thank goodness. Now, those calls can stop!

The Vagina Fraud II

March 14, 2018:

Leonor Flores ’98 is a project executive and one of 63 FIU alumni who work for MCM, the construction firm building the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge, which will further connect FIU and its northerly neighbor, the City of Sweetwater. She was excited to share her work with her family, especially Michelle, who is interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in school.


Said Leonor: “It’s very important for me as a woman and an engineer to be able to promote that to my daughter, because I think women have a different perspective. We’re able to put in an artistic touch and we’re able to build, too.”

Oh, you deluded fool.

March 15, 2018:

A pedestrian bridge being built across an eight-lane highway collapsed at a Miami-area college Thursday, crushing eight vehicles under massive slabs and killing multiple people, authorities said.

The threat of collapsing bridges is part and parcel of living in a diverse, feminist city.

(Credit to Sadiq Khan.)

Sexism and racism in the current year

So, to determine if a person is sexist or racist, one needs to look at the "power structure" of the society in which that person resides. Imagine the following two scenarios:

A. One White guy in the US exclusively guns down multiple Black women.

B. One White guy in Nigeria exclusively guns down multiple Black women.

According to the "power structure" logic, only the White guy in the US can be considered a racist and a sexist.

Another incoherent tweet:

Then she concedes that misandry is possible in special circumstances:

That will certainly be news to the men who've been divorce raped in the courts.

Does it fit The Narrative?

An elegant response:

When will the West wake up?

America needs to ban assault knives:

News broke on March 13 that a Florida teen had been arrested, after stabbing to death his friend and attempting to kill his friend’s mother and another peer at a sleepover. The suspect confessed afterwards that he had recently converted to Islam and his beliefs motivated him to murder.

Common sense knife control, now!

The reason for the attack? Johnson told police that two of the boys had made comments that offended his Islamic beliefs. His friend’s brother, Dane, had “made fun of” his faith and how he prayed, while Sierra allegedly had called celebrities, “gods,” which upset Johnson because it was against his faith to idolize others as a god, he told the police after he was arrested.

The police report noted that this was a premeditated attack. Johnson and his friend Kyle had watched violent jihadist videos that encouraged death to non-believers while Johnson also admitted to reading the Quran before going to the sleepover. He told police that the Quran inspired him and “gave him courage to carry out his intentions.”

The National Knife Association has blood on its hands.

The dishonest Fake Muslim

May 1, 2013
The Washington Post:

[...] 62 percent of Muslims in Pakistan favor the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim religion.

September 10, 2013
Pew Research Center:

Two-in-three Pakistani Muslims say Ahmadis are not Muslims [...]

An overwhelming majority of Muslims in Pakistan support the murder of apostates and they also think that Ahmadis are not Muslims.

February 7, 2018
Qasim Rashid aka Fake Muslim says that the people of Pakistan are "noble and good". Yes, the same people who undeniably support vicious, systemic discrimination against Qasim and his Ahmadi family are "noble and good".

March 9, 2018:

So, according to Qasim Rashid, in just one month, the people of Pakistan transformed from being "noble and good" to evil fascists. Or, perhaps, being a fascist is inherently noble and good. Maybe, the Fake Muslim will clarify his position in the future ...