The definition of fascism

Ali Gharib, an independent journalist, brings us the latest scoop:

That's how it starts. The fever, the rage, the haircut, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men... cruel.

More, er, fascism:

Jihadist fail in Quebec

Ismaël Habib wanted the court to believe he was an accidental jihadi who travelled to Syria in 2013 out of “curiosity” and took no part in the fighting. He never heard a single gunshot while there, he testified, comparing the experience to summer camp.

He dindu nuffin!

On Monday, Quebec Court Judge Serge Délisle dismissed 29-year-old Habib’s testimony as “outlandish,” saying it was “destroyed by contradictions and weighed down by elements of dishonesty and lies.” He found Habib guilty of attempting to travel to Syria to commit a terrorist act, a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

That's racisss! What possible proof do they have? Like travelling to the nirvana that is Syria is, somehow, a crime!?

In a meeting captured on video and played for the court, he told an undercover officer posing as a Québécois crime boss that he dreamed of living under the rule of ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

He told the supposed crime boss he wanted “to do as much as I can to help the Islamic State, in all ways, financially, physically or dying for them — whatever they need.”

He explained: “We love death like you love life.”

Doh! He went full Muslim.

The terrible, no-good, very-bad McEnroe

John McEnroe said that:

Serena Williams, currently ranked fourth in the WTA rankings despite her absence since January, would rank 700th in the world if she played on the men’s tour.


“Maybe at some point a women’s tennis player can be better than anybody. I just haven’t seen it in any other sport, and I haven’t seen it in tennis,” he added.

Kristy Major, a deeply offended vagina-holder, scolds McEnroe:

Nothing reeks of male privilege like a man making spurious statements with an air of certainty about women’s bodies, and what is a comment based on nothing but an age-old bias about female weakness if not plain old sexism?

Yeah, John, you pig! How dare you think that higher levels of testosterone and extra muscle mass means that men are "stronger"! Feelings are more important than truth, John. Get with the current year!

Demented homosexuals

Jewish people celebrating LGBT Pride in Chicago were told not to display Star of David flags because other people found them ‘offensive.’

The Jewish Star of David flag was banned from the city’s annual Dyke March celebrations, and several people carrying the flag were removed form the march because their presence “made people feel unsafe,” LGBT paper Windy City Times reported.

Just wait till Muslims have sufficient numbers. Then, Jews and gays will be getting banned because they're 'offensive'.

Israel’s own backing of LGBT rights has been described as ‘pinkwashing,’ with the authorities there accused of using gay rights to detract from the ongoing conflict with Palestine.

Going full Islam

Just sixty years ago, Egyptian politicians were laughing at a "hijab law". The cultural attitude was similar in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The entire Islamic arena seems to have regressed since then. Places that were relatively liberal and free (prime example: Lebanon) have been shattered and reformed into violent, Jihadist entities.

Worse, this chaos is now spilling into the Western world.

Increasing the misery

This is what happens when one ignores the basic laws of economics:

As cities across the country pushed their minimum wages to untested heights in recent years, some economists began to ask: How high is too high?

Seattle, with its highest-in-the-country minimum wage, may have hit that limit.

In January 2016, Seattle’s minimum wage jumped from $11 an hour to $13 for large employers, the second big increase in less than a year. New research released Monday by a team of economists at the University of Washington suggests the wage hike may have come at a significant cost: The increase led to steep declines in employment for low-wage workers, and a drop in hours for those who kept their jobs. Crucially, the negative impact of lost jobs and hours more than offset the benefits of higher wages — on average, low-wage workers earned $125 per month less because of the higher wage, a small but significant decline.

So, thanks to the increase in the minimum wage in Seattle, these low-income folks just got an average $1,500 cut in their annual earnings. Note, that's the average. Some people, predictably, got fired. $11/hr is a lot better than $0.

How to kill a society

Zero Hedge:

Though European leaders and their US-based counterparts have vehemently denied their existence, a leaked report from the Swedish police confirms that there are at least 23 Muslim-controlled “No-Go Zones” and some 60 “vulnerable areas” where non-muslim citizens of the country can no longer visit safely.

As noted in the RT video below, the areas are plagued with violence, sexual assaults and gun crimes, and things have gotten so bad that police and emergency services personnel refuse to enter.

In that social and political vacuum, the Muslims enforce sharia.

Would you like Jihad with your coffee?

Just like quotas for dumb Blacks in universities, this is not going to end well:

In anticipation of Trump’s then-impending refugee ban, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (now executive chairman) announced in January that the company would be hiring 10,000 refugees as Starbucks employees in the next few years, with 2,500 of those positions being filled by refugees in the United States.

This Wednesday, on World Refugee Day, Starbucks announced that they are moving on with the second phase of this project — hiring 2,500 refugees in their Europe locations by 2022, about 8% of their European workforce, and 1,000 refugees for their Canadian coffee shops.

The refugee population is filled with largely inbred, illiterate and incompetent people. I'm sure that their infidel co-workers and customers will be on the receiving end of some serious cultural enrichment.

Justin Trudeau's legacy

The Syrian refugee used a hockey stick (of peace) to beat his wife for half an hour. And you thought that they couldn't assimilate!

Also, the usual, predictable, obnoxious ingratitude boils up to the surface. This Syrian family of six is living rent-free in a war-free zone and the husband compares his environment to Guantanamo Bay because ... it's all so boring.

The fruits of evil

Muslim Girl blog: January 8, 2017: 5 Ways Undocumented Immigrants Can Prepare for the Trump Administration.

It’s important to obey all laws, because law enforcement can verify a person’s immigration status. This means not only keeping a clean criminal record, but also something as simple as obeying traffic/driving rules. Even a faulty headlight or an improper lane change could result in being pulled over by the police.

It's important to obey all laws ... except the ones you broke by staying in the US illegally.

Muslim Girl blog: March 2, 2017: New App Warns You About ICE Immigration Raids.

Celso Mireles, a documented citizen who came to this country with his undocumented parents years ago, created a new open-source app that warns users about anti-immigration raids.

A new app for millions of criminals!

What could possibly go wrong?

An illegal immigrant beat a 17-year-old girl with a metal baseball bat before dawn on Father’s Day and dumped her body in a pond in a suburb of Washington, police say.

Authorities said a man they identified as Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, attacked and abducted Nabra Hassanen after getting into an argument with a group of about 15 young Muslims on their way to a nearby mosque in Sterling, Virginia.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials confirmed to The Daily Caller and other news outlets that Torres is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who was living in Sterling.

These Muslims did whatever they could to keep illegal immigrants hidden from law enforcement. They shielded criminals from justice. Now, one of the illegal immigrants just killed a Muslim girl. 

How does the Muslim Girl blog reply to this act? The depraved clowns published a dull poem titled, "No Justice for Nabra".

Blasphemy punished in the UK

You can't say mean things about Muslims!

They'll kill you!

A man who posted what authorities deemed “hateful” things about Muslims on Facebook is facing eight counts more than a year in prison in Sussex, a coastal county in southeast England, United Kingdom.

“The charges brought in this case are extremely serious and were only brought against four people in England and Wales during 2016,” said Sussex Police Hate Crime Sergeant Peter Allan (because apparently “Hate Crime Sergeant” is a real, taxpayer-funded, paid position in 2017 Great Britain). “Nigel Pelham used Facebook to express some truly offensive views, with no understanding of how serious his actions were.”

Old enemies

An Islamic imam has suggested the Saudi Arabian team refused to take part in a minute's silence for the London terror victims because they believe 'it is not a sin for a Muslim to kill a non-believer'.

Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi says it is a 'lie' to say the Muslim culture does not remember the dead with a moment of silence, and instead argues the football team did not partake in the mourning because they stand with the jihadist men.

'They did not stop for a moment of silence because according to Wahhabi Islam - which governs Saudi Arabia - it is not wrong or a sin for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim,' he told Daily Mail Australia.

Of course, they don't stop for a moment of silence. They cheer the deaths of infidels.

Against the globalists

The EU is getting frustrated with nations that don't want to commit suicide:

The European Union has called on Poland to accept more than 6,000 asylum seekers or face economic sanctions. Citing security concerns, Szydlo said Poland “will not participate in the Brussels elites’ folly.”

Szydlo has also drawn a direct link between terrorism and the EU’s migration policy, claiming that “it is impossible not to connect them.”

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak considers the threat of migrants “much worse” than the threat of EU sanctions and has said that such waves of mass migration only harm the “security of Poland and the Poles.”

Orban speaks the truth:

Hungarian Prime Minster Viktor Orban has called migrants “a poison” and believes that “every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk.”

Orban recently slammed the EU in a speech in Malta, warning that Europe’s “Christian identity” is threatened by runaway immigration.

“Migration turned out to be the Trojan horse of terrorism,” he said.

The enemies within

Muslims in India:

Police in central India have arrested 15 Muslim men and charged them with sedition - punishable by life in prison - for celebrating Pakistan's victory over India in the Champions Trophy cricket final.

The men, aged 19 to 35, were arrested in central Madhya Pradesh state's Burhanpur district after locals complained that they shouted pro-Pakistan slogans and lit firecrackers after the match ended on Sunday night.

India did a bad job of deporting Muslims after 1947.

O. Z. tried to share his culture

A little over a year later, Belgium almost had another deadly Muslim attack:

A man suspected of setting off a bomb at Brussels Central Station on Tuesday has been identified as a 36-year-old Moroccan from a city district that has spawned a number of jihadist attackers.

The suspect came from Molenbeek and was carrying a bomb armed with nails and gas canisters, officials said.

He was shot and later died after the explosion, which is being treated as a terrorist attack.


Prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt said the suspect, identified only by his initials O.Z., had approached a group of passengers beneath the main concourse and attempted to blow up his suitcase. It partially exploded and caught fire before blowing up a second time.

The man had then run towards a station-master and targeted a soldier, screaming "Allahu Akbar (God is greatest)", before being shot. He was not wearing a suicide belt.


The only thing better than a dead terrorist is a dead incompetent terrorist.

Pleasing Allah in Belgium

Belgian troops shot a suspected suicide bomber in Brussels Central Station on Tuesday, officials said, adding that there were no other casualties and the situation was under control after people were evacuated.

A Reuters correspondent at the scene a little over an hour after the incident – in which the man detonated a small explosion – said the area was quiet, with police manning a cordon and a few bystanders calmly watching security forces at work.

Suicide bomber? Only 99.8% chance of being a Muslim.

Slightly vexed Syrian

Google translation of a Swedish news story:

On May 27, Free Times wrote about a nine-year-old girl who had been kicked in the head of an unknown man when she was leaving home from the school in Boden.

He's, probably, a white supremacist who loves Trump.

Earlier that day, the suspected offender had been rejected from the Migration Board's premises by a security guard after refusing his asylum application and no longer having a place to live.

The asylum seeker should have been aggressive and said he should "go down town and kill someone". The guard called the police but there was no patrol available so that the threatening asylum seeker was free to roam the streets of the city.

Cultural enrichment in the face!

Those white supremacists again!

An illegal immigrant from Mexico murders a teenage Muslim girl in a fit of rage and according to Tariq Nasheed this is a "white supremacist terrorist attack"!

One hopes that Nasheed's mom dropped him on his head a few hundred times. Otherwise, such thermonuclear stupidity would be difficult to account for.

Vancouver: The Last Hope

This is somewhat funny:

If you've got an idea of how to make housing more affordable in Vancouver, city officials say they're all ears.

"I think we're almost at the desperation stage," said Randy Pecarski, the City of Vancouver's deputy director of planning. "People are on the verge of leaving the city because they can't find a place to stay."


The city's goal is to create the types of homes in Vancouver needed to keep people like Sabine Bruyere living here.

She was born and raised in Vancouver, lives at home with her mother and works a minimum wage job.

What's funny about this?

Canada has an area of 9.985 million km2. Vancouver? 115 km2.

Hundreds of thousands of people want to live in the 0.001% part of Canada and then they're shocked when real estate prices skyrocket! Now, this doesn't mean that people should live in the middle of nowhere, Yukon. But seriously, are you going to die of some wasting disease if you don't live in or near Vancouver?

I've seen the same madness in Ontario. I know a woman who lives in Toronto and commutes to Hamilton everyday. That's a 90-minute drive one way. This gal burns 15 hours a week just driving back and forth. She says that Toronto is awesome and she doesn't want to live in Hamilton. So, she bought a house in Toronto.

It would have been economical to live near Hamilton (close to work; save time, money and fuel!) and then enjoy the awesomeness of Toronto during the weekend. Besides, why do people want to live like sardines in a can?

Anyway, back to Vancouver fever:

"Essentially I have no real hope for the future here," she said at the housing conference. "It's wrong and I'm totally frustrated."

Such is life for a pampered millennial.

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslim girl?

Muslim Girl:

Editor-in-Chief and founder of, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, was on her way to the Cannes Film Fest when a Police Officer (BADGE NUMBER: 1096515) in the airport forcefully asserted that Amani needed to remove her hijab, show her hair, and speak French.

That's worse than the Holocaust. Such inhumanity and suffering must end. The West should deport all Muslims back to their native lands! This way Muslims will be fully protected from the tyrannical, oppressive, racisss infidels.

Save Muslims! Deport them!

Seriously, this nasty, revolting Muslim woman actually wrote the following without a hint of self-awareness:

The assumption of control over women’s bodies is a direct violation of human rights.

A Muslim woman just directed that remark at infidels! That's some industrial-strength taqiyya. Perhaps, she'll go to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. and remind those tolerant Muslims about human rights.

Canadians get culturally enriched

A neighborhood in Hamilton, Ontario welcomed a Syrian family. The Canadians gave them a vegetable garden, some furniture, etc. How did the Syrians show their gratitude? They hurled rocks and bricks at Canadian children.

Only after a serious incident, did one Canadian mother call the police. Why didn't she take action before? Well, she didn't want to be labelled as a no-good person. She'd rather have her son slaughtered at the altar of multiculturalism than be judged as a racist. Fortunately, in this case, she learned her lesson before it was too late. Her son only got hit on the leg with a brick.

Muslims have been conquering and murdering infidels for over a thousand years. They were savages. They are barbaric. And they'll continue to be uncivilized for centuries to come. It's the ignorant, pampered fools of the West who are the major problem.

Stop welcoming scum! Stop appeasing evil! Protect your children!

Brave New World

Women are no longer the oppression olympics champions. Their reign is over.

Look, penises are only “male genitals” if they’re attached to someone who identifies as male. If they’re attached to someone who identifies as female, they’re female genitals. I hope these bigots get put out of business. Next they’ll want to keep women with penises out of the women’s bathroom.

Bigoted women who want to be naked but not be with people with penises should just keep their clothes on and stew in their own bigotry at home.

You must have a heart of stone to not laugh at that.

Arabs and uncovered meat

How they censor in Arabic countries.

That brings back memories. I used to read a Pakistani magazine in Saudi Arabia. It had news, opinions, jokes, stories, entertainment articles, sports summaries, etc.

Far too often, someone in the magazine would get the "sharpie burqa" treatment. I would be reading along some article and suddenly come across blacked out text. Upon turning the page, one would, for example, see a story about female tennis players with burqas! Some government toadie had used a marker to blot out the arms and legs of the player. The ink would bleed through and make the text on the reverse unreadable. 

What's amusing is that in the early 90s, the Saudi government had lifted the ban on satellite dishes. Finally, the residents of Arabia could watch foreign tv shows without censorship. Can you guess the most popular program?


Anyway, here's one of the most egregious examples of the censorship:

Taylor Swift made halaal

Blaming the goras*

Muslim Girl:

We are prime examples of a community that faces the challenge of colorism. The simplest example of this that Shahroz references is the idea of choosing a spouse. We know one too many families that refuse to accept a son- or daughter-in-law because of his or her darker skin, a form of discrimination we now understand was derived from colonialism. When the lighter-skinned individual became the most respected in a community throughout history, every other shade became degraded and ashamed.

There are three, interconnected, reasons why many Muslims, especially Pakistanis, prefer a lighter skin tone in their spouses:

1. Beauty. Darker skin is ugly.

2. Wealth. Physical labor in the sun is not kind to fair skin tones. Therefore, lighter skin is a strong indicator of affluence.

3. Intelligence. If you are working in a low-skill job outside, then you likely aren't a smart person. So, darker skin tones imply that you have a low IQ.

Note that the boogeyman of colonialism doesn't enter into the equation. How could it when most of the people in the subcontinent were blissfully ignorant of the Brits:

An anecdote from William Manchester’s biography of Winston Churchill is most informative in this regard:

During the early 1950s, when this writer was living in Dehli as a foreign correspondent, social scientists began a comprehensive poll of Indian villages to determine how many natives knew British rule had ended in 1947. The survey was aborted when it was discovered that a majority didn’t know the British had even arrived.

Also, the Muslim girl doesn't mention it but what about the Arabs? They have been buying and selling Blacks for centuries. In their language, they refer to Blacks as slaves! It's tough to pin that on white infidels.

* Gora means white man in Hindustani.

In related news:

Your Islam is showing

AN ISLAMIC group at one of Britain’s top universities has apologised to shocked students after it gave out terror booklets written by a hate preacher saying “every Muslim should be a terrorist”.

It happens. Just an honest mistake. We all know that Zakir Naik is a simple, tolerant, peaceful, Islamic preacher:

He was also a supporter of Osama Bin Laden and once said: “If he is terrorising America, the biggest terrorist, I am with him.

Every Muslim should be a terrorist. The thing is that if he is terrorising a terrorist, he is following Islam.”


A little freedom in Canada

The Canadian government listened and acted:

The era of having to pay cellular providers to unlock your cellphone will end this year.

As of Dec. 1, cellphone customers can ask their provider to unlock their phones free of charge, the CRTC announced Thursday. At the same time, it said, all newly purchased mobile devices must be provided to customers unlocked.

I prefer buying my phone upfront and then deciding on the monthly plan. A couple of years ago, I bought a phone from Telus. The saleswoman with resting bitch face told me that my phone is locked and that it will only work with Telus. I told her that I wanted to use a Koodo plan. She explicitly said that it won't work.

An hour later I had paid for, set up and activated my Koodo plan.

Of course, Telus, Koodo and Public Mobile are all one company. So, I knew it would work. Still, it was a amusing to see just how the cell phone service providers blatantly lie to the customers.

Opening the gates for barbarians

Justin Trudeau’s fast-tracked Syrian refugee program may not have conducted proper background checks in some cases, a government memo obtained by the Toronto Sun reveals.

The memo — dated November 2015 and compiled by civil servants in the department of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) — raises serious questions about the screening and vetting Syrian refugees received before coming to Canada.

Surely, it's no big deal. What's the worse that can happen? A few Canadians will get culturally enriched. Though, Trudeau doesn't have to worry. He's protected by men with guns.

Cheap and ugly

Muslim Girl:

On Instagram, fashionista and model Ruba Zai (@hijabhills) revealed the photos from her shoot with Dolce & Gabbana. The 23-year-old vlogger was in Marrakech, Morocco and modeled in the company’s signature abayas, scarves and sunglasses and she looks absolutely stunning!

I looked at her photos and thought, "Eww, she should have been double burqa-ed." Seriously, Dolce and Gabbana, what were you guys thinking?

I guess this "proud to be a Muslim" gal was too expensive:

Bella Hadid - very bad muslim