Racist bulletproof vests

The first-time cabinet minister heading Ontario’s anti-racism directorate has been called a “racist” for declaring he wore a bulletproof vest in Jane-Finch as Toronto experiences an outbreak of shootings this summer.

(Laughs.) This is what he said:

“I want to reassure everyone that the focus of this government is to ensure that safety is paramount in all communities. Personally, I went out to Jane and Finch, put on a bulletproof vest and spent 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock in the morning visiting sites that had previously had bullet-ridden people killed in the middle of the night,” Tibollo told the Legislature.

Oh, so you don't want to get shot and murdered? RACIST!

Why did this minister wear a bulletproof vest? Because the police told him to:

Those horrible Canadians


A man who unleashed a racist tirade against a grocery store cashier and customer in northeast Calgary has been sentenced to 12 months of probation and a mandatory anger management course.

[...] In December, Simpson was at Real Canadian Superstore in Sunridge when an item he was purchasing was accidentally scanned twice.

Another customer, Steven Lemmon, caught him on video as he berated the cashier and another customer, shoving the other shopper and calling him a a "bomb-making motherf--ker."

Exactly which race is famous for being bomb-making motherfuckers?

Another story from Canada:

Mohammed Abu Marzouk, 39, was just about to head home from a picnic he was attending with his family near the Mississauga Valley Community Centre on Sunday night when two men passing on foot behind his car started shouting at the family, "f--king Arab people! Terrorists," his wife, Diana Attar, said in an exclusive interview with CBC News.

The local imam offers his thoughts:

Ibrahim Hindy is the imam of Dar Al-Tawheed, the mosque where Abu Marzouk's family prays. He says Sunday's incident is a reminder the hate remains alive in Canada.

These peaceful, tolerant, angelic Muslims don't deserve this treatment. They should go back to their countries to avoid this awful atmosphere of hate in Canada.

That phantom inclusion

A Winnipeg radio personality was off the air Tuesday morning, a day after making comments about transgender people that Rogers Media said were contrary to its "standards and core values."

The article goes on to quote two transgender clowns who want the same thing:

Ultimately, both Raddysh and DeSilva said they'd like to see Wheeler fired.

"You're going to put him on suspension again and again and again until we try and forget about it, but that's not going to happen. He needs to have his behaviour reprimanded," DeSilva said. "You can't support us one month of the year."

What's amusing is how they talk about "hate speech" and the horrible "tone" of the radio host. One can simply listen to the relevant audio at the end and realize that it's so tame. Not only do these assholes lie but they want us to accept their lies. Otherwise, lose your job!

No babies for you!

Some people are so thoroughly fucked up.


Diverse france

The Daily Meme email came with this text:

Congratulations and all that, but that World Cup-winning team was about as "French" as a bag of fries served by a Mexican working at a McDonald's in Des Moines, Iowa.

Cannabis in Germany

In shocking news out of Deutschland, BfArM, the federal agency responsible for the management of the first tender cultivation bid, has issued a notice that it is ditching the first tender bid and will start from scratch.

Shocking? This was the likely result after the March 28 decision from the German regional court.

It is also likely to be even more expensive. Not to mention require easy and quick access to European-based or at least easily confirmable pools of cash. It is conceivable that successful applications this time around will not only have to prove that they have a track record in a federally legal jurisdiction but will also have to be able to quickly access as much as 100 million euros.

The Big Three -- Canopy, Aurora, and Aphria -- from Canada can certainly raise that kind of money. We'll likely know the winners of this new process by next year.

Burying the truth

Reminds me of last year when Trump was talking about the bad situation in Sweden. The media twisted his remarks: Trump said that Sweden had a terrorist attack! See, Trump is such a dumb dumb. Sweden is super safe!

Then, there was an Islamic terrorist attack in Sweden just a few weeks later.

The philosophy of parasites

The logic of slavery:

A person who refuses to work has the right to the fruits of labor from the rest of society! Why would farmers, construction workers, nurses, and doctors work for you for free?

Is it any wonder that socialism doesn't work?

1947 Again!

Nasir Ul Islam, a Grand Mufti in India, has a simple proposal:

He said that the God’s law run supreme and the laws of the Quran can’t be secondary to man-made laws. When asked what he would do if they are not allowed to open Sharia Courts, Nasir Ul Islam said that any resistance from the BJP means it doesn’t want Muslims to stay in India, ‘in that case, we urge them to give us a separate nation.’

How can you not laugh at that lunacy?

When the Brits left India in 1947, the giant area was broken up into two separate countries: India and Pakistan. Why? Because the Muslims wanted their own nation! Now, 70 years later, the few Muslims in India have grown in numbers and power to demand ... their own nation!

The Hindus in India made a huge mistake in the late 1940s. They should have told every single Muslim in India: You've got your own country. So, please, fuck off.

Instead, the Muslims were appeased. They have already peeled off Pakistan (today, that would be Pakistan and Bangladesh) and now they want another slice of India. This is what happens when you try to appease evil. You condemn future generations to a bigger and bloodier conflict.

More votes for the Left

It's sad to see a great country collapse in such painful slow motion:

Non-U.S. citizens living in the country legally may one day be allowed to vote in Boston elections.

The City Council is holding a hearing Tuesday on the idea at the request of Council President Andrea Campbell. The council is considering ways to make city elections more inclusive, including allowing immigrants with legal status in the country the right to vote in municipal races.

Vox Day:

Just wait until the Left takes the Boston initiative national... which is an ironic turn of phrase if I've ever heard one.

This won't end well.

Like communism, feminism, libertarianism and socialism, civic nationalism is an ideology that carries within itself the seeds of its own inevitable demise.

Retarded multiculturalism

Daily Mail: The tragic truth about cousin marriages: They can cause a litany of genetic illnesses and they're a key factor in the deaths of two children a week in Britain, so why is it taboo to talk about them, asks SUE REID.

Because in the Western world, standards are for White people. When Pakis Asians engage in destructive behavior, the prudent and progressive way is to simply ignore the whole thing.

In British Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, marriage between cousins is designed to strengthen the family and keep wealth intact.

But there are massive health risks involved for the children of such couples. And when they are tragically born with disabilities, it is taxpayers who are left to pick up the huge costs of their NHS treatment, which can run into millions over a lifetime.

Just another benefit of diversity.

Thousands more children of consanguineous marriages survive, but with appalling physical or mental problems. These include blindness, deafness, blood ailments, heart or kidney failure, lung or liver problems and a myriad of often incurable and complex neurological or brain disorders.

When these mentally ill and low-IQ Muslims try and fail to keep a job in the modern world, it's because of BIGOTRY, RACISM and ISLAMOPHOBIA! It's easy to blame the infidels than to face the fact that they are fucked in the head thanks to their parents, culture, and religion.

The likelihood of a couple having the same variant gene is a hundred to one in the general population.

In cousin marriages, that can rise to one in eight because those who are related to each other are more likely to carry the same faults in their DNA.

Yet despite the dangers — and the huge cost to the NHS — according to the BBC, it is estimated that 55 per cent of couples of Pakistani heritage in the UK are in cousin marriages.

Obviously, a tiny minority.

Unreliable evidence

Soleiman Hajj Soleiman was arrested in February 2017 after several teenagers reported being touched by a man in the West Edmonton Mall water park. He was acquitted of all charges against him — six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual contact with a child — in a provincial court ruling Friday morning.

This part is shocking:

Pool security footage wasn’t clear enough to identify whoever might have groped the girls, the judge said.

Then, what the hell is the point of having such mediocre cameras?

Soleiman, his wife and six children were sponsored by a group of 30 people to come to Canada from Syria two years ago. [...] None of the family’s sponsors withdrew their support throughout the trial, Trautman said.

Soleiman will likely be arrested again for another "misunderstanding" soon.

The Horrible Doug Ford

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government had barely been in power for an hour Friday before it was under attack about the perceived lack of diversity in its cabinet.

Twenty cabinet ministers have been announced. 95% White. It's a severe case of the Too Many Whites Problem.

But while the cabinet drew praise for enlisting members with considerable public and private sector experience, critics also noted the fact that only seven women and one visible minority currently have a seat on the front benches.

One colored member of the opposition chimes in:

Newly elected New Democrat Sarah Singh, whose party now forms the official Opposition in the legislature, said the image of the predominantly male, white cabinet sends a disheartening message for those hoping to feel supported by the Ford administration.

Apparently, a provincial leader in modern Canada has to select a cabinet which is filled with colored vaginas to send a morale boost to the public. Or, in other words, the diversity doesn't like White, male politicians. Funny, how this sexist, identity politics is considered acceptable when only "visible minorities" play the game.

Try to imagine the OUTRAGE! if a female, White politician in Europe said this about Obama ten years ago: The image of a male, Black POTUS sends a disheartening message for those hoping to feel supported by the leader of the free world.

Anyway, the comments at the article are pretty good. Many Canadians simply don't give a shit about the proper number of vaginas or coloreds.

Why won't they behave!?

Lots of sexual emergencies in Denmark.

A recent study, by newspaper BT, reveals that 10 in 12 rapes committed in Denmark are by migrants, or their descendants. The review was based on sentencing reports between January 2016 and May 2017 and the figures have increased.

The political elite is vexed. Very vexed.

Inger Støjberg, the Integration and Immigration Minister said:

“It’s completely horrible. And that says something wrong with some of the immigrant communities in Denmark. It’s something we’ve seen through many years that crime rates are much higher in immigrant circles than it is among Danes. And when I see these very rough rapes – including assault violence – it’s a clear sign that you have not integrated.”

Maybe, inviting millions of such diverse, rape-loving peoples was a bad idea. 


ISIS welcome!

Canada has a super-inclusive immigration system. Were you a slave? Did you own a few slaves? You're both welcome!

She has been living in London, Ont., for eight months. Recently, on a bus, she recognized X — the slave-market boss who had owned her and used her for months. They got off at the same stop. X saw her, covered his face and ran off.

Nada went to the refugee centre and told them the man’s real name and his ISIL name. The official there responded that she was too traumatized to be sure of what she saw. And then that person reportedly told her, “Don’t tell anyone.”

The best way to fight evil is to simply ignore it.

I will be happy to share this man’s identity with any immigration official who asks for it. Maybe he’s the only ISIL member who slipped through Canada’s vetting net, or maybe he’s one of a hundred...

I wouldn't be surprised if there are thousands. Worse, they can freely travel around the globe if they have a Canadian passport. This will allow them to execute an attack in, let's say, France and then hop on a flight to outside Europe. This criminally lax attitude of the Canadian Liberals towards ISIS is dangerous for all Western countries.

Cultural suicide

This is what happens when you put your head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the enemy:

In a bid to rid the Scandinavian country of dozens of "extra vulnerable areas" (which is a bureaucratic euphemism for ghettos), the Swedish government plans to invest a whopping SEK 19 billion ($2 billion) in measures to "reduce and counter segregation."

Muslims loath infidels since their minds are poisoned from birth. They want to annihilate the filthy non-Islamic ways of disgusting Europeans. Self-segregating into ghettos and imposing their non-Western ways in neighborhoods is a clear indication that Muslims have no intention of following infidel laws.

Giving money to your deeply hostile enemy won't improve the situation.