The peace of Islam

The Western political elite want to import more of these people:

A cleric who allegedly beat his eight-year-old pupil to death at a seminary in Karachi's Bin Qasim Town area on Sunday was pardoned by the victim's family on Monday, Station House Officer Dhani Bux Marri said.

What kind of demented parents pardon the murderer of their son?

Mohammed Hussain had allegedly been subjected to corporal punishment by Qari Najmuddin in the past, after which he had run away from the seminary.

His parents, however, brought him back to the seminary on Friday. When the student tried to flee again, Qari Najmuddin got hold of him and allegedly beat him to death with a blunt weapon.

Pakistan is truly a sick country. The province of Sindh made this law last year:

The said law gives children protection against punishments to cause pain or discomfort by hitting, smacking, slapping, spanking, kicking, shaking or throwing a child; scratching, pinching, biting, pulling hair or boxing their ears; or forcing child to stay in uncomfortable positions, burning, scalding or forced ingestion by any person in the family, workplace, in schools, other educational institutions, etc.

The complete the ghastly symmetry, we also get this story today:

A grade 12 student, Faheem, of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Islamia College in Shabqadar–a private institution– has gunned down the principal of the college, Sareer, on the pretext of ‘blasphemy’.

Chop chop for infidel trees

Officials at a mosque have reportedly cut down 10 pine trees because they were said to resemble Christmas trees.

The religious temple where the firs were banished is in the Indonesian province of Aceh, where citizens are ruled by ultra-strict Islamic Sharia law.

Chairman of the Baitul Makmur Meulaboh Mosque named only as Anwar said as well as looking like a Christmas tree, the trees had become unkempt and obscured the view of the building from the road.

Not everyone is okay with these idiots at the mosque:

A spokesman for the West Aceh Regency Council slammed the decision, saying the reasons given made 'no sense'.

He told Cakradunia: 'In that case why don’t we hack down all the pine trees in West Aceh?

'How much has been budgeted all this time to maintain those trees only for them to be thrown away just like that?'

Any consequences?

Adi added that the mosque caretakers unilaterally came up with the decision to cut down the trees — which were public property — but did not mention any possible sanctions for them.

If the local government doesn't even fine these clowns, then their words were meaningless.

The Evil Cult of Islam

Islam teaches Muslims that the infidels are their eternal enemies. Non-Muslims are wicked. Infidels can't ever be friends with Muslims. The kuffar are always out to harm the pure, angelic Muslims. This poison is fed to hundreds of millions of Muslim children. They grow up with an intense, irrational loathing of non-Muslims. This overwhelming hostility is often immune to the truth.

For example, people from the West have been volunteering to visit Pakistan and Afghanistan for many decades. They want to give children polio vaccines. They want to help reduce the suffering of poor Muslims. Now, this caring and generous behavior doesn't compute in the Islamic world. You see, non-Muslims are incapable of being good. So, what's the nefarious reason for this "immunization"?

The diabolical infidels are sterilizing Muslims!

The fact that the vaccinated Muslims continue to bring millions of little Jihadists into the world is irrelevant. The fact that many educated Muslims support and help with the vaccinations is immaterial. What matters is that infidels -- and Muslims who cooperate with them -- are immoral and worthy of destruction.

Gunmen in Pakistan have shot dead a mother and daughter who were administering polio vaccinations in the south-western city of Quetta. Sakina Bibi, 38, and her daughter, Rizwana, 16, had been giving drops to children when two gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire, police said.


[...] Islamist militants oppose vaccination, saying it is a Western conspiracy to sterilise Muslims.

The daily massacring of truth is a Muslim specialty.

Pakistan is one of only three countries in the world, along with Nigeria and Afghanistan, that have failed to prevent the transmission of polio, according to the World Health Organization.

Freedom is a White thing

Armin Navabi has been writing about the recent protests in Iran. He wants the people of Iran to be free from the tyranny of Islam. Apparently, this aligns with the views of White Republicans. Translation: Navabi is a racist.


OMG, he wants peace and quiet at 2 a.m.! Such a super racist.

Praise for the God Emperor

Muslim Girl:

Well Mr. President, I’ve got five words for you and your dirty politics: We are here to stay. We are the Muslims, immigrants, Black citizens, Dreamers, women, middle- and low-income workers and anyone else that doesn’t fit your rich White supremacist agenda. We have every right to be in this country because being American is a belonging that no one can take away from us.


I find it incredibly difficult to refer to you as “president,” for your character and actions are not befitting such a dignitary title. But American politics played itself out to elect a man full of hatred, bigotry and misogyny into the Oval Office and the seat you sit in represents an America that I respect–something I wish you had the decency to do.

It's amusing to see Muslims posture and condemn Donald Trump for his hatred, bigotry, and misogyny while supporting sharia which is oddly not famous for its love, mercy, and tolerance. It's the same with communists and neo-Nazis. They freely thrash the US while offering poisonous remedies. Muslims belong in the same category; they're enemies of Western Civilization.

America does have many faults. Donald Trump isn't one of them. The fact that he is so hated by Muslims is a big plus.

Unacceptable levels of stupidity

The gap between the super rich and the rest of the world widened last year as wealth continued to be owned by a small minority, Oxfam has claimed.

Some 82% of money generated last year went to the richest 1% of the global population while the poorest half saw no increase at all, the charity said.

Oxfam said its figures - which critics have queried - showed a failing system.

How is it failing?

"However you look at it, this is an unacceptable level of inequality," he said.

So, what would be the "acceptable" level of inequality?

Jeff Bezos has total wealth of over $100 billion. I could dedicate the rest of my life to making money. It would be a huge success if I got to a total of $100 million. However, my wealth wouldn't even amount to 0.1% of what Jeff Bezos has. Is this, somehow, unfair, unjust or unacceptable?

Cruel, grinding poverty is decreasing in the world. The poor aren't getting poorer. Just because we have more billionaires doesn't mean that the rest are somehow worse off.

The nuances of clit slicing

The nuance decoded:

One shithole to rule them all

A Pakistan man accused of murdering a child and killed by police now appears to be innocent based on DNA evidence and that the child's real killer might still be on the run.

A BBC Newsnight investigation looked into the death of a man named Mudasir, who was accused of killing five-year-old Iman Fatima. Police shot Mudasir in February 2017, saying he tried to escape custody.

Pakistani officials now say they will investigate allegations police carried out the unauthorised killing of Mudasir.

Question: Did the police legitimately make a mistake or did they intentionally murder an innocent man to reduce the heat from a furious public?

Lucky America

The incompetent terrorist:

Truza Jamal Hassan — a 19-year-old former student – who allegedly set the fires around the St. Catherine University campus in Minneapolis in retaliation for U.S. military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, told police “You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb.” She “wanted the school to burn to the ground and that her intent was to hurt people,” according to the complaint charging her with one count of felony first-degree arson.

We had Muslim men who flew planes into buildings. Now, we've got Muslim women who can't even start a fire. Lame!

Double standards

Isn't it odd that Pakistan gets barely any scrutiny for its planned deportation of over a million refugees?

Uncertainty and fear are gripping Afghan refugees in Pehlawanano Pul refugee camp near Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK) neighboring Afghanistan, as the Pakistani government’s deadline of Jan. 31 for refugee repatriation approaches.

The Pakistani Cabinet on Jan. 3 granted only a one-month extension for 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees to stay legally in Pakistan after their legal residency status or proof-of-registration cards expired on Dec. 31.

That's in addition to the hundreds of thousands that Pakistan has already deported in the last few years. Where are the bleeding-heart Muslims who cry about "Nazi" America?

March women march!

Seven more years of the God Emperor!

The Leviathan wants more power

The same government that recommended high carbs which resulted in the obesity epidemic is now angling for the fitness industry. One of the most laughable pieces of fitness advice for old people is to ... walk 30 minutes a day. As Rippetoe pointed out, people do that accidentally.

One must stress the body to see any real results.

SJW insanity

Bare Naked Islam: Gee, I wonder why until now, nobody ever thought of using a model with a bag over her hair to sell hair care products?

CONGRATULATIONS L’OREAL for contributing to the normalization of the Islamic supremacist hijab, a symbol of misogynistic oppression and a male-enforced modesty culture for women across the Muslim world, and now, regrettably, in the civilized counties of the West, as well. Funny how she gets away with painting her face with heavy make-up, which is forbidden (haram) in Islam.

The next two hair care models for L’OREAL:

Hair care models

The Making of a European Shithole

The opposition leader in Sweden:

“People are shot to death in pizza restaurants, people are killed by hand grenades they find on the street,” Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson said in parliament on Wednesday.

“This is the new Sweden; the new, exciting dynamic, multicultural paradise that so many here in this assembly ... have fought to create for so many years,” he said sarcastically.

Son of a bitch, stole my line! Funny how, less than a year ago, the Swedish monkeys were mocking Trump for his mention of Sweden as a dangerous place. Now, the death and carnage has become impossible to ignore.

Vox Day:

The Sweden Democrats growing vote share:

1998: 0.4%
2002: 1.4%
2006: 2.9%
2010: 5.7%
2014: 12.9%
2018: I expect 30%+

The political elite subsidized the enemies of their progeny and people. Now, the least violent option is to deport all the barbarians back to their shitholes.

The majority is sick

That's the unfortunate reality. There are over a billion Muslims. One can literally find tens of millions of people who completely disagree with and ignore the evil, tyrannical teachings of Islam while still calling themselves Muslims. They are, however, a small minority. They have no power because their "peaceful" religion doesn't back them up. This is why tolerant Muslims don't get much public traction in Islamic societies. Just look at Ahmadis. They're a relatively peaceful lot. That's one of the reasons why most Muslims don't even consider them as part of the ummah.

Covering the property

It's funny how all these Muslim women make the same "choice":

Also, wearing loose clothing like the hijab in every public context is pretty stupid and dangerous. Exhibit A:

A hijabi died in a Canadian factory in 2016:

The incident occurred back on Sept. 2, 2016 at the Fiera Foods plant at 50 Marmora Street in Toronto. A 23-year-old female employee who had been sent to the facility by a temp agency and had only been on the job for three weeks was wearing a hijab that was loose at the ends.

The crypto madness

Cryptocurrency company BitConnect said it’s closing its lending and exchange platform after receiving cease and desist letters from Texas and North Carolina.

The move has helped spark a big selloff in the virtual currency linked to the company, BitConnect Coin, also known as BCC. It was recently down 97% to $6.09, according to data. BCC had traded as high as $322 on Tuesday.

Tuesday the price was $322. Two days later, it's $6. Next week, it could be $900.

How does one do fundamental or technical analysis with such hyper-volatility and legislative uncertainty?

The shitholes saga again

Can confirm. Pakistan is a shithole country.

The West is learning this the hard way: Don't allow Muslims in your nations.

Garbage bags to heaven

Look carefully at that woman. We can see her hair and her bare arms -- something that's boringly normal in the sane, non-Islamic parts of the world. Yet, that's all it takes for a female reservation in HELL!

This is how Muslims view non-Muslim women: whores destined for the eternal inferno.

Lower taxes, stronger engine

Canadian Pacific Railway (CP.TO 0.82%) says revenue grew by five per cent to $1.71 billion from $1.64 billion and earnings per share rose 159 per cent to $6.77 in the fourth quarter compared with the same period a year ago.


It says earnings were bolstered by provision of $527 million to account for deferred income tax recoveries thanks to U.S. tax reforms enacted in December which more than made up for tax increases by Saskatchewan and B.C. governments.

Read that again. The Trump tax cuts are so grand that they help offset the provincial tax increases for a Canadian company!

Gimme gimme gimme

A Sudanese mother-of-six says there are 'too many laws' and not enough jobs in Australia - a mix she claims is driving Melbourne's crime wave.

Why would Muslims be causing mayhem in Australia?

Ms Awur also said those who come from overseas are not given enough support or opportunity to establish themselves.

The lack of support is something she feels herself, telling the program her Centrelink payment is not enough to raise her children on.

She claims she occasionally has to deprive them of entertainment, which she believes may have led her son to crime. Ms Awur said her children rely on her for extra money, and hypothesises that they steal if she cannot provide it.

In other words: Australians need to give Muslims more money. Otherwise, the violence will only get worse. What lovely people. Aussies should hurry up and import millions more.

The Weed King

Canopy Growth Corporation did a deal with Constellation Brands last year for which they got $245 million in cash. Last night, BMO jumped on the cannabis train by agreeing to buy $175 million worth of shares from Canopy.

So, that's $245M plus $175M which equals ... oh, Bruce Linton has a sense of humor. Let's see what these guys do with their mountains of cash.

They've already locked down supply deals with three small provinces. Still waiting to see how much the Big Three (Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) want to buy. A two-year, billion dollar -- wholesale price -- MOU with Ontario would be quite nice.

Maintain The Narrative

It's funny that the media with its desperate desire to promote the colored people / Muslim victimhood tales dived head first into a fake story. They pumped it up for days -- only to now have it blow up in their ugly faces. Their attempts at damage control are truly revealing and spectacularly lame.

So-called journalism

The interviewer asked one of the dumbest questions starting at 22:11. She was basically arguing for the annihilation of her own profession. Peterson was too polite to call her an idiot but still her reaction starting at 22:56 was absolutely hilarious. The smart, independent, strong, FIERCE woman had run out of Leftist bullshit.

One commenter on YouTube provides an excellent summary of the interview:

- "so you're saying that..."

- " no I'm not..."

And that goes on 100 more times

Jordan B Peterson was smart to sit down for a half-hour recorded interview. Thus, his words can't be taken out of context. The entire thing makes the interviewer look like a rat on cocaine in fantasy land. Peterson, however, comes off as a very reasonable and grizzly observer of reality.

Wonder Woman vs. Fat Muslim girl

Greasy Muslim girl rejects award because Jooos:

When Revlon recently announced Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot as brand ambassador for their newest "Live Boldly" campaign, they emphasized her message of empowerment. To celebrate the initiative further, the beauty brand recently gave MuslimGirl's Amani Al-Khatahtbeh the Changemaker Award, as a result of her inspirational advocacy for Muslim women. However, Amani took to social media to share her thoughts with her followers, as she explained why she had decided not to accept and why her values don't align with Gal's ambassadorship.

So brave. More details on why the halaal whale is upset:

"I cannot accept this award from Revlon with Gal Gadot as the ambassador," Amani wrote in an Instagram. "Her vocal support of the Israeli Defense Forces' actions in Palestine goes against’s morals and values. I can't, in good conscience, accept this award from the brand and celebrate Gal's ambassadorship after the IDF imprisoned a 16-year-old girl named Ahed Tamimi last month, an activist who is currently still incarcerated."

How dare you, Gal Gadot!? How dare you defend your people from genocidal Muslims? How dare you support the soldiers who guard Israel today? You, and your Jewish nation, ought to disarm and calmly accept another Holocaust. And till you do, this thick Muslim girl is going to continue to live in America and heroically reject all rewards from Revlon!

The tolerant slaves of Allah

The insanity of life as a non-Muslim in an Islamic society:

WITH five weeks left until Chinese New Year (CNY), several businesses in multi-ethnic Malaysia are steering clear of dog images on their products and displays to avoid upsetting the country’s Muslim majority.

In February, the Chinese community will be ushering in the Year of the Dog, one of 12 animals in its zodiac calendar, but a photo of a CNY T-shirt which made its rounds on social media in recent weeks showed cartoon images of the canine and also the pig missing, creating a stir among netizens.

A t-shirt designed for Chinese people doesn't have cartoon images of dogs and pigs in a Muslim-majority country. Malaysian Muslims are so dumb that they get triggered by, of all things, cute images of puppies and piglets.

Leading up to the celebrations, non-Muslim business owners feel a need to do without depictions of dogs and pigs, fearing backlash from the nearly 20 million Muslim population as the animals were considered unclean among the religious adherents.

“It’s definitely not healthy. It’s ridiculous. The tolerance is one way. This is due to years of intimidation (from some authorities). It’s overboard.

Bacon and alcohol will be next.

The Expendables

Some doofus had to chime in:

Protract an epidemic?

This creative take by Bryce Van Velson sums it up:

The Master of Shivs

Tattoos are a signal:

A girl who’s impulsive in one domain is sure as Bartholin’s life-giving lube to be impulsive in other domains. And the more visible her tattoo, the more likely that hipsteress you have your eye on will go up to your apartment on the first date, let you finger fuck her mouth, give you a blowjob, and then complain about feeling “uncomfortable” in a long-winded solipsistic article written for “The Babe” or whatever menstrual rag is the current pit stop for butthurt feminists lamenting their inability to be wined and dined like the chaste ladies they aren’t.


Horrible White People!

A simple summary:

Backlash over fake backlash

This Muslim family has lived a life of luxury in Canada for over a decade. Yet, they called the media and then maligned their generous host with vicious lies. They richly deserve the vitriol that will come their way.