No Holds Barred

Gates of Vienna:

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this interview with Zana Ramadani published in Tages Anzeiger.

Zana Ramadani talks about her mother:

The values and morals from there, which my father never liked, the narrow=mindedness and the parochialism against which he had always defended himself, became more and more important to her. Because the Germans were seen as the unbelievers, and German women were sluts, she had — the older I got — an ever-increasing need to control me. Because I could defile the family honor and then no Albanian man would want to marry me anymore. And it would be seen as her fault.

Yeah. It's mothers who make sure their daughters grow up to be good slaves Muslims. However, the sons get pampered -- a different poison:

Because the boys are being raised to be princes. They are coddled, spoiled, waited on hand and foot, and last but not least they’re raised to be losers. They fail in life, because the West is a meritocracy. It’s an achievement-oriented society. But in their homes they are being taught something entirely different. They don’t know that there are expectations of them, that they have to work hard, make efforts, and endeavor. And therefore they fail. And of course it’s always someone else’s fault first: The female teacher — that kuffar slut — has no business telling a son what to do. Or just generally all Westerners; they are all racists and don’t give Muslims a chance.

It's a culture where the concept of learning is not cherished. Combine that with centuries of inbreeding and you end with mildly retarded ignorant men who, of all things, view white infidels as supremely inferior. Therefore, emulating the West is out of the question. Worse, they want to destroy it.

Decoding the Narrative

The Alt-Right is scaring some people:

It burns GoodWhite leftoids that they have to expend so much cognitive capital hewing to codewords and poopytalk to vent their spleens against the ravages of Diversity. It kills them inside that they have to speak in Fake Rhetoric to, in effect, hide their rank hypocrisy not only from BadWhites but from themselves.

For example: Blacks murder each other at stunningly high rates in the US -- 115 on average every week. The horrific statistic of these "youths" is simply not mentioned by liberals. The real hot "Amerikkka is racist" issue is the 5 blacks per week who are killed by police officers.

Religious police in America

From the Diversity is Death files:

A man trying to impose what he calls "the civil part of the sharia law" in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis has sparked anger among local residents and Muslim leaders.

Abdullah Rashid, 22, a Georgia native who moved to Cedar-Riverside last year, has been making the rounds in the Somali-dominated neighborhood, telling people not to drink, use drugs or interact with the opposite sex. If he sees Muslim women he believes are dressed inappropriately, he approaches them and suggests they should wear a jilbab, a long, flowing garment. And he says he's recruiting others to join the effort.

See, this guy is a moderate Muslim. A hardcore Muslim would be beating the crap out of such "inappropriate" brothers and sisters.

Minneapolis police received reports in February from concerned residents who saw Rashid in a dark green uniform that said "Muslim Defense Force" and "Religious Police" and had two flags associated with ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Okay, maybe, not such a moderate.

Hyenas in Australia

The poison that is Islam:

Sheikh Mohamad Doar told a room of teenage girls in Sydney's west they needed to stop being friends with non-believers in a lecture that also covered Islamic fashion and grooming.

'The reality is, my sisters, any friendship that is not built on the fear of Allah is only going to lead to hell fire so you need to be cautious,' he said on Saturday night.

'With your actions, you distance yourself from the corrupted people.'

However, it's perfectly okay to invade immigrate and then enjoy the fruits of the societies which were created by the same "corrupted people". This antagonistic mindset further proves the case for a Muslim ban in the West.

Some genocides are more equal than others

From a state with a 94% white population:

Video released Friday from a recent event hosted by the Maine Democratic Party features former state senatorial candidate Richard Fochtmann discussing giddiness at news of white male suicide. The incident, shared by Maine First Media and picked up by The Daily Caller soon afterward, elicited raucous laughter from attendees.

In case you weren't fully disgusted:

“I thought the point of the joke is that it won’t be long, and that this won’t be a majority white nation, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Can you imagine if a Republican group gathering in Detroit laughed about rising black suicide rates and then said that how increasing whiteness is a good thing? They'd instantly get super-Nazi status.

That queer cult

Why I Just Can’t Quit Islam: A Queer, Shi’a American’s Tale.

It's an interesting and illuminating look at life among Muslims in America. One sentence that stood out:

Unlike so many of my peers, and my friends, who have likewise “defected” from the faith, I refuse to call out this religion as inherently “damaging.”

Isn't it ironic that only in a non-sharia society can he even write about being a homosexual and a wishy-washy apostate without the, er, non-damaging police storming his residence and throwing him behind bars; a few days later he'll get one of four punishments: 1) Hanging, 2) Beheading, 3) Flying from a rooftop, 4) Crushed under a heavy wall.

But, please, remember that Islam is not inherently "damaging".

Low IQ in action

The dumb Muslim woman actually tried to grab the airport staff and recorded the whole incident on video!

A hijab, or worse a niqab, is a safety risk. Don't blame the airport security. The fault lies with the hijackers of indeterminate religion on 9/11.

Mashal Khan lynched, beaten, shot, and killed

More details about Mashal Khan -- a Muslim who was accused of blasphemy and then murdered by university students in Pakistan:

The deceased was identified as Mashal Khan, a resident of Swabi and a student at AWKU’s Journalism and Mass Communication department.

A friend of the deceased student told The Express Tribune that a mob attacked him before shooting him in the head and chest. He added that the mob then continued to beat his body with sticks.

Killing him wasn't enough. Some students wanted to mutilate him:

Ten students have been arrested after Thursday’s attack the grounds of a university in the northern city of Mardan, local police chief Mohammad Alam Shinwari said. “After severe torture that led his death, the charged students then wanted to burn his body,” said Shinwari.

Some of the horror was recorded on video and uploaded on YouTube.

One of Khan’s teachers recalled that he was a passionate and critical student. “He was brilliant ‎and inquisitive, always complaining about the political system of the country, but I never heard him saying anything controversial against the religion,” said the teacher.

That's the nature of an Islamic society -- any criticism of the political system can be considered an indirect critique of Islam. Therefore, in the eyes of pious Muslims, anyone who questions the sanity of sharia deserves death.

Understanding the real problem

The problem isn't the execution of homosexuals; it's the freedom to report about it.

The Russian journalist who is responsible for breaking the news that Chechen officials had rounded up, tortured and detained men suspected of being gay, has said that she is in hiding and fearing for her life after a “jihad was declared against her”.


A spokesperson for Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov, said, that the report was “lies and disinformation” and claimed that gay people did not “exist in the republic”.

Population of Chechnya: 1.4 million

Number of homosexuals in Chechnya: 0

Sounds legit.

Life among the barbarians II

Life is dirt cheap in Islamic lands:

Özlem Aykutluğ, 35, was found shot dead in Ankara on Feb. 28 and homicide department police officers focused their investigation on her family in the eastern province of Kars.

Aykutluğ, a mother of two children, was killed with six bullets on the road between Istanbul and Ankara.

Who killed her?

It was determined that the brothers told Aykutluğ they were going to Istanbul by car, and they killed her while on the road to Istanbul from Ankara.

According to their testimonies, Aykutluğ understood that she was about to be murdered and told her brothers to protect her children.

“I know you are going to kill me. I beg you to protect my children and not abandon them,” she reportedly said.

How heartless and insane do four brothers have to be to murder their sister?

50 shades of sharia

The Most Feminist ReligionTM:

It [a video by the vaginas of Hizb Ut-Tahrir] features two Muslim women explaining that according to their understanding of Islam, men can discipline their wives by “hitting” them with a small stick or twisted scarf so as not to cause pain.

“It’s very evident that this is symbolic in nature,” one of the women said.

It's not uncommon for Muslim men to beat their wives. Usually the close relatives know about it. They might not approve but they also don't condemn the atrocious behaviour. It's not like anybody else is going to find out -- a plus for the garbage bag attire!

Life among the barbarians

A Muslim student was murdered at a university campus in Pakistan.

A mass communication student was killed while five others were critically injured following violent demonstrations inside Abdul Wali Khan University on Thursday.


Detailing the incident, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Mardan Alam Shinwari said the student was accused of running Facebook pages which allegedly published blasphemous content.

‘He was assaulted by a group of students and appears to have succumbed to a gunshot wound’, the DIG said.

Perhaps, Western politicians can import a few million of these barbarians confused souls and then remind them about their tolerant and peaceful religion.

Immoral Sweden

This is what happens when your moral compass is utterly broken:

Gothenburg City Theatre has defended its decision to continue showing a controversial play, whose writer and director says aims to “humanise” terrorists after an Islamist attack struck Sweden Friday.

Still showing at the theatre, the play Jihadisten tells the story of a young man in Sweden who heads to Syria to join a terrorist organisation, after being “slowly radicalised”.

Its writer and director Johan Gry told SVT last month: “The aim [of the play] is to humanise the terrorist, so to speak, and we are daring to show how he is a human being.”

Of course, they're human. They're evil human beings who desire the destruction of Western Civilization. But that's not what this theatre wants to display. They want to evoke sorrow and compassion for the wicked. One can have pity for the brainwashed children who're nourished on poison by ISIS. However, those who grow up enjoying the fruits of liberty in the West don't deserve any sympathy when they assault and annihilate innocents.

They deserve to be killed with extreme prejudice.

That moderate Malaysia

Islamic countries that claim to be free are anything but:

Apostasy is not a constitutional right, a Muslim lawyer claimed today as he argued that freedom of religion does not include the liberty to leave a faith.

"Freedom." You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Writing in his column on Malay-language daily Sinar Harian, Muslims Lawyers Association president Datuk Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar said that Article 11 of the Federal Constitution merely accorded Malaysians the right to practise their own faith, but not to switch religions.

“Saying that apostasy is a right for Muslims is straying from the real purpose of the religion,” Zainul said.

This brave Muslim lawyer should be thanked for bringing clarity to this issue.

Article 11 of the Federal Constitution provides the freedom for every individual to profess and practice his or her own religion, subject to restrictions on non-Muslims from propagating their faith to Muslims.

Of course.

Any "reason" will do

Uzbek national Rakhmat Akilov, 39, told police investigators that he had “achieved what he set out to do” and freely admitted his guilt, according to a local newspaper report.


According to one report Akilov was so keen to tell officers he had links to ISIS he made the claim as he was being wrestled to the ground Märsta on Friday evening.

He reportedly said: “I bombarded Sweden because you bomb my country.”

If the Swedes had refrained from attacking Uzbekistan, then this tragedy could have been avoided!

Time is relative

Asking people to show up on time is not inclusive, says Clemson employee training. Here's an excerpt of an online training slideshow:

On another slide, a character named Alejandro schedules a 9:00 a.m. meeting between two groups of foreign professors and students. The first group arrived fifteen minutes early, while the second arrived ten minutes late [and wanted to “socialize” first]. According to the answers, it is wrong for Alejandro to “politely ask the second group to apologize,” or explain that “in our country, 9:00 a.m. means 9:00 a.m.”

Check your white privilege, Alejandro.

Alejandro should recognize and acknowledge cultural differences with ease and respect. Cultures view many things, including death, prosperity and even colors, quite differently. Time may be considered precise or fluid depending on the culture. For Alejandro to bring three cultures together he must start from a place of respect, understanding that his cultural perspective regarding time is neither more nor less valid than any other.

Absolutely. From now on, police, firefighters and doctors should follow such enlightened guidelines. Otherwise, they would be racist -- which is the worst thing ever!

The fruits of die-versity

This is what happens when you open the gates for barbarians:

A Belgian psychologist and mother-of-one who worked with asylum seekers facing deportation has been named as the latest victim of Friday’s jihadi atrocity in Stockholm.

Maïlys Dereymaeker, 31, was waiting for friends from work on the corner of Drottninggatan and Olof Palmes gata when the terrorist struck. She was the first victim to be hit by the speeding lorry and died instantly at the scene.

It took forensic experts two days to identify her mangled body from DNA samples.

If only the supporters of diversity and multiculturalism got the full consequences of their ignorance and stupidity.

What angers Muslims

Finally, a few Muslims are angry about the evil of ... urinating while standing:

A fiery Islamist preacher in Sydney has denounced Muslim men who use public urinals in a sermon about death.

Fundamentalist Abdulghani Albaf said people who refused to follow Allah would be punished in the grave for indiscretions, like spreading 'evil rumours' and exposing themselves at a public urinal.

A different diabolical behaviour was the target last year:

ASWJ's fundamentalist founder Sheikh Feiz Muhammad last year delivered a sermon saying it was a 'major sin' for Muslims to attend non-Muslim events. 'Is it part of the sharia? Are we allowed to entertain ourselves with celebrations that are built on non-Muslim concepts?,' he said.

He makes an excellent argument for a Muslim ban. If Muslims are religiously obligated to not assimilate, then the West ought to shut the door on them.

Liberal Propaganda in Ontario, Canada

I recently watched a movie. I went to the cinema a few minutes early to get a good seat and got treated to many asinine advertisements. The absolute worst one follows.

My tax money went towards making this shit. Anyway, the video and the lyrics will be useful for meme-lords when a truck of tolerance sweeps through a few city blocks in Toronto in the near-future.

Shocked by the costs

The government is not your friend:

A legion in North Bay, Ontario has had to sell its building because the hydro bill has gotten too high. With a bill coming in at $48,000 per year, North Bay Legion Branch 23 simply can’t make ends meet.

The average person doesn't know that, often, electricity bills aren't mostly based on mere electricity usage.

The bulk of most Ontarians’ hydro bills is in delivery charge, global adjustment fee, and other levies not directly connected to usage. All have contributed to hydro costs doubling in less than a decade, even while Ontario sells off excess hydro—at a loss, no less—to other jurisdictions.

A few weeks ago, there was a story of a woman who runs a business in Ontario. Her electricity usage cost was $5,000 but her total bill was $42,000!

A story from last year about the insane, bloated prices for electricity in Ontario:

“Milman Industries is a prime example of how the Wynne government’s failed energy policies are hurting Ontario businesses. Their recent hydro bill was nearly $42,000, yet only $1,200 was for actual electricity. The bulk was for the Global Adjustment fee, which is simply to pay for pricey energy contracts signed by this incompetent Liberal government,” said Fedeli.

[Emphasis mine.]

The Ontario Liberals will get a severe beating in the next election.

Concentration camps of peace

Muslims are following in the footsteps of Hitler:

Chechyna has opened the first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler, where campaigners say gay men are being tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death.

It comes after it was claimed 100 gay men had been detained and three killed in Chechnya last week.

A report by Novoya Gazeta said authorities had set up several camps where homosexuals are killed or forced to promise to leave the republic.

That's just their culture. Who are we to say that it's evil filth. Besides, to criticize the Chechens would be racist and there's nothing worse than that!

Child marriages in moderate Malaysia

Malaysia couldn't outlaw child marriages.

The Malaysian parliament approved a bill on sexual offences against children without outlawing child marriage.

Opposition MP Teo Nie Ching had proposed banning child marriage, but her amendment failed to win support in parliament in the Muslim majority country.

Here's what one Muslim politician had to say:

"They reach puberty at the age of nine or 12. And at that time, their body is already akin to them being 18 years old. So physically and spiritually, it is not a barrier for the girl to marry," he said.

Nine or 12? Isn't he shrewd.

They have to go back

It comes as no surprise that threats of ICE arrests and fear of immigration officials have exponentially been on the rise since the election. What is surprising is the way some families are being targeted in their own homes by their landlords.

Very bad landlords!

According to Citylab, “some landlords are now threatening to report undocumented tenants or mixed-status households to ICE in order to raise their rents. Or to evict tenants seen as undesirable, in the hopes of drawing a more affluent renter class in gentrifying neighborhoods.” As if these families already didn’t feel safe in their homes.

It's a win-win. The landlords get higher rent and the illegal aliens escape the evil regime of Evil Trump. Isn't that a good thing, Muslim Girl?

Future Kim Kebob

Vox Day:

This appears to be wrong about the Syrian action a feint; the God-Emperor has come out very noisily against North Korea and expressed satisfaction with an operation that appears to have accomplished precisely nothing. It looks more like a warning to a third party.

America takes the heat. South Korea, Japan and China breath a sigh of relief.

Washington Post:

A U.S. Navy strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier was making its way toward the Korean peninsula Sunday “to maintain readiness” as Kim Jong Un’s regime in North Korea prepared to mark key anniversaries this coming week.

The most feminist religion in action

Hundreds of runners took part in Tehran’s first-ever marathon on Friday, but many women were outraged to find they could only run a short distance in a closed-off stadium.

While men ran through Iran’s capital in the morning, women were allowed to run just 10 kilometres in Azadi stadium in the afternoon – with no male spectators or officials permitted.

The respect for women is just so overwhelming.

Get your Koran points

Bogor Institute of Agriculture, or IPB – one of the country's best universities in 2016, is offering a new program which will give an advantage to reciters of the Holy Koran in its 2017/2018 entrance test, its official said on Tuesday (04/04).


According to the new rule, students who can recite 30 chapters of the Koran will be rewarded with additional entrance points equal to those awarded to winners of international-level science competition.

Students who can recite 15 chapters will get additional points equal to a victory at a national-level science competition, according to Yonny.

It's so tough to decide: Is this better or worse than writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 times on an application to get into Stanford University?

Refusing to acknowledge evil

Andrew Neil is an utterly clueless moron:

More retarded questions:

  • What did the Americans do to deserve 9/11?
  • What did the Russian children do to deserve the Beslan Massacre?
  • What did the British do to deserve the London bombings on 7/7/2005?
  • What did the French do to deserve the truck attack in Nice last year?

A few asinine questions for WWII:

  • What did the British do to deserve the Blitz?
  • What did the Jews do to deserve the Holocaust?
  • What did the Chinese do to deserve the Nanking Massacre?
  • What did the Poles do to deserve being crushed by Germans and Russians?