ISIS fighters in Canada

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale refused to provide details today on the status of a Canadian former ISIS fighter who has confessed to an execution-style killing in Syria and is now home living in Toronto, citing operational security.

Goodale fielded questions from the Conservatives in the House of Commons about the former ISIS member, who goes by the jihadi nom de guerre Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi (Abu Huzaifa the Canadian), after he gave a detailed account of firing a bullet into the back of a man's head in a New York Times podcast.

This is the precedent set by Prime Minister Trudeau: You can leave Canada, join a terrorist organization, shoot people in the back of the head, rape a few girls, toss some faggots off high buildings, and then return to reap the benefits of Western Civilization.

Before firing the fatal shot into the back of the man's head, Abu Huzaifa said he told himself it was justified — that "you can do it and you won't be held accountable.

Yup. Abu Huzaifa isn't the only one who sniffed out the weakness of the West.

CSIS has estimated about 60 Canadians have returned home after fighting with foreign terror groups.

Goodale said Canadians can be "very assured" that CSIS, the RCMP and other security and police agencies are doing their job.

Dozens of murderers are roaming free in Canada. A few of them will unleash death and carnage on innocent Canadians. These Jihadists, however, aren't the main problem. The bigger issue is the spineless and cowardly response by the perfidious political elite to this evil. These Muslim barbarians and savages have existed outside the borders of Canada for centuries. Now, the gates are effectively open to them.

This will not end well.

Attention whore

A Cornell University student delivered her thesis wearing only her bra and underwear in protest of a professor who allegedly questioned her choice of clothing.

Letitia Chai stripped down to her undergarments while presenting in her "Acting in Public" class on Saturday because she wanted to stand up "against oppressive beliefs and discrimination."

It would be amusing to see the faces of future employers when they google her name.

"'I was wearing a long-sleeve blue button-down shirt and denim cut-offs," Chai wrote in a Facebook post. "'She, a white woman, continued: 'Your shorts are too short.' "

You see, to have any standard is oppression. Really, why should these grown monkeys even have to wear a single article of clothing? They should be free to attend class in their birthday suits.

Feminism: The Destroyer of Women

We can’t afford to lose very many pretty White girls to the Feminism abattoir. The death of a million fugs is a statistic; the loss of one cute girl to feminism is a tragedy. It’s a goddamned shame to lose any of these girls to their inner demons. Some of those girls were downright hot before the feminism cerberus ate their souls and turned them into unlovable, unfuckable monsters. A shame for them, and a shame for the newly minted incel betas who now have fewer cute girls available to them.

So much horror. One example:


She destroyed all the following to make herself ugly:

  1. Long hair.
  2. 1.3 Gigawatt smile.
  3. Makeup on eyelashes.
  4. Clean tattoo-free skin.
  5. Hot Pink-magenta lipstick.
  6. Feminine attire with a hint of cleavage.

The youth and beauty of women fades far too quickly as it is. Such deliberate brutality is truly and utterly malevolent.

No skin in the game

The virtue-signalling bimbo is naked:

Over the weekend the outspoken singer, who a couple years ago came under fire after apologising to Calais migrants on Britain's behalf and vowing to take in a displaced child, was asked how many refugees she's housed since.

Her reply: "None. To be honest I don't think social services would let me take in any refugees with my reputation. If I had a really big house I would but all my bedrooms are occupied with children."

This multi-millionaire wants to import hordes of diversity into her nation but she isn't willing to house even one -- ONE! -- 31-years-old child in her home.


A world of lies

The same thing has been happening around Europe. There was a music festival where around 90 German women made police reports about sexual assault. Later, the statistics magically reported around 15 reported cases in that event. This in relatively open and democratic societies. Can you imagine the horror in closed and totalitarian states?

The Very Dark Web

Vox Day utilizes his decades of observations in this excellent post:

The "Intellectual Dark Web" is the Fake Opposition, the roots of the Conservative Media 3.0. William F. Buckley's Conservative Media 1.0 is literally bankrupt, Bill Kristol's Conservative Media 2.0 lost its last vestiges of credibility due to the failures of the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, and now the mainstream media needs a new squad to put on the uniforms of the Washington Generals to go out in front of the public and take a dive.

It is NeverTrump: the media edition.

This is a familiar gambit. Not only are the dramatic portraits of the various Dark Webbers almost identical to those decorating the 2006 Wired piece entitled "The Church of the Non-Believers", but they've even recycled both Sam Harris and Michael Shermer as Very Important Intellectuals du Jour. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed that they didn't dig up the corpse of Christopher Hitchens and include him too while they were at it.

The Supreme Dark Lord can see the Matrix.

The "inclusive" insanity

The New York Post reports that the athletic director at Hanover Park High School decided to do away with tryouts and cuts after just one mother complained about her daughter not making the team.

We can't have hurt feelings in the fancy daycare center.

During a school board meeting to discuss the issue, cheerleader Stephanie Krueger said, “I tried my hardest. Now everything is going away because of one child who did not make the team, and their parent complained.”

"All my hard work has been thrown out the window," Krueger continued through tears.

After yielding to a single parent, the school became defensive when the cheerleaders who have worked hard to make the team voiced their concerns. The school then threatened to abandon the program altogether.

Accept mediocrity or else. The competent cheerleaders should have stood their ground. Still, the whole episode is a very valuable lesson for them.

The North Korean paradise


The historical record is littered with death and carnage when it comes to socialism but the true believers still persist. Socialism is like Islam in that sense. Muslims are leaving their halaal shitholes by the millions but still they clamor about the perfection of Islam. The West has to be always on guard against both these evils.

The tale of Aphria

Windsor Star:

Leamington marijuana producer Aphria Inc. is on a hiring spree, filling several high-level positions as it prepares for legalization in Canada while also gearing up for a surge into the global market.

After Aurora went after CanniMed, Aphria also got acquisition fever:

In January, Aphria announced it bought global marijuana retailer Nuuvera for $826 million, and licensed producer Broken Coast Cannabis Inc. in B.C. for $230-million.

Aphria was way too conservative in the past few years. They were profitable which looked great but now the CEO says:

“Between myself and my executive management team, we thought we built enough forward-thinking capacity, but we were so wrong,” he said. “We would have loved to have been in a position right now that we could feed all the provincial hungry mouths that we know are asking for product.”

That's quite an admission. Aphria has had a nice profit every quarter for the past few years. That would certainly have gained them some nice attention from the Big Banks but the executives invested in the United States. Juicy margins but that's illegal. That retarded move limited their access to capital.

Now, Aphria has to sell its US investments and buy other companies to get ready for recreational legalization.

Canopy Growth Corp. has over $100 million of marijuana in inventory. By July, they will easily double that. Let's see how much Aphria has for sale in Q3 of this year.

Halaal scam

Two uncles of new Home Secretary Sajid Javid have been accused of running a ‘cash for visas’ scam targeting migrants who wanted to get into Britain.

His relatives are alleged to have conned people in Pakistan out of money after promising to obtain documents which did not materialise.

One of the uncles is also understood to have offered to help Pakistanis enter Britain by arranging marriages for cash.

Pakis fucking over other Pakis. That's the Paki way!

Senile in Seattle

Newly released video shows a dramatic police takedown, and raises new questions about whether one officer acted courageously or went too far in his attempt to protect the public.

Officer Nick Guzley now faces discipline for how he subdued a man armed with an ice ax. A complaint was filed about his failure to de-escalate the situation. However, other officers have said he made the best of a bad situation, and no one ended up getting hurt.

A guy steals an ice ax and threatens a worker in the store. Police follow the guy for many blocks while repeatedly telling him to drop the ax. He doesn't. Eventually, one officer got him in a bear hug to disarm him.


  • nobody got pepper sprayed.
  • nobody got tasered.
  • nobody got shot.
  • nobody got hurt.

Yet, the police officer still faces suspension!? The guy should be getting a medal for not panicking like an idiot and unloading all his ammo.


Men are just the worst.

Burqa on statues?

The garbage bags of Islam are being put on Italian art:

The statue of Epaminondas, a historic Theban general and statesman, was covered with a blanket as to not offend Muslims. Also other works were censored as well, The European Post reports.

Several works of art in the Italian palace of Savona took part in an exposition of the Italian artist Mario Capelli. But because of a conference of Italy’s Islamic Confederation at the same location, some art works of the exposition had to be censored because they were ‘too nude’.

Only three years for raping a girl

Finland’s Supreme Court upheld the ruling, rejecting a request from the prosecution to appeal a three-year jail term for a 23-year-old asylum seeker who had sex with a 10-year-old saying it didn’t constitute rape.

The man is named as Juusuf Muhamed Abbudin and he was convicted of aggravated sexual abuse, which the prosecution had sought the harsher sentence of aggravated rape.

There is a serious sickness in Finland:

The Prikanmaa District Court and the Appeal Court, in Turku charged the man with aggravated sexual abuse and a three-year prison sentence in 2017 saying the girl wasn’t forced into the act or overcome by fear.

How can a 10-years-old girl consent to anything?

Canadian wind storm

When nature starts tearing down trees, collecting pieces of roofs, and killing people:

Hundreds of thousands of people were still without power across central Canada on Saturday morning following a windstorm that downed trees and power lines and left two people dead.

Environment Canada said wind gusted at close to 120 kilometres per hour on Friday in the wake of a cold front that moved across Ontario and Quebec.

Hydro One, Ontario's largest power utility, was reporting about 200,000 customers affected by outages on Saturday, and Toronto Hydro said another 29,000 were without power in the city -- down from a peak of 68,000.

It really got ugly here around 5 p.m. yesterday. My neighborhood lost electricity for 12 hours. The traffic lights were out; drivers had to be extra careful.

I checked the outage map on my phone and realized that it wasn't a whole city-wide power outage. Certain blocks were out and others had no issue. So, it's not one problem, it's multiple small headaches for the power companies to fix.

In Quebec, more than 195,000 people were still without power by Saturday after the storm gusted through at speeds reaching 100 km/h.

Hydro Quebec asked customers for patience as its crews worked to clear the downed trees and branches that damaged its grid in several areas of the province.

Baloo goes berserk

The Last Selfie:

A man was mauled to death by a bear after he reportedly tried to take a selfie with the creature.

After stopping to go to the toilet on his way home from a wedding, Prabhu Bhatara is said to have spotted the injured animal in the Nabarangpur district of Odisha in India.

His fellow SUV passengers advised him against trying to take a picture with the creature.

There is no cure for stupid.

The slaves are happy

Yeah, Lalo, just shut up! And the West is bad.

The land of barbarians

In Pakistan, sex-selective abortion often occurs outside the womb. Welfare organizations reported finding hundreds of dead newborn infants thrown away in the trash — 345 in the city of Karachi alone during the past 16 months. The overwhelming majority of them are girls.

Between January 2017 and April 2018, the Edhi Foundation and Chhipa Welfare organization found 345 babies dumped lifeless in the trash in Karachi, with 99 percent of them girls.

The most feminist religion marches on.

"We have been dealing with such cases for years and there are few such incidents which shook our souls as much," Anwar Kazmi, a senior manager at the Edhi Foundation in Karachi, told The News. "It left us wondering whether our society is heading back to the primitive age."

Evil exists in all corners of the world. However, this kind of evil has a special place in Hell:

"A few people found a baby at the doorstep of a mosque in Karachi and they handed the baby over to the prayer leader," he recounted. "The cleric decried that this is an illegitimate baby therefore he should be stoned. Resultantly the baby was stoned to death. I tried to register a case against the cleric but nothing happened."

Can you even imagine such a thing in the Western world today?

On Nomads

Vox Day writes about not having skin in the game:

This is why skin in the game matters. This is why it is a mistake for farmers to permit nomads to dwell among them, much less be permitted any voice in how they order their societies. When things fall apart, the nomad will move on and the farmers will be left to pick up the pieces as best they can. And this is why no immigrants, foreign or domestic, should be permitted any vote in a democracy or a republic for at least five generations.

George Clooney used his fame to virtue signal about the joys of mass migration into Europe. Yet, even with a phalanx of heavily armed bodyguards, he decided to leave his European mansion and move to the US for the safety of his wife and future kids. Sadly, average Europeans will have to fight for their homeland and progeny when the Clooney-supported diversity hits the fan.

Not cool Tesla

Tesla Inc chief Elon Musk’s refusal to answer “boring” Wall Street questions about the electric car maker’s financial condition sent shares down as much as 7 percent on Thursday and spurred concerns about its ability to raise money in the future.

Tesla just burned over $1 billion in three months. How long can a company survive with that kind of negative cash flow? Who is going to give capital to Tesla after this response?

In a conference call on Wednesday, Musk refused to answer questions from analysts on Tesla’s capital requirements, saying “boring questions are not cool.”

Tesla got tremendous attention because of the crazy acceleration of its cars and the high-tech wizardry inherent in its various products. But now, the bigger problem for Elon Musk is competition ... rich German competition:

VW, BMW and Mercedes-maker Daimler have increased their investment in electromobility, aiming to produce e-cars at a fast clip reliably and find the customers willing to buy them. The German automotive industry invested €4.7 billion between 2016 and 2017 in adapting its factories, more than all the other big competitors together, according to an analysis by consultancy EY.

A symptom of decay

The Shiv Lord:

“Shut up, cunt,” was the only acceptable response to that fishmouth termagant when she decided to stretch out her piehole and virtue snivel for the assembled.

I can tell you this…White Men of the West are getting pissed off. If the current state of Uppity Phaggotry will ever end, it will be at the hands and by the will of angry White Men.

White men want their White women to stand by them in their fight against the Invasion. Instead, our White women prefer betrayal. They won’t be loyal until White men wield the pimp hand again. And that means White Knights have to be as mercilessly mocked as is civilization’s mortal in-house enemy, the pursed-lip pussyhatter femcunt.

Sanctimonious, virtue sniveling White women who refuse to fight for their nations by standing by their men are mortal enemies of the West. They will only defer to the pimp hand.

Generation Zyklon in the West will be angry after comprehending what their own mothers voted for: a noxious combination of scorching public debt, generous welfare, and open borders -- guaranteeing a bloody war for the defense of Western Civilization.

Ludicrous comparison

Financial Post: 'An absolute gong show': Move over Vancouver, Canada’s craziest housing market is now in Whistler.

A couple of problems with this story:

  1. The core population of Vancouver is 650,000. The Greater Vancouver Area has roughly 2.5 million people. The population of Whistler? 10,000. It's a town built around a tourist area. Most Canadians aren't even aware of its existence.
  2. Why does the story have a photo of Jasper National Park? That park is 400 kilometers away from Whistler. It's so far away that it's in a different province!

Moth angry at flame

Roaming chimes in:

The Canadian cannabis space

Financial Post: How the CEOs of Canada's four biggest cannabis companies are gearing up for legalization.

The final vote for the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada is just five weeks away. It it passes, then in terms of revenue growth rate in the next two years, no other industry in the world is going to come close. Let's see who gets to one billion dollars in yearly top line first. My bet is on Canopy Growth Corp.