The government is not your friend

After driving up the cost of soda and other sugary drinks with a new tax, the mayor of Philadelphia is now trying to blame businesses for charging higher prices (and for the outrage those prices have generated).

Mayor Jim Kenney, who proposed the soda tax and championed its passage through city council last year, told reporters on Tuesday it's not the new 1.5-cents-per-ounce tax that's making it more expensive to buy a can of Coke in Philly. No, according to the mayor, those higher prices are caused by city businesses price gouging their customers in order to stir up opposition to the tax.

This isn't a small tax.

The distributors sells five-gallon boxes of syrup that can be used in soda fountains, and each box costs a retailer about $60. Thanks to the city's new tax, though, retailers have to pay $57.60 in taxes for each of those boxes of syrup.

That's a stunning 96% tax on one product. The public is rightly pissed off about their price increase. Now, the idiot mayor thinks that he can shift the blame to the businesses for their "price gouging".

M for Muslim

M for Murder:

Canada’s capital is a small sleepy city of less than a million. Its average annual murder rate is only 10. That’s a weekend in Chicago. But last year something strange happened to Ottawa’s murder rate.

It shot up to 24 homicides.

M for Multiculturalism:

There were an estimated 66,000 Muslim settlers in the Ottawa - Gatineau metropolitan area. Despite forming some 5 percent of the population, they are startlingly overrepresented in Ottawa’s murders.

2016 in Ottawa ended with a Muslim murder in December and it began with a Muslim murder in January. Mohamed Najdi was killed by five other Muslim men. Mohamed had probably been shot in connection with the 2015 shooting of yet another Muslim man by an accused killer named Mohammad.

M for Moron:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a vehement advocate of Muslim colonization, had declared that Canada was the “first postnational state”.

“There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” the radical leftist leader had insisted.

M for Madness!

The Cult of Terror

Life in the only country that was founded on the basis of Islam:

In Pakistan another secular activist, critic of religious extremism and violent fringes present in political and military circles has disappeared. Samar Abbas, 54, president of the Civil Progressive Alliance Pakistan (CPAP) is the fifth activist to have disappeared into thin air, after the same fate befell a famous university professor and three bloggers last week. Many now fear the security forces and terrorism are behind the mysterious disappearances.

This is what happens to those who have a big mouth.

The activist Mona Aurangzeb believes that "the forced disappearance of members of the intellectual class of Punjab is an alarming trend. The state is giving the impression that no matter who you are: if you raise your voice or create problems, you have to pay the price."

That's the scary thing about Pakistan. The state doesn't have to go through the legal / judicial system to make your life hell. They simply kidnap and slaughter you make you "disappear". If you're a genuine journalist who is coming too close to the ugly truth, then you're killed in a public place. No suspects, no arrests.

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslim girl?

Claiming discrimination because of their Muslim religion, a Utah County family has hired an attorney after their ninth-grade daughter was asked twice to get off a school bus.

What exactly happened?

... in November, she felt singled out when she boarded a bus to head home — a bus the school district says she was not assigned to ride.

“… the bus driver, she got her speaker and I was wearing a blue scarf,” Bakeer said. “And she’s like, ‘Hey, you with that blue thing, you don’t ride this bus and I’ve never seen you ride it so get off.”


The family has lived here since 2012 and says the community has treated them very well. The family attorney says they are not planning to file a lawsuit, they just want to improve understanding and tolerance.

Yeah, sure. Perhaps, the dumb daughter can remember the correct bus.

Out: fair and lovely. In: dark and ugly

The judges voted for a non-white person. Hence, they can't be racist.

When you hear the words Finland or Scandinavia, what’s the first images that pop into your head? My guess would be vikings, blistering cold, and some of the blondest hair and bluest eyes in the world. Studies typically show that 80% or more of the population of Finland have blonde hair. And when you hear the words beauty pageant, you probably think of beauty (obviously), elegance and grace.

The recent Miss Harambe Helsinki:

Miss helsinki

Hey, if the Magic Negro can campaign in 57 states of America and win twice, then is this recent development a surprise?

Die-versity and Slavery

After a pair of Syrian men were taken in as refugees, liberal volunteers helped them open their own business — a Middle Eastern hookah shop. However, as soon as authorities came to inspect the suspicious business, they discovered a stomach-churning surprise in the shop’s basement.

More hookahs?

[The police] discovered a kidnapped Swedish woman chained in the shop’s basement. The brutalized victim was being kept as their own personal sex slave and had been repeatedly raped and tortured by at least 7 Arab Muslim men.

Why are the Swedes such sex-slave-o-phobes? Why don't they show respect to rape culture, slavery culture, hate-the-filthy-infidel culture?

After Hegrs illegally came to Sweden in 2010, he was allowed to stay as an “undocumented migrant,” despite his denied asylum application. When Bakkar arrived in 2014, he qualified for nearly $800 per month in taxpayer benefits from the Employment Service and was given free schooling.

As previously inferred, this isn’t the first time Sweden has suffered Caliphate-like brutality from those claiming to be refugees. Just days earlier, authorities announced that they had recovered 48 different stains of semen from a gang-rape victim’s clothing after launching an investigation into one of the worst cases of migrant sex attacks the country has ever seen.

That lovely multicultralism again

An Afghani shares his culture with a young girl in Germany:

Police in Düsseldorf arrested the 27-year-old man, who has not been named, after he started pleasuring himself in front of a young girl in the Düsselstrand swimming pool.

The girl, who police described as being “under 14”, had dived into the pool when she noticed the man pulling down his trunks and masturbating.

Hey, it's a step up from bacha baazi.

Er, more:

He then reportedly asked the girl: “Do you want to see more?” The girl immediately ran to her father who reported the man to the lifeguards.

Why are the Germans so intolerant and such xenophobes?

Muslims: Experts at vomiting evil

Muslim Girl:

When it comes to memorizing the Quran, the Somali community in Minnesota takes it very seriously. Children are enrolled in weekend Quran school at a young age and spend years there until they finish their goal of memorizing the entire book.

What a lovely use of time.

What I wrote in 2005:

Corporal punishment was the result for not doing the work. I never had a single teacher who didn’t hit the students. The punishments varied from different teachers. Some would institute punishments for failing tests. Some used their hands while others preferred to use long and heavy wooden sticks. On many a day I went home with red and swollen palms.

Many Muslim kids are terrorized into memorizing the entire Arabic Quran. Children are beaten into reciting any portion of the Quran without even understanding the meaning of the words. (Remember that the first language of most Muslims is not Arabic.)

I once saw one of these training sessions. My aunt was sitting with her young son. He was rocking back and forth and reading the filthy book. She would smack him with a heavy wooden stick at every mistake. This, by the way, is a mark of great pride in the Islamic community: To have zombie, ignorant sons who can vomit out any portion of the Quran in a few seconds.

And yet these same vile vermin yell HATE CRIME when an infidel says something impolite about their disgusting religion.

Nothing to do with Islam

Last year a cartoonist in Jordan made fun of ISIS. He was called to court. He was shot and murdered outside the courthouse.

Isn't it odd that so many muzzies get upset when the media skewers ISIS?

Providing help to criminals

Muslim Girl: 5 Ways Undocumented Immigrants Can Prepare for the Trump Administration.

It’s important to obey all laws, because law enforcement can verify a person’s immigration status. This means not only keeping a clean criminal record, but also something as simple as obeying traffic/driving rules.

(Laughs.) Obey all laws! Except the one you broke by becoming an illegal alien.

For the past two months, Muslim Girl has been calling Trump, and by extension the 30 states he won, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, Nazis, etc. And yet, here they are providing tips to, likely non-white, illegal aliens. So that they can stay in evil America! Would it not be consistent and compassionate to tell the illegals to GTFO!?

Question to Muslim Girl: Can you get any more glaringly two-faced?

Don't mess with the Czechs

A couple of months ago, Czech President Milos Zeman made an unusual request: He urged citizens to arm themselves against a possible "super-Holocaust" carried out by Muslim terrorists.

An elegant solution.

Now the country's interior ministry is pushing a constitutional change that would let citizens use guns against terrorists. Proponents say this could save lives if an attack occurs and police are delayed or unable to make their way to the scene. To become law, Parliament must approve the proposal; they'll vote in the coming months.

Imagine if the French citizens were armed when the terrorists attacked the theatre in 2015. It's likely that the terrorists would have been deterred from even putting their evil plan in motion if they knew that they would be gunned down pretty quickly.

The magical world of Islam

An evangelical Christian from the village of Kamahan, near Lahore, was arrested on charges of blasphemy and now faces the death penalty.

According to a complaint by a Muslim, Haji Nadeem, Shahbaz Babu desecrated Islam's holy book by writing his name on some pages, tearing them up and then scattering them on the street in front of a mosque where a Muslim, Peer Baba Gujjar, preaches.

According to British Pakistani Christian Association, the Christian man is completely illiterate, so he could never write his name on any pages.

Besides, there are much faster ways of committing suicide.

The blasphemy laws are being used by Muslims against non-Muslims to settle a score:

Activists note that no one saw him write his name in the Qurʾān. Instead, the complaint could be a retaliatory act against his family, because the accuser is in a dispute with Babu’s brother George Masih who owns a thriving grocery store, which Nadeem wants to take over.

The Evangelical Christian is also disliked by local Muslims for organising prayer meetings at his home.

Simple solution: just accuse the infidel of blasphemy. Evidence unnecessary. Anyone who dares to object is also committing blasphemy by de facto siding with the original, wicked blasphemer.

The real war on women

German women don't like the cultural enrichment:

Nearly half of Germany’s women now feel unsafe walking about their local neighbourhood, a survey has revealed, with many taking precautions such as pepper spray with them when out at night.

The survey, by Emnid for Bild am Sonntag further found that 58 per cent of women believe that public places have become less safe in recent times, following news of events such as the mass sexual assault attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve last year.

I wonder why the same majority that welcomed barbaric economic parasites refugees feels so differently now.

POLICE are today hunting five men of “African appearance” who lured a nurse into a park with fake cries for help then beat her unconscious and sexually abused her. Officers in the German city of Hamburg are appealing for witnesses following the brutal attack on the female hospital worker, who was unconscious for so long that she developed hypothermia.

The Germans will get a chance to vote in a few months. Let's see if they are serious about fixing the problem. Also, women should think about carrying this:

Ruger LC9

It's difficult for a rapefugee to rape when you've just obliterated his tiny balls.

A "Truck Driver" Story

Good for the Israelis for calling out the biased media:

Education Minister Naftali Bennett slammed the BBC for its coverage of Sunday’s terror attack in Jerusalem with a headline focusing on the death of the truck “driver” who “allegedly” rammed into pedestrians.

Let's see what the family of the "truck driver" has to say:

After learning of her 28-year-old brother's having slain one officer and three cadets in the IDF officers' training course in East Talpiot, also known as Armon Hanatziv, in the capital, Al-Qunbar's sister commented, "Praise be to God that he became a martyr. It's the most beautiful martyrdom."

The lovely "truck driver" supporters also have something to say:

Hamas praised the attack, trying to get #TruckIntifada trending on Twitter and handing out sweets in Gaza to celebrate it.

Hamas spokesman Abdul-Latif Qanou called it a "heroic" act and encouraged other Palestinians to do the same and "escalate the resistance." Qanou says Sunday's attack proves the wave of Palestinian violence has not ended, despite a recent lull. He says "it may be quiet, it may linger, but it will never end."

The worshippers of Satan Allah are not shy about their goals.

Rapefugees Welcome

A 42-year-old Ethiopian national who last September raped a 22 year old woman in Stockholm may stay in Sweden. The Svea Court of Appeal has now decided.

In October he was convicted of Nacka District Court to two years in prison for rape. On Wednesday tightened the Svea Court of Appeal penalty to imprisonment for two years and four months. The 42-year-old Ethiopian will, however, stay in Sweden after serving his sentence.

Is there any crime for which a migrant would get deported from Sweden?

Another rape:

The Syrian immigrant Mohammed, who claims to be 19 years, locked into a 13 year old girl in a school toilet and raped her, according to the indictment submitted to Östersund District Court. When he was finished, he threatened the girl with beatings if she told anyone about what happened.

In this case, the prosecutor is not even bothering with deportation.

The prosecutor has not asked Mohammed, who are citizens of Syria, to be deported home to the Arab world if convicted.

The "Elite"

I was a grip for my high school theatre and I realized very quickly that I wanted nothing to do with the performers in the productions. They were dancing monkeys who loved attention. So, I've never really understood the adulation people have for famous actors and actresses. They're good looking and wealthy but dumb monkeys nonetheless.

This is proven quite spectacularly by Meryl Streep who thinks that her ilk are "vilified".

Nothing could more beautifully, and articulately demonstrate the separation not merely from America, but from Americans who must think, and worry, and plan, and scheme, and hustle, and wish every day about tomorrow.

Even Piers Morgan could see through the mountain of BS.

[Meryl Streep] began by saying that Hollywood, foreigners and the press are ‘the most vilified segments of American society right now’.

At which point the cameras panned out to hundreds of the richest, most privileged people in American society sitting in the audience in their $10,000 tuxedos and $20,000 dresses, loudly cheering this acknowledgement of their dreadful victimhood.

Won't you feel sorry for Hollywood?

Of course, there are a few with common sense.

And she’s simply re-confirmed to them what Mark Wahlberg said a few weeks ago when he urged actors not to talk about politics:

'A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, with the everyday guy out there providing for their family.’

Cuckservative defined

The 16 Points of the Cuckservative.

Points 9 and 11 made me laugh:

9. Race does not exist, and even if it did, this uncomfortable fact would not be relevant to the Cuckservative or his black son. PLEASE DON'T CALL ME RACIST!

11. The Cuckservative understands that diversity and multiculturalism are our greatest strengths, and that discrimination and intolerance of other lifestyles or life choices of ANY form are evil, as was taught by Judeo-Christ himself.

Compare and contrast with the Alt-Right 16 or as I like to call it: AR-16.

Chicks dig the bad boy

This white infidel woman chose poorly:

A woman has recalled the horrific abuse she was subjected to by her former partner - who boasted of his attacks by putting photos of her injuries on Facebook.

Atlanta Hammond, from Braintree, Essex, says she was subjected to daily physical abuse, banned from socialising and forced to quit her job by her ex-boyfriend.

And when the mother-of-one plucked up the courage to leave him, he threatened to publish a video of himself raping her while she slept and post it online.

She went to the police after a year of abuse and then retracted her statements! It's almost like she wanted to win the Darwin award.

Halil, who Atlanta described as a staunch Muslim, made her quit her job as a carer 'out of respect for his faith'. And after Googling friends' names on the internet one day, she found he was using an alias and was wanted by police.

Eventually, she told the police all the ugly details. The muzzie boyfriend overdid the bad boy part.

Halil was sentenced to 19 years and eight months in prison in April.

On to the next, er, moderate bad boy ...

Tired of winning!

Some liberal CEO in California is unhappy with 30 of the US.

Liberals are the worst. They make me happy that Donald Trump won. They also make it clearer every day why he did. This little rant written by Melinda Byerley got the attention of conservative twitter on Saturday night. Byerley. CEO of a marketing and advertising consulting firm, in San Francisco, offered some free advice to “middle America”. At least I hope this isn’t the type of thing she charges for….

I have a feeling that Trump is going to win with a bigger electoral college margin in 2020.

Importing rape culture

On Friday the AfD faction in the Hamburg parliament published a new report after they had inquired into the statistics relating to sex attacks in the city-state. According to the report, there were 1,321 different cases of sexual assault in 2015, with  117 cases of full blown rape and 28 cases of attempted rape. Of the 99 suspects identified, 45.5 percent of them had a non-German background, reports Die Welt.

Only 45.5%?

Then I realized that that percentage is about people who don't have German citizenship. If the Germans were to break down the rape statistics on racial or cultural lines, then the number would be far higher. This is what happens when you import savages.

What's really stunning is that animals who break the law to enter into Germany can't even be deported -- they're allowed to roam free to target innocent prey:

The deportation system in Germany is under heavy strain as more and more migrants enter the country without any papers of any form of identification. An Egyptian man who raped a 14-year-old before Christmas in an asylum home has been touted as an example of how the system is not working properly. The 21-year-old came to Germany in 2011 and authorities have tried to deport him a number of times, but because he has no papers the Egyptian government refused to take him back.

Equality is a myth

The reason white shitlibs excuse or sugarcoat the depraved violence of blacks is because they don’t really believe blacks have moral agency. And frankly, they’re right. The races don’t share equal reserves of empathy, and blacks by their astounding level of dysfunction prove over and over that their moral compass doesn’t quite point as true north as that of Whites’. The issue with shitlibs is their rank hypocrisy and bad faith; instead of facing the reality of race differences, they choose instead to heap lies, libel, and calumny on other Whites for, apparently, the sin of insufficiently ignoring stunted black morality and for pilfering blacks of their moral agency through the alchemical magic of White privilege and racism.

All these intellectuals try mighty hard to ignore what's right in front of their noses. If Africa or black-majority nations are so swell, then why are millions of these people migrating to white-majority nations? If we as a free people can't even discuss this issue, then how can it be resolved? (Assuming that it can be.)

This same disease shows up when discussing Cuba. Countless Cubans have risked their life to arrive at the soil in Florida. Why? As one TV pundit said, "Oh, he's just leaving to find a new wife." Again, the disease reappears when we discuss Islamic migration. Muslims all over the world would sell one of their kids kidneys to have a chance at a green card. But why are they leaving their beloved sharia states for an infidel land?

Different races, genetics, cultures and religions are not even close to being equal. But simply mentioning this makes one a bigot.

The Evil Olympics

Two Islamic groups fighting over who is more evil and authentic.

Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has denounced what he said was a dishonest propaganda campaign by rival jihadist group the Islamic State against his organisation, in an audio message released Thursday.

In the message found and translated by US-based watchdog the SITE Intelligence Group, the Egyptian extremist accuses IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of slandering his group.

Al-Qaida, founded by the late Osama Bin Laden, is locked in a battle with the so-called Islamic State – which sprang from its Iraqi faction – for the leadership of a global jihad.

The Reina Killer

The survivors huddled atop a giant industrial freezer in silence as the ISIL gunman entered the nightclub kitchen. Wiping his Kalashnikov free of fingerprints, he did not see them as he changed clothes and put on a Santa hat.

He had fired 180 rounds in seven minutes and killed 39 people. After smearing himself with their blood, he left the kitchen and blended into the crowd of survivors being taken out of the building.

Read the whole thing. This guy was no amateur.

The Quran = Hate speech

Police in Canada are investigating allegations of hate speech by a local imam who called a publisher and its administration ‘devil’ and ‘kaafir’. Professor Syed Badiuddin Soharwardy, an imam at a mosque, has been under investigation by the Calgary Police for spreading hate messages against a local publisher on a mass level through internet.

The Calgary Police should go ahead and investigate Islam while they're at it.

The meaning of oppression II

What I wrote last year:

Most people in the West don't know about this azaan or "call to prayer".

Here's a simple way to learn. Click on this link -- it will open a you tube video. Now, the trick is to click on the same link and open the same video seven times in a minute. So, what you'll be hearing is the same out of sync cacophony of noise. That's what the azaan sounds like in a Muslim country. You see, there isn't just one mosque within walking distance in Islamic lands. I lived in Saudi Arabia and I could hear the azaan from seven mosques. Yes, every damn mosque plays this noise.

Do you know how many times in a day we get the azaan? Five fucking times. The first one is before sunrise. That would be at 3:15 a.m. in the summer. Imagine hearing that horseshit everyday that early in the morning.

Looks like the Egyptians are sick of the same BS noise:

A number of prominent Muslim contributors to Egyptian newspapers have been complaining lately about the “noise pollution” they must endure. From amplified Muslim calls to prayer. From the mosques in their own neighborhoods.

One even wrote that the calls, five times a day and sometimes including entire prayers, are a “source of noise and of torment for the sick, children and the elderly.” And another said banning such “cacophony” does not suppress Islam, nor is it a “blow to the status of the religion.” 

Perhaps, this guy can tell that to the Saudis ...

Charlie Hebdo is dead

The use of lethal force had its intended effect:

One of Charlie Hebdo's most outspoken journalists said on Friday she is quitting the French satirical magazine because it has gone soft on Islamist extremism. Zineb El Rhazoui accused the weekly of bowing to Islamist extremists and no longer daring to draw the Prophet Mohammed. Her parting shot comes on the eve of the second anniversary of the jihadist massacre that almost wiped out the controversial magazine's staff.

"Charlie Hebdo died on January 7", the day the gunmen attacked the magazine killing 12 people, El Rhazoui said in a damning interview with AFP.

Just like before World War II, the West is suffering a complete loss of deterrence. Savages with AK-47s attack and murder journalists in the West and we don't retaliate with force. Instead, we capitulate and import more of the same evil. Drawings of Muhammad are forbidden in Islam. And so that has become true in the infidel West as well.

Any criticism of the Procunt Muhammad is blasphemy and punishable by death in Islam. Already, the "brave" journalists of the West are towing the same line.

Investigative reporter Laurent Leger, who survived the attack but has been on long-term sick leave, told AFP that in hindsight "Charlie should have stopped after we did the survivors' issue after the attack". "The price has been too heavy to pay for the journalists and for normal human beings," he added.

Freedom has never been cheap.