The Wicked Left

Anyone who thinks the CBC does not serve conservative-leaning Canadians should look at the comments for a recent online story about inheritance taxes.

The article was based on a report about the wide gulf between rich and poor issued by the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives think-tank. The report suggested the lack of an inheritance tax in this country makes inequality worse.

This is a bizarre characterization of the network: The CBC is leaning Right because it allows comments by conservatives on a story which used a study by a Left-leaning think tank!?

Later, we get this info:

As the article reminds us, half off all Canadian families have net assets worth less than $300,000. Even the relatively well-off, with say, a paid-off home in Vancouver and a million dollar retirement nest egg, won't pass the $5-million threshold.

So why the backlash? According to research in the U.S. by scholar Dianna Muntz, the main cause of conservative anger that fired up working-class supporters of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election was status threat.

Canadians don't want a death tax because ... Trump? Oh, the best part:

When people feel threatened by change, he [Frank Graves] says, they don't necessarily look for logical solutions such as income redistribution from the very rich to people like them. Instead, the part of the collective personality that seeks strong leadership and order comes out.

(Laughs.) You see, stealing money from "the rich" to give to the poor is logical. It's reasonable. It's sensible. It's so progressive. Instead, White people oppose that and vote for fascists strong leaders like Donald Trump and Doug Ford who don't want to punish the rich. Apparently, those governments that do rob "the rich" are soft and sensitive.

It's heartening to see the gulf between these wicked Leftists and the average Canadian who must be horrified with how casually Frank Graves mentioned using the threat of force to seize money from those who have largely earned it. Remember these eeevil rich people have paid taxes on their income:

  • Income tax
  • Property tax
  • Sales tax

These people have paid millions and millions of dollars in taxes over their life. Their money has been taxed multiple times. Now, on top of all that, the Leftists want to throw in a 40-50% death tax. Fuck off!

The barbarians react

Canada criticizes Saudi Arabia for putting human rights activists behind bars and the orcs in Mordor Arabs react by showcasing their super peaceful religious beliefs:

The religion of peace

Can't you feel the tolerance and peace?

A Saudi Arabian organization is apologizing after posting an image on Twitter appearing to show an Air Canada plane heading toward the CN Tower in a way that is reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks in the U.S.

Compared to greatness

Virat Kohli is definitely the MVP for India in the past five years:

In the 10-year period between November 1991 and December 2001, Tendulkar played 23 Tests in Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa, and his numbers in those matches are very similar to Kohli's stats in the 17 Tests he has played in these countries since the start of the South Africa tour in December 2013.

Kohli has the slightly better average, but there is little to choose between their conversion rates, or the manner in which both dominated their batting line-ups, scoring a fifth of their team's runs off the bat.

The big difference today is that India is #1 in the Test rankings. Their overall batting inconsistency makes for more close and interesting matches.

Pointless protest

Canada lectures Saudi Arabia:

The statement, published by Canada's Foreign Office, stated: “Canada is gravely concerned about additional arrests of civil society and women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, including Samar Badawi.

“We urge the Saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful human rights activists.”

Of course, the enlightened Arabs reacted in a reasonable manner:

The Canadian Ambassador Dennis Horak was subsequently declared persona non grata, and issued 24 hours to leave the country.

The Middle Eastern nation has also frozen all new trade and investment with Canada, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

What exactly did the Canadians expect from a sharia infested totalitarian state?

Also, what is it with the schizophrenic nature of Trudeau's government? They allow dozens of ISIS terrorists to return and roam free in Canada while simultaneously crying about vagina rights in a foreign land.

Don't talk to the media

Check out this sad but predictable case of "journalism". The intense triggering on the IQ question was quite amusing. The moronic interviewer literally stopped Stefan Molyneux from answering a question that he just asked!?

Eva Braun on the interviewer (in the comments at YouTube):

- Misrepresents someone about what they have said
- When called out on it, asks them what they've said
- Then won't let them finish saying what they've said

Grade A journalism right there.


Can't integrate evil

Sweden sacrifices its children on the altar of multiculturalism:

The victim was bullied, called a slut and in one incident had her clothing removed because she wasn’t dressed “Muslim enough,” according to the girl’s father, who also said that his daughter was called a “slut” and asked what her religious affiliation was.

Shockingly, the boys who abused the girl also bombarded her with threats that their fathers would rape her.

According to a report by Sydsvenskan, other children as young as 6-years-old were also beaten and harassed at the school, which refused to do anything about the bullying.

Appeasement didn't work in the 1930s and it won't work now:

A mother in Germany whose daughter was being bullied by Muslim students because she was blonde, Christian and didn’t wear a headscarf was told by the headmaster of a school in Frankfurt to cover her up with a hijab.

No support for Kohli

One feels sorry for Virat Kohli who scored a mammoth 200 runs in the Test and still lost the match! The fact that the rest of the Indian team combined scored a measly 214 runs in two innings tells the story.

England also didn't perform well. The seasoned players, with the exception of Root, didn't step up. They should be grateful for the young noob who smashed just enough runs to turn the tide.

Not getting the PC memo

Latest controversial statement by Mio Sugita, an ally of PM Shinzō Abe, sparks furore.

What did he say?

Japan’s governing party has belatedly distanced itself from an MP who described members of the LGBT community as “unproductive” because they cannot have children.

How dare he speak the truth!?

Tomu Tanigawa told an internet TV programme that while he did not oppose same-sex relationships, he opposed laws legalising same-sex marriages.

“A man and a woman get married and have children. That is how a traditional family is formed,” he said. “Humans have been doing so from antiquity to prevent nations from falling into decline and ruin.”

It's amusing how these simple statements are getting the "controversial" spin when the overwhelming majority of the globe accepts them. Perhaps, the media and the retarded LGBTBBQ people would have more credibility if they went after governments that actually imprison or slaughter homosexuals. Of course, they would do no such thing because that would be Islamophobic!

BBQ -- Paki style

More enrichment from The Religion That Must Not Be Named:

Unidentified assailants burned down at least 12 schools in Gilgit-Baltistan's Diamer district late on Thursday night and fled, causing panic among residents, locals and police said.

Diamer Superintendent Police (SP) Roy Ajmal told Dawn that police had so far received information that 12 schools ─ at least half of which are girls-only schools ─ had been set on fire overnight. He said that in some cases, books had also been thrown outside the schools and set alight.

Of course, you horrible, bigoted Westerners shouldn't think that this happens a lot in Pakistan:

Terrorists have also blown up educational institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

According to a report, about 1,500 schools have been destroyed in the tribal belt during the last 10 years.

Diversity is strength

Yeah, one call definitely say that she's a pukka British lawyer because of her excellent command of the Urdu language.

Sarah "The Korean Cunt" Jeong

Vox Day: It's not racist if it's anti-white.

A small historical bite:

Today, however, Ben Shapiro is feeling a bit different:

Imagine if the New York Times hired a columnist who wrote about the awful, goblin, smell like dogs Jews who are so fucking bullshit, then Shapiro wouldn't be singing the same tune. This is a prime example of how he's a two-faced scumbag.

The religion of pedophiles

The most feminist religion update:

An Afghan child forced to marry a man at least twice her age in a traditional bridal exchange was tortured to death by her husband in a revenge killing, officials said.

The body of the girl called Hameya, whom authorities estimate was aged between seven and 10, was found on Sunday night, Naqibullah Amini, police spokesman for the northwestern province of Badghis, said.

This is what "justice" looks like in Afghanistan:

Provincial governor's spokesman Jamshid Shahabi said Hameya was married under a tradition known as 'badal', when girls are exchanged between two families as brides.

[...] After the other girl in the arrangement was killed by her own husband, Hameya's husband began to torture her in revenge and eventually killed her, Shahabi said.

Can you feel the peace?

Another episode of The Religion of Peace:

In a weird act of punishment, an eight-year-old girl was tortured and hanged with a rope for going out of a class without permission by a cleric of a religious seminary at Qadir Pur Raan in Multan on Tuesday.

[...] When contacted, victim’s father Muhammad Jameel said that he received a call from the madressah administration to pick his daughter as she was not feeling well. “When I reached the madressah, I found her lying unconscious and there were marks of torture on her face, arms, neck and other parts of the body,” he added.

This is normal in Pakistan. The kids live in a constant state of fear.

Meanwhile, area residents, whose children also go to the same seminary, told this scribe that they received complaints from their children that the cleric inflicts violence on the children on regular basis.

They said the cleric also beat their children with steel rod. “Abdul Haq broke the ankle of my five-year-old son by beating him with an iron rod,” Abdul Qayyum, a father lamented.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these parents? Why do they knowingly subject their kids to these violent animals everyday?

Good job, Frogs!

The men and women in the video are true feminists. They didn't react in a sexist manner by coming to the aid of the woman who was assaulted. They know that women are just as strong, independent, and FIERCE as men. To treat that woman as a damsel in distress would have been super misogynistic. Good job, frogs! 

The Evil of Islam

Muhammad married a six-years-old girl and raped her at the age of nine. Muslim reaction: He's a perfect man! Anyone who dares to criticize him should be killed!

An adult man kisses his adult girlfriend in Saudi Arabia. Muslim reaction:

“Lack of modesty, I hope they're both caught soon, let them be thrown in jail for a few years so that they learn some respect and manners,” one Twitter user fumed.

A photographer captures a simple kiss in the rain in Bangladesh. Muslim reaction

The next day, he said, some of his fellow photographers roughed him up, and on Wednesday, his boss asked him to turn in his ID and laptop, without giving him a reason.

Fancy boy!

A sharp-eyed sleuth snapped a picture Friday of Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez at DC’s Reagan National airport. The former Obama secretary of labor was standing in line, carrying a travel bag that looked outside the working man’s budget.

The bag appears to be a Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 Damier Cobalt Canvas bag, which retails at $1,840 on the Louis Vuitton website.

The excuse given by the DNC spokesman was lame.

So woke, so progressive

Two repulsive creatures in one space.

The battle of the narratives

What's the truth about the Toronto terrorist?

While we still know very little about the motive of the shooter, two distinct media narratives have emerged.

One comes from the CBC and other leftist outlets: That Hussain was “severely mentally ill” and not responsible for his deranged actions; and another, from media outlets who take a realist approach: That Hussain had gang ties, was a highly skilled gunman, was perhaps interested in ISIS and was known to police.

Each of these narratives comes from in-depth reporting, but each relies on a number of unverified accounts.

It's strange how so many of these "mentally ill" murderers end up being Muslim.

Then we have the account of a businessman, a Mr. Singh, who bumped into the gunman on the Danforth moments before his massacre. Hussain told Singh, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you,” leading Singh to speculate he may have been spared because “I also have brown skin.”

Was Hussain’s killing spree a hate crime? Was it terror or terror-inspired? Or was it a psychotic episode?

Or was he inspired by his stunningly peaceful religion?

The new prime minister

Imran Khan, born in Pakistan, went to university in England. Later, he played cricket and eventually captained Pakistan towards World Cup glory in 1992.

Now, Khan is the new political leader of an Islamic Republic.

Imran Khan has emerged as the victor in a general election held in Pakistan Wednesday, July 25. The professional cricket player-turned-politician has previously voiced support for the country’s controversial blasphemy laws. [...] Coming just weeks before the election, his public backing for the controversial laws was seen by many observers as a concession to hardliners in the country ahead of the vote.

That says a lot about Pakistan when a relatively liberal figure like Imran Khan fully supports the blasphemy laws. He might improve the economics side of the country but the religious intolerance and carnage will remain.

The DNA of Islam

How could anyone have seen this coming? If only there was some lesson from history ...

It's an upside down world when the Jew-hating progeny of the friends of Hitler point to the anti-Islamic Right and call them Nazis.

The God Emperor is kind

Trump has been doing a lot of things that in isolation don't seem that important:

  • Tax cuts
  • Accelerated depreciation of capital spending
  • Telling Canada to cut it with their dairy tariffs
  • Pressuring China to buy more from the United States
  • Toying with the EU for a few more favorable trade terms

All of these combined provide a significant boost to the US economy. It also goes to show just how lame and uninterested the previous administration was in helping the economy and increasing employment.