Stay away from debt

Nearly half of workers are living paycheque to paycheque due to soaring spending and debt levels, a new survey by the Canadian Payroll Association suggests.

The poll found 47 per cent of respondents said it would be difficult to meet their financial obligations if their paycheque were delayed by even one week.

Canadians have been borrowing like crazy over the past decade. I know many who've bought new cars and houses on credit. These people are in their 30s and 40s with families. They make an above average income but they have almost zero savings. Yet, that doesn't stop them from burying themselves in the quagmire of debt. The amusing thing is that they don't work the whole year. They take time off and go on vacation to alleviate the stress of their crappy jobs. Then, they come back and put long miserable hours at work to pay off their vacation ...

Anyway, the Bank of Canada just increased the main interest rate today. The next few years will be painful for many debt slaves in Canada.

Muslims persecute fake Muslims

Here's what I would do:

  • brake the wicked chains and escape from the poisonous religion of Islam.
  • leave Pakistan and live in an infidel society.
  • not support the importation of millions of Muslims into my infidel home because that would turn it into the same barbaric shithole from which I had escaped.
  • not try to limit the freedoms (free speech, gun rights) of my new country.

The international crouton struggles

Amry supports Islam in theory but she now resides in a 99% non-Muslim society. Why didn't she (or her parents) move to any of the other fifty Muslim-majority countries?

How does one mentally support a religion among whose adherents and regulations one doesn't want to live with? How can one remain proud of a country and yet leave it all together? How can one be proud of the US when its English, White, Christian roots mightily clash with in-bred, Arab Islam?

It'll remain a struggle not because of the shame but because it's schizophrenic.

Fake history

I once had a long conversation with a Leftist in university. The talk turned to WWII. One simple statement from me resulted in a shocked burst from him: THE NAZIS WERE NOT SOCIALISTS.

Just to be sure, I asked him, "You think that the Nazis were not socialists; that they are not left wing?"

"Of course NOT. They are totally right wing."

"What does Nazi stand for? What's the full term?"


A number of historically ignorant defenders of national socialism have tried to claim that it is not a left-wing socialist ideology. This is utterly and absolutely false, and can be easily and conclusively proven to be false in a number of ways, including by reading a number of direct quotes from Mr. Hitler himself.

Vox Day presents the quotes from Literally literal Hitler.

We live in an insane world where:

A) Hitler who was demonstrably a Leftist is described as the entire Right side of the political spectrum.

B) The Pedophile Prophet Muhammad who was historically a genocidal, slavery-loving, Jew-hating, monster is presented as the gold standard of human morality and thus who ought not be disrespected in any way, shape or form.

Fake news is good at creating fake history.

Not your country

We’ve all been there. Quietly enjoying a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, studying or getting some work done while indulging in some delicious pumpkin bread. You see an older lady staring at you. She looks away. Weird, you think and continue to sip your coffee. She then approaches you. Oh, shit, you think, she’s going to ask me to leave the coffee shop because I’m making her feel uncomfortable. Then you try to think of a quick witty reply. You look up and she’s standing there smiling. “Hi there, I’m just wondering where you’re from,” she says and points to your hijab. Or even worse, she touches your hijab.

Infidel touch. Bad.

I am damn tired of having to answer about my heritage to random strangers at the grocery stores, or while I’m working out at the gym or at the park with my kids. I am done having to explain to people that yes, I am from here. No, I don’t have to tell you where I was born or where my parents are really from and that I am welcome here. Damn right, I am welcome here, this is my country.  Now I reply with, “I’m from here, where are you from?” Because these microaggressions that we faced on a daily basis are exhausting.

This is how poisonous relations are between people today. One can't be "appropriate" regardless of the behavior. For example, if a man opens a door for her date, then he's considered to be a misogynistic pig for thinking that women are "weak". If he doesn't open the door for her date, then he's an inconsiderate jerk.

It's the same here. If everyone ignores a Muslim woman in public, then this proves that people find that woman to be a leper; proof that society is racisss! If someone curious approaches a Muslim woman in public and asks an innocent question, then that's a horrible, terrible, no-good MICROaggression!

This Muslim woman wrote: "Damn right, I am welcome here, this is my country."

No, it isn't. My Indian-born father worked in Saudi Arabia for three decades. At the end, he was told to fuck off. Arabia is not his country. Similarly, America is not your country. Your malignant religion brings death and carnage to non-Muslims. Once significant numbers of people in the US comprehend this ugly truth, you'll be told to leave. You have fifty Muslim-majority countries to choose from. Spread your filth there.

What’s worse is when someone is asking these questions and they reply with stupid things like, “Wow, I know someone from Pakistan, do you know her?” or, “Wow, you’re English is so good,” thinking that’s a compliment. Damn right my English is good, my undergraduate degrees were in English and Communication and my master’s degree was in Education.

No one cares. Your only value is to be a baby factory for your Muslim-cousin-husband. Even then you can't be a perfect Muslim wife. Why? You are not six-years-old.

[...] accept the fact that Americans are from all walks of life, and we’re a giant bowl of salad and not a melting pot.

You have to go back.

The chanting of demons

The Arabic Islamic call to prayer is called the azaan. It's blasted over loudspeakers from mosques five times a day. One Indian woman didn't like listening to the satanic nonsense at 4:45 a.m.

It's even worse in Saudi Arabia. I lived in a neighborhood in which, at least, five mosques were within earshot. During the summer months, the very first prayer call would shatter your dreams as early as 3:15 a.m. Now, those five mosques wouldn't all start at the same time. So, soon, one would be subjected to the same prayer call, but out-of-sync, from five different mosques.

Let's see how this tyrannical cacophony of noise is sugarcoated:

“Such irresponsible comments have been made in the past also. I am unable to understand what kind of people they are. I would like to know how does azaan, which otherwise purifies you on hearing, bother her. May be her sleep is more important,” SP leader Juhi Singh told ANI, on Monday.

Dismal science

For people who wish there were more hours in the day, spending a bit of money to get rid of onerous tasks would make them much happier, but researchers say very few actually make the investment.

A study by the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School, published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has found buying time makes people happier than buying material things.

Material things can be shown off to accrue status points but here the amount of money to be spent was just $40. Even then people bought stuff instead of relaxation.

This general behavior has puzzled me. For example, I've seen many people who shop around and then buy a super-cheap laptop which they need for their work. Of course, cheap laptops are old, slow, low quality and come with a warranty that ends a few days before the laptop expires. Then, later these same people blow away thousands of dollars on a vacation that barely lasts a week.

These folks aren't poor but their spending patterns make their life, overall, miserable.

Microscopically Totalitarian

This brought back some memories:

The number of dates on a plate should be an odd number.

This was the case when I attended a formal Islamic event.

Do not ask for a knife to cut the meat.

Watch the trouser length. An area mosque had a skirmish about trouser length.

I used to read a Pakistani weekly magazine called Akhbar-e-Jehan. It had one section that always amused me. People would write in their questions and an Islamic scholar would provide his halaal advice. For example:

Question: I have a few framed photos of my kids and relatives in my home. I've heard that this is haram. Please help!

Answer: Indeed. Keeping photos in the house is not allowed. Angels refuse to enter a place that has pictures of men, women or children. You should remove all such photos and pray for Allah's forgiveness.

Question: I got engaged recently. I gave my future wife a gold ring. She also bought me one but some of my family members are telling me that males are not allowed to wear jewelry in Islam! Is this true?

Answer: Yes, wearing of gold and silver is only allowed for women. You should beat that ignorant slut of a future wife with a toothbrush to teach her a lesson.

Question: My family recently got a cute little dog who sleeps in the house. We've named it Muhammad. Our kids play with Muhammad after school. When we take it out for walks in the evening, others scowl and point at us in a threatening manner. Why are Muslims so upset with Muhammad?

Answer: Muhammad is totally haram in Islam. You can only keep a dog as a watchdog for crops, livestock and your home. In addition, the dog must stay outside the house. Your behavior is totally against Islam! Get rid of Muhammad now!

Educated into a biological dead end

The sorry state of the West:

A dearth of marriageable men has left an “oversupply” of educated women taking desperate steps to preserve their fertility, experts say.

The first global study into egg freezing found that shortages of eligible men were the prime reason why women had attempted to take matters into their own hands.

After decades of feminism, women are screaming for:

  • equality
  • equality
  • equality
  • equality

It's funny, though, when you ask a woman about what she wants in a man:

  • older than me.
  • taller than me.
  • richer than me.
  • stronger than me.
  • more educated credentialed than me.

Almost 60% of university graduates are women. How are these feminism-spouting buffoons going to find their older, taller, richer, stronger, credentialed unicorns? The more important question is: why would such majestic men be interested in these older, wrinkled, bitter, "leftover" women?

As Vox Day puts it:

Sure, they should simply settle for less-educated men. But they won't. Because hypergamy.

This obsession with economically worthless degrees and credentials is self-inflicted misery. It's worse for women because their fertility window for healthy babies is very narrow.

Some time ago, I got an email from my sister. She was applying to some silly program at a European university. She had to answer a few questions on her application. She couldn't do it by herself. So, she wanted me to help on a few statistics problems. I basically asked her, "Don't you remember this stuff?"

"Oh, I took it a couple of years ago. I forgot. LOL."


Arabs and uncovered meat

How they censor in Arabic countries.

That brings back memories. I used to read a Pakistani magazine in Saudi Arabia. It had news, opinions, jokes, stories, entertainment articles, sports summaries, etc.

Far too often, someone in the magazine would get the "sharpie burqa" treatment. I would be reading along some article and suddenly come across blacked out text. Upon turning the page, one would, for example, see a story about female tennis players with burqas! Some government toadie had used a marker to blot out the arms and legs of the player. The ink would bleed through and make the text on the reverse unreadable. 

What's amusing is that in the early 90s, the Saudi government had lifted the ban on satellite dishes. Finally, the residents of Arabia could watch foreign tv shows without censorship. Can you guess the most popular program?


Anyway, here's one of the most egregious examples of the censorship:

Taylor Swift made halaal

A little freedom in Canada

The Canadian government listened and acted:

The era of having to pay cellular providers to unlock your cellphone will end this year.

As of Dec. 1, cellphone customers can ask their provider to unlock their phones free of charge, the CRTC announced Thursday. At the same time, it said, all newly purchased mobile devices must be provided to customers unlocked.

I prefer buying my phone upfront and then deciding on the monthly plan. A couple of years ago, I bought a phone from Telus. The saleswoman with resting bitch face told me that my phone is locked and that it will only work with Telus. I told her that I wanted to use a Koodo plan. She explicitly said that it won't work.

An hour later I had paid for, set up and activated my Koodo plan.

Of course, Telus, Koodo and Public Mobile are all one company. So, I knew it would work. Still, it was a amusing to see just how the cell phone service providers blatantly lie to the customers.

Depressed women

Alpha Game:

Given the incredible number of women now on anti-depressants and other mind-altering drugs, it might be informative to learn what percentage of women in the work force are on them compared to women who are not in the work force.

Being in the work force is atrocious for women.

I knew this one woman who took the summer off at my work place. She was absolutely radiant when she returned. She had a teenage daughter but she looked to be in her early 20s after that break. It was depressing to watch her age almost two decades in just a few, short months back at work. She quit within a year.

All this nonsense independence and empowerment only makes women miserable, ugly and unhappy.

That moderate Muslim country of 200 million

Anyone caught smoking or eating openly during Ramadan in Pakistan will be slapped a three-month prison term.

If you're unaware of Islam, then that should give you an idea of its utter inhumanity. Muslims are willing to throw innocent people in prison for the crime of eating food!

Muslims are forced to fast during the day from before sunrise to just after sunset during Ramadan – meaning no food or drink, as well as no signs of affections to spouses in public.

Cue Muslim outrage: Like, OMG, fasting is totally voluntary in Islam like wearing that symbol of feminism, the noble, very-good burqa!

Anyway, do note that during the day in the month of Ramadan, Muslims can't eat or drink! Many non-Muslims don't know the part about not drinking any liquids.

When I lived in Saudi Arabia, the school cafeteria would be closed during Ramadan. I could manage without food for 24 hours but the lack of water was torture. Remember that Arabia is a country of extreme heat. The humidex values exceed 60 degrees Celsius on hellish days. Car tires lose their form and start to melt. Yet, the pious people of Islam expect children to not drink any water for the entire duration of the day.

Fasting forever

There are five Islamic prayers in a day. The first one is before sunrise and the last is after sunset. At the age of 10, I was confused to learn that there are parts of the world where the sun doesn't set for months! Then later follows night time for many months.

How can Muslims pray? How can they possibly fast?

The usual response to my questions was, "Shut up!"

Sanitizing the past

Return of Kings: The Digitization Of Classic Books May Lead To A Dangerous Form Of Censorship.

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that they actually do what they say they will do. Suppose they do scan or digitize entire libraries. What then? Will it not be far, far easier for systems of authority to control or manipulate access to historical information? How can we be sure that the University of California will not one day decide to prevent access to all works written before 1950 as being “offensive” or not in tune with political correctness? You may laugh at this, or call me an alarmist, but I am not so sure. When it comes to our precious cultural heritage, we cannot place our faith in the same institutions that have been betraying that same heritage for the past forty years.

What's the most incredible novel written by Agatha Christie?

It's original title: Ten Little Niggers. Oops.

New title: Ten Little Indians. Uh oh.

Newer title: Ten Little Soldiers. What?

Modern title: And Then There Were None.

Christie was very blunt in her writing. For example, her descriptions and opinions of Jews were considered uncouth. So, her words within the novel were modified to fit present-day sensibilities. I know this because I've listened to part of an audiobook and then soon read the book to realize that her writing in the novel was altered.

The insidious part is that I would have been utterly ignorant of this fact if I had only read the book. One can assume that many other books of the past have been distorted without us even being aware of it. Of course, with digital-only books, it would be almost effortless to mold history.

No freedom of thought for you!

Via Blazing Cat Fur:

Thirteen countries, all of a Muslim majority, punish apostasy (the renunciation of a particular religion), or blasphemy with death. The annual Freedom of Thought report by the International Humanist and Ethical Union, found that 13 countries impose capital punishment upon people simply for their beliefs, or lack of them.

Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen are the relevant countries.

[Emphasis mine.]

What an astonishing coincidence that they are all majority-Muslim countries.

I spent a depressing, miserable and wasteful fifteen years of my life in two of the above mentioned places. And now, I watch with horror as the collective West appeases and imports millions of Muslims. The millennials and their children will have to face and fight a terrible, and utterly avoidable, war.

Won't you feel sorry for poor Canadians?

On May 1, the minimum wage in Quebec rises by 50 cents to $11.25 an hour – still less than the minimum wage in Ontario and Alberta, but more than the wage in the Atlantic provinces and B.C.

Representing an extra $20 a week for full-time workers – or $1,040 per year – it might pay for a month's rent or a new fridge by Christmas.


"Working full-time for minimum wage means ... being stuck in poverty and having to count on food banks to make ends meet," said Virginie Larivière, a spokesperson for the 5-10-15 campaign, which calls for workers to know their work schedule at least five days in advance, get 10 days paid leave for sickness or family responsibilities, and a $15 an hour minimum wage.

($11.25 per hour) x (40 hours per week) x (50 weeks) = $22,500 per year. That's right. Making almost $2,000 per month in Canada is called "stuck in poverty".

I've lived here for almost two decades. The average monthly spending for my necessities is approximately $1,000. If I was working full-time at a minimum wage job, then I could save about half my earnings and still be classified as poor by these clowns.

"Poverty" in such cases isn't a wage issue; it's a spending problem. If you must have the latest iPhone, the newest Kate Spade handbag, the best Canada Goose jacket or the flashiest 4K OLED OMG TV, then you're an idiot. If after buying all those mentioned products, you're getting your nutrition from a food bank, then you're a bigger idiot.

No longer is poverty the lack of necessities but the lack of a personal, near-luxury lifestyle.

Counter-Strike master

I used to play CS many years ago. It was rough at first. My first game I got 1 kill and died ... 17 times. Eventually, I managed to bring that ratio up to 3:1.

Once, there was a random server on which the ping was incredibly low and the opposition was predictable and mediocre. Each round was a massacre. They started crying "cheater" and "haxor". It was amusing. A few minutes later, the admin banned me from the server! There were conflicting emotions: annoyance and pride.

But this is on a totally different level:

Only one tiny 'flaw': buy a defuse kit!

Liberal Propaganda in Ontario, Canada

I recently watched a movie. I went to the cinema a few minutes early to get a good seat and got treated to many asinine advertisements. The absolute worst one follows.

My tax money went towards making this shit. Anyway, the video and the lyrics will be useful for meme-lords when a truck of tolerance sweeps through a few city blocks in Toronto in the near-future.

Pounds of flesh

“The fears policymakers had in 1917 when the personal income tax was introduced — that governments would become dependent on it and that it would hurt our competitiveness — have all come true 100 years later,” said William Watson, Fraser Institute senior fellow and co-editor of The History and Development of Canada’s Personal Income Tax: Zero to 50 in 100 Years.

Released Thursday – and ahead of Canada’s April 30 tax deadline – the collection of essays also compares Canada and the United States, where 42 of the country’s 50 states have a lower combined federal-state top rate than British Columbia, the province with the lowest combined rate.

That low combined rate is 47.7% in BC. Here in Ontario, the combined top rate is 53.5%.

It's amazing how quickly the financial situation in Ontario has deteriorated in just the past two years. A few examples:

  1. Income tax rates have increased.
  2. The electricity rates have skyrocketed -- especially in rural parts.
  3. The real estate market is out of control. In my area, prices have jumped by 33% in one year!
  4. The TFSA annual limit of $10,000 was reduced to $5,500. For comparison, in the UK, the annual limit for an ISA account is a staggering $33,500! Imagine the ability to save and invest all that money (every year!) without worrying about the capital gains tax.

Of course, the Liberals are in power at both the provincial and federal level. So, all this isn't a surprise.

Hotness vs. Ugliness

Yes, it’s a big myth that hot girls are bitches. Some are, sure, (I’ve dealt with a few sassy strumpets), but on the whole pretty girls are nicer than ugly girls. If a woman is treated well her whole life because she’s pretty, she’ll tend to think the world is a great place overflowing with kindness and love. Many betas confuse hot girl rejection for bitchiness, when in reality most hot girls reject men in exceedingly polite terms. It’s the fugs and marginal girls who are nasty bitches when they reject the betas they think aren’t in their league.

I noticed this odd behaviour at my workplace. None of the hot girls were bitchy. Yet, especially during lunch time, a lot of the ugly ones would develop scowls and avoid eye contact. This meant that the ugly girls didn't talk to me and the pretty ones were always social. I didn't mind.

The End Has Come

I finally got all my tax slips over the last week. I wanted to check some numbers on the Canada Revenue Agency website but upon getting there ... OMG:

Ensuring that your personal information is not compromised is a priority for us.

Upon becoming aware of an internet vulnerability that affects some computer servers used by websites worldwide, we took down our online services, including electronic filing, and are taking steps to ensure that all information and systems remain safe.

Damn you, Russians!

Crushing debt in Canada

Self-inflicted misery:

It’s bad enough Canadians continue to pile on consumer debt, but the kind of debt is astounding.

According to credit rating agency, TransUnion, the average non-mortgage consumer debt load is $21,912 – up 2.2 per cent from last year. That includes financing for consumer items like furniture or vehicles.

A woman at my workplace got a nice SUV on credit a few years ago. Her monthly bill for operating that beast was $1,800. She spent more on gas in one month than I did on my transportation in one year.

Also, this is similar to how phone companies offer their services. In effect, it's credit. I know of many people who get a new phone "on a plan". Had they bought the phone up front, they could have saved 10% or more over a two year period.

TransUnion says the average balance owing on credit cards is $4,094 – up 2.3 per cent from last year. At 18 per cent, interest on that amount - compounded annually - will more than double in five years to $9,366.

No wonder the credit card companies and the Canadian banks are raking in record profits.

Filthy infidels stay out

Road signs from the land of Mordor:

The entire Islamic world screams to enter the West. A temporary stop on immigration from seven wretched countries is called a "Muslim ban" by dishonest critics. Yet, the demonic heart of Islam does not permit Jews or visitors to Israel to enter its borders. Muslims, of course, say nothing.

In addition, all non-Muslims are banned from entering the city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. Policemen with uzi-like weapons check the relevant documents to make sure that only Muslims are travelling into the "holy" city. I know. I've seen it.

Why does Pakistan suck?

Pakistani schools (especially government schools) are producing unacceptably low levels of learning outcomes in maths and science — a stark reality which represents a significant and deep-rooted challenge to Pakistan’s economic growth.

The main reason: the concept of learning does not exist in Pakistan.

I attended a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. It was one of the most cruel and terrifying experiences of my life. Why? Because the motto of almost every teacher was the same: if a pupil is not getting good grades, then that means you haven't beaten him enough.

Slaps, punches, kicks, wooden rods were all halaal for thrashing young kids into shape. We couldn't "learn" the curriculum by ourselves. So, we did the only thing possible. We memorized everything. That will get you acceptable results in a language course or in Islamic history but it utterly fails in math and science.

The average maths score for Class IV students in the National Education Assessment System (NEAS) exams conducted in 2014 was 433 out of 1,000.

Science results are in an equally deplorable state: Out of four provinces and four regions, not a single one showed an average science score of over 50 percent.

Islamiat is the subject in which students do best.

I could understand and comprehend the mathematics problems. So, there was no need for memorization. Many of my friends and classmates were not so lucky.

Here's an extreme example.

x +2 = 4

x + 4 = 5

x - 7 = 1

x - 3 = 6

Imagine that the above four questions were assigned for homework in a Pakistani classroom. A week later, there's a short quiz with the following two questions:

x + 1 = 2

x - 2 = 3

Most of the students would fail that quiz. Why? Because they've never "seen" those questions before. The students likely have a solutions manual in which they found the answers for the four questions assigned the week before. They've put the procedures and answers in their memory. 

It's a tragedy. Students cram thousands and thousands of pages of math and science into their memory without comprehending any of it. It happens with the Quran as well. These students, who don't speak Arabic, have the Quran beaten into them. They can recite any part of the Quran. However, they don't know the translation or the meaning of the Arabic words coming out of their mouths.

A few do get through. They're either gifted or they've got money for private tutors. Or like myself, they're sent off to foreign infidel lands for higher education.

No money

CBC News:

Almost half of Canadians 55 years and older say they are not on track for their retirement planning, a new poll commissioned by the Royal Bank of Canada suggests.

In an online survey of 2,033 adult Canadians commissioned by the bank but conducted by Ipsos, 46 per cent of poll respondents said their No. 1 concern was whether or not they will have enough money to retire on.

Some have zero.

According to the survey, roughly one sixth of Canadians aged 55 or older haven't started to plan for their retirements.

Worse, many have debts to pay off. I know several people in their 40s and 50s who sold their old, "small" house to buy a new, bigger house and go into debt for 25 years. Their savings rate now is basically nil. They'll start saving for retirement in their 60s and 70s.

The Alt-Right Rises

Vox Day:

John Wright attempts to criticize identity politics and the Alt-Right, and in doing so, demonstrates that he does not correctly grasp what identity is, or how identity politics tend to function in modern multiracial societies.

People don't always side with their tribal group. However, the simple reality is that most do.

First, identity is not limited to race. Religion, too, is an identity, and one of the most powerful. Second, while men can, and do, surmount their racial, grievance, and religious identities in favor of other identities and ideologies, the salient point is that the vast majority will not.

It's funny because in my mid-teenage years, I didn't comprehend this. I would be talking to my mother about recent events regarding the stupidity of some Muslims in Pakistan and her scornful response would be, "You talk like a Christian!"

I realized quickly that that stupidity wasn't limited to a few. Their tribal, national and religious identities are extremely potent. For example, Pakistanis in England mostly marry other Pakistanis. That's not a surprise. What's ugly is that 60% of Pakistanis in the UK are marrying their cousins from Pakistan! They're literally marrying within the tribe. This partly explains their disdain and contempt for whites and infidels since the majority of them have no plans to intermarry.

My allegiance* doesn't lie with my race, tribe, religion or birth nation. I also understand that my way of thinking is in a tiny minority. This is why I agree with the Alt-Right since it provides the least violent means of resolving the national and religious conflicts of our time.

* It's tough to be friends with people who want to kill you.

Language is not the issue

Muslim Girl:

“Abeed” is a derogatory Arabic slang term that is used to refer to Black people. This word is almost synonymous with the N- word. The main difference between these two racist terms is that the N-word is considered to be more pejorative than the word “abed” because “abed” literally translates to slave in proper Arabic.


Unlike the N-word, which is considered to fall under profane language, “abed” is not a trigger word among Arabs. Most painfully, it used as a description.

It true.

Good luck getting Arabs to care. What matters to them is their tribe. Everyone else is an outsider. They hate Jews and loath infidels. Though, that doesn't mean that they like non-Arab Muslims.

My dad was a law abiding foreign worker in Saudi Arabia for thirty years. He was paid half the wage of an Arab for the same labor. He had to continually rent apartments and move around because it was illegal for him to own property. Still, he wished to stay in Arabia after his retirement. Didn't happen. He had to sell his stuff and leave a few months after his job was over.

Can you imagine a Western nation kicking out a peaceful, legal migrant and his children after three decades

The real profanity isn't "nigger" or "abed". It's the rotten, intolerant, vile Arab culture. Not uttering "abed" won't fix the underlying problems.

The Religion of Hate

This is hard for many Westerners. They truly think that Muslims are just like any other people -- like the Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Italians, etc. Muslims will come to the West and then assimilate and integrate. So, to oppose Muslim immigration must be bigoted, racist, and so on.

What they don't know about is the sheer, unbridled rage and hatred of Muslims -- taught that they are superior to all others but thanks to the internet, they see that they are the sorry losers of the cosmos.

Look at the consumption of an average person: computers, cell phones, cars, etc. None were created in an Islamic society. That's how we get a collage of conspiracy theories.

  • Non-sharia Israel is wealthy? Because Jews control the world.
  • Infidel America is successful? They stole the wealth from Muslims.
  • Muslim countries are failures? Jewish-controlled America makes it so.
  • 9/11? Another scheme by America to attack Muslims. By the way, Osama is a saint.

You see, Islam isn't a failure. It's the dirty, rotten infidels who're keeping Muslims down. 

Conclusion? Annihilate the infidels.

The ugly reality is that majorities of Muslims in various countries believe this horseshit.

Slaves who escaped

Bare Naked Islam: COMING OUT! The danger, death threats, and alienation Muslims face when they decide to leave Islam.

This one is graphic.

The core emotion is exposed from 1:05 to 1:12 in the next clip.

Wicked generosity

Many gullible peoples and governments in the West open their wallets and scam artists are only too glad to take the money.

ERITREAN migrants claiming asylum in Switzerland are using their welfare benefits to travel back to the danger zones they have previously fled to take a holiday.

This is purely a Western problem.

It reminds me of a story from a Canadian colleague. She was on a cruise and the ship stopped in India. She went into the city and her heart broke when she saw these young, pre-teen beggars. All of them had lost their legs in horrible, unimaginable accidents. She gave them some money with teary eyes. Later, she heard that a few thugs kidnap kids from within India, hack off their legs and then put them in front of seaports!

The world is cruel and evil does not sleep.

Muslims: Experts at vomiting evil

Muslim Girl:

When it comes to memorizing the Quran, the Somali community in Minnesota takes it very seriously. Children are enrolled in weekend Quran school at a young age and spend years there until they finish their goal of memorizing the entire book.

What a lovely use of time.

What I wrote in 2005:

Corporal punishment was the result for not doing the work. I never had a single teacher who didn’t hit the students. The punishments varied from different teachers. Some would institute punishments for failing tests. Some used their hands while others preferred to use long and heavy wooden sticks. On many a day I went home with red and swollen palms.

Many Muslim kids are terrorized into memorizing the entire Arabic Quran. Children are beaten into reciting any portion of the Quran without even understanding the meaning of the words. (Remember that the first language of most Muslims is not Arabic.)

I once saw one of these training sessions. My aunt was sitting with her young son. He was rocking back and forth and reading the filthy book. She would smack him with a heavy wooden stick at every mistake. This, by the way, is a mark of great pride in the Islamic community: To have zombie, ignorant sons who can vomit out any portion of the Quran in a few seconds.

And yet these same vile vermin yell HATE CRIME when an infidel says something impolite about their disgusting religion.

The "Elite"

I was a grip for my high school theatre and I realized very quickly that I wanted nothing to do with the performers in the productions. They were dancing monkeys who loved attention. So, I've never really understood the adulation people have for famous actors and actresses. They're good looking and wealthy but dumb monkeys nonetheless.

This is proven quite spectacularly by Meryl Streep who thinks that her ilk are "vilified".

Nothing could more beautifully, and articulately demonstrate the separation not merely from America, but from Americans who must think, and worry, and plan, and scheme, and hustle, and wish every day about tomorrow.

Even Piers Morgan could see through the mountain of BS.

[Meryl Streep] began by saying that Hollywood, foreigners and the press are ‘the most vilified segments of American society right now’.

At which point the cameras panned out to hundreds of the richest, most privileged people in American society sitting in the audience in their $10,000 tuxedos and $20,000 dresses, loudly cheering this acknowledgement of their dreadful victimhood.

Won't you feel sorry for Hollywood?

Of course, there are a few with common sense.

And she’s simply re-confirmed to them what Mark Wahlberg said a few weeks ago when he urged actors not to talk about politics:

'A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, with the everyday guy out there providing for their family.’

The meaning of oppression II

What I wrote last year:

Most people in the West don't know about this azaan or "call to prayer".

Here's a simple way to learn. Click on this link -- it will open a you tube video. Now, the trick is to click on the same link and open the same video seven times in a minute. So, what you'll be hearing is the same out of sync cacophony of noise. That's what the azaan sounds like in a Muslim country. You see, there isn't just one mosque within walking distance in Islamic lands. I lived in Saudi Arabia and I could hear the azaan from seven mosques. Yes, every damn mosque plays this noise.

Do you know how many times in a day we get the azaan? Five fucking times. The first one is before sunrise. That would be at 3:15 a.m. in the summer. Imagine hearing that horseshit everyday that early in the morning.

Looks like the Egyptians are sick of the same BS noise:

A number of prominent Muslim contributors to Egyptian newspapers have been complaining lately about the “noise pollution” they must endure. From amplified Muslim calls to prayer. From the mosques in their own neighborhoods.

One even wrote that the calls, five times a day and sometimes including entire prayers, are a “source of noise and of torment for the sick, children and the elderly.” And another said banning such “cacophony” does not suppress Islam, nor is it a “blow to the status of the religion.” 

Perhaps, this guy can tell that to the Saudis ...

Bringing hell to Germany

A group of seven migrants set fire to a homeless man on Christmas Eve in Germany:

Young culture-enrichers in Germany seem to have a tendency to become firebugs lately. The following article from Politically Incorrect draws on German media sources for the latest news about the deliberate burning of German natives by the “New Germans”. It also points out the possible religious justification for this new feature of diversity in Modern Multicultural Germany.

It isn't the first time.

In Cologne a 45-year-old Turkish man doused policemen with gasoline and wanted to set them on fire. But it was prevented at the last moment through the actions of one policewoman, who kicked the lighter out of the Turkish man’s hand.

Animals usually suffer at the hands of muzzies in Islamic lands. I've seen boys take small stones and then use stray dogs as target practice in Pakistan. A few muzzies even take videos of themselves setting donkeys on fire. To them it's pure entertainment. Now, the filthy, infidel Germans are suffering the same fate.

It may be assumed that all of the offenders are Muslims. In Islam, people of another religion are contemptible unbelievers, “worse than the animals, worth less than animals”, who have to taste the punishment of burning to death.

Diminishing power gains

Almost ten year ago, I read about an amazing HD video -- a trailer about Terminator 2. Nearly 100MB per 1 minute of video. I downloaded it and started to play it.

It was all choppy and the audio and video was out of sync. I made sure that the latest media players were installed but it didn't help. Then, to my shock, I figured out that my CPU was too slow! It simply couldn't play such videos regardless of what software I used. 

At the time, my computer wasn't even two years old! Yet, it had reached its limit. My computer today is almost five years old and I still don't see any major reason to upgrade.

Overpriced and overdone

Vox Day:

It is rather ironic that the company whose fortune was made by its superior user interface is now heading downhill due to the worst UI experience in technology. But that's the way of the world; it turns out that Steve Jobs was irreplaceable after all.

Apple's main concern is now keeping people imprisoned in its walled garden, not luring them in any longer.

When Apple released an $800 accessory (iWatch) to the iPhone, I knew then that it was running on fumes. They'll still make billions of dollars of profit going forward but that staggering run from 2002 onward won't be repeated.

Oh, and I loath their walled garden. I've never bought an Apple product for that reason.

CBC: No Whites Please

A few years ago, a woman told me that if I studied a bit more, then I'd become a hot commodity for schools in Ontario. This puzzled me since we have a surplus of teachers in the province. She said that I was different. I was a) a dude and b) a, er, visible minority.

So, even though there are a lot of white, unemployed and qualified teachers in Ontario, I would have a good chance of becoming a primary school teacher because of my gender and non-white skin color. What a sickening system.

You see, in Prime Minister Zoolander's Canada, diversity and inclusiveness means anyone but white. It's perfectly acceptable, reasonable and normal to openly and explicitly discriminate against whites for a position in government. A profession for which a majority-white country pays taxes!

Neon rainbow madness

I wanted to buy all-black shoes a few years ago. Just something comfortable that one could wear at work. Only one shop at the local mall had a pair that looked good but they didn't have it for my size! I had to travel to a separate mall and go through three stores before I finally found an all-black in size 13.

The present designs and out-of-control colors look hideous. All one company has to do is introduce simple, elegant, comfortable, all-black and all-white shoe selections and they'd get my money.

The Plague of Jew-Hatred II

What I wrote on May 17, 2007:

I remember an online conversation I had with a cousin of mine few years ago. We hadn't seen each other since 1995. He and his younger sister are the brightest among all of my cousins. We initially talked about family, school and studies; later the talk shifted to politics. For some reason, he listed the most powerful nations in the world.

The number one country was Israel. Then came the US. Largest economy in history, having a veto at the UN and grinding two regimes into dust while spending 1% of GDP still didn't buy America the ultimate status in his eyes. For him, a nation which is barely holding on to a diminishing sliver of land in the Middle East rules the planet.

Because it's made up of Jews. How could an educated person think that? He wasn't a rabid Islamist. Hell, being an Ahmadi, he suffered because of the religious craziness in Pakistan. Yet, still, in his eyes, the monsters at the top are Jews.

It seems that Jew-hatred has become a litmus test for Muslims. The easiest way to accrue streed-cred in the Muslim community is by spewing venom at the Jews. Those who want to be in the corridors of power have a simple recipe: be pro-sharia and loath the Jews.

This is something that's alien to the Western mindset: entire societies and countries where poison flows freely against a religious group which doesn't even exist within their borders! This is not a fringe mindset. It's normal and expected for Muslims to be hostile towards those nasty, evil Jews.

Here's another guy who stands up and tells us the bitter truth.

YouTube took down the above video and then:

Late Monday evening, YouTube re-uploaded the video in “Restricted Mode,” partially restoring it. This mode marks the video as explicit content, similar to pornography, and effectively makes the video impossible to view on public internet connections at libraries and schools.

Cruel and evil

Torturing animals is wholesome entertainment in that part of the world.

In yet another incident of Muslim animal abuse, six men are accused of sexually abusing a family’s donkey before taking it away at gunpoint in Punjab…and police refuse to do anything about it. 

People don't keep dogs as pets in their homes in Pakistan. Still, there are a lot of homeless dogs in the streets in suburban areas. How do the local kids treat them? They use the poor, harmless creatures as target practice. Rocks, stones and glass bottles are the usual projectiles.

I've seen it.