Vox Day:

In the event you did not understand what I mean by the concept of "Gamma rage", this should suffice to explain it. Gammas, and men with strong strains of Gamma, know they are low-status, so they tend to react with disproportionate anger whenever they feel they are disrespected. They mimic Alphas in this way, but their reaction is so over-the-top and embarrassing that they inevitably feel humiliated once they calm down. And unlike Alphas, they never get over it. A Gamma will wait years to try to take a verbal shot at someone he feels has humiliated him, whether the person knows it or not.

The emails are so unreal. I couldn't help but laugh.

Listening to crazy

The Toronto Star:

What unfolded beginning around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday was a daylight hostage-taking in an Eglinton West massage parlour tucked into an industrial area strip mall. Heavily armed members of Toronto police’s Emergency Task Force soon descended on the area, patrolling the area with guns and taking position on top of nearby buildings, according to witnesses.

Who was the culprit?

Michael Storms, 35, was charged Wednesday with forcible confinement and uttering threats.

The next part is not from The Onion.

The man on the phone had told the Star he had converted to Islam when he was 20, and also went by the name Muhammed Islam.

Definitely, a person with serious mental issues.

Hell in Pakistan 2

I wrote this yesterday regarding the fire ball in Pakistan:

Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid.

Vox Day explains it in better detail:

The lower the average IQ, the greater the chance that some moron is going to make a catastrophic mistake that compounds the mistakes made by the moderately less moronic.

Yup. This one instance of lighting up a cigarette while walking in flammable fuel has, so far, resulted in 148 deaths.

Hell in Pakistan

Ramadan ends with a bang in Pakistan:

At least 153 people were killed and around 140 injured in a fire that broke out after an oil tanker overturned in central Pakistan and crowds rushed to collect the fuel.


Men, women and children were among the dead, many of whom will have to be identified through DNA testing as they were burned beyond recognition, said Dr Mohammad Baqar, a senior rescue official in the area.

How could so many people be there to steal collect the fuel?

A loudspeaker atop a local mosque alerted villagers to the leaking fuel, and scores raced to the site with jerrycans, said Rana Mohammad Salim, deputy commissioner of Bahawalpur.

Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid:

Nearby villagers ran toward the overturned tanker with jerrycans and utensils to take the leaking fuel, Rizwan Naseer, the head of the Punjab province's rescue services, said. It is thought some of them were smoking cigarettes, which caused the blaze.

[Emphasis mine.]

The joys of multiculturalism

For those of you who do not know we took in 4 Dominican Republic students for the summer. We went through the Houston Embassy and United Travel out of San Marcos Texas. That is who we believe did all this damage to our personal property. With that being said here are the accounts of what happened the last few days........We called the police after finding quite a bit vandalism damage to the interior of our house. In our front foyer we noticed all of our eyes blackened out in our family picture wall to include our 4 children by a permanent marker symbolizing a voodoo curse put upon our home and children.

This horror story via Vox Day.

An Alpha ailment

Vox Day:

One of the seeming contradictions of Game is that while it is useful to imitate Alpha behavior, it is almost completely useless to listen to anything they have to say. Case in point, our own dc.sunsets. He is, by his own account, a successful man, happily married, with adult children who are happily married to high-quality women. Someone to whom one should listen carefully, right?

Not so much.

Alphas haven't learned their behavior. So, they can't teach it.

He's literally Hitler

Another stupid socialist:

A self-proclaimed Nazi officially became Isidore Heath Hitler with a name change that took effect this week. reported Hitler's name officially changed from Isidore Heath Campbell on Monday, the anniversary of World War II's end in Europe after Germany's surrender.

'It's great. My driver's license is changed over, my insurance, my registration, all that I needed is changed over,' he said. 'I'm the new Hitler.'

You must have a heart of stone to not laugh at this:

Court records show Hitler was ordered to seek counseling, but that he refused because the psychologist assigned to him was Jewish.

"Strange fuchsia hues"

A town in Alberta, Canada:

Officials started to receive complaints from local residents about the water Monday night, CBC reports.

"My hubby gets up this morning to take a shower and he goes, 'Sheila, why is there pink water coming out of the faucet?'" resident Sheila Pockett told the news agency.

That's nasty.

"We are still assessing what exactly happened but it appears a valve may have stuck allowing the potassium permanganate to get into our sump reservoir and thereby into the Town's water distribution system," reads a statement issued by the town's mayor Dale Krasnow.

Shouldn't there be a warning system? It appears that the people in charge only found out about this after residents complained.

In the Antarctic

With the on-going discussion about the future of Nikon, let’s not forget that the current cameras and lenses are great tools. I surely hope Nikon gets back on the right track, and in the meantime I spend my time out in the field with my fantastic Nikon gear, you should too! Anyhow, long story short.

Over the past three years I have been to Antarctica two times. One time as a photography tourist, on board the smallest vessel operating in Antarctica, and one time as an expedition guide and photographer, on board the biggest vessel operating in Antarctica.

In some of the harshest climates, one finds beautiful creatures.

File under religion of peace?

Police say a 15-year-old girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert has been found safe.

The Amber Alert, which was issued early Monday morning, said witnesses had reported seeing two men force the girl into a grey Honda Odyssey minivan around 1:25 p.m. Sunday and then drive off.

Police had described one of the suspects as a South Asian male about 24 years old, 6-feet-2 inches tall with a thin build.

Witnesses reported an abduction and 24 hours later this girl is "safe"?

We are not getting the whole story here.

Offensive Halloween Costumes

Muslim Girl:

My second favorite holiday that I don’t celebrate is Halloween. I love how people get into costume and character. Plus, the candy is sweeter right around that time. It is also that time of year when I have to school you on what lines you have to be careful not to cross.

What's worse than an SJW? A Muslim SJW.

Now if you see someone dressing up as something offensive, tell them immediately! Halloween should not be an exception to use your privilege and culturally insensitive for one day of the year.

Don't you hate it when idiots culturally appropriate English and then butcher the grammar?

Anyway, the following are a few costume / clothing suggestions for Halloween. I've arranged them in order of decreasing difficulty.

11. Goddess Kali. Heidi Klum's assistants definitely put some time and effort here.

11. Kali Heidi Klum

10. Moderate muzzie male. He comes in peace!

10. moderate muzzie male

9. Do you love lions? Then, this costume is for you!

9. killer driller

8. Cool vest, Acchhhmed! Wanna bring it to the White House?

8. moderate muzzie kid

7. Sexy Arab gal. I can see her ankles: SLUT!



7. sexy arab girl

6. Moderate muzzie female.

6. moderate muzzie female

5. George Soros.

5. George Soros mask

4. Hara... I just, can't even...

4. harambe

3. Save a goat t-shirt.

3. save a goat

2. Oops.

2. poopy muhammad

1. Supreme eloquence.

1. fuck islam

Holy train wreck

Alpha Game:

Here is an object lesson in why you should avoid permitting Gammas to join your team or your organization if at all possible. With the announcement of Infogalactic, we have a lot of volunteers coming forward who want to help, but as you can imagine, we're extremely busy, so we've been practicing a form of triage with regards to whom we get back to. Just to put this in context, since we've decided to bite the bullet and write our own engine, our current needs relate more to below the hood stuff than the paint job.

Vox publishes the emails and responses which get crazier with each word. The guy who would have loved to help out turned out to have the temperament of an overemotional bitch. He just couldn't accept the simple rejection -- which further justified the initial decision by Vox.


I was reading this article when my sorry eyes saw this story on the side. The title is a most amazing combination of words. Behold: TYRANNOSAURUS SEX Woman who had public sex with a model dinosaur at children’s playground is identified by cops.

The subheading: The statue has been giving a deep clean using "strong disinfectant" following the lewd act.