Halaal fashion

Click here if you want to see all of the Eid photos. I have picked a few and added some comments.

Civil war

Civil War

Ramadan didn't really help the following two girls.

Elephant legs

Elephant Legs

Who cares about the guy.

Eye cutter

Sad Composition aka The Slasher

The curtains are lovely.

Gold plate

Orange Assault

Lightly beaten

Lightly beaten

Some women overdo their makeup. Exhibit A:


Double Trouble

The least appalling dress:


Bucking for Pippa

I'm shocked:

Same same

Lazy Girl

I hope to see her in the sequel:

The fifth element

The Fifth Element

Never lose frame

The Rational Male:

If a man’s first act of a coerced monogamy is his capitulating to what amounts to a socially mandated ultimatum I think the woman he surrendered to will subconsciously lose the respect she had for him while they were “undocumented lovers.”

The combination of physical, emotional, financial, and intellectual superiority in a man is very attractive to a woman. Weakness of any kind in these matters can be the death of a relationship.


ABC News:

Moon Tae-Hwa stares at his computer, dizzy and nauseous from the hours of porn he's viewed online while his wife and children slept. He feels no shame — only a righteous sense of mission.

"I feel like I'm cleaning up dirty things," the devout Christian and family counselor said.

Moon is among the most successful members of the "Nuri Cops" (roughly "net cops"), a squad of nearly 800 volunteers who help government censors by patrolling the Internet for pornography in their spare time.

It's a hard job but somebody's got to do it!

Burn fail

Alpha Game:

Intentionally seeking to to make a man jealous is simply the lesser form of "let's you and him fight". Even if the woman is too innocent or insufficiently cognizant of cause-and-effect to realize what she is doing, the man usually understands, at least on some level, that he is being involuntarily placed into a position where he is potentially at physical risk. Most men do not look at all favorably on this sort of thing, especially if they are not violent men who get an adrenaline rush from feeling blood on their hands.

Too innocent! Such women exist?

Will it blend?


In the car industry, there is a large variety of cars to choose from - both the cheap and the expensive will get you from A to B, but in various amounts of luxury, with different engines and features under the hood. In comparison the motherboard industry, we have nothing like this - products are built to specifications and have to remain price competitive. Very rarely do we get a price competitive motherboard with a ton of features that also stretches the wallet in the same way a luxury car might do. For this analogy, we have the P8Z77-V Premium from ASUS to review, which comes in at $450 MSRP, but features Thunderbolt connectivity, dual Intel NIC, an onboard 32GB mSATA SSD, a PLX chip for 4-way PCIe devices, onboard WiFi, Bluetooth, and extra SATA/USB ports.

I don't get the logic behind putting a puny 32GB SSD in such a luxury product. Those who buy this behemoth will likely get a newer, faster SSD anyway.

Bad badminton

So funny:

The eight women involved in last night's badminton match-throwing scandal have been kicked out of the Olympics. The women's tournament descended into farce in the evening session as four pairs all appeared to try to lose their matches in order to secure a favorable draw in the next round.

I, of course, blame the Patriarchy: it won't even let the women lose!

Power grid go bye bye

370 million people without electricity:

Northern India's power grid crashed Monday, halting trains, forcing hospitals and airports onto backup power and providing a dark reminder of the nation's inability to feed a growing hunger for energy as it strives to become an economic power.

Losing power is not out of the ordinary for people in India. The big question: just how long will it take for the power to come back?

By evening, 15 hours after the outage began, officials said full power had been restored.

Not bad. From experience, it becomes stressful when power is lost for over 24 hours (with no backup).

Link via Instapundit.

The fairer sex?

Women love and, of course, obey power:

The close cousin of lemmingitis (falling in step with fads) is obedience to authority. If you are apt to align your lifestyle with whatever is the latest fashion, (and ostracize those who don’t), you are probably also apt to blindly obey high status authority figures telling you what is good for you. If true, then we might speculate that women make better cultural foot soldiers for whichever elite authority is most tangible in their lives, owing to women’s greater propensity to accept authority dictums without question.

Understanding The L Goggles

Alpha Game:

Of course, it sounds absurd to suggest that a man's wife would kick one to the curb because his physical peak has passed, so how does it make any sense to imagine that a husband would be inclined to get rid of his wife simply because she isn't 22 anymore? Because there are more attractive women out there? There always were. There may be a few more than there were before, but he always had other options. Is a woman going to eventually be eclipsed by twenty-somethings? Of course, it is the way of the world.

Read it all. Later in the post:

it is so tragic when women, particularly women over thirty, cast aside their husbands in search of something better. Because no matter whom they meet, no one will ever look at them again through love goggles, which like beer goggles, tend to make a man see a woman through a soft and flattering lens as her mythical and eternally youthful self rather than the harsh, objective light of reality.

Looks do matter but they're not the only thing. As long as a woman doesn't turn into a whale after marriage and isn't disrespectful to her husband (both of which are not mutally exclusive), then she shouldn't worry much.

The moronic Saudis

In addition to the Jews, Saudi Arabia has now banned the Gregorian calendar.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said that the decision "means to preserve the Islamic calendar and the Arabic language."

My dad would get a calendar every year from his company in Saudi Arabia. It was simple; one page on which Islamic dates and the Gregorian calendar were put together without any trouble. Those who cared about the Islamic dates were happy; those who followed the A.D. convention were happy; those who cared about both were happy!

This just goes to show the extreme level of intolerance and paranoia in Saudi Arabia. They ban a freakin' calendar because it's threatening their language and culture. I wonder how they'll enforce this rule? What if an average person is caught with the banned calendar? What will be the punishment? A night in jail? Ten lashings? Being forced to listen to harsh Quran recitations?

Just curious.