A small taste of MAGA

The Trump economy is going to boom:

The Atlanta Fed upgraded the US first-quarter GDP growth to above 5%.

To put this in perspective — Barack Obama never pulled off a single year ABOVE 3% GDP growth.

People who obsessively focus on what Trump says forget to look at what Trump is doing. Decreasing any of the following would help the economy: regulations, corporate tax rate, and income tax rates. Trump has cut all of them!

Trump won 30 states in 2016. He'll pick up a few more in 2020. If he builds THE WALL, then he's guaranteed a landslide.

Canadian Cannabis LPs

A fellow at Reddit makes a useful list.

Like it or not. Here is a list of the total production capacity with a completed harvest by July 1st 2018.


  1. Aphria (APH.TO)
    Diluted Market Cap: 3,763,000,000
    Harvested for Rec: 34,500 KG

  2. Canopy Growth Corp (WEED.TO)
    Diluted Market Cap: 7,593,000,000
    Harvested for Rec: 31,000 KG

What!?! Canopy has the largest foot print of all cannabis firms in Canada. How can it not be #1 in five months?

I take that back. Not so useful.

And the very next day, Aphria acquires Nuuvera:

Another day, another near-billion-dollar deal in Canada’s marijuana industry.

Aphria Inc. agreed to buy Nuuvera Inc., a global cannabis company based in Brampton, Ontario, for about C$826 million ($670 million) in cash and stock. The offer of about C$8.50 a share is 21 percent higher than Nuuvera’s closing price on Friday.

Damn. The battle between The Big Three -- Canopy, Aurora, and Aphria -- has become epic.

Financially clueless

Many Americans are sorely lacking in knowledge when it comes to basic financial terms, according to new research.

A recent study of 1,000 Americans over the age of 30 found less than half of participants could confidently explain what a 401(k) is.

The research examining people’s grasp of financial terminology found many struggled to define common terms such as understanding what interest is (48 percent), the concept of bankruptcy (48 percent) or how inflation works (34 percent).

It's not just an American thing. Many Canadians don't know about finance as well.

Here, in Canada, if you've never studied finance and you're looking to save money for the future, then these are the basic terms to learn and understand:

  1. Chequing account
  2. Savings account
  3. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
  4. Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
  5. Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)
  6. Mutual Fund
  7. Exchange-traded Fund (ETF)
  8. Management Expense Ratio (MER)

That's it. I've met more than one married adult with children who is spooked by the stock markets. So, these people keep significant amounts of cash locked in GICs but since they don't really understand how TFSAs work, their meager interest is taxed.

For example, a woman goes to a bank and locks $20,000 for a 5-year GIC. The interest rate is 3%. Five years later, she gets $3,000. This income is taxed at her marginal rate which is, let's say, 25%. So, the government gets $750.

Had she simply spent thirty minutes to open a TFSA and then locked her GIC within it, she would have kept that $750. Note, there is zero additional risk in this scenario.

Canadians who don't bother learning those eight things lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in their lifetime. Ignorance is very expensive.

The Heavyweight Battle for Weed

The largest dollar-value deal in the marijuana industry:

Canada’s second-biggest marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis Inc has agreed to buy smaller rival CanniMed Therapeutics Inc for C$1.1 billion ($852 million) creating the world’s largest weed producer by market value.

It's strange to see such a, er, high valuation for Aurora Cannabis.

Aurora + CanniMed:
Total number of patients = 40,000
Total revenue (previous reported quarter) = $13 million
Total shareholder's equity = $326 million
Total construction in Canada = 1.1 million sq. ft.
Total market cap = $7.7 billion

Canopy Growth Corp:
Total number of patients = 70,000
Total revenue = $17.6 million
Total shareholder's equity = $693 million
Total construction in Canada = 5.5 million sq. ft.
Total market cap = $6.7 billion

Canopy has greater future capacity but Aurora's market cap is higher today. That's very odd. Anyway, the future revenue and market share should sort this out. We'll know for sure who's the real leader in two years (Feb. 2020) when the 2019 financials come in.

Not all Millennials are idiots

The Trump stock market boom should get some credit:

Millennials are pushing back against the stereotype that their money management skills are lacking, as 16% now have savings of $100,000 or more, double the amount of young people who had socked away that much in 2015, according to a new Bank of America survey.

A more healthy indicator would be savings per work year. If an "old" Millennial started working in 2000 and only has $18,000 saved, then that's mediocre. If a "young" Millennial started working two years ago and already has $18,000 saved, then that's quite impressive.

Also, considering that roughly 10% of the rich inherit their wealth, that 16% number isn't that amazing.

Unacceptable levels of stupidity

The gap between the super rich and the rest of the world widened last year as wealth continued to be owned by a small minority, Oxfam has claimed.

Some 82% of money generated last year went to the richest 1% of the global population while the poorest half saw no increase at all, the charity said.

Oxfam said its figures - which critics have queried - showed a failing system.

How is it failing?

"However you look at it, this is an unacceptable level of inequality," he said.

So, what would be the "acceptable" level of inequality?

Jeff Bezos has total wealth of over $100 billion. I could dedicate the rest of my life to making money. It would be a huge success if I got to a total of $100 million. However, my wealth wouldn't even amount to 0.1% of what Jeff Bezos has. Is this, somehow, unfair, unjust or unacceptable?

Cruel, grinding poverty is decreasing in the world. The poor aren't getting poorer. Just because we have more billionaires doesn't mean that the rest are somehow worse off.

The crypto madness

Cryptocurrency company BitConnect said it’s closing its lending and exchange platform after receiving cease and desist letters from Texas and North Carolina.

The move has helped spark a big selloff in the virtual currency linked to the company, BitConnect Coin, also known as BCC. It was recently down 97% to $6.09, according to CoinMarketCap.com data. BCC had traded as high as $322 on Tuesday.

Tuesday the price was $322. Two days later, it's $6. Next week, it could be $900.

How does one do fundamental or technical analysis with such hyper-volatility and legislative uncertainty?

Lower taxes, stronger engine

Canadian Pacific Railway (CP.TO 0.82%) says revenue grew by five per cent to $1.71 billion from $1.64 billion and earnings per share rose 159 per cent to $6.77 in the fourth quarter compared with the same period a year ago.


It says earnings were bolstered by provision of $527 million to account for deferred income tax recoveries thanks to U.S. tax reforms enacted in December which more than made up for tax increases by Saskatchewan and B.C. governments.

Read that again. The Trump tax cuts are so grand that they help offset the provincial tax increases for a Canadian company!

The Weed King

Canopy Growth Corporation did a deal with Constellation Brands last year for which they got $245 million in cash. Last night, BMO jumped on the cannabis train by agreeing to buy $175 million worth of shares from Canopy.

So, that's $245M plus $175M which equals ... oh, Bruce Linton has a sense of humor. Let's see what these guys do with their mountains of cash.

They've already locked down supply deals with three small provinces. Still waiting to see how much the Big Three (Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) want to buy. A two-year, billion dollar -- wholesale price -- MOU with Ontario would be quite nice.

White babies are okay

I have met many Asian students who didn't have siblings. They, of course, got all the attention in the family but they missed out on the education of child rearing. One can learn a lot about human relations by watching how a young, clever sibling almost always wins any "debate" with the parents.

The reality for too many Canadian couples is worse. They don't have any children! Usually pets fulfill the role of kids. What's astonishing is that they think of themselves as virtuous for being childless. More often such people are ardent Leftists. The irony of supporting socialist policies -- generous welfare, single-payer health care, and mandatory pension plans -- while simultaneously assuring its failure by not having kids doesn't seem to occur to these noble beings.

Human nature

What exactly do rich people do with their tax cuts in the US?

Option #1: Spend the money on goods or services.

For example, they can buy a new car or a helicopter. Perhaps, a fresh new private jet! Well, who do you think is going to design and build those items? Maybe, the rich might go on vacation, stay at a glitzy hotel, and dine in fancy restaurants. Again, more money for airline pilots, waiters, etc.

Option #2: Reinvest in their businesses.

Expand by building new stores and hiring more workers.

Option #3: Do the same as the last two options but outside the US.

This is the only case which would not benefit the average American. This is why it's vital that tax rates are low. Otherwise, the rich will move their extra capital to more generous jurisdictions. Fortunately, Trump understands this basic truth. Barring any natural disasters or attacks, we should see the strongest US GDP growth rate of this century in the next few years. Obama's record will look even more mediocre.

Canada vs. Tim Hortons

The Liberal scheme to pit businesses against workers is succeeding quite well:

Protesters rallied outside Tim Hortons locations across Ontario Wednesday to show support for employees after some franchisees made benefits and break cuts after a minimum wage increase -- but many gatherers stopped short of committing to a boycott.

The clueless opine:

[...] labour groups who gathered outside stores in cities including Toronto, Ottawa and Coburg, Ont. Wednesday describe the company as "wildly profitable" and argue Tim Hortons and its parent company can afford to pay employees at the new rate without taking away previous perks.

Strange that more people aren't opening coffee shops considering how it's so "wildly profitable."

Anyhow, Tim Hortons is suffering:

Organizers said they hope such rallies will send a message to Tim Hortons and its parent company, Restaurant Brands International. The parent company has denounced the actions of some franchisees, who have said they have been left with no choice because RBI, which controls product pricing, has not committed to a price hike.

Basically, it's either cut benefits or fire a few workers. Pick your poison.

The State of Education

In a recent article for American Thinker, “Why I Quit Teaching,” I listed three reasons that prompted me to abandon the teaching profession: unscrupulous administrators, degenerate teachers, and incompetent students. Of these, the latter was the most determinant. Annually grading some 2000 term papers, which chiefly consisted of the most arrant drivel imaginable -- unintelligible grammar, stunted vocabularies, bovine inattentiveness, mental stupefaction, and monumental ignorance -- I had come to fear, if not for my sanity, for my continued intellectual viability. How many years could I go on without cerebral rot setting in? I knew the time had come to flee the cortical gulag of modern education.

I know a few high school teachers who talk about the lowered standards in Ontario. The quality of students deteriorates every year but the grades have to stay high. End result? Mediocre education. One older teacher was given a talking to by her department head for "expecting too much" from her students. She had little choice but to concede and then spoon feed her seniors. She's also retired now.

Where was one to start trying to educate an adult student who thought the Great Depression began in the 1960s; who was unable to distinguish between the First and Second World Wars; who thought that Moscow was the capital of Missouri [...] who claimed that Christ’s parables were about “betting and gamibeling and explaining differently in alot of discussion”; who asserted that “analising a book one must lick your way to the center of the Tootsie Roll-Pop”; who reading Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose declared “This book is all about mid-evil times and the monk-persons in ministories”; who thought that Canada separated from the United States during the Civil War [...]

There's not much one can do in these mid-evil times ...

I've noticed this with increasing regularity: Millennials and Generation Zyklon have given up on spelling. It's not unusual to see multiple typos in just one tiny sentence. The weird thing is that we've got automatic spell checkers. So, why don't these young people simply fix their errors? I can't understand that level of laziness.

Kevin "The Genius" Flynn

Morons in charge in Ontario:

Ontario's minister of labour suggests businesses struggling with legislation that hikes minimum wages should consider price increases.

Kevin Flynn says that businesses have many options open to them and raising prices could be part of a strategy to ensure they turn a profit as well as pay a living wage.

Doh! Why didn't businesses think of that!?! All they have to do is increase their prices and profits are practically guaranteed. Not to mention that the newly unemployed would also be delighted to see higher prices on their bills.

It's a Wynne-Wynne!

Sweet suckers of Seattle

Seattle just raised taxes on sodas by roughly 75%. Happy New Year!

Seattle residents started the new year with a bad case of sticker shock followed by a sugar crash. A new tax of 1.75 cents per ounce was added to all sweetened beverages sold in the city. The move had public support in June when it was passed 7-1 by the Seattle City Council, but images of regret have been hitting social media as the bill came due Monday.

(Laughs.) Yup, the public supported this.

Where will all the new revenue go? Seattle officials expect a $15 million boost in the first year. Since this was sold as a health initiative, $2 million of that will expand a city program that gives fruit and vegetable vouchers to low-income families. Of course, only $400,000 will go to actual vouchers; the other $1.6 million stays with the government for “administrative costs.”

Of course. You see, this isn't gangsta government theft. Oh, no no no. This is for the health and the benefit of the poor members of the community. These are "good" taxes.

And all those who travel outside Seattle to buy their sweet poison are uncaring, selfish, mean, and profoundly unpatriotic.

"Wage Gap"

Why would any business hire men if they could get away with hiring cheap women for the same jobs? It's a mystery.

Time in the market

Let's assume that Ben Shapiro is not in the top 1% by wealth. That's largely because he's young. He simply hasn't had enough time to amass that kind of money. Would you really bet that Shapiro won't get to the top 1% by, let's say, 2030?

It took Warren Buffet roughly 18 years to make his first million dollars. Today, he makes an additional million in under an hour. Accumulating wealth is a grind in the beginning. That's why super wealthy people (that cursed 1%) are often very old.

An utterly useless statistic

How many Turks are interested in working in the US? Vice versa?

What matters is purchasing power.

No understanding of economics

The Toronto Star:

The “awful thing” was the news that filtered through kids’ friends and family friends of a notification to staff at the local Tim Hortons that Pickersgill frequents. Owing to the province’s increase in minimum wage to $14 an hour as of Jan. 1, and the further $1-an-hour increase to follow, staff was informed that workday breaks would no longer be paid. Thus a nine-hour shift would draw eight hours and 20 minutes of pay. Certain benefits costs would shift to employees. Certain incentives were cancelled.

“I was furious,” Pickersgill says. “I felt betrayed as a Tim Hortons customer. These people have bought into the community’s goodwill by saying ‘We’re significant in the life of the community.’ ”

The local Tim Hortons rejigs their finances to keep everyone employed and the ignorant Canadians are outraged. Of course, the Premier of Ontario appeals to these idiot voters:

Wynne didn’t sugar-coat her views in an interview with CBC News. “To be blunt,” Wynne said, “I think it’s the act of a bully. And if Mr. Joyce Jr. wants to pick a fight, pick that fight with me and not the people who are working at the service window of the stores.”

When the government spikes minimum wage by 32%, then that's called compassionate. When low-margin businesses logically react by firing workers, increasing prices and/or decreasing work hours of employees, then that's called bullying. This looks like the Liberal agenda all along. Pit wicked businesses against their hapless employees and then take the side of those poor, little, bullied workers.

The CBC has the better take:

Of course businesses were going to announce a reduction in hours in response to the news of Ontario's minimum wage hike. Of course prices were going to go up. Of course employers were going to claw back some staff benefits to make up for what will effectively be a 32 per cent wage hike over less than 18 months.

The write sees through the agenda:

Ontario already passed legislation in 2014 to tie minimum wage increases to inflation by hooking it to the province's consumer price index, on the recommendation of an expert advisory panel. But instead of continuing to phase-in minimum wage increases gradually, as per the original plan, the government has decided to go with the lump-sum approach because ... oh, hey, election. Is it time for you already?

The magical world of taxation

I wouldn't be surprised if these clowns start putting an extra tax of a few thousand dollars on vehicles while claiming that the tax is "only" paid by the dealerships.


Surely, the employees who depend on your dollars will be grateful.

The Canadian Weed Chronicles

I was thinking of selling and then buying the dip this morning but decided to HODL! Soon, of course, TD croaked again:

Traders using at least two major online discount brokerage platforms are complaining of sporadic outages and expressing frustration that the latest glitch has tied their hands amidst a broad plunge in marijuana stocks.

Clients of TD Bank's WebBroker and Royal Bank's RBC Direct Investing platforms have again taken to social media to gripe about problems, after facing similar issues in recent days.

A TD spokesman says "unprecedented" trading volume continues to drive some intermittent delays for its online and mobile WebBroker clients, and the bank rolled out a broad update on Tuesday night to increase the platform's capacity.

Apparently that increase wasn't enough. Canada is six months away from the legalization of recreational marijuana. If the online platforms of the two largest banks are already melting down, then what will happen as the hype and volume increases when we approach July?

The big, upcoming news stories are the MOUs from the three big provinces. Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia will sign supply deals with the major firms (Canopy, Aurora, and Aphria). Those events will cause a huge spike in volume.

Are you ready RBC? Are you ready TD?

The metrics of envy

By the end of the first three working days of the year, the U.K.’s top bosses will each have earned on average as much as a typical worker will take home in all of 2018, according to a report.

While the difference in compensation appears stark, it narrowed slightly compared with the previous year, the High Pay Centre and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development said on Thursday. The so-called “Fat Cat” study by the groups comes amid growing investor and political unease in the U.K. about high CEO pay.

Most people really don't comprehend how much wealth the top CEOs have. Their salary is only a small part of the picture. An extreme example: Bill Gates made $500 a second in 1999 because of the explosive stock market.

The latest calculations were based on an earlier finding by the groups that earnings for CEOs in the U.K.’s benchmark FTSE 100 dropped by a fifth in 2016 to 4.5 million pounds ($5.4 million) annually and another showing a CEO-to-worker pay ratio of 120 to 1.

The average number of employees was 44,000 in the FTSE 100 firms at the turn of the century. I doubt that number is lower today. Let's say that a benevolent CEO in the UK decided to donate his entire yearly salary of $5.4 million to his employees. As a result, the average worker would get a grand total of ... $122. Assuming that employees take one month off, then that amounts to a temporary one-year raise of $0.06 per hour.

This is what the media cries about and people lap it up.

Elusive minimum wage nirvana

Employees at an Ontario Tim Hortons owned by the children of the chain's founders say they have been told to sign a document acknowledging they are losing paid breaks, paid benefits, and other incentives as a result of the province's minimum wage hike.

They should be happy that their employer rejigged the finances to keep them employed. Look around and you'll see a business that has given up and all its workers making the true minimum: $0 per hour.

Besides losing paid breaks, the document states workers with more than five years of service will have to pay 50 per cent of the cost of benefits, and employees with between six months and five years service will have to pay 75 per cent.

Here, a worker showcases his utter ignorance of economics:

"The benefits are what kept me there. Now you are going to make me pay that."

"I don't understand why you can take it away. Sounds like you are penalizing your staff because the government is trying to help your staff," they said.

The government is benevolent and the employer is the monster. The government is forcing employers to increase their wages by 32% in 15 months. Pray tell, where is this mythical forest where money falls from the trees?

Another employee said that with unpaid breaks and having to pay 50 per cent of the cost of benefits, their biweekly paycheque will actually be $51 dollars lower than it was before the minimum wage hike.

"I've worked for the company for a very long time, and I was very upset. I wasn't marching down the street asking for this pay raise. Now I'm worse off," they said.


"People are talking about boycotting their stores, and saying 'I'll go to another [Tim Hortons], but I won't go to that one,'" said Pickersgill.

(Laughs.) That's how you get higher wages! Refuse to buy the products!

Time is money

CBC has picked up the story:

The Royal Bank of Canada says it is working to resolve an ongoing issue that has seen its customers unable to access online banking and self-directed investing brokerage accounts on Wednesday.

"Some clients are experiencing delays when attempting to log on to our Online Banking and RBC Direct Investing platforms due to heavy trading volumes," RBC spokesperson A.J. Goodman told CBC News in response to an emailed inquiry.

RBC makes nearly $1 billion in profit every month.

TD trouble

I couldn't log in to my bank account last Friday. There's always a huge surge in account activity and trading on the first business day of the year. Many Canadians are filling up their TFSAs and buying securities. So, I decided to check my account after the market closed yesterday. Nope. Didn't work.

Apparently, many people had issues:

Some Toronto-Dominion Bank customers are having problems using its WebBroker internet brokerage service and taking to social media with their complaints.

Several Twitter and Facebook users are complaining about problems logging into or using TD's WebBroker website since Friday, and complaints about the bank logged on canadianoutages.com on Tuesday began to climb at around 9:30 a.m.


TD WebBroker user Adam Kauppi said he started having problems using the service on Friday and called the bank for assistance, but hung up after waiting for two hours on hold.

He didn't ... HOLD! It's odd that other banks didn't have any problems with their servers. Has TD Bank been cheap with their IT infrastructure? It appears that they didn't scale well.

Ten minutes later: I read that many people have trouble accessing RBC Direct Investing.

Seriously, RBC and TD are the two biggest banks in Canada. They make billions of dollars in profits every year but their websites can't handle a spike in traffic?

The smaller players -- ScotiaBank, BMO, CIBC -- should be smart enough to use this to increase their customer base.

The hidden misery of the minimum wage

From Dec. 31, 2017:

Ontario's new $14 per hour minimum wage does not take effect until Jan. 1, but Chris Stevens has already taken steps to ensure his restaurant can afford the added expense.

The co-owner of Kaboom Chicken in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood has raised menu prices in anticipation of the wage hike. He and his business partner also plan to reduce their staff's hours in the new year and take on more of the work themselves in order to save money.


Dan Rishworth's Toronto bicycle shop, Enduro Sport, employs seven permanent, full-time staff members and hires several young people as seasonal workers each summer when business picks up. The minimum wage increase could result in the store hiring fewer summer workers from now on, Rishworth said.

"I think at this point we're not going to hire six summer people any longer, we're going to hire only three or four," he said.

The government knows about the probable job losses:

The Financial Accountability Office of Ontario -- an independent watchdog agency that reports to the provincial legislature -- has estimated that the minimum wage hikes could result in a loss of 50,000 jobs as employers struggle to keep up with staffing costs.

Yet, over 50 economists in Canada said:

"For years, we have heard that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, raise prices and cause businesses to flee Ontario. This is fear-mongering that is out of line with the latest economic research."

Of course, raising the minimum wage by $4 won't kill all jobs or cause all businesses to flee. The reality is that many firms will reduce the number of hours for their employees, fire some people or hire fewer workers in the near-future. The stories of those mentioned businesses attest to that.

We should see more of this in the next couple of years with "the latest economic research".

You're fired!

Most people never think through their proposals.

Another way of stating this policy: If you fire every employee who is on public assistance, then you'll get a big, fat, juicy tax cut!

Leftists are the worst enemies of the poor.

Greedy pigs are greedy

The proper response:

1.4%?! It should be at least 50%. I do think at a certain point you've made enough money.


All these filthy, greedy, privileged billionaires are getting to keep more of their ill-earned wealth. This is absolutely [shakes jowls] disgusting and outrageous!

Shame on you, Republicans!

The End of America

What has the God Emperor done.

If this destructive misery continues apace, I'm not sure there will be a single American still alive by the end of the holiday season.  You've heard the terrible newsabout Boeing, Fifth Third Comcast, Wells Fargo, AT&T -- all of which are celebrating passage of the tax reform bill by some combination of paying out bonuses to non-executive employees, expanding their businesses, stepping up charitable investments, and raising their hourly wage.  The Washington Post also chronicles CVS' pledge to hire 3,000 workers into permanent new jobs.  But the devastation doesn't end there.

Literally shaking!

Lefties got nothing

Mark Tapscott:

Shortly after Congress approved the largest tax cut in American history and the most significant reform of the tax code since, 1986, Schumer lamented that “now we know they are popping champagne down Pennsylvania Avenue. There are only two places where America’s popping champagne: The White House and the corporate board rooms, including Trump Tower.”


Then there’s this piquant observation from Lifezette’s Brendan Kirby, who points out that: “Even as prominent Democrats such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) trashed the idea, their extremely blue home states have been cutting corporate tax rates.

The corporate tax rate should be 0%. Any positive tax rate on corporations cuts into, among many things, the wages of workers. The average person might feel better with a high corporate tax rate but it just means that fewer money is left over for salary increases in the future.

So, we should see higher wages in the near-future with this specific tax cut.

MAGA by the numbers

Another way to look at it:

Dow Jones Industrial Average close on Nov. 7, 2014: 17,573.93

Dow Jones Industrial Average close on Election Day in 2016: 18,332.74

Dow Jones Industrial Average close today: 24,754.75

In the two-year period before Trump was elected, the Obama Dow Jones went up a niggardly 3.9%. Since the election, the Trump Dow Jones has increased by 35%.

Bashing the rich

There were quite a few teachers in Canada who diligently contributed to their retirement plans during their work years. The compounding over decades made them millionaires. They were rich! Did they start off as virtuous and become eeevil as they aged?

It's easy, lazy, and cathartic to see "the rich" as inherently immoral. Too many people are spectacularly mediocre at their low-level jobs. Instead of admitting this harsh reality, they blame the filthy rich for gaming the system. Who are the wealthy? Doctors, engineers, lawyers, computer architects, genetic freaks turned phenomenal athletes, lucky actors who made it big, etc. Calling this entire group as unethical or wicked merely showcases the envy of the accuser.

Totally Dumb Bank

UPS lost a bank draft containing a Canadian family's $846,000 inheritance, and then initially tried making things right by offering to refund a mere $32 shipping fee.

The drama began in February, when, Louis Paul Herbert told CBC, his family was going over his father’s will and dividing money between family members. Herbert said he went to a UPS store near Cornwall, Ontario, to pick up a package his sister, Lorette Taylor, had sent him containing a bank check with his part of the fortune.


Taylor said she sent the check from TD Bank through UPS so her brother would not have to travel 270 miles to pick it up. Taylor said the bank guaranteed the draft would get to Herbert safely, a vow that helped convince her to use UPS’ services. TD also pledged to Taylor and her husband, John, it would replace the money if the draft got lost.

Never trust a bankster.

But, seriously, who wouldn't happily travel 434 kilometers to get $846,000? This brother could have set a weekend aside, visited his sibling, and then become financially independent. Instead, he had to fight for months to get his money.

Race and intelligence

Highly educated, high-IQ, and extremely motivated members of many races come to America and make significantly more money than the average White person. The free market doesn't care about your race. It rewards the utilization of intelligence.

A majority of Blacks aren't going to confront this harsh reality. It's convenient, easy, and lazy to keep on blaming the KKK, Nazi, evil America for their continued failures.

Equality doesn't exist

Imagine, you had a business. At what level of wealth would you stop working, retire, and enjoy a life of luxury? $1 million? $10 million? $100 million? $1 billion? $10 billion?

I would bet that an overwhelming majority would call it a day at $10 million. Few men would continue beyond that point. Almost zero women would. That's why all these ultra billionaires -- Bezos, Zuckerberg, Musk -- are all men. For this reason alone, you'll never have income or wage parity between the sexes in a market system.