Wynne today, lose tomorrow

The Wynne government created a "needlessly complex" scheme to pay for its hydro rate cuts without showing the costs on its own bottom line, Ontario's auditor general said in a critical report released Tuesday.

Lower electricity rates today for more votes next year.

The $26 billion is being borrowed through Ontario Power Generation, so will not appear on the province's books. Electricity customers will pay off that debt through rate increases spread out over the next 30 years.

Oh, who cares. What matters is the election in 2018!

The auditor says the plan could also result in Ontarians paying "up to $4 billion more than necessary" in interest. That's because OPG will be required to pay higher interest rates than the province would if the government took on the debt directly.

Good luck with your bills, Generation Z.

Doh Canada

I've seen more and more Muslim families in my neighborhood in Canada in the last couple of years. It's likely that some of them are from Syria.

The glass at a bus stop booth near my place was shattered last year. Twice. That didn't happen for at least a decade before. Also, there were many instances of theft in the area. I, often, go out for a walk in the evening when the weather is nice and I noticed a police car parked close to my residence for the first time. I heard that many cars had been broken into and the police presence was a deterrence.

Muslim immigration + property damage and increased crimes. Surely, it's a complete and total coincidence. Nothing to see here. Only a horrible, no-good, very-bad, bigot would put two and two together.

Standards are for the little people

Go Jeremy!

JEREMY Corbyn “ethical” T-shirts selling for £19 are made by Indian workers earning 55p an hour.

They would have to graft for a week before they could afford to buy one of the tops hailing the Labour leader who slams cheap labour.

The defining trait of socialists: They see no problem paying horrendously low wages for acquiring services and products but condemn the rest to live to a higher, abstract ideal.

Never go full SJW

Equifax Inc. said on Thursday it has taken one of its customer help web pages offline as its security team looks into reports of another potential cyber breach at the credit reporting company, which recently disclosed a hack that compromised the sensitive information of millions of people.

The move came after an independent security analyst on Wednesday found part of Equifax's website was under the control of attackers trying to trick visitors into installing fraudulent Adobe Flash updates that could infect computers with malware, the technology news website Ars Technica reported.

Security is essential to the profitability and survival of Equifax. Yet, they've been thoroughly screwing it up for months. They should have hired experts instead of trying to "fix" the Insufficient Vaginas Problem.

Backpedal fast!

That was quick:

The federal government appears to be doing away with a controversial tax policy interpretation that would have seen employees taxed for discounts they get at work.

The rich who don't have a lot of votes get shafted with 50% plus tax rates but when the government goes after discounted donuts and burgers; watch out!

The clever government throws the Canada Revenue Agency under the bus:

“This document was not approved by the minister and we are deeply disappointed that the agency posted something that has been misinterpreted like this,” he said in an emailed statement.

Liberal spin: CRA is a rogue organization. We would never ever increase taxes on poor people. Honest!

The Voracious Leviathan

The top federal plus provincial marginal income tax rate in Ontario is 54%. The ultra-rich don't just sit around and let the wicked socialists soak them dry. One wealthy Canadian has already moved billions of dollars to outside of Canada!

The province and the federal bureaucracies have huge budget deficits. The evil rich are leaving. So, what can the greedy governments do to get more money to waste?

The CRA said in a document posted on its website that discounts for merchandise should be treated as a taxable benefit. The tax collector said that when an employee receives a discount on merchandise — as a benefit of their employment — the value of the discount should be included in the employee's income at tax time.

All you workers at Tim Hortons and McDonald's who were getting discounted donuts and burgers: TIME TO PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE, BITCHES!

According to the agency's website, the change is effective as of the 2017 tax year [...]

Wow. I wonder if even one employee kept track of all his discounts this year.

The difference between the "fair market value" of the merchandise purchased and what the employee paid is what will have to be claimed on a tax return. For example, if an employee buys an $80 sweater for $40, then the employee would have to claim the $40 difference as income.

"It strikes me as odd that you would want to impose this on what are primarily modest income earners," Littler said. "I thought it actually might be a typo."

(Laughs!) Yeah, the rich pay 54% income tax, thousands of dollars in property tax, and 13% in sales tax -- all on the same income. The rich are tapped out. The ultra-rich are leaving. The little guy can't leave. He has to drop his pants and bend over for the common good.

Pierre Poilievre, the Conservative finance critic, said it's "insanity" that workers will have to document all the discounts they receive on merchandise each year under the new interpretation.

He said if all discounts are not documented, it could turn regular law-abiding Canadians into tax cheats.

Yup. "Free" health care can be quite expensive.

The Weed King

June 2017:

A groundbreaking ceremony was held south of Edmonton Friday morning on what’s touted to be the largest cannabis production facilities of its kind in the world.

The 800,000 square-foot Aurora Sky cannabis production facility will be capable of producing more than 100,000 kilograms of cannabis every year.

October 2017:

Canopy Growth Corp. says it will develop up to three million square feet of greenhouse growing capacity in British Columbia, more than doubling Canada's biggest licensed marijuana producer's production footprint.

Canada will legalize weed by July 2018. Canopy Growth Corp. is now the definite leader in terms of developing future capacity at 4.3 million square feet. Assuming that they actually get there and thrive, then the total revenue will be roughly $2 billion. Not bad for a company which had sales of $16 million in the second quarter of this year.

Labor economics

Daniel Gross:

[...] Jesus “Chuy” Medrano, founder and owner of CoCal Landscape, himself immigrated from Mexico 44 years before. He really tried to hire only Americans this year. But when he failed, he wound up spending a lot of time and money to bring in a few dozen migrant workers from Mexico—legally—to mow lawns and maintain sprinkler systems.

His offered hourly wage? $13.95. Imagine if an American school or university wanted to hire a few, local teachers for one semester for $13.95 per hour but just couldn't and then imported foreign instructors for the jobs. There would be a meltdown.


Imagine going shopping for a house in a neighborhood in which the average house costs $500,000 and wondering why you can’t find a four-bedroom home for $250,000. That’s what Medrano is doing.

Yup. This employer has an artificial "shortage of workers" because he offers a ridiculously low wage.

Read the whole thing. It's rare to see an economics article that offers a proper diagnosis and the correct solution and not leftist utopian drivel.

Do you even math?

The Fake Muslim retweeted this:

Immediately, I knew that's not possible.

Mark Ruffalo was retweeting this:

I had to re-read that tweet to make sure that it said trillion. Then, I laughed. You see, the US military budgets from 1998 to 2015 combined amount to $9.57 trillion. So, how can the Department of Defense defraud US taxpayers of more money than their entire budgets?

Ruffalo and the Fake Muslim don't see the basic arithmetic problem. They simply retweet whatever bullshit spin they have to make the US military look atrocious.

The real story:

The United States Army’s finances are so jumbled it had to make trillions of dollars of improper accounting adjustments to create an illusion that its books are balanced.

The Defense Department’s Inspector General, in a June report, said the Army made $2.8 trillion in wrongful adjustments to accounting entries in one quarter alone in 2015, and $6.5 trillion for the year. Yet the Army lacked receipts and invoices to support those numbers or simply made them up.

The military budget for 2015? $637 billion. The military didn't waste $6.5 trillion in 2015. They used incorrect accounting adjustments that amount to an enormous $6.5 trillion.

The Dumb Hulk looked at this military stupidity and then went one up: We could have used all those accounting adjustments for muh health care, muh free college, muh basic income!

And, of course, the Fake Muslim retweeted the whole nonsense.

Experimenting with lives

Divisive Minimum Wage Experiment Goes Live in Ontario.

Excuse me. Experiment? Experiment? I thought the economics was settled. Governments all over the world are increasing minimum wages. Obviously it helps the poor, right?

Ontario is about to become a test case for a debate that’s divided economists and politicians for decades: whether a higher minimum wage will really boost living standards for the most vulnerable workers or hurt them by forcing employers to cut jobs.

That's a silly question. It's not help or hurt.

How hard is it to understand this:

  1. Probably, most of the minimum wage workers will benefit in the short run since their purchasing power goes up.
  2. Some will be working fewer hours because their employer simply doesn't have the money. For these workers, there is no net gain. 
  3. However, a few (as in tens of thousands) will lose their jobs. They'll be making $0 per hour. How does a $15 minimum wage help these poor workers when their job is destroyed?

Of course, politicians and ignorant voters don't care. They see the benefits: most make more money! Minimum wage is awesome! They ignore the wretched who are made unemployed.

Morley Gunderson, a University of Toronto professor emeritus, found that a 10 percent minimum wage increase cuts youth employment by at least 3 percent. A jump of more than 30 percent is “huge,” he said.

“I think that’s going to trigger even larger impacts,” he said by phone. “It is at best an exceedingly blunt instrument for dealing with poverty and it may even be harmful,” he said. The hardest hit would be low-skilled workers like high school dropouts who lose their jobs or hours and have a big struggle to find something else, he said.

This isn't rocket science. When you make something expensive, people buy less of it. When you make workers expensive, employers utilize fewer of them.

The most immoral tax

This is silly.

For example, if a multi-millionaire owner of a town gives his wife and kids each a $100 a day allowance, then how much should they be taxed? What if the allowance was raised to $1,000 a day? $10,000? $100,000?

The correct answer is 0%. The money has already been taxed. The millionaire is sharing the after-tax income with his family. People make money for their family -- not just for themselves alone. Similarly that 0% tax rate shouldn't change if the millionaire dies.

Think about it: should the wife of Bill Gates or their kids be taxed because Bill provides them with money or expensive products or gifts? If not, then why should the answer be any different when Gates passes away?

Soak the rich

Finance Minister Bill Morneau received an earful on the Liberals' proposed tax changes and was often drowned out by a largely critical crowd during a town hall meeting in Oakville, Ont., on Friday morning.

This is classic:

"Of course someone is going to incorporate to reduce their tax burden, it's completely unreasonable to ask someone to spend more than 50 per cent of their income tax alone in tax," said one man at the microphone.

What's truly atrocious is how many times the governments tax the same money. After income tax, one has to pay property tax from the remaining money. And after paying those two taxes, when one goes to buy stuff: sales tax. The same income is taxed three times!

If the rich, you know those horrible engineers and greedy doctors, had no choice but to pay these taxes in full, then their total tax rate would easily be higher than 60%. Of course, as you'll hear and read, they still need to have their tax rates increased because they're not paying their fair share.

The session ended with Morneau being interrupted again while talking about trying to make the system more fair.

Fair? Oh, that's simple: a flat tax. Everyone pays the same rate. That would be fair. Not this monstrosity of a system with ELEVEN brackets.

Insufficient Vaginas Problem

Amazon goes about diversity in a most problematic manner.

An email shared online earlier today was sent by an Amazon Web Services recruiter to a woman encouraging her to apply for a software engineering position. The message kicked off with the subject line: "Diversity HIRE :: JOB :: Software Engineer @ Amazon." It may as well have started with: "Dear token minority..."

(Laughs.) Er, I mean this is NOT OKAY!

Marilyn Loden, a Florida-based author and diversity consultant, told us in a phone interview that this is not the way to approach diversity. "You don't put people in a category that is going to put them at a disadvantage," said Loden. "The way to integrate groups that are disadvantaged is not to call attention to them."

Loden said doing so feeds into the backlash against women in tech by those who feel female candidates are getting jobs solely because of gender. "That just makes everyone in the organization angry and encourages the perception that this is not a merit-based hire," she said.

Duh! What the fuck does "diversity" have to do with the success of Amazon? All that should matter for a job is can you do it. But instead, people cry about this:

Amazon faced criticism for its lack of diversity in 2014 when the web giant said 63 per cent of its workers and 75 per cent of its managers worldwide were men. Since then, it has made an effort to become more diverse and has made some progress.

Amazon is intentionally hiring mediocre vaginas to seem "less" sexist. Of course, they have to be, er, diplomatic about it; so as to not hurt the ... (oh, what's that word) ... fragile feelings of those vaginas.


How diversity works in real life:

One particular woman that was hired as manager, happened to check just about every box you can imagine: Woman, Black, morbidly obese, loud, proud, jesus freak... all traits that aren't bad in and of themselves Problem is she was dumb as a box of rocks, and there was pretty much a dedicated crew that had to come behind her and fix every single project or task she was given.

Just so the company could say "we have a diverse array of managers" it costs countless hours and a truck load of money to fix all her fuck ups. It's kind of a slap in the face to all other employees when someone can just float around fucking up constantly but has a golden pass because of their color and gender.

I realize all of the above makes me sound like some racist asshole because I'm a white male, but really all I care about is having someone in a position that can actually DO the job they are assigned. Finding good/reliable people for a job is already a hard enough task before you place artificial restrictions or requirements on it.

Fake Muslim attempts economics

Who the hell looks at total debt without considering income, GDP or population? What an utterly lame attempt at deception by the fake Muslim. Looks like an infidel has to do the honest number crunching.


  • Debt = $125 billion
  • GDP = $748 billion
  • Population = 20.6 million
  • Debt / Person = $6,067
  • Debt / GDP = 16.7%

Peurto Rico:

  • Debt = $73 billion
  • GDP = $103 billion
  • Population = 3.6 million
  • Debt / Person = $20,277
  • Debt / GDP = 70.9%

In relative terms, Peurto Rico's government debt is 4.25 times the size of debt in Florida.

Same old drama

The same people who whine about a "living wage" don't care much when the wage for many drops to $0 per hour.

Two new reports warn that plans to boost the minimum wage in Ontario and Alberta will likely result in higher unemployment in the provinces.

Alberta’s move to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018 could lead to the loss of roughly 25,000 jobs, according to a report published by the CD Howe Institute. Meanwhile, a TD bank report says Ontario’s plan to boost the minimum wage could contribute to the loss of up to 150,000 jobs in the province by the end of the decade.

After these minimum wage hikes, we'll see higher prices for foods, rent spikes, expensive clothing and then unexpectedly soon that "living wage" will no longer be sufficient ... raise the minimum wage to $20 per hour! Rinse and repeat.

Fake tax cuts

Middle-income families face higher personal income taxes due to changes implemented by the Liberal government, finds a new report by the Fraser Institute.

While the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reduced the marginal tax rates for income between $46,000 and $92,000, it also implemented other reforms that have resulted in most Canadians with children and middling incomes paying more, on net, in income taxes than they did before, according to the study.

I remember a lady at my workplace was so, er, excited about this. She told me that her "income tax cut" amounted to $600. She had also calculated "other payments" she would have to make thanks to Trudeau's plan. That came out to an extra $1,000 to the government.

Her total middle class tax cut was -$400. Yippie!

Lower-middle-class families, those with household incomes between, roughly, $52,000 and $77,000 are paying $382 more on average, with nearly 70 per cent paying more.

Look on the bright side, Canadians. Next year, you'll be able to smoke your concerns away. Weed is going to be legal baby!

Single payer, single decider

The waiting times for various surgeries in Canada have been increasing for decades. This is only going to make things worse:

Hundreds of Nova Scotia doctors, medical students, family practice doctors and specialists crammed into a high school cafeteria in Halifax to express their frustrations about the proposed tax changes.


Some of the doctors at the meeting told CTV News that 40 per cent of their after-tax income goes to business overhead.

In many provinces, private hospitals are legally limited to what type of services they can offer. So, most doctors are stuck in the bureaucratic nightmare of a public system.

Some doctors at the meeting in Halifax say that after spending ten or 15 years in post-secondary education and accumulating big debts, they now wonder if it was all worth it.

Nope. The most efficient method out of this nonsense is to have fully operational private hospitals in the country but most Canadians who've never dealt with the dysfunctional government health care prefer the miserable equality of a public system.

What's cute is that so many Canadians really do think that the rich and poor get the same healthcare in Canada. They don't see that the rich don't wait in line; they simply travel to the US and pay cash for their first class treatments.

Capital flight

A big Canadian player has quietly picked up his chips and is heading for the exit amid the tumult over the Trudeau government's controversial tax proposals.

A business owner has informed John Manley, the head of an organization representing Canada's largest corporations, that he has moved billions of dollars outside the country since the Liberals formally proposed their tax changes in mid-July.

The rich are not going to sit around for the rules to change and then pay tens of millions of dollars in extra taxes. They'll simply move their money.

"There's all sorts of business immigration programs that are out there encouraging entrepreneurs to pick up and leave," said Dan Kelly of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

"Canada has to watch out because business owners in lots of areas can be quite mobile."

The top marginal tax rate in Ontario is 53.53%. The government ought to be decreasing such an atrocious rate instead of changing the rules to hit more people with it.

Government Care

Socialist health care in action:

The NHS has apologized to a man left crippled after doctors failed to spot a broken neck for three years – and even told him to take up tai chi.


After a catalog of lost scans and delayed appointments, doctors finally spotted the crushed bones in his neck three years later. He then had to wait another two years before an operation on his neck but he says his life has been ruined.

If you're stuck in such a system, then you have to save up some money for private health care. 

Insufficient Vaginas Problem

What the hell is "gender justice"?

Anyway: Less than 2%. That's the proportion of women in the following professions in Canada:

  1. Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
  2. Bricklayers
  3. Truck and Bus Mechanics
  4. Steamfitters and Pipefitters
  5. Electrical Power Line Workers
  6. Refrigeration and A.C. Mechanics
  7. Plumbers, Pipefitters and Gas Fitters
  8. Automotive Service Technicians
  9. Electricians

Oddly enough, I've never seen feminists clamor for "gender justice" when it comes to those mentioned jobs. Hmm...maybe, women just aren't interested in those positions. Maybe, they freely choose jobs that aren't harsh, stressful, dirty or dangerous. Maybe, that's why they don't make as much money as men.

The struggles of Socialism

The president urged crisis-hit Venezuelans to breed rabbits and eat them as a source of animal protein.

Venezuela is facing record levels of child malnutrition amid persistent food shortages.

The Rabbit Plan is perfect in theory. Unfortunately, the horrible people in Venezuela are sabotaging the reality:

President Maduro said rabbit kittens had been handed to 15 communities as part of a pilot project by Mr Bernal.

"When he came back, to his surprise he found people had put little bows on their rabbits and were keeping them as pets, it was an early setback to Plan Rabbit."

"A lot of people gave names to the rabbits, they took them to bed," Mr Bernal said.

Next Year: Kittens and puppies are also rich in protein! Just add a little salt and pepper.

Canadian priorities

When seconds count, the ambulance is 28 minutes away.

Terry died of a heart attack inside her central Hamilton apartment on July 10, waiting for paramedics to save her.

No one in her family knew it then, but Terry had called for help while the city was in the midst of a "code zero" event. That's when there is only one — or even zero — ambulances across the service's entire fleet available for a call.


Now, the Terry family wants accountability, and is trying to figure out why it took almost half an hour for an ambulance to reach the 71-year-old mother and grandmother as she lay dying on her apartment floor.

Canada has different priorities today: we have to pay taxes to bring in tens of thousands of refugees! The overwhelming majority are Muslims. This means that many are inbred, illiterate, and unemployable. Millions of dollars of jizya tax money goes to them.

[Channeling the mayor or London:] A few dead 71-year-old grandmothers is a small price to pay for a future war die-versity.

Stay away from debt

Nearly half of workers are living paycheque to paycheque due to soaring spending and debt levels, a new survey by the Canadian Payroll Association suggests.

The poll found 47 per cent of respondents said it would be difficult to meet their financial obligations if their paycheque were delayed by even one week.

Canadians have been borrowing like crazy over the past decade. I know many who've bought new cars and houses on credit. These people are in their 30s and 40s with families. They make an above average income but they have almost zero savings. Yet, that doesn't stop them from burying themselves in the quagmire of debt. The amusing thing is that they don't work the whole year. They take time off and go on vacation to alleviate the stress of their crappy jobs. Then, they come back and put long miserable hours at work to pay off their vacation ...

Anyway, the Bank of Canada just increased the main interest rate today. The next few years will be painful for many debt slaves in Canada.

Insatiable monster

The average family pays more to the taxman than it does on food, clothing and housing, the 2017 Fraser Institute's Canadian Consumer Tax Index finds.

What do the numbers look like?

[...] a family earning the equivalent brings in $83,105 annually but 42.5%, or $35,283, is vacuumed up by the government taxman. And 37.4% goes to food, clothing and housing, according to the Canadian Consumer Tax Index.

With the upcoming 32% increase in minimum wage in Ontario which will push many Canadians into higher tax brackets, the government will collect a greater share of average income. I wouldn't be surprised if we hit 50% by 2030.

Spending, not income, is the problem

Despite working six days a week, Marion, 37, a single mother of two, can’t make ends meet on the $9.50 an hour she gets at Popeyes (no apostrophe – founder Al Copeland joked he was too poor to afford one). A fast food worker for 22 years, Marion has almost always had a second job. Until recently, she had been working 9am-4pm at Popeyes, without a break, then crossing town to a janitorial job at Bartle Hall, the convention center, where she would work from 5pm- to 1.30am for $11 an hour. She didn’t take breaks there either, although they were allowed.

The math here is very odd.

This woman works for 7 hours a day, 6 days a week at Popeyes. Then, she worked as a janitor for, let's say, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

(7 * 6 * $9.5) + (8 * 5 * $11) = $839 per week

Assuming that she takes one month off in the year, she is still making $40,000 annually!

Even with those two jobs, Marion was unable to save – and when disaster struck she found it impossible to cope financially. Last month, the city condemned the house she rented – the landlord had refused to fix faulty wiring and the leaking roof – and she was made homeless.

She couldn't save for emergencies when her income was over $3,000 a month!? She is not poor because of circumstances. She is poor because of bad choices. Her income puts her in the top 1% on the global scale. She ought to be able to cover the bare necessities for herself and her two kids.

“My family is not benefiting. I’m working so hard to come home, and still I have to decide whether I am going to put food on the table or am I going to pay the light bill, or pay rent.

“It makes me feel like a peasant. In a way it’s slavery. It’s economic slavery.”

Relevant monthly numbers for my area in Canada:

  • $1,100 for two-bedroom apartment (water cost included)
  • $900 for food for three people
  • $100 for electricity
  • $50 for 50mbps DSL internet

That's $2,150 per month. That's Canadian dollars. It'll be roughly $1,800 in the US.

Again, I'm not saying that she'll be living like royalty but she should be covering basic needs. If she thinks that her situation is "slavery", then she ought to learn about countries where tens of millions of people can't crack $1,000 in a year.

Unemployment and inflation

The minimum wage in Ontario, Canada will be increasing by 32% in just 15 months.

A coalition of business groups opposed to the changes released a report on Monday that warned the wage hike will cost the average household $1,300 a year and put 185,000 jobs at risk. Industry association Restaurants Canada recently released a survey of its members that found 95 per cent of owners believe the wage hike will hurt them. It found 98 per cent will raise menu prices and 81 per cent will lay off staff, while more than one-quarter would close one or more locations.


Dave Bryans, CEO of the Ontario Convenience Stores Association, also notes the increase will “undoubtedly mean fewer retail jobs, particularly for students and other part-time workers,” and that owners are already burdened with high hydro prices.

Note that these are actual businesses who are telling us what they'll do. In opposition to this reality, we get bogus theory:

However, an open letter from about 40 economists, mostly from Canadian universities, says such talk is “fear-mongering” that is out of line with the latest economic research.

Really? Where exactly have we seen the consequences of a 32% hike in minimum wage?

Anyway, Ontario will soon be a case study. Let's see how many low-skill workers lose their jobs. Their wage will go to $0/hr.

Bringing fairness to Ontario

Up to 185,000 jobs could be put at risk if Ontario’s Liberal government keeps its pledge to increase the minimum wage to $15.

Those are the findings of an “independent assessment” of Bill 148, the Liberal’s Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act. The bill will hike the minimum wage — currently set to rise with inflation from $11.40 an hour to $11.60 in October, up to $14 on Jan. 1, 2018, and $15 the following year.

That's a 32% increase in labor costs in only 15 months for small businesses.

Progressive Conservative labour critic John Yakabuski said the Liberal government needs to conduct its own economic impact study of the new bill.

“It’ll be a tragedy if all of these 185,000 people are put out of work,” Yakabuski said in a statement. “A higher minimum wage doesn’t help if Ontarians don’t have a job to wake up to in the morning.”

It won't be surprising when these compassionate liberals dole out higher payments for employment insurance to help the poor souls who were "wronged" by their heartless employers. It's a Wynne-Wynne!

Muslims never lie

I clicked through the links to get this story:

Farmers say they're having trouble hiring enough people to work during harvest season, causing some crops to rot before they can be picked. Already, the situation has triggered losses of more than $13 million in two California counties alone, according to NBC News.

The ongoing battle about U.S. immigration policies is blamed for the shortage. The vast majority of California's farm workers are foreign born, with many coming from Mexico. However, the PEW Research Center reports more Mexicans are leaving the U.S. than coming here.

The story didn't sound right. So, I dug a bit more. That PEW Research Center report is from November 2015!

Hend Amry, a fake American, posting fake news! What has the world come to!

[...] post implied Trump was largely to blame for the lost crops because he had scared off Mexican migrant workers with his tough policies, causing the labor shortages.

That’s wrong.

Claire Wineman, the Grower-Shipper Association’s president, told us Santa Barbara County has been experiencing the same lack of workers felt by agricultural areas across California and the United States.

A labor shortage over many years is the fault of the business. Why? They are simply not offering a good enough wage. Increase the wages and the shortage will evaporate.

Oh and about that Make American Crops Rot Again:

One thing the Independent story (and therefore the LeftScoop.com post) did misrepresent was in the headline, Wineman said. The survey didn’t determine whether the crops went unharvested and rotted in the fields.

"We didn’t survey what happened, we only asked how much revenue was not realized because of a lack of workers," Wineman said. "We just don’t know that."

It's also economically nonsensical. Which farmer would refuse to pay his workers a few thousands of dollars extra only to see his $13 million of crop rot in the fields? But, of course, diligence and honesty is irrelevant when one is trying to bash Trump.

Not-so-free trade

I knew a guy who ordered $300 speakers from the US because of the low price. The delivery man told him the duty fee: over $100! If he didn't pay, then he wouldn't get the speakers. So, he ponied up.

A U.S. proposal for Mexico and Canada to vastly raise the value of online purchases that can be imported duty-free from stores like Amazon.com and eBay is emerging as a flashpoint in an upcoming renegotiation of the NAFTA trade deal.

Vulnerable industries like footwear, textiles and bricks and mortar retail in Mexico and Canada are pushing back hard against the proposal by the U.S. trade representative to raise Mexican and Canadian duty-free import limits for e-commerce to the U.S. level of $800 US, from current thresholds of $50 US and $20 Canadian, respectively.

Wait, I thought that Canada and Mexico loved free trade and here it's Trump, of all people, who is pushing for reducing barriers.

No economics comprehension

Perhaps, Black women can get off their phenomenal asses and report the employers who expect them to work 58% more than White men for the same pay. So, what's stopping them? Are they too dumb or ignorant to realize that this horrible discrimination is illegal?

Dismal science

For people who wish there were more hours in the day, spending a bit of money to get rid of onerous tasks would make them much happier, but researchers say very few actually make the investment.

A study by the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School, published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has found buying time makes people happier than buying material things.

Material things can be shown off to accrue status points but here the amount of money to be spent was just $40. Even then people bought stuff instead of relaxation.

This general behavior has puzzled me. For example, I've seen many people who shop around and then buy a super-cheap laptop which they need for their work. Of course, cheap laptops are old, slow, low quality and come with a warranty that ends a few days before the laptop expires. Then, later these same people blow away thousands of dollars on a vacation that barely lasts a week.

These folks aren't poor but their spending patterns make their life, overall, miserable.

Bow down before The Credential

Interviewed on National Public Radio, a chancellor of the California community college system argued that since it may be too difficult for students, algebra, the single most failed course in community colleges across the country, should be eliminated from their requirements.

Just replace Algebra with Grand Theft Auto. The enrollment and passing rate should go through the roof.

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the California community college system says:

This is a civil rights issue, but this is also something that plagues all Americans — particularly low-income Americans. If you think about all the underemployed or unemployed Americans in this country who cannot connect to a job in this economy — which is unforgiving of those students who don't have a credential — the biggest barrier for them is this algebra requirement. It's what has kept them from achieving a credential.

So, low-IQ people have trouble passing a basic mathematics course to get a credential which is a requirement for many jobs. Solution: get rid of that course!

But, wouldn't that further devalue the worthless credential which will spur employers into looking at other qualifications of an individual to determine if he has a sufficiently high IQ for the advertised job?

The fruits of liberal economics

A new report from the Fraser Institute reveals Toronto has the highest hydro rates across Canada, and that electricity prices in Ontario have increased twice as fast as the national average over the past decade.

According to the report, which was released on Thursday, the average Toronto residential hydro bill is $60 more per month than the national average.

Residents in Toronto pay on average $201 per month (including taxes) for hydro – that’s an increase of $77.09 over the past six years.

Also, tuition, real estate and food prices have spiked as well. Wages? Barely keeping up with inflation. And then people wonder why Millennials are not getting married and having babies.

Putz vs. JKM

Piers Morgan is likely too obtuse to realize it but he got his ass handed to him. It was amusing to see how Morgan repeatedly brought up anecdotal examples to "refute" averages. If you told Morgan that the average annual income in Britain is $36,000, then he'll call you dim and stupid by quoting his yearly take.

The banksters of Canada

The country’s major banks are passing on the full weight of a 0.25 per cent increase from the Bank of Canada, despite the fact that on the way down consumers only received a portion of the central bank’s discounts.

When the Bank of Canada cut its interest rate down by 0.25%, the major banks in Canada cut their prime rates by only 0.15%. Yesterday, the BoC increased its rate by 0.25% and the Canadian banks increased the prime rate by 0.25%.

Why? Answer: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

“It’s quite simply greed,” said Gaetano. “There is always a focus on profits and getting more money out of the pockets of Canadians. The last Bank of Canada decrease of 0.25 per cent only garnered a benefit of 0.15 per cent to Canadian borrowers. This happened the last two rate decreases.”

Wait, banks are obsessed with profits? Those bastards!

32% increase in minimum wage in Ontario

Ontario's bid to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour -- a move that is feared by businesses but has the support of some prominent economists -- is being put to the public this week.

Considering that MPAI, the majority will approve of this measure.

Karl Wirtz, the CEO and founder of a packaging company in Brampton, Ont., said he may have to consider bankruptcy.

It can't be a lot of money out of his pocket.

The minimum wage increase will mean an extra $1 million for WG Pro-Manufacturing's 200 -- soon to be 245 -- employees, Wirtz said.

Just sell one of your Learjets, dude.

The company, which does co-packaging for foods and confectionery products, is focused on growth, Wirtz said, and as such is operating within tight margins. He hasn't budgeted for an extra million dollars a year and is locked into contracts with big customers. The only way he sees out of the pricing structure is bankruptcy.

Lars Osberg, a professional huckster economist, offer his take:

"A whole raft of new studies in the last 20 years have indicated that disemployment effect is very small...On average you could say it's small to negligible."

True. One firm going bankrupt and a mere 200 people losing their jobs can be considered "small" when compared to the whole province.

Educated into a biological dead end

The sorry state of the West:

A dearth of marriageable men has left an “oversupply” of educated women taking desperate steps to preserve their fertility, experts say.

The first global study into egg freezing found that shortages of eligible men were the prime reason why women had attempted to take matters into their own hands.

After decades of feminism, women are screaming for:

  • equality
  • equality
  • equality
  • equality

It's funny, though, when you ask a woman about what she wants in a man:

  • older than me.
  • taller than me.
  • richer than me.
  • stronger than me.
  • more educated credentialed than me.

Almost 60% of university graduates are women. How are these feminism-spouting buffoons going to find their older, taller, richer, stronger, credentialed unicorns? The more important question is: why would such majestic men be interested in these older, wrinkled, bitter, "leftover" women?

As Vox Day puts it:

Sure, they should simply settle for less-educated men. But they won't. Because hypergamy.

This obsession with economically worthless degrees and credentials is self-inflicted misery. It's worse for women because their fertility window for healthy babies is very narrow.

Some time ago, I got an email from my sister. She was applying to some silly program at a European university. She had to answer a few questions on her application. She couldn't do it by herself. So, she wanted me to help on a few statistics problems. I basically asked her, "Don't you remember this stuff?"

"Oh, I took it a couple of years ago. I forgot. LOL."


Slaves no longer useful

The nirvana of socialized health care:

Politicians in the Netherlands are discussing the possibility of legalizing euthanasia for healthy people. The proposed “Completed Life Bill” would allow any person age 75 or over who decides their life is “complete” to receive euthanasia. It doesn’t matter if they are otherwise perfectly healthy.

Of course. The government financially rapes the hard working citizens by charging sky-high taxes and now that their tax-paying years are over ... they can just die. Let's see how long it takes before this "option" becomes a requirement. I'm sure all those new Muslims will vote for the "compassionate" solution.