There is only war
The oppression of the vaginas

Worse than Nazis

It's surreal to read the tweets of Qasim Rashid aka the Fake Muslim. He's virtue signalling by being anti-Nazi and by implying that Nazis ought to be jailed. Yet, by the same logic, Muslims and the Quran should be banned by the West since Jew-hatred is built into the DNA of Islam.

PedoMo, the prophet of Islam, waged war against the Jews. He decided to massacre the men and boys of a Jewish tribe after they had surrendered. Their women? They were taken as sex slaves.

Today, many Muslim countries have banned Jews and Israeli passport holders from entering their territory. (It's funny when these same people cry about a "Muslim ban" in the US.) Muslims have been waging wars against the Jews and other assorted infidels for fourteen hundred years. What this imam in California said is totally normal in Islam.

Back to Qasim Rashid: this clown is unintentionally laying the groundwork for the total expulsion of Muslims from the West. Those who can't be deported should be jailed because "promoting death to the Jews" can't be part of free speech or a religion.


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