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Unscrupulous Ismail

A quintessential case of a deceptive Muslim:

Technically, Ismail didn't deny that Islam calls for the death of apostates. He very subtly changed the subject. Here's another hypothetical example.

Western woman: Islam calls for women to be covered from head to toe. The Islamic states of Saudi Arabia and Iran enforce this cruel rule.

Dishonest Muslim: Do you really believe that a quarter of the Earth's population forces women to wear the hijab?

One more example.

Western man: Islam demands that Muslims pray five times a day while facing Mecca.

Dishonest Muslim: Do you really believe that a quarter of the Earth's population stops whatever it is doing and puts its collective ass in the air multiple times every day!?

In these cases, the dishonest Muslim is not denying that Islam calls for women to be covered or that Muslims are commanded to pray on a daily basis. He is disingenuously asking whether every Muslim behaves in that manner. Millions of not-so-devout Muslims eat pork, drink alcohol, and they won't murder an apostate. That doesn't mean that the governments which enforce sharia would allow the apostate to live in a free manner.

Similarly, there are many homosexual Muslims in the West. Their continued existence doesn't negate the fact that Islam calls for their death.


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