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Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday claimed that Pakistan successfully foiled an "international conspiracy" to ignite sectarian violence in the country. While addressing a conference in Narowal Iqbal said that "disbelievers" want to sabotage peace of the Muslim Ummah by hatching anti-Islam conspiracies.

Those evil Jewish chickens!

"The present wave of terrorism was a conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah."

This is the normal, mainstream view in Pakistan. The death and carnage of Allah Akbar all over the globe is really the doings of sneaky, evil infidels who want to present the super peaceful Muslims in a bad light.

You see, non-Muslims wake up every day covered in sweat. They quiver. They have heart palpitations. They fear the mighty Muslims! They can't have the world see the Ummah as the rich, tolerant, highly educated, sophisticated, intelligent, feminist, elite members of humanity as they truly are. So, the diabolical non-Muslims plan and carry out all the terrorist attacks. They are tarnishing the name of Islam!

Anyway, this from a politician in a country that has murdered East Pakistanis, Balochis, and Ahmadis within its own borders. These Muslims are killing each other with increasing ferocity and somehow non-Muslims are the culprits. This makes as much sense as blaming the Chinese for the White-on-White slaughter of the European theater in the Second World War.


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