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Virat Kohli has hit six double centuries in 32 Tests. That's the best ratio in cricket history. Kohli just put Don Bradman into the second spot! That's not the only record he holds:

Kohli set a new record for most double-centuries by captains in Tests - six - going past Brian Lara who had five. Considering the period between 1932 to 2015, no Indian captain had hit more than one double-century. MAK Pataudi, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni had hit one each in their time leading the side.

Kohli was very good when he started playing for India but he has turned into an absolute beast in the last two years.


Tambi Dude

Not so fast brother. Kohli has some technical issues to balls leaving him as he impulsively goes after it. James Anderson exposed it ruthlessly during India's trip to Eng 2014. I loved the way Mohd Amir unraveled him in the CT final.

Plus modern dead pitches and modern bats has made hitting effortless. there is a six he hit of English bowler Woakes which was hit with absolutely no torque (no backlift). It was something like someone scooping ice-cream in Baskin Robbins. To make it easy, there is complete dearth of genuine quick bowlers.

Tambi Dude

this is the six I was talking about


There is no way that would have been hit with bats used even 10 yrs ago.

Isaac Schrödinger

Good points. I don't disagree. Kohli is piling on runs thanks to weak bowlers. Still, he's doing it better than most.

Let's see how he fares when he faces Amir or Steyn in the future.

Tambi Dude

Actually Kohli did well against Steyn in 2013 in RSA. 116, 96, 46,11.

But as you mentioned, he is immensely watchable batsman.

Tambi Dude

Well he is doing very well in the ongoing RSA series. Out of 4 100s scored in this series so far (3 test and 3 ODI) from both the sides, 3 has been scored by him.

Already there are talks that he will overtake SRT in ODI.

Isaac Schrödinger

The first Test was tough for Kohli and the entire Indian team but since then his performances have been excellent.

Kohli will have 10,000 ODI runs when he turns 30. So, yeah, barring any serious injury, he'll overtake Tendulkar.

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