Mr. Asian Man, tear down this plexiglass!
Religion of Peace


Tambi Dude

Hey Isaac, I may be part of that 50%. The symbol is not visible fully.
It is a sign of communist party? Soviet Union perhaps?

Isaac Schrödinger

Yes and yes. It's the hammer and the sickle. Eastern European countries like Latvia, Hungary, and Ukraine have banned the symbol because of what it represents -- an evil that murdered tens of millions.

I don't think that jailing that idiot in the photo above is the right answer. He is simply ignorant of the horrors associated with that symbol. I bet that he would never even think of wearing Nazi attire. Yet, he's unaware of the communist atrocities that resulted in a larger pile of skulls.

Some years ago, I talked to a few people at my workplace who lived under the Soviet regime. Forget luxuries, they had trouble getting proper food for themselves. For instance, one woman talked about her cherished Christmas gift every year: an orange -- a delicious, once-every-365-days feast!

Anyway, if you're interested and if you have the stomach for it, then you can read this book:

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