Are you PC?

The Gori's Daughter

Shazia Hobbs:

I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, the daughter of a Pakistani Muslim immigrant father and a Scottish Catholic mother. My childhood home, for me, was not a happy one.

My father’s religion, Islam, allowed him to have more than one wife, and he chose to have two. Both his wives lived under the same roof with their combined children.

That's just the start.

My mother was the “gori” and I was the “gori’s daughter.” Gori means white woman, but is often used in a derogatory manner, and implies easy, loose and no morals. I grew up amongst blatant racism towards white people, racism no one even today wants to talk about.

Pakis can't be racist! Only Goras Whites are capable of racism because of their institutional power. Please, Shazia, check your Gori privilege.


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