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The Fake Muslim laments

Qasim Rashid:

Ahmadi Muslims do not care if religious leaders accept us as Muslims or not. Ahmadis already have validation from the Prophet Muhammad, who defined a Muslim as someone who recites the Kalima, (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger), which Ahmadis proudly recite. Indeed, to assume Ahmadis are merely upset about being “declared non-Muslim” obfuscates from the core issues at hand – namely, the threat of violence and support for private and public discrimination against Ahmadis created by clerics who accuse us of being non-Muslim.

What is it about Islam that it creates such violence against non-Muslims? Why are Muslims so hostile to 75% of humanity? Two questions the Fake Muslim conveniently ignores.

In Pakistan, for example, Ahmadi Muslims cannot vote, say Salaam, call the Adhaan, go to a mosque, go to Hajj, congregate in public, run for office, or even read the Qur’an. Instead, however, these clerics are silent about this persecution.

So, the logic of these clerics is simple: Ahmadis are infidels. Therefore, the persecution against them is totally legit. The fact that Ahmadis claim to be Muslims is irrelevant.

Let's see how Qasim Rashid does the same thing:

Qasim Rashid and his ilk brand Richard Spencer and his followers as Nazis. Therefore, the persecution against Spencer and, by extension, his followers is totally legit. The fact that Spencer has denied being a neo-Nazi is irrelevant.

It's astonishing that Qasim Rashid who is crying like a little bitch about the horrors of government discrimination against his people has absolutely no qualms about using the hammer of the state to ban people he calls Nazis.

What follows is a supreme lack of self awareness:

In Pakistan, for example, all literature, educational videos, and websites by Ahmadi Muslims—all of which abhor violence and terrorism—are criminalized and those caught in possession of these materials are subject to arrest. This is true in numerous Muslim majority countries including Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and in some parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. The fact these illustrious scholars and clerics, on the one hand, declare the absolute accuracy of their claims about Ahmadi Muslims, all the while violently banning anyone from reading books written by Ahmadi Muslim scholars, especially the books of the Messiah and Mahdi Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, underscores what is true and what is false.

Wow. Qasim Rashid is utterly unburdened by principles.

It'll be quite amusing in the future when Muslims are banned from the West for being ... Nazi Terrorists. As we all know, it would be foolish to let these monsters promote their terrorism in the West.


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