Not so pure
Always remember Banu Qurayza

Fake Muslim fails at history

It's illuminating how the Fake Muslim ignores the systematic and institutional racism and sexism against White men in colleges, universities, and labor markets. It's not just the US. The same virus has infected Canada, the UK and Australia. It's not even hidden. The BBC openly wants to hire non-Whites. Canadian institutions offer priority to "visible minorities" -- anyone who is not White. Thousands of educated and qualified White people are denied a place in a university and at a job because of the color of their skin.

Of course, this discrimination is not limited to Whites. Asians are severely penalized to make way for other Coloreds in universities.

Opposing this injustice is somehow being "insecure" and "normalizing White supremacy". It's truly amazing how much BS White people take from assholes like Qasim Rashid. If Rashid was in a Muslim country, then he'd already be six feet under.


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