The lethal force of die-versity
Sargon is vexed

Dissemble to infidels

Muslim profile refuses to distance from stoning by gay men.

Google translation mangles the grammar but the meaning is crystal clear:

In some countries it is legal to stena [stone] homosexuals. Is there anything you support? "Asks Sylvi Listhaug.

"Everyone must comply with the laws of the countries in which they live," says Fahad Qureshi.

The TV interviewers asks this simple question repeatedly but Fahad Qureshi dodges it. Why? Well, let's see what he said earlier:

In a speech from 2013, published online, Fahad Qureshi says stoning is the punishment that Islam advocates and that "all Muslims" agree. There is no "extreme" opinion within Islam, he believes, but it is the normal position of Muslims.

For gays, with Muslims gaining numbers in the West, lack of Christian-baked wedding cakes is going to be the least of their problems.


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