The rotten fruits of die-versity
The evil tentacles of sexism

Canadian priorities

When seconds count, the ambulance is 28 minutes away.

Terry died of a heart attack inside her central Hamilton apartment on July 10, waiting for paramedics to save her.

No one in her family knew it then, but Terry had called for help while the city was in the midst of a "code zero" event. That's when there is only one — or even zero — ambulances across the service's entire fleet available for a call.


Now, the Terry family wants accountability, and is trying to figure out why it took almost half an hour for an ambulance to reach the 71-year-old mother and grandmother as she lay dying on her apartment floor.

Canada has different priorities today: we have to pay taxes to bring in tens of thousands of refugees! The overwhelming majority are Muslims. This means that many are inbred, illiterate, and unemployable. Millions of dollars of jizya tax money goes to them.

[Channeling the mayor or London:] A few dead 71-year-old grandmothers is a small price to pay for a future war die-versity.


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