The Cult of Death
Go forth and destroy

The suicidal Swedes

Younger refugees in Sweden seem to be ideal prey for Islamists. There, Daesh flags have been spotted in refugee accommodations around the country, amid the Nordic nation's efforts to combat extremism.

The Swedes are proving themselves to be utterly insane, clueless and gutless:

In recent years, Sweden emerged as one of the biggest jihadi exporters per capita, supplying about 300 jihadists to the Middle East. About half of them returned, leaving the Swedish authorities puzzled by the problem of returning Daesh defectors.

While the Swedish government has so far been relying on peaceful efforts to somehow "reform" the former terrorists, Erik Nord, the police chief of Greater Gothenburg, argued that Sweden should instead terminate their citizenship, like Great Britain does.

If you're a Muslim and a citizen of Sweden, then you can go to Syria and slaughter dozens of innocents and return to Sweden while the government, knowing all that, doesn't even bother putting you behind bars for eternity. Hundreds of these monsters are freely living in Sweden. They will be sharing their culture with the local population soon.


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