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The East London Mosque (ELM) has accused an organisation representing ex-Muslims of "feeding anti-Muslim hysteria", as a row into the display of allegedly Islamophobic placards at this year's Pride march in London escalates.

The Whitechapel-based mosque - one of Britain's largest - has sent a formal complaint to Pride in London after pictures emerged of members of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) parading with placards that said "East London Mosque incites murder of LGBT", "F*** Islam(ophobic) Muslims" and "Islamophobia is an oxymoron".

This is hilarious:

Pride's community advisory board, which assesses each parade entry after every year, will now decide whether CEMB has breached its code of conduct. A breach could see CEMB banned from marching next year.

Pride's code of conduct asks parade groups to not make derogatory remarks about aspects of a person's identity, including their religion.

So, a homosexual organization is likely going to ban an ex-Muslim group for criticizing a religion that calls for the death of homosexuals!

The CEMB says its accusation centres around the mosque hosting a speaker 10 years ago whose presentation contained slides titled "Spot the Fag" as well as in 2016 hosting US Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi, who had once said, in a talk not delivered at the mosque, that the punishment for homosexuality in Islam is death.

Again, Pride will be shielding people who call for the slaughter of homosexuals.


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