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Sharia police

That eeevil Trump again

The RAISE Act seeks to cut legal immigration in half by reducing the number of green cards issued annually to just 500,000, limit “low-skilled” immigration in favor of immigrants with professional skills, further restrict the number of refugees the U.S. takes in each year, end the visa diversity lottery, and severely impact legal residents’ abilities to apply for their relatives’ immigration and green card status.

A step in the right direction. 

What does Muslim Girl have to say?

It goes without saying that such a bill is absurd at best and has blatant racist connotations at worst.

(Laughs.) Whatever usually pisses off Muslims is good US policy.

We must continue putting pressure on our legislators to come up with bill more similar to the one proposed in 2013 by the “Gang of Eight” – a bipartisan group of four Democrats and four Republicans including Senators Graham and Rubio that would’ve established a lighter merit based system while also improving work visa options for low-skilled workers and creating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the country.

What these Muslims support is effectively zero borders for America. There are easily over 10 million illegal aliens in the US. According to Muslim Girl, the "punishment" for such criminals should be a US passport. That worked out so well in the 1980s!

Also, do Islamic paradises such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Indonesia offer their "undocumented immigrants" passports for their illegal behavior?


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