Logic goes poof
The confusing Narrative

Terrible, no-good outside factors, man

Qasim Rashid is a natural deceiver comedian:

Let's say that this "factors outside of Islam" lead to death and carnage bullshit is true. Then how does one explain the following?


  • Non-Muslims: 99%
  • Muslims: 1%

In terrorist attacks on US soil from 2000-2017, Americans murdered by:

  • Non-Muslims: 1.7% (54)
  • Muslims: 98.3% (3088)

Why is it that these "outside factors" are affecting only Muslims?

Also, we've have had dozens of terrorist attacks all across the brain-dead "refugees welcome" part of Europe. How come Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs etc. weren't behind those attacks? Why are they so stubbornly immune to the mythical "outside factors"?


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