Don't appease evil
Where's the Jew tax?

SJWs Always Lie

The Left has to deny biological reality. The modern West has the richest and most opulent class of people in human history. Women have never been more free. Almost all their environmental constraints have been vanquished. Yet, they are still colossally unequal.

Why? Because women choose to be. Because they value comfort. Once they've acquired a sufficient amount of it, they don't put in extra work hours. This is why you don't see a female version of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. Women don't possess the obsessive drive to work 80-hour-weeks to build an empire. An exceptionally smart woman who could make hundreds of millions of dollars a year is okay with a few hundreds of thousands. Instead of understanding these choices, the Left cries about phantom oppression.


By The Heads of Medusa! The Supreme Dark Lord does inspire fear.


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