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I clicked through the links to get this story:

Farmers say they're having trouble hiring enough people to work during harvest season, causing some crops to rot before they can be picked. Already, the situation has triggered losses of more than $13 million in two California counties alone, according to NBC News.

The ongoing battle about U.S. immigration policies is blamed for the shortage. The vast majority of California's farm workers are foreign born, with many coming from Mexico. However, the PEW Research Center reports more Mexicans are leaving the U.S. than coming here.

The story didn't sound right. So, I dug a bit more. That PEW Research Center report is from November 2015!

Hend Amry, a fake American, posting fake news! What has the world come to!

[...] post implied Trump was largely to blame for the lost crops because he had scared off Mexican migrant workers with his tough policies, causing the labor shortages.

That’s wrong.

Claire Wineman, the Grower-Shipper Association’s president, told us Santa Barbara County has been experiencing the same lack of workers felt by agricultural areas across California and the United States.

A labor shortage over many years is the fault of the business. Why? They are simply not offering a good enough wage. Increase the wages and the shortage will evaporate.

Oh and about that Make American Crops Rot Again:

One thing the Independent story (and therefore the post) did misrepresent was in the headline, Wineman said. The survey didn’t determine whether the crops went unharvested and rotted in the fields.

"We didn’t survey what happened, we only asked how much revenue was not realized because of a lack of workers," Wineman said. "We just don’t know that."

It's also economically nonsensical. Which farmer would refuse to pay his workers a few thousands of dollars extra only to see his $13 million of crop rot in the fields? But, of course, diligence and honesty is irrelevant when one is trying to bash Trump.


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