The confusing Narrative
Because equality

Loving those fundamental British values

The Muslim Vibe:

Far-right leader Tommy Robinson has just published a book about the Quran, called ‘Why Muslims kill for Islam’. Why is Amazon openly hosting this ignorant hatred?

The heart of the matter:

Rather than condoning this content, an online tech giant such as Amazon should do the work it takes to be a responsible and morally sound company and filter their products for extremist content. They too should come under pressure from Governments and concerned citizens to either remove this content, or to simply decline hosting such material altogether. Ultimately it is the responsibility of these conglomerates to stop being a conduit for hate and to stop funding its growth.

This is truly amusing:

We can challenge it, or flag it online rather than passively watch as it spreads its poison. Otherwise, the very basis of our democracy and fundamental ‘British Values’, which our society is built on, is at stake.

The best comment to the article by a fellow called "Apple":

So…you’re appealing to “fundamental British values” and “our society” to ask *international* governments to pressure Amazon (an international company) to ban the book?

Of course! The book is so bad, so illogical, so stupid, so immoral, so wrong that to refute it would be, er, beneath their dignity. It's much better to simply ban it!


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