This imam went too far
American history by "Muslims"

Integrating evil

ISIS jihadis arriving back from Syria are being offered apartments, education and jobs to reintegrate the radicalised back into society.

Police in the city of Aarhus, Denmark introduced the scheme after 36 young men travelled to Syria to join jihad, with 19 returning back to the country.

One of the reasons for opposing the insane mass invasion of Europe by Muslim "refugees" is that one cannot be reasonably certain about who is who.

Here, however, Denmark officials know with absolute certainty that over a dozen men returning from Syria were fighting with ISIS. These monsters, likely, slaughtered scores of innocents and raped girls. Their punishment? Apartments, education, and jobs.

That'll teach 'em. Plus it's an excellent reminder to all other Muslims in Denmark: Hey! Go for it! Go to Syria and satiate your blood-lust. When you come back, you'll be given free goodies!

It wouldn't surprise me at all when one of these evil men uses his free time and resources to plot and then go Allah Akbar! on Danish citizens. Let's hope the death and carnage is limited to the retarded Danes who support this appeasement.


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