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Death by quota

The Insufficient Vaginas Problem gets a simple solution in Australia:

In NSW, it is now Fire and Rescue policy to apply a 50/50 gender quota to the recruitment of firefighters. Regardless of physical strength and prowess, for every man who gets a job there must be a corresponding woman.

Because women are so weak equal.

If you are overcome by smoke ­inhalation in a burning building and need to be carried out, you want a strong man for the job — not someone hired on the basis of having a vagina.


Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) recognises this fact in its Health and Safety standards but not in its recruitment testing.

The agency has developed a split personality.

It wants new recruits to be able to “drag a collapsed firefighter to safety on their own”, yet to accommodate female applicants, the Physical Aptitude Test has been reduced from a 90kg dummy drag over 20 metres to the relatively easy task of carrying a 30kg weight for 10 metres.

It'll be quite empowering when two women firefighters burn to death while trying to drag a whale an obese woman out of her inferno of an apartment.


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