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A true, tiny minority

Qasim Rashid is a schmuck because he provides us with a distorted view of reality. Ahmadis reject violent jihad. Okay. What he fails to note is that Muslims reject Ahmadis.

Here's a small taste of how mainstream Muslims treat Ahmadis:

  1. Saudi Arabia: "Ahmadis are officially banned from entering the country." Also, all Muslims from Pakistan have to sign a paper, admitting that they are not Ahmadis and that they consider Ahmadis to be 'imposter' Muslims. Only then can such Muslims get their passport and an official work permit for a job in Arabia.
  2. Indonesia: "A government decree adopted in 2008 under pressure from Islamic conservatives bans the sect from spreading its faith." Wait, what? I thought that Ahmadis were Muslims!
  3. Malaysia: "In April 2009, the Selangor Islamic Religious Council of Malaysia issued a letter that forbade members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community from offering Friday prayers at their central mosque." Yup. Can't have those dirty infidel Ahmadis leading your normal wholesome Muslims.

There are many two-faced Muslims who openly proclaim that Islam is "peaceful" while persecuting the tiny sect that is Ahmadiyya. At the very least, and of all people!, Ahmadis ought to be honest about this ugly state of affairs.


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