CAIR doesn't see
Brilliant, genius and with a hint of flair!

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslim girl?

Muslim Girl:

Editor-in-Chief and founder of, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, was on her way to the Cannes Film Fest when a Police Officer (BADGE NUMBER: 1096515) in the airport forcefully asserted that Amani needed to remove her hijab, show her hair, and speak French.

That's worse than the Holocaust. Such inhumanity and suffering must end. The West should deport all Muslims back to their native lands! This way Muslims will be fully protected from the tyrannical, oppressive, racisss infidels.

Save Muslims! Deport them!

Seriously, this nasty, revolting Muslim woman actually wrote the following without a hint of self-awareness:

The assumption of control over women’s bodies is a direct violation of human rights.

A Muslim woman just directed that remark at infidels! That's some industrial-strength taqiyya. Perhaps, she'll go to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. and remind those tolerant Muslims about human rights.


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