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We've been told that there is an extreme Insufficient Vaginas (I.V.) Problem in STEM fields. This is why firms and governments are desperate for women. Bonus points for being colored.

Up to 23,000 current prisoners are expected to be released from the Massachusetts State Prison system because the female lab chemist handling evidence in their cases lied, forged colleague’s signatures, and purposefully contaminated evidence. Here is the story of Annie Dookhan, nicknamed “Superwoman” for her record productivity at the state crime lab.

Annie Dookhan, a female born in Trinidad & Tobago in 1977, moved to the United States as a child, became a chemist, and took a job at the state crime lab in Massachusetts, where she earned the nickname “Superwoman” due to her speed and efficiency running lab tests, primarily on criminal drug cases. Her productivity was so high, she was processing four times the work of the average government lab worker.

With all the craze about best practices, it's odd that she wasn't asked to share her, er, "efficient" methods with her colleagues.

Vox Day puts it best:

Pretty impressive, even by female fuck-up standards.


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