Essential government spending
Hatred for the infidel

The day of reckoning approaches

Ontario is looking for advice on how to prevent youth from becoming radicalized and drawn into extremist groups.

The Liberal government has issued a request for proposals, seeking one or two experts to do research and report back on youth radicalization.

On those who've joined ISIS:

Some Canadians who have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have gained widespread publicity, including Ontario-born John Maguire, who joined ISIL and released a video calling on Muslims to launch attacks against Canadians. He and two other Ottawa men were charged with terrorism offences, but he is believed to have been killed.

Coteau said he believes young people can become radicalized when they don't see a future.

Oh, they do see a future. You're just not in it.

Coteau cited a deadly shooting at a Quebec City mosque earlier this year and what he sees as increasing race-based hate in the United States as reasons for his growing concern about youth radicalization.

Did you catch that?

1. A Muslim joins ISIS. Calls for Canadians to be killed.

Oh, that poor soul. We need to give him options ($$$$) so that the innocent doesn't go full Jihad become radicalised.

2. A white person allegedly kills six Muslims in a mosque.

Racisss! White supremacy. Trump is Hitler.

It's amazing how the motives of a person shouting ALLAH AKBAR are mysterious or money related but when a white person kills people, it all comes down to racism and the American president.

Anyway, Canada celebrates 150 years in 2017. The imported "don't see a future" youths likely have some gifts prepared.


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