Count to 10, Donald
Her appeal is more selective

No football for you!

Robert Spencer:

The Leftist intelligentsia is very concerned to protect the rights of Muslim women in the U.S. who wish to wear hijab. Very well. No one should harass any woman who chooses to wear hijab. But will they stand with Shiva Amini? Do they have any sense of solidarity with her? Or would supporting a woman who doesn’t wear hijab be “Islamophobic”?

There is no escape from the evil clutches of Islam:

A female Iranian football has been kicked out of the national team for playing without a hijab while on a personal trip to Switzerland. Shiva Amini was on holiday when she took part in a kick-about with a group of men and officials from the Iranian Futsal Federation waded through her social media accounts to find a picture of her playing in a pair of shorts and without a headscarf.

See that's the thing about sharia: it applies everywhere. Man-made laws are definitely inferior. It doesn't matter where Iranian girls are; they must abide by sharia. If they don't, then like Shiva Amini they'll suffer the consequences.


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