Assault truck kills in Sweden
The truck of tolerance

The Notorious A.H.A.

Muslim Girl:

Persons of Interest, a media organization dedicated to conversations about social justice, published a powerful video featuring a diverse group of Australian Muslim women sending a clear and potent message to Ayaan Hirsi Ali: You do not speak for us.

So brave.

The 2-minute video rejects Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s blatant Islamophobia and vehemently claims that she does not represent Muslim women. The video describes her hateful rhetoric as “language used to justify wars, invasion and genocide” and “encourages fear, persecution and violence.”

Do they provide even a single example of such language which encourages "violence". Nope. But we can be sure that they are telling the truth because they're Muslims.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an ex-Muslim and notorious Islamophobe, who has repeatedly profited from bashing and attacking Islam.

Oddly enough, those mythical profits are never communicated. Islam -- the Cult of Death -- calls for her to be murdered. Is that part of her "profit"? Theo Van Gogh, her friend, was attacked and killed in broad daylight in Denmark in 2004. Perhaps, that's also a portion of her "profit"? Ayaan eventually left Denmark in 2007 because the government refused to provide her security which had cost them millions of dollars. "Profit"?

Ignore the Islamic hatred towards a slave who got away. Deny the truth. Just remember: The no-good, very bad, super evil, the Notorious Ayaan Hirsi Ali!


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