Segregation in Sweden
AR-15 is so unfair!

The Iron Law of Demand and Supply

The government is not your friend:

Rent control policies implemented more than 20 years ago aimed at helping low-income Ontarians get affordable housing are having the opposite effect now, and making accommodation even harder to find, an economist with the CIBC argues in a new report Tuesday.

Don't you think that the iPhone is expensive? Lucky you! The Government of Canada has a new rule: Apple cannot charge more than $250 for their phones. Ignorant Canadians rejoice!

How many iPhones will one be able to buy at a Canadian retail store?

Amid calls for even stricter caps on how much landlords are allowed to hike rents in Toronto's competitive market, economist Benjamin Tal argues any such policy would do more harm than good — even to those it's ostensibly trying to protect.

Yup. It fails every time. But, hey, the politicians "appear" to be doing something.


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