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WTF is non binary?

That queer cult

Why I Just Can’t Quit Islam: A Queer, Shi’a American’s Tale.

It's an interesting and illuminating look at life among Muslims in America. One sentence that stood out:

Unlike so many of my peers, and my friends, who have likewise “defected” from the faith, I refuse to call out this religion as inherently “damaging.”

Isn't it ironic that only in a non-sharia society can he even write about being a homosexual and a wishy-washy apostate without the, er, non-damaging police storming his residence and throwing him behind bars; a few days later he'll get one of four punishments: 1) Hanging, 2) Beheading, 3) Flying from a rooftop, 4) Crushed under a heavy wall.

But, please, remember that Islam is not inherently "damaging".


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