Pounds of flesh
Check your phobia!

Shut up, white people!

A retarded Muslim gets triggered by an ad:

Can someone please ask Kendall Jenner when the life of a victimized minority was equal to a caffeinated beverage, or if offering one to a cop would have saved lost lives due to police brutality? Does a Pepsi have an extraterrestrial effect on human beings that somehow magically makes them “woke” with one sip?

A few more dumb questions: What does sex have to do with a hamburger? What does Christmas have to do with Coca Cola? What does the mythical wage gap have to do with Audi?

It gets worse:

You don’t chose a spokesperson for your ad to specifically call to attention social justice issues that have plagued America is that person is privileged and White from money. She, or her demographic, simply cannot connect with the audience you, Pepsi, are trying to reach – unless that audience is for the rich White American.

Another case for the Alt-Right.


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