Can you feel the peace?
Holy Shit

Immoral Sweden

This is what happens when your moral compass is utterly broken:

Gothenburg City Theatre has defended its decision to continue showing a controversial play, whose writer and director says aims to “humanise” terrorists after an Islamist attack struck Sweden Friday.

Still showing at the theatre, the play Jihadisten tells the story of a young man in Sweden who heads to Syria to join a terrorist organisation, after being “slowly radicalised”.

Its writer and director Johan Gry told SVT last month: “The aim [of the play] is to humanise the terrorist, so to speak, and we are daring to show how he is a human being.”

Of course, they're human. They're evil human beings who desire the destruction of Western Civilization. But that's not what this theatre wants to display. They want to evoke sorrow and compassion for the wicked. One can have pity for the brainwashed children who're nourished on poison by ISIS. However, those who grow up enjoying the fruits of liberty in the West don't deserve any sympathy when they assault and annihilate innocents.

They deserve to be killed with extreme prejudice.


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