"I'll kill her." Just kidding!
Assault truck kills in Sweden

A blunder in 4D chess?

Vox Day:

We don't know yet that this is a complete debacle. But does appear to be, at minimum, a blunder, though possibly a necessary one. Trump will learn, as all U.S. Presidents eventually do, that foreign policy is a lot harder than domestic policy. War is a very serious business; would that U.S. politicians and generals would learn to treat it that way.

Looking at the whole situation, the response by the God-Emperor didn't make much sense to me. I have a feeling that there is much more going on in the background that we're not familiar with.

After further discussion offline, I believe one of two scenarios are in play. One is the obvious "give the neocons their head" scenario I mentioned. The other is a much bigger one which I will not discuss in public, but would be very surprising and significant indeed.



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