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Muslim Girl:

You know how the only stock images we ever see of Muslim women online, in blogs, and in advertisements are the same stereotypical depiction? They are usually hidden behind veils, wearing black clothes, not really doing much besides being… stereotypically Muslim. The images we’re used to seeing of Muslim women elicit a negative feeling and do nothing to truly represent how we look, feel, sound, and act.

Slavery and oppression do tend to "elicit a negative feeling". Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two main Muslim nations, enforce their barbaric burqa code. These women have no choice but to wear the dark black cloth of despair -- even during the brutal summer months when temperatures can hit 50 degrees Celsius.

Women in arabiaOf course, that wickedness is not the problem. The real problem is that, thanks to the Internet, infidels of the world can see the savagery of Islam. The solution is simple:

We are SUPER proud to announce that has partnered with Getty Images, the world’s leader in visual communications, to create a new stock photo collection for Muslim women.

You see that infidel bigots. Muslim women in the West are free to smile and wear whatever they want!


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