Halaal virtue signalling
Twerking with the Devil

Arabia in Moscow

The beginnings of the Islamic religious police in Russia:

Muslim vigilantes are posting online videos of themselves attempting to enforce Islamic law on other Muslims they meet in the streets of Moscow. Calling their movement “Stop Haram,” the activists record themselves ordering people to stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, chiding them for what they call un-Islamic behavior. Consuming alcohol is considered ‘haram’ or forbidden for some Muslims.

A Russian Muslim called Islam Ismailov, the purported leader of the group, explained his actions in a video released last week, saying non-Muslim Russians see “our fellow believers, which they call themselves, violate the norms of morality and religion” by smoking and drinking, and that his group’s goal is to “try to convince them in the future not to do so.”

"Try to convince"! Funny. Their own videos show them ordering people to stop the haram activities.


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