Cultural enrichment in Australia
Freedom from Abdullahs

On savages and their enablers

Four white people kidnapped a black guy and tortured him while calling him a retarded nigger. If that did happen, then the story would have been used as incontrovertible evidence of racist, white supremacist, NAZI Trump's America. Instead it was four blacks who assaulted a white guy.

THEY TOLD ME IF WE ELECTED TRUMP, RACIAL HATE CRIMES WOULD ABOUND. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! Chicago Police: 4 in custody after man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live.

Vox Day:

The greatest evils very often take place in response to much lesser ones. If 250 years does not suffice to make a single nation out of two very different peoples, then it should be manifestly apparent that no amount of time is ever going to be enough. The fact that so many people have so much trouble simply admitting the obvious and undeniable is not a testimony to the rational ability of Man, no matter what his race, creed, or color.

As Big Gay Steve has observed, the amount of money that has been spent unsuccessfully trying to turn a mostly unwilling nation of Black Americans into ersatz White Americans would have permitted humanity to have established colonies on Mars. Forget all the victims of all the crimes over the years, and ignore bloodshed of the inevitable wars in the years to come, perhaps the greatest sin of the Civil Rights debacle of the last 50 years is the opportunity cost.

On top of this two centuries of chaos, the left has added Hispanics who, of course, are famous for their brotherly love for blacks. And more recently, the left is trying to bring in more and more Muslims -- who think that blacks are filthy, subhuman barbarians fit to be slaves. You see, the left wants to make an anti-white, voting coalition comprising of Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims!

Yeah, this is going to end well.


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