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Cultural enrichment in Canada

Boon for Soros, Doom for the West

What benefits Soros will not benefit the natives of Europe.

Billionaire hedge fund manager and political donor George Soros has said Europe must welcome huge numbers of asylum seekers and economic migrants, claiming they will benefit the economy.


Given the aging population in Europe, the benefits [of migration] significantly outweigh the associated problems and the cost of integrating migrants.

We have an ongoing social experiment on a global scale. Europe, the US and Canada are taking in millions of Muslim rapefugees migrants whereas sane nations like South Korea and Japan are not. We shall see in real-time the mythical benefits of die-versity.

That aging populations should be offset by the mass importation of migrants has been described as a “Ponzi scheme” by Dr. Joseph Chamie, director of research at the Centre for Migration Studies. He argues that GDP growth driven by mass migration boosts companies’ profits at the expense of quality of life and the environment.

That's why many myopic firms in the West are for mass migration. What they refuse to see is that they are importing war. The future economies in the West are not going to be sustained by in-breeding, illiterate barbarians who worship a tyrannical, sex-slave-owning warlord. 


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