WTF Denmark
Epic Fail for the Females

Ocean's 8 Vaginas

The earlier Ocean's movies had a severe I. V. Problem. Hollywood is finally solving this major issue:

In an increasing amount of empirical evidence that Hollywood has a political agenda and presumably no longer cares about profits, it seems they're going to ignore the flop known as "Affirmative Action Ghostbusters" and force another feminist lecture down your throat - Feminist Ocean's 11.

Vagina powers activate!

They're plagiarizing a movie that plagiarized another one. And in more ways than one. They are simply taking a movie from the 60's, that was a remake in the 90's, and copy-cating the (oh so clever move) of replacing the entire male cast with women. Dang those creative crafty Hollywood types! How do they do it???

They're geniuses.


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