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Ah, Isaac! I remember well the Zahra Kazemi case, and how the BBC actually tried to minimize what happened - for fear of offending her murderers. The readers who criticized the coverage had their comments 'disappeared', as I recall, but the overwhelming response to the western media was complete disgust at their cowardice then. It hasn't improved any, now. I saw an interview with Pamela Geller and Erin so-n-so on CNN, where the young, white, loopy Erin desperately tries to educate Pamela of the 'true' meaning of jihad. Of course, in the dyslexicon of reality that comprises journalistic thought, jihad is the peaceful inner struggle of a peaceful follower of the Religion of Peace who is merely trying to improve himself. Peacefully. You know?
Needless to say, Geller schooled Ms. Erin in reality, who remained unconvinced. Orwell was right: Reality exists only in the mind.

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